Wednesday, August 26, 2009

5th Annual Louisville Zombie Attack!!!

this year on sat aug. 29th we will hold the 5th annual LOUISVILLE ZOMBIE ATTACK.

the party will again be held at BEARNO’S ON BARDSTOWN RD at 8pm with film and music from LAST CALL, COUNT GRONZY and more. contests for KING, QUEEN, GROSSEST, HOTEST ZOMBIE, audience juried.
this is an ALL AGES, FREE BIRTHDAY PARTY (but you knew that already).

TACTICAL INFORMATION: the ‘attack’ takes place at dusk (8:29pm). we will meet at the usual place (behind object’s of desire) at 8pm.

we encourage everyone to join us. any age is welcome. we encourage you to form a group with your friends to help get you ready and to walk with and (most importantly) pick victims and plan ‘attacks’ ahead of time. we ask that only consenting participants be attacked.
directions for virgins and/or out of towners:
take 64 into louisville, exit Grinstead DR exit west. take left onto Bardstown RD. Bearno’s is a few blocks down on the right. a few more blocks down is Eastern Prkwy. on the north east corner is Objects Of Desire. behind this building is a large parking lot where we meet for the walk.
zombie attack 4 zombie attacks bus zombie girl pic

Photos by Gary Quick

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer Rooftop Series at Glassworks this Friday

Friday, August 28th, at 8 P.M. to 12 A.M.

The band Ohorella is a 3 piece rock band from Louisville, KY. Art work will be provided by Chase Collins Illustration and Design. Also on Display will be a collection of men's ties from Vincent Jones.

- $5 cover at the door
- Cash Bar
- Smokers allowed!
- In case of rain the event will be moved to the 2nd floor.
- All Ages permitted

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summer Rooftop Series at Glassworks this Friday

show starts at 8pm and features You're My Destiny, The Pass and Heavy Hometown.
click the links to check out their music and go to the show, the rooftop series is a blast!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Edgehill Ave feature in UK Magazine...

Louisville's own Edgehill Ave have followed suit to many other bands and have gained popularity in Europe; often before catching on in the states. This month they are featured in UK magazine "Power Play" and given an awesome write-up.
I also have to mention the photo's not too bad either as I can now say I've had a photo of mine run double truck in an international magazine!
You can read the article/check out scans of the magazine here. Congrats EA!

Edgehill Avenue's next show is at Slugger field on August 14th at 5:30 pm.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Ship is in sight!

Forecastle 2009 is soon approaching our fair city! I wanted to take this opportunity to share with your the final list of artists as well as some photos I have taken in previous years. It's going to be an awesome time! If you're going, be safe, stay hydrated and most of all, enjoy the art, music and activism!


Thursday, July 9th

Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk
Justin Townes Earle
Chris Cubeta and The Liars Club
The Ascent of Everest
Edgehill Avenue
Jettison Never
Very Emergency
Abi Cook and Crew

Friday, July 10th

The Black Keys
Pretty Lights
Zappa plays Zappa
The Whigs
Cage the Elephant
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
Designer Drugs
Hackensaw Boys
Bad Veins
Lion’s Rampant
The Last Straw
The Young Republic
Erin Hill and her Psychedelic Harp with the Space Rats
OK DeeJays
Jesse Jamz
Kid Color
DJ Amtrak

AFTER-PARTIES (aboard the Ship!)

Designer Drugs
Jesse Jamz
Kid Color
Tim Norris

Saturday, July 11th

Widespread Panic (2 sets)
The Black Crowes
Dead Confederate
The Detroit Cobras
Man Man
DJ Three
Royal Bangs
Trevor Hall
U.S. Royalty
Deepak Sharma
The New Mastersounds
The Deep Vibration
Arnett Hollow
Madi Diaz
Hac Le
DJ Dory
Paul Dailey
The Broderick
Paper Airplane
Da Riddem Warriors
Brian Neckel
Sam Gracie
Ben Alan

AFTER-PARTIES (aboard the Ship!)

Pretty Lights
Hac Le

Sunday, July 12th

Widespread Panic (2 sets)
The Avett Brothers
Yonder Mountain String Band
Umphrey’s McGee
Christopher Childs (Keynote Speaker)
Maps and Atlases
Backyard Tire Fire
Jonathan Tyler and Northern Lights
These United States
Almira Fawn
Gringo Star
Rosi Golan
Ben Wu
DJ Laylow
Kim Sorise
DJ Electrolyte
The Instruction
Jason Clark (of SKL)
Woodrow on the Radio
Pokey Lafarge and South City Three
You, You're Awesome
Lady Killers


Outdoor exhibition by Brad White, Rebecca Norton, and The Sustainable Living Roadshow ~ a caravan of educators, entertainers, artists and activists coordinating cross country tours that empower communities and individuals to utilize sustainable strategies for a healthier planet. Traveling in a fleet of non-petroleum based renewable fuel vehicles, the caravan sets up experiential-learning villages, featuring workshops, speakers, and entertainment.


Over (60) environmental non-profits from (6) states, outdoor extreme sports park, speakers, panels, technology exhibits, workshops, films, and more.

Fun, interactive games, attractions, and exhibitions from San Francisco's Sustainable Living Roadshow.

2009 Keynote Speaker: Christopher Childs (Greenpeace International)


Advance tickets are available via, and your local, independent record store. $40 Single-Day | $100 Weekend. Day of show tickets may be purchased at the gate. Single-Day only.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This Saturday... 6/27

This Saturday at Skull Alley, "Casiotone for the Painfully Alone" is playing with locals "Chemic" and my buddy's new band "You're My Destiny". I won't be able to make it to the show due to a camping oblication (ahh, relaxing in the woods...) but you guys should get out to this show, especially for a tiny little $5! Even in this economy, 5 bucks is nothing... prepare to get out to a packed house at Skull Alley!

Mp3s to sample...

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Bobby Malone Moves Home

Chemic - Nothing Worth Keeping (from Laundromatinee)
Go see the video's and the rest of the session Here.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Follow the Train's Final Performance... documented!

Alright, nearly half of 2009 is over and we here at 37 flood have been a little shy, we're sincerely sorry for that but real life pops up from time to time and eats into your fun. This same thing happend to Louisville's beloved Follow the Train. The band experienced an exodous due to founding members moving on with their lives in fall 2006 but reformed again early in 2007 with only one remaining member Dennis Sheridan and a powerhouse of new "Train"ees! 

We were able to see Follow the Train most ever time they played here in town and even a couple dates in Athens, GA opening for MMJ and not one time did they leave me ungrateful for seeing them. On January 2009, FTT played their last show at Headliners Music Hall and our friend Mr. Brian Porter gratiously taped the show with his superior audience recording gear. He also introduced me to a recording of the band's first show together in early 2007 at Lisa's Oak Street Lounge. 

We've got some photos and the mp3s here for your viewing/listening enjoyment, thanks go out to Dennis, James, Mike, Carlos, Justin, Brandon and Dave for all the good shows and allowing their shows to be recorded by fans as well as Brian P. for taping it. Enjoy and I know that I hope to one day see the Train back on it's rails again!

January 10th, 2009
Headliner's Music Hall
Louisville, KY

01 Intro
02 The Final Countdown
03 Coffee
04 Movin'
05 219
06 Flower
07 Listen
08 Mellwood
09 Division
10 Mercury
11 Seamless
12 Wake Up
13 I Want to Know What Love Is [Foreigner]

February 9th, 2007 
Lisa's Oak Street Lounge

Monday, May 25, 2009

review: Dark Night Of The Soul (By sparklehorse & Danger Mouse)

as quiet as a casket, some of the largest names in pop music managed a milestone this month in the ongoing war between major music labels and artistic talent.
earlier this month the full length album "Dark Night of the Soul" written by Danger Mouse (Brian Burton) and Sparklehorse (Mark Linkous) was released to widespread criticle acclaim. the album features guest vocals by pop music icons including Iggy Pop, vic chestnut, Susan Vega, Frank Black and others as well as a limited edition book of 100+ color photographs inspired by the music created by cult film director David Lynch.
While this in itself, though impressive, is no great feat, the true amazement is that this album was not released by a major or even minor music label. in fact officially, this album has not been released at all. popping up on various pirate music websites for the last few weeks, this album can not be found in record stores or on pay sites. the only way to obtain this album is to find bootleg copies and take it, and this is by design and encouraged by the artists.
this collaboration has been in the works for quite some time, but the release was shelved In what has been described as an 'ongoing dispute' with the record label EMI and Danger Mouse. The album's website does not go into detail about the dispute, only stating "Danger Mouse is unable to legally release the recorded music for Dark Night of the Soul without fear of being sued by EMI." in fact all of the information on the site barely adds up to five sentences.
aside from anonymous posters without any information aside from the collaborators names appearing at select music events, it seemed DNOTS would fade into rock lore. that was until May 15th, when National Public Radio put up the album in it's entirety on it's website. in uncharacteristic NPR fashion, the website, which kept the cloak and dagger aire surrounding the release, offered little information about decision to premiere the album in this manor, or about the dispute with EMI or even the album it's self. NPR producer Robin Hilton wrote that promotional materials arrived with no return address and "an unnamed spokesperson" for Danger Mouse had contacted NPR Music saying that due to the dispute Danger Mouse will be releasing the photobook with a blank CDR, with the title of the album printed on the face, with the instructions "for legal reasons, enclosed CD-R contains no music. Use it as you will."
the DNOTS website states "Danger mouse remains hugely proud of Dark Night of the Soul and hopes that people lucky enough to hear the music, by whatever means, are as excited by it as he is."
in a time when Labels and musicians are struggling to control how music is distributed online and watching their sales drop, Danger Mouse became famous by turning his back on conventionalism and the lure of cashing in, by recording albums using samples of music he did not have the rights to, and leaking the albums onto the internet. his 2004 "The Grey Album" made by mashing up and sampling the music of Jay-Z's "the black album" and the Beatle's "the white album" became a household name when EMI famously tried to halt it's distribution.
the spotlight from this fight earned Danger Mouse a loyal following and "best album of 2004" by Entertainment weekly as well as attention by many music labels.
this time around EMI has seemed to learn not to rock the boat by keeping relatively restrained about the dispute, stating "Danger Mouse is a brilliant, talented artist for whom we have enormous respect. We continue to make every effort to resolve this situation and we are talking to Brian Burton (Danger Mouse) directly. Meanwhile, we need to reserve our rights."
The success of the Grey Album may have gotten Danger Mouse signed, but did not change his thoughts about the free distribution of music, or stop his creative and public displays against mainstream music and distribution. in 2006 he, along with british artist Banksy, replaced 500 copies of Paris Hilton's album Paris in British music stores with CDs containing similar artwork and a 40 minute instrumental containing quotes by Hilton.
But Danger Mouse isn't known solely as a defiant artist and prankster, he has created a name for himself as half of the International sensation, Gnarles Barkley, with hip hop artist Cee-Lo Green, and as a gifted Producer credited with producing countless albums from artists such as The Gorillaz, The Rapture, Beck, and the Black Keys.
in 2006 Danger Mouse produced the Sparklehorse album, Dreamt for light years in the belly of a mountain. by This time Sparklehorse had already gathered a cult following with the success of 3 studio albums and had already worked with many of the guest vocalists that would appear on DNOTS. With Sparklehorse' dexterity, allowing him to transform music, moving seamlessly from noise to experimental to pop all in the same song, and Danger Mouse's uncanny ability to adsorb and magnify an artists essence, it seemed to be a natural fit for the two to collaborate. with the familial sound of Gnarles Barkley's melancholy keys, and Sparklehorse's fondness for demented orchestral strings, DNOTS paints a portrait of an alien landscape, oddly familiar, like dark thoughts we would never dare tell anyone about. such as on Revenge, the album's opening track, Flaming Lip's Wayne Coyne sings "in my mind, i have shot you and stabbed you through your heart, i just didn't understand the ricochet is the second part."
keeping with the writers' affinity for collaboration, every track not only has a guest vocalist, but each vocalist co-composed and produced their tracks. this is very evident in songs such as Pain with Iggy Pop, which has the classic garage pre-punk vibe of the Stooges, and the poppy tinny guitar in Little Girl with the Strokes' Julian Casablancas.
The album's strongest tracks have vocals from the one guest collaborator who isn't a well known musician, David Lynch, who is the only guest vocalist with multiple tracks, and also supplied the visuals. His two tracks, the title track and Star Eyes (I Can't Catch It), are otherworldly explorations into a surreal daydream. Vibrato driven lullabies that would be right at home with the soundtracks of Twin Peaks or Blue Velvet.
this is not Lynch's first turn as musician, he has written music for many of his films, as well as for friend and singer, julee cruise, and has released his own full length album, Bluebob.
despite having over a dozen musicians co-writing and producing, DNOTS is a cohesive, strong album that brings together many different types of artists/styles and proves that sometimes musicians make music for the sake of music, wanting nothing in return.
in the past, the iron fist of the record industry has stopped artists from releasing work for good. in today's digitally motivated climate , where new formats are endless, confusing, and are turning the music industry upside down, DNOTS reminds us that in the end it's about the music, by any means necessary.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Forecastle adds to great Line-up for 09

The Forecastle Festival and Nederlander Entertainment
have announced more artists to the 8th annual Forecastle Festival,
July 10th – 12th at the Riverfront Belvedere in downtown Louisville,

Zappa Plays Zappa, Umphrey’s McGee, Yonder Mountain String Band,
Pretty Lights, The New Mastersounds, The Whigs, Outformation, Kathleen
Edwards, and Dead Confederate
have been added to the bill, with over
50 bands and DJs to be announced. The new additions follow the
previous announcement of Widespread Panic, The Black Crowes, The Black
Keys, and The Avett Brothers as the festival headliners.

Friday, April 3, 2009

'One Night of Queen' concert review

I'll start by saying I have never been an over the top Queen fan. I know people who swear by them and I saw plenty of ‘em Tuesday night at the Brown Theatre. I am familiar with quite a few of the popular songs but as high school kid of the 90's, my first real thought when I think of Queen is the scene from Wayne's World when Wayne and Garth rocked me with "Bohemian Rhapsody" in the AMC Gremlin. Oh yea, there's also the ass kicking "We Will Rock You" that you can thank every competitive sporting event in history for ruining for me... thanks. I quickly found out what I missed from a live Queen show when Gary Mullen and the Works of jolly old England hit the stage.

When it comes to cover bands I'm always skeptical of what I'm in for and my first question is usually; will they do the original band justice? Are these tribute bands riding the coattails of their idols merely for monetary purposes or is a true love that makes them get out there and perform numbers from bands of the past? With a little help from friends, I learned to look at these cover bands as a window into the past of something that I can't experience anymore, if I was even old enough to have enjoyed it in the first place. Gary Mullen is one of those die hard Queen fans, telling the story of a show that can no longer be told by the originals. Back in 2000, Gary’s love of karaoke led him to a television show in the UK called "Stars in their Eyes" performing as Freddie Mercury and won the competition. With his band "The Works," One Night of Queen was born and have toured the world ever since.

The concert itself was supercharged from the beginning; Gary embodied Freddie Mercury in voice as well as in action. From his flamboyant dancing around the stage to participation with his audience, he was Freddie to a T; it was uncanny really! Again, I'll say, I'm not a diehard fan but if I would have closed my eyes, I could hear no difference from an actual live recording of Queen. The band was spot on performing "Somebody to Love", "Under Pressure" and many other classic Queen tracks. Like many other tribute shows, the crowd ranged from baby boomers to young children. While the kids may have just been brought by parents who forgot to get a sitter or if they were just trying to turn them on to some different music, a good time was had by all. It amazes me how excited people get and makes me realize that at one time they had a special relationship with the music if you will. Like how I feel when I put on the Weezer blue album; the bliss (and pains) that were high school memories come rushing back and its 15 years ago all over again.

As I have been asked to review two tribute shows from the past now at the Kentucky Center venues maybe I should compare the shows; I think not. It would be difficult to really pit the two shows against one another from only my stand point; the Pink Floyd Experience had a far better light show but Pink Floyd was known for their light shows. Gary Mullen had a phenomenal stage presence that really brought Freddie Mercury back on the stage for many; the Pink Floyd Experience didn't have that action but only because David Gilmour and Roger Waters didn't really move from their stage stations of space rock. I think I've made my point that the two shows from roughly the same era (at least overlapping) simply cannot be compared to one another. They both brought something very valuable to the table; they bring important music of the past to the attention of younger generations while letting others a chance to relive a time they fondly remember.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Motherlodge Performance Series Mar/29 - Apr/05

The first Motherlodge Performance Series starts this Sunday. As I can't beat the words that the mission statement dishes out, I will let it and the festival itenary speak for itself below. 

Motherlodge Mission Statement A live art exchange...

Motherlodge is a diverse programming of theater, music, film, readings, and solo performance aimed at creating new possibilities for how artists, entertainers, and educators can collaborate in local communities. Our goal is to provide the means for artists to have as much influence over the programs in which their works are presented, and to inspire new paths of creativity by partnering for events with unexpected venues and organizations. We also solicit content for Motherlodge from a web based community that spans award winning artists and writers, high school students, and retirees. In 2009, through a partnership with, organizers will launch an online network channel and establish Motherlodge Louisville and Motherlodge NYC.

Sunday March 29th

5:00 pm - Motherlodge Opening Concert 
The Passion Fruits w/Java Men, Sandpaper Dolls, Jacob Duncan and Chuck Marohnic, Mauriece Hamilton, Scott Anthony, Lauren Zoeller, Chris Tolbert, Adam Dennison, and Arnett Hollow Band. Live art with Jamie Corum & more at the Salvation Army Male Campus (Dinner concert hosted byVoluen Cooper with music by Arnett Hollow Band follows at 7:30pm).
Monday March 30th

7:00pm - 
Adam Rapp interviews Ronnie Dorsey, 8:30pm -Less The Band live, 11:00pm - Classic rock covers by the Clifton's Kitchen Band! All events hosted by the Rudyard Kipling.
Tuesday March 31st

12:00pm - Motherlodge Reading Room hosted by 
Ronnie Dorsey with J.P. Lebangood, Alex Brooks, Ally Eastman, 7:00pm - Movielodge Screening: Passion: A Musical Documentary by Erin Harper and Zach Brock, 9:30pm - Liberation Prophecy live. Evening events located at Glassworks.
Wednesday April 1st

1:00pm - The Saints Tour by 
Molly Rice, 7:00pm - Movielodge screening: Blackbird Written and directed byAdam Rapp (followed by Q & A with Rapp and film stars), 9:30pm - The Louisville Improvisors Live, 11:00pm - LP Funk and The Cheerful Colony: ITHACA
Thursday, April 2

1:00pm - The Saints Tour by 
Molly Rice, 7:00pm - Two short plays by Gina Gionfriddo, 8:00pm - A Boy Called Noise by Julia Steele Allen and Ray Rizzo, 9:00pm - The BeAst of Taylor Mac starring Taylor Mac, 11:00pm - Open Air Transmission with Scott Anthony, also Nautical Fox (bar stage) time TBA.
Friday, April 3

11:00am - Panel discussion: The Revolution Will Not Be Funded. With Motherlodge curator/creator Ray Rizzo, activist/artist Julia Steele Allen, a Squallis Puppet, and others TBA, 1:00pm - The Saints Tour by 
Molly Rice, 6:00pm – 9:00pm - Motherlodge InStore @ Ear X-tacy* hosted by THE INDICATORS w/Philpot and others TBA, 9:30pm - ? - Motherlodge at Monkey Wrench* hosted by Alanna Fugate and Teneia Sanders with Tyrone Cotton and Philpot 7:00pm - ? - Motherlodge at The Rudyard Kipling* hosted by Ken Pyle and Sheila Joyce with Funky Ground Water, Side Effects and The Trad Project, 9:00pm - ? - Motherlodge at Headliners* hosted by Lady Rizo and Voluen Cooper with Ron Whitehead and SOUTHSIDE, Dawn LandesLady Rizo (with special guests Brigid Kaelin, Tyrone Cotton, Nautical Fox, and more!) and Big Diggity. *shuttle service will run between venues
Saturday, April 4

Noon to 2:00pm - Children's Garden Party hosted by
Opus Ditty, Hanna, Music Time with Tom and others (lunch served), 1:00pm - The Saints Tour by Molly Rice, 3:00pm - Movielodge Screenings : A short of films by C. Scott Shuffit & Operation Lysistrata presented by Be LaRoe, 6:00pm - Dinner with Shelby Park Soul Stew w/Chef Timothy Tucker, Darrick Wood & more, 7:00pm - The Beast Of Taylor Mac starring Taylor Mac, 9:00pm - Saturday Night Final Fourplay hosted by Lady Rizo with American Aquarium (10 p.m.), Tom Burnett, David Van Pelt, Scott Anthony, Dawn Landes and Lady Rizo's SHE HAW (feat. members of Arnett Hollow Band, 11:00pm - More!!!
Sunday April 5th

Closing Night Hootenanny at The Rud hosted by Ray Rizzo and Paradigm (alternating stages) 8:30pm Paradigm, The Trust, The Governours, and Thomas A Minor and The Picket Line.

Advanced tickets are available online here.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Edgehill Ave. with Cornmeal tonight @ Headliners...

Edgehill Ave. is opening for Cornmeal at Headliners tonight. Show starts at 8pm and it's $10 at the door. Edgehill Ave. just released their new Album 'Rambler' and they'll have it available at the show. It's a good roots-rock cd that starts off good and ends even better! We've been hearing good things about Cornmeal, the Bluegrass/Jamband from Chicago. Support local music and get on out and enjoy this rainy thursday.

For a limited time, buy Rambler from CDBaby for $6.99 cd/mp3s.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Concert photography Tuesday!!!

Alright, so it's not a thing i've done in the past; nor is it a thing that'll happen every Tuesday...
I do have some photos that didn't make it through the post processing last month and wanted to share them with you.
The Louisville is for Lovers showcases brought 4 shows to the area to celebrate the release in a period of 4 days; it was a whirlwind to say the least. The only show I didn't get to was the Live Lunch show at WFPK and it looks as though I found some YouTube links so sit back and look at some photos and watch some videos and reminisce about the great comp (that's still available for purchase) that is Louisville is for Lovers!

Louisville is for Lovers "Acoustic Showcase" at the Lounge 02-11

Louisville is for Lovers "Ear X-tacy In Store" 02-13

Louisville is for Lovers "Main Showcase" at Skull Alley 02-14

WFPK's Live Lunch - The Fervor

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Deer Meet and others at DCE 3/21

Deer Meet will be playing Derby City Espresso on Saturday, March 21st.  Joining them will be Lincoln and the Lost Prayers, Quin (Evansville) and Battle Cat (Lexington).
Show starts at 9pm and the door is $5; you must go!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kaiser Cartel/The Fervor/Winterpills at Vernon Club 3/14

This coming Saturday at the Vernon Club (under Vernon Lanes) Louisville locals The Fervorwill be playing along with Brooklyn band, Kaiser Cartel and Northampton, Mass' Winterpills.
The Winterpills recently released their new album, "Central Chambers" and along with Kaiser Cartel are playing a few shows before SXSW next week.
Ten bucks for 3 great bands... that's a steal - see you there!

Winterpills - We'll Bring You Down

The Fervor - Goodbye Blue Monday

Kaiser Cartel - Oh No

Date: Saturday, March 14, 2009
Venue address: 1575 Story Avenue in Louisville, KY
Show time: 8:30 PM
Ticket price: $10

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Louisville is for Lovers v9 Vinyl offering...

John King has his supply of Volume 9 vinyl up on the Louisville is for Lovers website for a mere $12!?! This is a limited pressing of only 500 double LPs in a beautiful pink marble so get it while it's hot! With artist like Lucky Pineapple, Bonnie Prince Billy, Whistle Peak, Deer Meet, The Deloreans, Sand Paper Dolls, The Fervor (and the list goes on) how can you go wrong!

If you haven't picked up your CD copy of v9, here's the perfect way to have your cake (vinyl) and eat it too (ipod)... John's including a coupon for a free download of the digital files with the purchase of the vinyl. Spin that vinyl at a comfortable 33rpms and go burn your own CDs!

Buy the vinyl or CD or any of the various other volumes of the comp here.

Now have some tracks I recorded from the Louisville is for Lovers showcases the week of Valentine's Day...

The Sand Paper Dolls - Unknown song name [2.11.09 The Lounge]
Paul McGee - Minnesota Fair [2.11.09 The Lounge]
Jeremy Irvin - Unknown song name [2.11.09 The Lounge]
Teneia Sanders - One More Time [2.13.09 Ear X-tacy]
The Fervor - Unknown song name [2.13.09 Ear X-tacy]
The Deloreans - Demons [2.14.09 Skull Alley]

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Anni Rossi & Bro Stephen - Green Building - 03/03

You've heard me talk about Scott Kirkpatrick and his new band "Bro Stephen"...
You'll have two chances to check out Bro Stephen this month with a show with Anni Rossi and her beautiful violin tunes, tuesday the 3rd at the Green Building and the 11th at Sunegros Coffee House on South Preston.
Do yourself a favor and pick up Bro Stephen's "Front Room" EP... it's two songs and an extra 11 demos. The two tracks are nice and finished up and the demos are good and intimate. Only 50 copies made and i already own one of 'em!
The show is all ages and $5 at the door.

Listen to a Anni Rossi Tune!
Anni Rossi - Ecology

Friday, February 27, 2009

Review: Pink Floyd Expereince @ KY Center 2/25

I started the night off at the Kentucky Center Bar to ease away a hectic day at work as well as to acclimate myself to the widest age range of Pink Floyd fans I have ever seen in a room together. There were 6-year-old kids wearing worn out Dark Side t-shirts as well as guys so old it just may have completed their life if they played something obscure like "Interstellar Overdrive." All these different folks gathered together to see/hear songs they’d likely never see the original band play together again.

As the lights flickered at Whitney Hall and shortly thereafter dimmed, the band walked out on the stage; without my glasses and from a wonderful ten rows back, dead center, the lead guitar player looked remarkably like a early 90's David Gilmour; I was stoked! The band started off with “Learning to Fly” which wouldn't have been my first choice at a Pink Floyd show but may have been a regular starter for the post Waters Pink Floyd. The Pink Floyd Experience then rolled right into my favorite album, Animals, and got the show started properly with “Pigs”. It was at this point; I knew they weren't really trying to deviate from the perfect recipe that is note for note Floyd... I was a little afraid of that. When they did deviate it brought freshness to the room as they lay claim to the stage as a successful Pink Floyd cover band. The sax player, while a remarkable woodwind player, approached the "high five" area of the stage a few too many times in my opinion and it may have been different if the other members of PFX did that occasionally during a solo but who am I to argue, people love those sax players!

Where I got my kicks was with the light show. The subtle billow of the fog machines made for an awesome texture when the lights danced across it. 200,000 watts of light strobing and changing colors is what they claim but I’m not counting watts at this point… I’m marveling at the circular display screen depicting WWII bombers, corrupt world leaders and US currency during “Money.” Those lights and video really added to the “experience” aspect and visualized what you always heard in Pink Floyd lyrics; pure bliss!

I don't think anyone will disagree that Pink Floyd had their heyday in the Seventies and over the course of the evening they played a 70's heavy mix of Floyd albums such as Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and The Wall. I was very pleased they didn't leave out the 60's entirely and added a couple tracks from their first two albums. If you judged by the amount of raised hands and leaps from seats, I'd say the songs from The Wall went over best with DSOTM being a close runner up.

I gotta say that if a band can tour around the world and put on a spectacular light show just playing Pink Floyd songs... more power to 'em! Pink Floyd were
Incredibly talented musicians; I have no problem putting on any Pink Floyd album and listening to it from start to finish... well, maybe Ummagumma as it was so experimental I don't even think Roger Waters would cue it up. I know every band probably says "It's awesome to be here Louisville, and we're definitely coming back here!" but with this band, I really believe it... c'mon, the locals were flying out of their seats just to get the energy out of their bodies, not to mention to touch the giant flying pig... Good experience indeed!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ben Kweller w/The Watson Twins @ Headliners 3/3 MOKB Ticket Giveaway

From Dodge: 
"We've got a couple tickets to give away to their March 3rd show in Louisville, KY. Act fast and get your contact email in our comments section (Talk back to yo' mama) to be registered to win."

2/28 - Bryan Scary & the Shredding Tears, Draft Riots & Deer Meet

Every year around this time, I get a charge of energy from the exposure to new bands/material from our locals due to Louisville is for Lovers. I know you may be sick of reading my constant blogs about Li4L but you can always click off... (hah, get it... internet humor)

Anyway, I saw a few bands I had been meaning to see and one of which was Deer Meet. First I saw Jimmy (singer/guitar) play solo at Ear X-tacy and he held his own; just him, a strat and a crowded room. The next evening I saw 2/3 of Deer Meet at Skull Alley and they rocked they cold, beer-less (although advertised) venue (don't get me started on Skull Alley right now.) Like I said though, they did great especially considering their drummer couldn't make it and the drummer from The Deloreans sat in. Speaking of those shows, I may have a recording or two up my sleeve to share in the coming weeks...

On to the point, right? This Saturday Deer Meet will be playing Uncle Pleasants with Draft Riots and Bryan Scary & the Shredding Tears. Bryan is outta Brooklyn, NYC and Deer Meet and Draft Riots are from the Ville as we've already discussed. The show is $8adv/$10door and doors are at 8pm at Uncle Pleasants on S Preston (street, not Highway...)

give a little listen to a couple of songs I taped of Deer Meet at Skull Alley a coupla weeks ago...

Sorry not to have any mp3s from the other bands to play... just click on the band's names to get you to somewhere you can give these guys a listen. Be strong Louisville!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WFPK Live Lunch Recording: Louisville is for Lovers Showcase

I recorded this from the radio...
Stream it, save it, and most of all enjoy it!

01 Intro
02 The Fervor - Same State [with Dave Cronin]
03 The Fervor - Yellowwood
04 banter
05 Jeremy Irvin - Song 1
06 Jeremy Irvin - On My Own
07 banter
08 Teneia Sanders - Joan's Song
09 Teneia Sanders - Loud Symphony
10 Interview with John King
11 The Mack - You're Just One
12 The Mack - Prisoner's Lake
13 banter
14 The Sandpaper Dolls - Pretending to Be Wise
15 The Sandpaper Dolls - Song 2
16 banter
17 She Wears Lipstick - Sext Messages
18 She Wears Lipstick - Song 2
19 Outro

Thanks to all the artists involved!

Ben Sollee’s Television Debut Tonight On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Here's a little info from Ben's Mgmt:

Catch songwriter Ben Sollee tonight as he makes is national television debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live (February 24th / ABC / check local listings). !!!!!  SXSW and U.S. tour dates have been confirmed in support of his second full-length ‘Learning to Bend’ and digital EP ‘Something Worth Keeping’ (featuring the duet “Only a Song” with Jim James of My Morning Jacket).

I think Silas House can say this better than I ever could:  “Ben Sollee's set was rousing and riveting; by the third song (a reworking of Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come"), he had silenced the entire, large room which had earlier held some loud talkers at the back. By the time Sollee was halfway through the show, the crowd was fairly mesmerized…Sollee brings the cello out of the realm of classical music and makes it a part of the people's music…He plays it as funky, country, Appalachian, classical, bluesy, and folksy. Sometimes all in the same song, and it works every time.” – Silas House, for No Depression

Here’s the rundown: Sollee was born and raised in Kentucky, classically trained and steeped in Southern Gothic and scratchy soul 45s.  Profiled on NPR All Things Considered and named one of Paste Magazine’s favorite songwriters of 2008, Ben has worked with avant-garde bluesman Otis Taylor and Abigail Washburn & the Sparrow Quartet.  He’s an activist against the mountain top removal of his home state of Kentucky, but we’ll get to that really soon.  We promise.

Ben  / NPR All Things Considered:

Ben / “How To See The Sun Rise” @ Paste Magazine

Tour Dates

* with Daniel Martin Moore
+ opening for Vienna Teng

Feb 25          Orlando, FL             The Social *
Feb 26          Tallahassee, FL Club Downunder *
Feb 27          Birmingham, AL  Bottle Tree Café *
Feb 28          Oxford, MS              Proud Larry’s *
March 3         Houston, TX             House of Blues *
March 4         Austin, TX              Stubb’s Jr. +
March 5         Dallas, TX              House of Blues *
March 7         St. Louis, MO   Blueberry Hill *
March 18 -19    Austin, TX              SXSW (schedule forthcoming)
April 7         Somerville, MA  Somerville Theatre +
April 8         Vienna, VA              The Barnes at Wolf Trap +
April 10        New York, NY    Le Poisson Rouge +
April 11        Glenside, PA    Keswick Theater +
April 14-15     Ann Arbor, MI   The Ark +
April 17        Chicago, IL             Schubas +
April 28        San Francisco, CA       Café Du Nord (headline)
April 29        Los Angeles, CA The Roxy +
May 1           San Diego, CA   Anthology +
May 2           Tucson, AZ              Club Congress +
May 4           Mesa, AZ                Mesa Arts Center +
May 8           Louisville, KY  Bomhard Theater *
May 9           Atlanta, GA             Variety Playhouse +

Monday, February 23, 2009

Edgehill Ave. CD Release Party & Live Lunch

Edgehill Ave.'s sophomore CD, "Rambler" drops tomorrow on new label Departure records and is a bit if a departure from their first album (I won't mention my intention with the pun... read here please.) 

EA will be celebrating the release with two performances this Friday, Feb 27th.  Tune in at noon for the Live Lunch performance on WFPK and later that night WFPK Presents the release show in the Saloon at Phoenix Hill TavernTeneia Sanders will open the show at 8p and we'll start around 9p with some special surprises including appearances from Leigh Ann YostDaphne Luster and more. Tickets are $10 and available at Ear X-tacy,Ticketweb, and on our site. After you get into the show you can trade your stub for a copy of the CD!

Rambler will be available locally at Ear X-tacy as well as online at CDBaby and Digstation (mp3 format available now.)  In a few weeks it will also be available at iTunes and all the major download sites.

Also, later this week, look for the review in Leo Weekly as well as a short podcast interview that should be posted on Backseat Sandbar Wednesday night.