Thursday, January 27, 2011


1/28 Daniel Martin Moore @ Ear Xtacy, time TBA, FREE
1/28 HUSH ARBORS/JASON AJEMIAN @ workhouse ballroom (the cave) 8pm $5
1/28 Jesse Malin with St. Marks Social @ Zanzabar. 9pm, $12
1/28 Ekoostik Hookah with MC Sparkplug @ Headliners, 9pm, $10 adv $12 door
1/29 Johnny Berry & the Outliers and Bodeco with Your News Vehicles and Hambone @ Headliners
1/30 Bobby Bare Jr.with Langhorne Slim @ Zanzabar, $10

There's a lot going on this weekend, so Get Out there and Go Nuts! and if we have forgot anything please leave a comment..

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

John's Sexiest Music Videos of the decade

Aphex Twin "Window Licker" 2000
Chris Cunningham is a genius, walking that fine line between sexy and creepy:
 also see Bjork's 'all is full of love' video.

Eagles of death metal "I only want you" 2004
best usage of background singers for a song without background singers.
this vid swore me off the white ladies for several years.. 

The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army" 2003
sleek and flawless the way sex is not. also see Fell in Love With A girl.

Outkast "Hey Ya" 2003
one of the best music videos made, & for one of the best pop songs ever.

Lordi "Hard Rock Halellujah" 2006
Zombie cheerleaders get me every time ( as well as keyboardist Lady Awa). fun fact: the finnish frontman, Mr.Lordi, lives in a cabin in the Arctic circle with a pack of wolves.
here is an alternate video for this song with him running around in the artic with his pets..

Kanye West "Can't tell me nothin" 2007
 featuring Zach Galifianakis and Will Oldham & Directed by Michael Blieden.
Sexy? well, that may be debatable, but it's hard to look away, like a stripper on a pole.. you don't care what she's she's doing, as long as she's doing it.
  Here's another vid for this song, this time with Kanye running around outside.

The Knife "Pass This On" 2003
Although not one of my absolute fav's, a friend submitted this one. if there is a sexy video you would like to submit, let us know in a comment and you could win a copy of the new Deloreans CD "American Craze"or a signed copy of the Louisville Is For Lovers "Anniversary" disc. 
submit before Feb. 1st to win.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Lyndi's 'Best Of' Lists

Lyndi Lou is a tattoo artist at Golden Lotus and a record slinger at underground Sounds. here are her Lists of best movies and music of the last decade.

Horror Movies 2000-2010
1. Dawn Of The Dead (Remake, 2004)
2. Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon (2007)
3. 28 Days Later (2003)
4. Wild Zero (2000)
5. Cabin Fever (2003)
6. Nightwatch/Daywatch (2004/2006)
7. Murder Party (2007)
8. American Psycho (2000)
9. Final Destination (2000)
10. Shaun Of The Dead (2004)
Honorable Mentions: Zombieland (2009), Fido (2007), Paranormal Activity 1&2 (2009, 2010)
The Russian film 'Nightwatch' will scare the pants off you... i mean it'll scare the 'брюки' off you. (and it's available at Wild & Woolly video).

Other Movies 2000-2010
1. Kill Bill V1&2 (2003, 2004)
2. V For Vendetta (2006)
3. The Prestige (2006)
4. Death Proof (2007)
5. Inglorious Basterds (2009)
6. Amelie (2001)
7. High Fidelity (2000)
8. The Dark Knight (2008)
9. Sin City (2005)
10. O Brother, Where Art Thou (2000)
Honorable Mentions: Ghostdog: Way Of The Samurai (2000), The Boondock Saints (2000), Gangs Of New York (2002)
V for Vendetta, both film and novel will make you want to stand up in arms.

Albums 2000-2010 This one was definitely the hardest.
1. Johnny Cash- American IV: When The Man Comes Around (2002)
2. Outkast- Speakerboxxx/ Love Below (2003)
3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Fever To Tell (2003)
4. Lucero- Tennessee (2002)
5. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros- Global A-Go-Go (2001)
6. Blackalicious- Blazing Arrow (2002)
7. The Weakerthans- Left & Leaving (2000)
8. The Flaming Lips- Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (2002)
9. Eagles Of Death Metal- Peace, Love, Death Metal (2004)
10. The White Stripes- White Blood Cells (2001)
Honorable Mentions: Black Mountain- s/t (2005), William Elliott Whitmore- Ashes To Dust (2005)

Outkast: Deadly, Sexy Georgians

Share with us your Best Of lists and you could win a copy of the new Deloreans CD "American Craze" or a signed copy of the Louisville is for Lovers CD "Anniversary".

2/12-21 Jewish Film Fest

The 13th annual Jewish Film Festival is coming up in Feb, showing at Village 8 Theater, and other venues. 8-10 Jewish cultural films ranging from funny to dramatic start on Feb. 12 running until Feb. 21st.

Friday, January 21, 2011

John's Best Media of 2000-2010 (Movies, Music, TV, & Books)

Obviously a near impossible task to remember every great Media release of the last decade, but after weeks of research and tears here it is. already i am remembering great albums and movies that didn't make it on the list, but i'll have to wait until 2025 to add it to the 'best of the last quarter century' list.
But until then ... here is Best Media of the Last Decade:

 30 rock 2006-present
Dead Like Me 2003-2006
Futurama 1999-present
Law and Order 1990-2010
Law and Order SVU 1999-present
Mad Men 2007-present
Parks and Recreation 2009-present
Rescue Me 2003-present
The Riches 2007-2008
Pysch 2005-present
Six feet under 2001-2005
Sons of Anarchy 2008-present
Weeds 2005-present

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy 2004
Amelie 2001
Children of Men 2006
The Crazies 2009
District b13 2004
The End of America 2008
Grindhouse 2007
I am Legend 2007
Let the right one in 2008
No Country for Old Men 2007
 Ocean odyssey 2008
Rolling Stones: in Exile 2010
Royal Tenenbaums 2001
Sasquatch Gang 2007
Step Brothers 2008
Watchmen 2009

Ocean Odyssey will change your life forever & it's available at Wild and Woolly.


Bon Iver "For Emma, Forever Ago" 2008
Bonnie "Prince" Billy "The Letting Go" 2003
Cat Power "You Are Free" 2003
Chis and Stephanie "Predict the Whole Civil War" 2001
Damien Jurado "on My Way To Absolution" 2003
Damien Jurado "I Break Chairs" 2002
Gayngs "Relayted" 2009
Lucero "Lucero" 2001
Lucero "Tennessee" 2002
Magnolia Electric Co. "Fading Trails" 2006
Magnolia Electric Co. "What Comes After The Blues" 2005
Outcast "Speekerboxxx/The Love Below" 2003
Portastatic "Some Small History" 2008
The Strokes "is this it" 2001
Sparklehorse "It's A Wonderful Life" 2001
SparkleHorse/Dangermouse "Dark Night Of The Soul" 2009
Songs: Ohia "Magnolia Electric Co." 2003
The White Stripes "The White Stripes" 2001
Magnolia Electric Co.'s naked lady Album art gives new meaning to "Fading trails".

28 Days Later 2002
Dead Snow 2008
Dawn of The Dead 2004
Fido 2006
I am Legend 2007
Land of The Dead 2005
Planet Terror 2007
The Walking Dead 2010-present
Wild Zero 2000
World War Z 2006
Zombieland 2009
Zombie Survival Guide 2003

Wild Zero featuring Guitar Wolf: best movie drinking game ever. 

A heart breaking work of staggering genius by Dave Eggers 2000
Contempt by Catherine Crier 2005
The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger 2003
World War Z 2006
Zombie Survival Guide 2003
Dave Eggers' "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" is exactly just that.

Please share with us your own Best Of lists, and you could win one of several fun prizes such as a copy of the new Deloreans CD "American Craze" or a signed copy of the CD "Anniversary" from Louisville is for Lovers. Just leave your lists in a comment.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

J Perry's "BEST OF" Lists

Best local shows of 2010:

1) in october fake Pj Harvey and fake Joy Division played at Zanzabar.  They might not have been the real thing but I doubt if the real thing was half as good as these bands were that night.  Though it was a cover show, best local performance of the year for me.

2) nerves junior at the opening for the New Albany store, The Dandelion, was excellent.  echnical problems aside, it was a great performance including an ace cover of Pixes' 'Caribou.'

3) Broken Spurs were great at their Forecastle performance.  total domination.

4) Yardsale (rip) played an excellent show at the vernon.  it was sad because it was their last.  But they played great and in between sets, piping through the PA, i discovered Broadcast's song 
Before We Begin.'

5) Ky Prophet at Sunegross Coffee Shop.  attendance was small, but KYP didn't care and does his thing like there's a million people regardless.

6) whistle peak at the new albany ampitheatre.  love these guys and let's just say that they are in my, oooh, 'top 1' favorite bands in louisville.

7) jeremy irvin (solo) at wfpk live lunch for lifl.  he only had time to play one song but i was glad to hear him.

8) Ultrapulverize at all the shows i saw them play in 2010.

9) scott carney at nachbar.  
Whistle Peak in "Rock N' Roll Ballet" at New Albany Amphitheater

Best local songs of 2010:

1) the mack - you're just one

2) whistle peak - land to land

3) saredren wells - to live in dreams and memories

4) The Gallery Singers "David Bowie Eyes"
The Gallery Singers David Bowie Eyes 7" cover

Best Songs of 2010:

1) toro y moi - leave everywhere

2) beach house - zebra

3) mgmt - flash delirium

4) washed out - feel it all around

5) broken social scene - world sick

6) lil wayne - single for the night
Lil' Wayne

Best movies of 2000-2010:

1) there will be blood

2) let the right one in (swedish version)

3) russian ark

4) funny games

5) the life aquatic

6) stay
Let The Right One In

J Perry is the frontman for The Deloreans. You could win a copy of their new LP "American Craze" or a signed copy of the Compilation "Anniversary" featuring The Deloreans just by sharing with us your Best of Lists! Leave yours in a comment and we'll pick a winner on Feb. 1st.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


1/19 JK Mabry @ DCE 8pm $3
1/19 Chadwick Wilde @ The Rud 9 pm
1/20 The Mack Tamara Dearing & tender Mercy @ DCE $5 9pm
1/21 Cheyenne Marie Mize with Husband & Wife @ 930 Listening Room
1/21 Drivin' N Cryin' with Your News Vehicle @ Headliners, 9p, $15
1/22 Workers with Second Story Man & Selauh @ Headliners
1/23 We are the willows @ Sunergos
There's a lot going on this weekend, so get out there and go nuts! and if we have forgot anything, please leave it in a comment.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Review: The Deloreans "American Craze" LP

The Deloreans first LP "Love Outrageous" was quietly released in the summer of 2009.  Supported by the success of their Louisville is for Lovers vol.9 effort "La La Love" and Heavy rotation of their explosive track "attacked by a panther" on WFPK, sales of Love Outrageous steadily rose and over the next year The Deloreans  became a main player in the louisville scene.
Love Outrageous is a quick paced montage of poppy guitar hooks and waves of "ooh ooh's and ahh ahh's", creating a wonderful soundtrack for late night house parties and impromptu 'in the car karaoke' sets. though a perfectly decent  pop album, and a very successful effort for the bands first try, Love Outrageous was in search of a  perfect radio friendly hit.  
now 2 years Later, the band's sophomore release "American Craze", has abandoned the equation for the perfect 3 minute pop radio jam, for an expansive journey into America's love affair with pop music and pop culture, resulting in an expansive road trip into musical genius.
The album begins with a familiar tone, "Gatsby" is a retooled version of the song "American Craze" from the 2010 Louisville is for Lovers "Anniversary" album, and is a nice bridge between the Deloreans first album and this new one.  Starting off quietly,  the vocals and guitar work become gradually less and less contained, finally erupting uncontrollably before falling completely into silence, just before a lullaby brings us back into focus, as if preparing us for the completely out of control, and inevitable ultra popular track "Buffalo".
Buffalo's expansive "wall of sound" drum and vocal tracks encompass and transport the listener into a surreal musical journey through love and passion is a prelude to the rest of the album.
on this latest LP the band relied more on ambient room sounds and clever recording styles rather than built in sound board effects that gives the album endless layers of texture.  This alone is worth picking up the album, but as American Craze unfolds, the songs become more and more complex showing the true talent of these musicians that is rarely seen in todays pop music world.  the dueling guitar solos on "Leviathan" and drum driven "Animals" are a testament to the bands dedication to their craft as well as front man J Perry's mad scientist style conducting.  This balancing act of musical skill and pop rock glamour climaxes on "landslide"; a playful romp into the alluring side of romantic deception.
This ruckus album takes a slight departure on the album's last track "Dear", a dreamy and perfect ending to this trip tic through pop music's high points, as there is not a dull track in this 11 song, nicely packaged  and brilliant album.
If "Love Outragous" was the vehicle that introduced The Deloreans to Louisville, then "American Craze" should be the one to bring them to the rest of the world.

American Craze will be released tomorrow, Jan.18, and is available at Ear X-Tacy and at Read our interview with Deloreans frontman J Perry here.

We are giving away a copy of this CD! visit our "best of" lists page and leave a comment with your 'Best Of' list, and we'll pick a winner on Feb.1st!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Eric McC won our raffle to see BOOMBOX and OK DEEJAYS at Headliners on Friday (18+ / 8pm.  $15). Congrats Eric and Have fun! (Eric-your name +1 will be at the door, bring an ID).                                    


1/14 Boombox at Headliners 8 pm 18+ $15 
1/14 Insane Clown Posse & Axe Murder Boyz @ Expo 5

1/15 Guided By Voices @ Headliners, 9pm, $27 adv $30 door
1/15 Memorial for Steve Irwin @ Speed Museum 4pm
1/15 The Blues Brothers Band @ Stevie Rays

1/16 Elvis Tribute Artist Spectacular @ Brown Theatre

this weekend has a wide variety of events to choose from so Get Out There and Go Nuts!
 if we have forgot anything please leave it in a comment.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Looking Back at 2010 (best Local shows of the year)

now that 2010 (and for that matter, the first decade of the 21st century) is over, we have asked several friends of 37 Flood to share with us their favorite Louisville shows and local albums of 2010, and their favorite Albums, Books, Movies, TV, and other media events of 2000-2010. Over the next few weeks we will be posting the lists, and we hope you will share your own lists with us. just leave your lists in a comment and be entered to win one of several great prizes including a copy of the new Deloreans CD "American Craze" or a copy of the limited edition Louisville is for Lovers "Anniversary" signed by featured artists. winners will be picked at the end of January.

John's favorite 2010 Louisville shows list (in chronological order):

Friday, January 7, 2011


1/7 The Werks w/DJ Booty Sweat & DJ Secret Beat @ headliners
1/7 23 string band @ zanzabar $5 10PM

1/8 crispin glover cover band w/OK Deejays @ headliners
it's a new year, get out and go nuts! if we have forgot an event, please leave it in a comment.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Free ticket giveaway! BOOMBOX & OK DEEJAYS @ headliners 1/14

Zion Godchaux, son of Greatful Dead members Keith and Donna Jean Godchaux, and his band  BOOMBOX (from Muscle Shoals, AL) are playing with OK Deejays on Friday, January 14th at Headliners Music Hall, (8 pm, 18+ $15) and we have a pair of tickets to give away! just leave your name in a comment, and we'll pick a winner at random on Jan.12th.                                                                          

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

remembering Skull Alley

On Dec. 31st, Skull Alley opened it's door for the last time (for the Young Lions, The Foxery Reading Group NYE show). owner/operator Jamie Prott sited zoning issues and land lord woes as the reason for closing.
 we've seen and thrown some good shows there, and we wish Jamie all the best in the future. 
below are some of our favorite photos from Louisville is for Lovers events we've had at Skull Alley.


Phantom Family Halo

Dom Cipola

Tony Bailey


Sara Teeple & John King

The LadyBirds 


The Mack W/ Drew Sellers 

Paul Mcgee 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Review: New Year's @ Vernon Club

NYE 2009 at Vernon was one of the most fun New Year's Eve i've had. The Danny Glover Cover Band was full of energy, well rehearsed, and armed with a no lull set of dance and party hits. the place was packed with sweaty hipsters making out with anyone at arm's length.  about the only complaint i could think of was the decision to keep the doors locked until eleven PM, forcing scantily clad ladies, and sharp yet underdressed fellas shivering in the cold. but soon enough the dorrs opened, and all was well.
this year started in the same manner, except it wasn't as cold out there, but it was rainy.  The line moved slow, and it was 11:30 pm before we got in the door. And since Vernon closes at 2, that's not a very long time for a $15 event (though it was advertised as 10pm-4am). The other serious issue was that the club was seriously under staffed. It took a long time to order a drink, so a lot of people ordered many at once and just double fisted (which for NYE, is totally acceptable).  also, there where two tables covered with champaine glasses ready for the mightnight toast that were never filled or handed out.  I assume this was due to the staff being so overwhelmed.
when i decided to go to this event, I was reminded of a quote from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy which is as follows: "We've been going to the same party now for 12 years and in NO way is that depressing."
 if the party is good, it's not depressing, but i tried not to expect the same party as last year (or last years, as the Glover Cover Band has done this for several years as several monikers such as: Danny Glover Cover Band, and Wax Glover Motherfucker), as there where some major changes. last year's party was produced by Daniel Sanders/Magnolia Photo booth,  this year by Land of Tomorrow, also last year the band was headed by Drew Sellers (and two lovely ladies whose names escape me), this year by Brian Vega and Rachel Hagen. 
This year the band started while i was still in line to get in, and soon after i got in it was Midnight, but this year i was lucky enough to be standing near a pretty lady (or two). but right after, the manager asked if i could help sling drinks while the line at the bar was long. and i did, that was fun actually, i have been bartending for most my adult life but haven't been behind the bar all year. unfortunately a lot of the bar staff were snippy and cranky, which some people were overheard suggesting that they had the right to be since it was so busy, but really when your getting piles of money thrown at you, you should be able to muster up a smile. especially when costumers are waiting 15 minutes for a High Life.
it was a fun night, people were kissing on each other, and some people were in various stages of nudity, but not nearly like last year where you could hardly make it to the bathroom without plenty of good natured grab assing and drive by make outs.  the band last year was also in various forms of nudity and man handling, and seemed way more excited and awhere of their surroundings. Not to say The Crispin Glover Cover Band didn't pull off their duties, because they did a fine job, but there is something to be said about a band that can turn you on just by watching them, and last year was definitely a sexually charged sweat fest. Glittertitz played after, and they usually always do a good job of pushing the sex vibe, but they didn't a lot of time on the tables. this is probably due to the misconception of Vernon's closing time. which is a shame, because things were just heating up when we were all ushered out. on the way out, we were all given free t-shirts, which had nothing to do the band, or bar, or anything i could think of. mine said "Captan Soul" and had a drawing of a super hero or perhaps a wrestler of sorts.
The general consensus was to go to Nochbar, but once my van full of inebriated passengers and i got there, it was fairly quiet. but the NYE electricity was still flowing, as almost everyone i was with managed to (sloppily) pair up wander off into the rainy night. as for me, i was home by 3, my earliest NYE in memory, but all in all it was a fun night. it was definitely not the same party as last year, but i'm not hoping for the same year as last year either.

Brian Vega and Rachel Hagen of CGCB

Crispin Glover Cover Band


rebecca smashing the champagne glasses 

Tattoo flashing on the dance floor

allyson and mr. king late nite at Nochbar

Sunday, January 2, 2011

23 string band @ Zanzabar 1/7

Start the new year right, 23 string band at Zanzabar on friday $5 10 pm.

read our interview with 23 string member Scott Moore here.