Monday, May 31, 2010

John Prine and Our Boy Jim do Letterman

In case you missed it last week or just want to watch it again, John Prine and Yim Yames (that's Jim James of My Morning Jacket) performed on the Late Show with David Letterman last Wednesday.

Jim and the boys take on "All the Best" on the upcoming tribute to John Prine, Dirty Hearts & Dirty Windows, which is due to drop on June 22nd.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

37 Flood gets props!

People must be paying attention to our little news grinder. in this week's Leo, the article "We Are This Beat" looks at the last 2 decades of music powerhouses in Louisville. in the section 'blogospehre" 37 Flood gets props as being a long standing podium for local music news and information.
other mentions include the runaway train that is My Morning Jacket, as well as Will Oldham, Slint, and Kinghorse. they also list notable local music catalysts such as Forecastle, and louisville labels like Louisville Lip, Noise Pollution, and Label X.
Personally i was a little disappointed that Louisville Is For Lovers wasn't mentioned. not that i want to toot my own horn, but having been around for more than 10 years, many great folks have put in a lot of sweat and tears helping to release many albums, producing annual events, and working with over a hundred local bands, and that's no small feat... but that's my cross to bare..
anyway, Thank you all for reading all these years, and many thanks to Kory, who started this blog, and gave us a chance to join in!
Read the Leo article here.

Not this week's Leo cover, but a man can dream... a man can dream.

Three Chances to See Cheyenne

Anytime you get a chance to bear witness to beauty that is Cheyenne Marie Mize, you gotta try to find a way to be there. Cheyenne has three shows in the next seven days around town as part of her solo project. Cheyenne has collaborated with just about every great Louisville musician you can name and is stepping out on her own more these days. I caught her at the Monkey Wrench with Ben Sollee, Daniel Martin Moore, and Yim Yames last weekend. She also performed that night with two of her other bands, Thomas A. Minor and the Picket Line and Maiden Radio. Other past collaborations include Arnett Hollow, The Fervor, Wax Fang, and the list goes on. Here's this week's shows:

TONIGHT - Cheyenne opens for Vic Wooten at Headliners Music Hall; $18
WEDNESDAY - in-store performance at Ear Xtacy @ 7 pm; free
FRIDAY - Cheyenne and Joan Shelley perform on the Roof of the Glassworks. Tickets are $6 at the door. Cash bar. The Glassworks website is billing this as a Double CD Release show. I'm not sure if this is a belated party for Cheyenne's wonderful EP, Before Lately, but I'm holding out hope it'll be new material from Cheyenne!

Review of The Swell Season at The brown 5/29

First, John missed an incredible show. he was supposed to go, but is also working on some work for an art show in a few weeks, and ran out of money, so i let him use the ticket money on supplies. but he still missed a good show; Joe played well, Normal Joe sound. he is a nice guy, a friend of my Son's. i first heard his music when he did "i know you rider" for louisville is For lovers 5. i loved that song.
Glen Hansard was like a jack rabbit hopping around all over the stage! It was like he had music going on in his head all the time.
He is a real proud pleaser, and has a following from about 20 year old-to my age (which i won't say exactly). the ladies love him, but there was equal parts men and women in the audience. but, it also doesn't hurt that he is super cute.
He is a real pro, he even extended the concert by 45 minutes during the encore. you could tell he really enjoys coming to louisville. he talked about how the first time he was here he past the Brown Theater and thought "one day... and now this is the second time we've played here."
he talked all about coming to louisville for the first time and meeting lots of interesting people, and 'crazy musicians' which i'm sure one of those is my son. John told me about meeting him and hanging out with him years ago when The frames played at headliners. his friend Rachel Grimes introduced them. The Fiddle player even said hello to her on stage, and she hollered back! so, John, i wasn't the loudest person there. ha.
the fiddle player, i think his name is Collin, did a solo on a 300 year old folk song, and got a standing ovation, it was awesome. you could tell all of the musicians love what they do.
Glen played all of the songs of his i love, and even covered my favorite Willie nelson song, Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain, from "Red Headed Stranger" he really won me over with that. and he did it perfectly, he didn't change a thing. i love that song.
he even improvised a song at the end, and the band did a fabulous job keeping up with him. at first they looked at him, like "what is this? but then they jumped in and Marketa joined in on the Piano, and it came together nicely. it seemed he was having so much fun, and didn't want the night to end.
his asking the audience to join in on songs, and teaching them songs, it was so much fun.
they ended with an old irish song about a man at the end of his life, just wanting his friends to share and drink and not be sad about him dying, it was very touching.
-and now i have something to say about Marketa Irglova: she never interacted with the band, she stood very still, unlike Glen, but her beautiful voice is full of pain, and maybe that's why she wasn't overly energetic.
She has a lovely voice, but she is very timid, and appears very shy on stage. their recent break-up shows. she sings with pain in her Heart. she must still love him. everyone i overheard in the lobby said the same thing. if she put out an album of torch songs it would be great. the songs she sang that she wrote were sad and beautiful. Glen helped her with "The Crossroads". they were all good songs, but that one is really a beautiful song.
one of my friends that was there, said it hasn't been that long since they were last together. i think He Broke up with her. Marketa said on stage, that it was sad that the tour was ending, it's obvious that she is still in love with him, and stays on tour just to be near him.
John says she's too young for him, but she doesn't look like she's too young. i hope that they don't break up the music group because of their personal history, because the group as it is, is perfect. as far as their own story, i don't know. what i saw on screen was the perfect love story, but so was 'sleepless in Seattle', but Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan only had two scenes together in that movie! and in 'officer and and a gentlemen', Richard Grear and Debra Winger hated each other off screen, but were great Lovers in the movie, so you never can tell what is or could be.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Dennis Hopper/Gary Coleman: Dead

Dennis Hopper Died on Saturday of Prostrate Cancer. Hopper is most known as his Dick Cheney-esque character, Kaufman, in Land of The Dead (or maybe it's Biker Billy from Easy Rider- I guess i'm already getting excited for Zombie Attack). He also took a turn on an especially enthralling 1963 episode of The Twilight Zone. Hopper was 74.

Gary Coleman passed away around 2 pm Friday, after his life support was taken off of him. several days ago he suffered an inter-cranial hemorrhage. He always seemed to be in good spirits, even when his chips were down. we'll miss him.
in other Celeb news, Alicia Keys is pregnant, and unwed, but her cover of Prince's 'How Come U don't Call me Anymore' was so good, God isn't even pissed about the out of wedlock fornication.(of corse i talk about the first one, not the Justin Timberlake remake abomination. Justin, you were a mouseketeer for God's sake, know your limits son).


Weekend roundup for 5/28-30:

May 28th :
Ear x-tacy instore: J. GLENN (former drummer for My Morning Jacket) 7pm FREE

Holy Muckle at Monkey Wrench 9 pm FREE (advertised as special guest surprises)

May 29th :
Ear x-tacy instore: CABIN (CD release show) 2 pm FREE

The Swell Season and Joe Manning @ Brown Theater 7pm $35

G Love and Special Sauce @ Headliners w/The Jamie McLean Band 7 pm $20

get out there and go nuts.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Swell Season & Mr. Joe Manning 5/29

My Mother Loved "Once". She frequently recites the whole romance between the two main actors Glen Hansard (from the Irish band, The Frames) and Marketa Irglova (classically trained Czech pianist and vocalist) and how it mirrored the movie storyline except that in reality they broke up. and she doesn't even think it's gross that he is sooo much older than her (that's an 18 year difference folks, no joke). Mom reminds me that their first album (self titled) are of love songs written by each other, about each other while they were in LOVE, and that's how the best love songs are written.
i have never seen the movie, or heard anything They have done, but i have met Glen a long time ago, and he was very cordial. and i once had a crush on an Irish girl who loved The Frames. but that's about it. but i'll be there on Saturday at the Brown Theater with my mom, and she'll be the loudest member in the Audience.

Joe manning will be opening. you know him, you love him. imagine that luscious voice in that velvety room....

SAREDREN WELLS Live Video from 5/14

Our Good Buddies at Backseat Sandbar have just put up some nice Videos and Photos from The Mack & Saredren Wells Album release show at the Glassworks rooftop. It was a great evening, and it's nice to have some Memories from it. Thanks BSS!

Saredren Wells and The Mack albums are available through Louisville is for Lovers.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ear x-tacy is moving.. one mile.

we just got a press release from Ear x-Tacy stating they will be moving one mile down to the Douglas Loop, where Kinko's used to be (note:their current location is where kinko's used to be before it moved to it's current former location). the new location is about 4,500 square feet, about half of their current location. Owner, John Timmons in the press release states ""I'm looking forward to a re-invention of the store, more available parking, and a rent amount that will make it possible for ear X-tacy to continue to supply music fans with what they want for many years to come."
the new location will have a raised stage for in-stores, and a mountain of parking. they will be celebrating their 25 anniversary throughout the entire month of August at the Loop location, with sales and events..
Douglas Loop Station

Bonnie "Prince" Billy - New Song New Video

First a word about Bonnie Billy's Performance at last Saturday's Jason Noble Benefit: WOW! Bonnie and the Cairo Gang played the Bomhard completely unplugged which made an intimate event even more so. Bonnie walked around the stage, uninhibited by microphones, singing, yelping, jumping, get on his knees, and leaving the audience hanging on every lyric, every note. It was a magical performance to say the least.

Bonnie "Prince" Billy seems to get better and better with each new release. I love the work he's doing with Emmett Kelly and the Cairo Gang, but like the "Prince" has always done, he presses forward with new releases in new directions.

You can download a new track from him and Matt Sweeny here. The song, Love in the Hot Afternoon, is a cover of 1975 country song by O.G. Gene Watson.

Also, last week Billy premiered a new video for a cover of Graham Nash's Simple Man. The unpredictable Billy chose to do a spanish version of the song entitled, Hombre Sencillo. The song will be on a tribute album to Graham Nash, Be Yourself: A Tribute to Graham Nash's Songs for Beginners, released today on Grass Roots Records.

If that weren't enough Billy also has a new session available for download at Daytrotter. If you haven't registered there yet, do so and look through their impressive archives for some great sessions. Happy listening!

Monday, May 24, 2010

tHE ROOTS cover Monsters of Folk (shout out to zombies, broccoli)

The Roots have a new album on Def Jam called "How I Got Over" with guest stars all over the place; Joanna Newsom, members of Dirty Projectors, John Legend, and our very own Yim Yames. but more than just guest spitting, the Roots covered The Monsters Of Folk hit "Dear God".
"Dear God 2.0" features Yames singing the song's Chorus, wile the Roots' Black Thought question God's motives in such horrors as War, Poverty, and folks eating more beef than broccoli..
Personally I'm waiting for a Kentucky super group consisting of My Morning Jacket & The Nappy Roots..
The Roots "How i Got Over" hits the shelves june 22 on Def Jam.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

21C Pajama Party 5/12

21C is hosting the 5th annual Pajama Party, their only annual fundraiser, on Saturday June 12th. specifics are sparse, but they promise a night of spectacular entertainment, outstanding cuisine, and great fun; stating "Prepare to be transported to another time and place. Brace yourself as bodacious beauties and sultry singers take center stage for a titillating treat."
Tickets are limited, and the price seems to fit into anyone's budget as they have no specific ticket fee. On their website's ticket purchasing page they list their Beneficiaries and ask you to donate any amount you wish for each one, and then you get a ticket. but note, it seems you have to do this for each ticket you want. the Beneficiaries are: The Louisville Leopards, the Art Program at Maryhust, Louisville Youth Choir, River City Drum Corps, Lincoln Elementary Performing Arts School, LVAA Children’s Fine Art Classes. and if you have more money you need to give away, there is a blank section where you can donate money to any Organization you wish, and they'll find them for you. once the party is over, there will be an after party, also at 21C.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Albany Public Art Project opening reception 6/11

Louisville's neighborhood to the north, NEW ALBANY, is turning 200 soon, and is celebrating by commissioning area artists to create public sculptures that relate to New Albany's rich history (seriously, there's some history there).
Artists include Brad White (of The Pine Club fame), John King (of the infamous fame), Valerie Fauchs, Leticia Bajuyo, and Daniel Graham. on Friday JUNE 11TH from 6-9 pm there will be festivities, tours, and the like. starts at the Carnegie Center (201 East Spring Street).

one of Mr. King's glass sculptures.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Louisville Loves Mountains Festival

The heart of the Highlands (Longest Ave. and Bardstown Rd.) hosts the Louisville Loves Mountains Festival. Check out the flyer for the particulars. Looks like another great event for a great cause (Kentuckians for the Commonwealth) with a great lineup. There's been a lot of those lately. Man, I love this city!
Daniel Martin Moore & Special Guests* 9:15
Maiden Radio 8:30
Thomas A. Minor & the Picket Line 7:30

* expect Daniel Martin Moore's guests to be VERY special!

ROCK N' ROLL BALLET w/Whistle Peak, The Deloreans, & Louisville Ballet Youth Ensemble

friday june 11th at the New Albany Amphitheater: ROCK N' ROLL BALLET with performances by The Deloreans, Whistle Peak, and the Louisville Ballet Youth Ensemble. this performance is absolutely FREE and open to the public, and will be during the the 2010 GAS (Glass Art Society) Conference so New Albany will be filled with Glass Sculptures and tours. Louisville Glass Artist, John King will have a retrospective reception that day 5-9 pm at the River City Winery, 123 Spring st. with wine tastings too, for you free drinkers.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jason Noble Benefit - This Saturday

The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts hosts the World Premiere of the documentary film "Burn to Shine 4: Louisville" this Saturday. "Burn to Shine" is a documentary series that showcases various city's local musical talent performing in buildings that are slated to be torn down. The Louisville edition details Lucky Pineapple's William Benton quest to preserve one of Clarksville's strangest houses. The film includes performances by Will Oldham, Parlour, Shipping News, Ultra Pulverize, Lucky Pineapple, and many more.

The event, which will be at the Kentucky Center's Bomhard Theatre, will also feature LIVE performances by Bonnie "Prince" Billy and the Cairo Gang, Liberation Prophecy, and Rachel Grimes (of the Rachels).

If that wasn't enough, proceeds from this event will benefit Jason Noble who is fighting cancer. Those who don't know Jason from his many Louisville indie bands (The Rachels, Rodan, Shipping News) may recognize him from Ear X-tacy. Jason doesn't have health insurance and undoubtedly would love to see you out there on Saturday!

Tickets are only $20 which is the cheapest you will ever pay for a movie world premiere / musical performance / benefit show at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts. Tickets are general admission and still available.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

PHOTO REVIEW:The Mack, Saredren Wells, Roadie @ glassworks Rooftop

despite storms earlier in the day, the Louisville is for Lovers dual album release show on Friday night was a wonderful weather friendly event. Roadie and Cheyenne Mize, Saredren Wells, & The Mack all played wonderful sets as The Sun set beautifully over the Ohio River. all agreed it was a spectacular night, capped by an impromptu dance party curtsey of Drew Sellers (Saredren Wells).

Drew Ozborne on Glassworks rooftop.

Roodie and Cheyenne Marie Mize

Saredren Wells plays against a priceless backdrop.
get down, above town!

right now across the pond..

Right now in the UK our very own Wax Fang is playing at ALL TOMORROW'S PARTIES. and aside from their normal set, hosts PAVEMENT have asked our boys to play their infamous rendering of Prince's Purple Rain from start to finish, on saturday night directly after Pavement's performance. GOOD LUCK BOYS! we are there in spirit...
you can hear an earlier performance of Purple Rain (and see pictures) exclusively from 37 flood HERE.
their double LP "LA LA LAND" is available as of this week from Absolutely Kosher Records.
Cheyenne Marie Mize and Kevin Ratterman (yes that's a dress) backstage at Zanzabar during Wax Fang's encore performance of Purple Rain.

Friday, May 14, 2010


music goings on for this weekend 5/14-5/15
-The Mack, Saredren Wells & Roadie (of Arnett Hollow) – Glassworks 8 pm $5 21+ (indoor space reserved for rain).
-Dangerbird & Cougar Express -zanzabar $5 21+
-Jon Ashley & The Decedents w/ Shadwick Wilde, Paul K. @ Seidenfaden’s 21+
-Straight A’s In-Store @ Ear x-tacy 4pm FREE

get out there and go nuts-

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

free ticket giveaway! The Mack/Saredren Wells 5/14 @ Glassworks

Today is a big day for Louisville music. not only has the Wax Fang LP 'LA LA LAND' been re-issued today, But The Mack and Saredren Wells both released albums today as well. and to celebrate this, we are giving away 2 tickets to the album release show on Friday at Glassworks. just leave a comment here w/ your name and we'll post the winner on thursday.

SHOW INFO: The Mack, Saredren Wells, Roadie (of Arnett Hollow) at Glassworks Rooftop. doors at 7 pm, show at 8 pm. cash bar (21+) indoor space reserved for rain. $5.
ALBUM INFO: Wax Fang "La La Land" CD/LP ($10/$15) available at Absolutely Kosher
Saredren Wells "Memories are Hunting Horns" LP ($10) Available at Louisville is For Lovers
The Mack "Lazy Bones" digital album ($6.99) available at Louisville is for Lovers
a 2 song single from "Lazy Bones" is available to download for free as well..

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mandelbrots - This Thursday @ the Rud

New to the 37 Flood radar, the Mandelbrots bring a unique sound to the Louisville music scene. Joe Burchett (formerly of Fire the Saddle and currently of the Town Criers) heads this group of wonderfully talented musicians. Their website describes their music as "
a sound that conveys adventurous composition with harmonically-rich acoustic sensibility in a lively rhythmic landscape. Their odd-meter diversions and down-home promenades frame songs reflecting the infinite complexity of the human condition."

Heady stuff. The result can be sampled in the linked mp3. My best attempt to describe their sound would go something like this: what David Byrne would sound like if he grew up in Kentucky studying bluegrass and advanced mathematics. Their debut album We Are All Perceivers, released late last year, is available at Ear X-tacy, Underground Sounds, and, if you must,

The Mandelbrots will play Louisville for the first time since December at the Rudyard Kipling on Thursday. The band will take the stage at 9:00. Come on out and get some brews and burgoo with the Brots!

Well, Whiteside.mp3 (sendspace link)

Wax Fang Rerelease

Today marks the rerelease of Wax Fang's instant classic La La Land on their new label, Absolutely Kosher Records. Based out of San Francisco, this label obviously knows a good thing when they hear it and will hopefully bring some well-deserved exposure to one of bands to ever come out of our fair city.

The rerelease brings new goodies for us "old" fans of the band. The record will be pressed on vinyl for the first time! La La Land has screamed for such treatment since it's first release in October of 2008. The double gatefold LP also boasts a new track! Order now here.

The Fang will be bringing their thunder to the United Kingdom this month, highlighted by an appearance at Pavement's festival, All Tomorrow's Parties. For more on Wax Fang check out the Purple Rain Set posted here last week.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Review: Star deth & white dwarfs at glassworks

it was a breezy saturday evening on the rooftop at Glassworks, it was a little chilly, and i was a little worried that it might keep the peeps away, but it didn't. i shouldn't have been worried, You can't stop Rock N Roll, especially when Phantom Family Halo is at the helm. they played a very affable psychedelic set, more "monoliths" than "black six", and very much worth the ticket price of $10. The second act was the mostly unknown but highly anticipated Stardeth & White Dwarfs from Oklahoma. honestly, after watching them unload earlier that day and noticing that they were teenagers, i was a little skeptical of the hype. most of what i've heard of them came in carefully crafted Press Releases, and a big enough enough paycheck can make anyone look like a rock God. and on top of that, the word LIPS was sprayed painted on most of their equipment; i asked one guy in the band about that, and he explained that Wayne Coyne was the uncle of one of band members, and pretty much helped his young nephew realize his dream of being a rock star. so, when they started i had no idea what to expect. but, they took the stage like they owed no favors to no one. they were tight and sprite and had the audience on their tippy toes. i was pleasantly surprised. honestly the Flaming Lips lineage was noticeable, sounding like a slightly heavier version of a "Clouds Taste Metallic" era Lips, complete with a Lips borrowed Light Bright explosion fashioned from PVC pipes, LED lights and plastic buckets. i was told later that Wayne Coyne has a warehouse filled with this type of stuff, and happily let the boys take some borrowed stock on the road with them. perhaps next time Stardeth comes through louisville we'll get a close up view of the "Christmas on Mars" film set.
all in all, the youngins held their own, and the Veterans held their Reign, and it was a Psychedelically fine evening on the rooftop.
(the next Glassworks Rooftop Music Event will be Friday 5/14 with The Mack, Saredren Wells, and Roadie. 8 pm, $5, 21+)
a louisville sunset while Phantom Family Halo soundchecks, and Sam Sneed saunters.

a close crowd keeping Stardeth warm on stage.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Eremy Jirvin, Butch Rice, James Apollo 5/7

Eremy Jirvin playes tonight (may 7th) at the Vernon Club. James Apollo and Butch Rice are also playing. 8pm.
Eremy Jirvin
Butch Rice
James Apollo
UPDATE: Our sources have informed us of a SECRET SHOW tonight after this event, at Seidenfaden's with Dude Plays Saxophone, Eremy Jirvin and the free=ends, and James appollo's full band...11pm, $3 Shhhhh!

Marco Benevento Trio live @ the Hideaway 05/12



"Benevento swings between rude-synth fun and high-speed piano breaks as if he were both Keith Emerson and McCoy Tyner." - Rolling Stone

"This keyboardist/sound sculptor has been building a nationwide following for jaw-dropping improvisational skills, a no-genres-barred approach and a globe-trotting touring schedule. Seemingly incapable of resisting an unexplored musical direction, Benevento can, essentially, do just about anything." - Los Angeles Times

featuring Marco Benevento (piano), Dave Dreiwitz (bass) & Andy Borger (drums)

Marco Benevento has announced North American tour dates in support of his forthcoming new album, Between The Needles & Nightfall. The Brooklyn-based pianist leads his trio for a 29-night headline run that includes a stop at The Hideaway in Louisville, KY on Wednesday, May 12.

On Between The Needles & Nightfall, Benevento's third studio effort in as many years, he proves himself one of the most prolific new voices of his era. Blurring genres from song to song, and more often from measure to measure, the pianist offers his own take on simple pop pleasures, dance party rave-ups and art jazz experimentation. The results range from the day-glo electro-rock of "It Came From You" to the simply-stated lullaby "Ila Frost" to the shimmering Arcade Fire-meets-Brad Mehldau anthem "Two Of You." Speaking in modern sonic tongues, cut-and-pasted, tweaked-out and glitchy, Marco Benevento creates music full of wide-eyed wonder that rejoices in the limitless horizons of sound and melody.

Between The Needles & Nightfall hits stores May 11 on vinyl, CD and download via The Royal Potato Family.  A free mp3 download of the album's lead track, "It Came From You," is available now at

1607 Bardstown Road
Louisville, KY
(502) 485-0114



Wednesday, May 5, 2010

get the The Mack LP early!

The Mack LP hits the streets on May 11th, but has featured it on their site, and as a special treat is letting you pick it up a week early for only $6.99. preview the album, and pick up free tracks as well: here.
grab the album now, and know all the songs for the Album Release show at Glassworks on May 14th. Saredren Wells and Roadie (of Arnett Hollow) also playing. 7pm. 21+ $5. more info here.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wax Fang Exclusive "Purple Rain" Set

1 Let's Go Crazy
2 Take Me With U
3 The Beautiful Ones
4 Computer Blue
5 Darling Nikki
6 When Doves Cry
7 banter
8 I Would Die 4 U
9 Baby I'm A Star
10 Purple Rain

ok, well, our photographer showed up too late to take pictures of the show, but managed to sneak in back stage for some steamy wardrobe shots..

Cheyenne Mize, Kevin Ratterman, & John king, in the dressing room at Zanzabar 4/27/10..

Kevin's Back tattoo

Saturday, May 1, 2010

37 flood interviews Billy Petot

in a 37 FLOOD exclusive; John King talks to Billy Petot of Whistle Peak on ticks, the new record, up-coming events, and finding a cure...
Billy: what up?

john: hey billy, sorry i'm late.

Billy: no problem.

john: my cat has ticks and i was running around trying to find tick repellant.

Billy: eee dog.

john: yeah.

Billy: how many?

john: i found 3. managed to wrestle off one. and every time i have an itch, i think i have them crawling on me.

Billy: you mean fleas?

john: nope. ticks! anyway, thanks for talking with me today.

Billy: my pleasure.

john: so, what are you up to these days?

Billy: Well trying to finish an album, still recording and writing some for that, also getting ready for the bike ride.

john: let's talk first about the new album...

Billy: oh and grad school, but yes, the album.

john: that's a tall order!

Billy: yessir.

john: how long have you been in grad school?

Billy: just started this semester.

john: good job. what are you studying?

Billy: English, or Composition and Rhetoric...

john: got it. teaching in the future?

Billy: that's the ultimate goal. teach college. talk about books and such.

john: knowledge is power.

Billy: for sure.

john: did i spell that right, Teach?

Billy: good work. Don't get nervous about your grammar now.

john: i had an english teacher in high school that asked me if she spelled pizza correctly... but back to the new album...

Billy: nice.

john: are you in the studio now?

Billy: yeah. we record at David's. he does most of the production, or all. so just been busy trying to get things how we want them to sound. been bringing in Jeremy and Mike to lay down their stuff. an still writing new ones too.

john: You and David Boston are the primary writers?

Billy: yes.

and his role is probably 60 to my 40...

john: and Jeremy Irvin and Mike Snowden backing you guys up?

Billy: yes. on the last album it was just Dave and I. but now we have Jeremy and Mike who are both better musicians than us. so they play 'em real good. and always have great input.

john: is Jeremy still moving to Nashville?

Billy: I am unsure. i know it has been put off a bit. and maybe it won't be a full time move, maybe more of a periodic commute. we're glad, he'd be hard to replace.

john: yes he would. He is still playing with Second Story Man too, so hopefully it will keep him here.

Billy: yeah. he says he'd commute for music. but i am skeptical.

john: it's easy to say a 4 hour commute can be done, until it's done a few times over.

Billy: exactly.

john: when do you think the new album will be out?

Billy: the goal is to get it done this summer, but we were saying that last summer.

john: You can't rush genius.

Billy: yeah. if its good, it doesn't matter if it came out today or february.

john: Your last record came out a year and half ago?

Billy: Yeah, about a year and a half, almost 2 years.

john: that record was fantastic. is this one going to be self released, or have you found a home for it?

Billy: Karate Body has offered to release it.

john: They have put out a good deal of great albums in their 1.2 years...

Billy: i would be happy to be in the club. they have put out some talent that would be nice to associated with...

john: i'm gonna have to agree with you there. Invaders, Rachel Grimes, and the Cheyenne & Bonnie Billy album "among the gold" to name a few...

Billy: yeah and i just got the Phantom Family Halo record last week..

john: also a worthy contribution. your debut album has some the best cover art i've seen in a long time. any word on the new album cover?

Billy: we have some ideas, people we want to talk to. i can't really divulge what that may be, but we will be using a local artist to do it. Again that is, cause Rebecca Crutcher did the last one.

john: we'll keep it a surprise then. i can't wait to see it. and hear it. Let's talk a little bit about the Bike Ride you mentioned earlier..

Billy: oh, and thanks for the complements.

john: sure. i love a good naked lady record cover..

Billy: yes, so I started a team for this TourdeCure by the American Diabetes Association. i raise money and ride 20 miles.

john: and this takes place in Louisville?

Billy: yeah, out past Norton Commons, where i don't venture often cause its a little too white out.

john: I'm not even sure where that is. the East End i'm guessing?

Billy: yeah, eastern jefferson county. North east.

john: white, yes. that area is a mystery to me. i often hear peeps from out there say they live there to get away from the traffic addled downtown, but every time i'm out there i'm stuck in traffic and long ass traffic lights.

Billy: it generally isn't pleasant in the burbs... beautiful country roads though.

john: so, anyway, TourDeCure is an annual bike ride to raise money for Diabetes research, correct?

Billy: correct. to supposedly find a cure, as it is incurable. i was diagnosed with type 1 last november. i am entirely dependent on insulin. which means 4 shots a day. and regimented meals. forever! less drinking too.

john: wow. in 6 months you went from not knowing, to in the thick of it!

Billy: and now they tell me I have to quit smoking!

john: i've quit just about everything now, except smoking! i could never see a drop of booze again and be just fine, but the idea of never being able to enjoy a cool refreshing Winston again scares me.

Billy: yeah. its pretty crazy. but you get used to it. and yeah, i definitely don't mind going out less. its a good excuse to go to bed early.

john: yeah, once i gave up the drugs and booze my night time hanging kinda stopped dead in their tracks.

Billy: going to bars loses its luster when you can't live it up. i have started smoking more, when i am suppose to be quitting.

john: well, i'm sure the stress of being diagnosed with type 1 gets you wanting a smoke.

Billy: and grad school. but i would like to say, anyone interested in supporting my bike ride can donate at click donate and then it'll help you search for my donation page.

john: yeah, before we go off topic... when is the event, and can anyone ride along?

Billy: its May 15th, and i could use more teammates. so at the same page you can click Join Team Petot.

john: but anyone, bicycle rider or not, can help donate to the team?

Billy: absolutely. and i believe they still need volunteers, to pass out water and stuff like that. anything anyone can do is appreciated.

john: i'm sure there are lot's of peeps who will want to help, we need you in good shape to finish this next album.

Billy: well i am doing much better than i was 6 months ago.

john: what tipped you off that something wasn't right?

Billy: i'd lost nearly all body fat, 40 lbs, my immune system seemed real weak, blurry vision, insatiable thirst, i wasn't absorbing my food properly and was wasting away. my blood sugar was in the 500s when i went to the doctor and he knew right away. it is supposed to be between 80 - 120.

john: Heaven's gate, that is scary!

Billy: last time i was at the doctor, he said "well, according to your numbers it doesn't appear that you have diabetes anymore" of course, he was joking.

john: well, that must mean your doing things right.

Billy: yeah. the drugs are working. and then i have to monitor everything.

john: all day every day. it's a life long relationship. but honestly, people should be monitoring their intake more anyway. what are some diabetes warning signs we should look for?

Billy: burry vision, insatiable thirst but you know you aren't just dehydrated 'cause you pissing all the time too. my type of diabetes is rarer than the other though. type 2 is a bit easier to manage. type 1 just is.

john: i'm sorry this has happened to you Billy, it's a shitty draw. but it sounds like you are doing all the right things, and helping to bring awareness to the table.

Billy: yeah. i'm good. no worries.

john: i wish you the best of luck with it, and with the TourDeCure.

Billy: thank you.

john: any other projects/events/opinions worth sharing?

Billy: yes. we will be playing in New Albany for the, I believe it's, the Glass Art Festival with the Louisville ballet and the Deloreans. June 11 at the New Albany Amphitheater on the rolling Ohio.

john: That's right, the rock N' Roll Ballet! free to the public at 7:30pm in sunny New Albany IN!

Billy: woo hoo!

john: i'm really looking forward to that!

Billy: so are we.

john: thanks so much for taking time out to talk with me about all it is that you're up to these days!

Billy: thanks for being interested!

john: thank you sir, and keep up the good work Professor Petot!

Billy: yessir. thanks

More Information on up-coming events:
Tour de Cure
Rock N' Roll Ballet

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