Friday, October 31, 2014

Tonight! 10/31 Halloween

Here are some of the events going on in our grand city tonight:

Monday, October 27, 2014

Today: My Morning Jacket releases 'This Land is Your Land' cover

Today, Oct. 27th, North Face released a commercial of My Morning Jacket covering Woodie Guthrie's iconic "This Land is your Land" in the North Face's largest brand campaign in company history. The commercial is on youtube, and is also being released on Itunes, with The North Face giving a percentage to 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (up to a 1/4 a million dollars depending on the amount of downloads).

Guthrie was associated with several communist groups throughout his life, and This land is your Land, can be seen as a call to the working man to demand his or her equal rights as an American, and not so much as a call to shop for outdoor accessories but possibly Guthrie wouldn't mind the donations going to environmental conservation.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Morning Jacket receives Governor's Award

My Morning Jacket has received the 2014 Kentucky Governor’s National Award in the Arts; The Commonwealth’s highest honor in the arts. the Governor’s Awards recognize individuals and organizations who have made extraordinary and significant contributions to the arts in Kentucky. In many ways, My Morning Jacket is the reason this websites exists; our founder, Kory Johnson, started 37FLOOD in early 2007 in part to show his admiration for MMJ (our first post).
Congrats fellas.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Review: 'Trucker Tits' Storybook EP

  Released earlier this month, and perfectly timed with Halloween, is the storybook 'vinylette' Trucker Tits: So Much For The Scenic Route written by Jeff Shelton (The Mack/Party Girls) and illustrated by Jeremy Grizzle.
  The storybook is a 10 page account of 3 stoners on a road trip through (of all places) Florida who find themselves hunted down by maniacs after car trouble leaves them stranded in gator territory.
   The storybook is 7" x 7" black and white paperback and also contains a blood red 7" vinyl compilation record (in the Louisville standard RPM of 33 1/3) containing 6 songs that correspond to the scenes in the book, reminiscent of the cleverness of indie-rock's glory days in the 1990s where storybook 7"s and themed 7" compilations reined supreme (See Dame Darcy & The Cocktails "Tardvark" and Simple Machines 'Working Holiday' 7" Series ) which may account for so many cameos by 1990s veteran rockers on the 7" including members from King Kong, Evergreen, Cinderblock, and The Party Girls.
  The 7'' itself is a beautiful blood marble with 6 tracks (including a digital download with 3 bonus tracks). The stand out tracks include the incredibly catchy title track by King Kong (which begs the question is Ethan Buckler working on a new release since 2007's Buncha Beans?), 2 beautiful tracks by Lucky Eyes (by husband and wife duo Paul and Amber Oldham), and 'The Ballad of Trucker Tits'  performed by the author, Jeff Shelton, under the name Eyeball and is classic Shelton with an even mix of folk rock and brass knuckles with just the right amount of genius mixed in with the blood and bruises.
  In all Trucker Tits is a uniquely bizarre concept executed  with detail and care by some of the longest standing Louisville music and culture champions still willing to put in the time and effort.
Trucker Tits page 6 illustration