Tuesday, March 29, 2016

4/8 The Kills @ Headliners

In support of their upcoming LP Ash & Ice (June 3rd), The Kills will be playing Headliners on April 8th with Kim & The Created.

$25 ADV/$28DOOR 18+ 9pm.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Review: Black Mountain 'IV'

British Columbia's Black Mountain is set to release their 4th album, IV, on April 1st.
Black Mountain Consists of front man Stephen McBean, Amber Webber, Matt Camirand, Jeremy Schmidt and Joshua Wells. Many of these members also consist of mcBean's alternate reality band Pink Mountiantops. Both bands have released music since 2004, Pink Mountaintops having 4 LPs, and Black Mountain will just be reaching 4 next week, but Black Mountain is largely considered the main act. Both bands employ Heavy sludge metal and stoner rock overtones; Black Mountain having a more epic sound, while Pink mountaintops fields the more emotional side, with Outside Love LP (2009) being their magnum opus.
 Keyboardist Jeremy Schmidt said of the new release "We were toying with the idea of calling the album Our Strongest Material To Date" which is a tall order when comparing it to 2008's double LP "In The Future" (which included a bonus EP) filled from start to finish with epic metal triumphs such as "Wucan" and "Set Us Free"; but "IV" delivers; the first track "Mothers of the Sun" being an eight and half minute rock battle led by Amber Webber's soulful voice.
"IV" contains the dark Metal riffs we have come to expect from Black Mountain (the video of 'Mothers of the Sun' even having McBean black robed and in the midst of some mystic ritual involving a large knife), but 'IV' also employs the pop sounds and experimental vibe we expect from Pink Mountiantops; McBean finally merging his coinciding projects into one dramatic and worthwhile LP. The whole of 'IV' sounds as if the soundtracks to films Heavy Metal (1981) and Tron (1982)  got together to decide what music would sound like in the future. 'Florian Saucer Attack" is filled with pop synth sounds, chanting background vocals and Amber Webber on full blast. Webber's soul scorching vocals led a friend to exclaim (without knowing anything about her, or ever seeing her) that he loved her. What's not to love really, Webber has taken the reigns on 'IV' -where she belongs- this especially noticeable on the ballad "Line Them All Up", leaving McBean to back her up as well as pick up lead vocals when needed such as on the tracks "Cemetery Breeding" and "Constellations."
IV is to be officially released on April 1st, but the album has been fully leaked throughout the internet, causing much anticipation for their upcoming world tour  (closest dates to Louisville include 6/16/16  Bloomington IN,  6/17/16 in St. Louis MO, and  6/18/16 in Nashville, TN).

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

3/24 Kal Marks & Dry Summers @ Kaiju

As part of Cropped Out's "March Badness" Boston garage punk rockers Kal Marks will be playing in  Louisville with Garage/death rockers Dry Summers  at Kaiju on March 24th. Kal Marks has just released the LP "Life is Alright, Everybody Dies" on Midnight Werewolf records, and could be on course to be one of the best garage punk albums of the year.

Boston's Kal Marks

Monday, March 14, 2016

3/16 R.Ring at Haymarket

Kelley Deal is one half of the identical twin super group The Breeders and is a wool scarf maker (see store here). All her scarves cost $84.95 and sell out immediately.  She is also one half of the group R.Ring with  Mike Montgomery (of Ampline).  R.Ring will be playing at Haymarket Whiskey Bar on Wednesday March 16th.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Open Call: Matt Bevin Protest Songs

Open Call for original songs for an upcoming digital album called We’ve Got a Bevin Problem—a Kentucky music compilation. The Organizers (Unknown and not listed on the website) are calling on musicians in Kentucky to respond through original recorded music (of all genres and styles) to the attacks on women’s reproductive rights, affordable health care, the LGBTQIA+ community, education, and progress in general in Kentucky. All funds raised from its purchase will be donated to Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky.
Submission Deadline May 16th 2016. See Website for details.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Review: Tender Mercy "It Was You" EP

         This is one of the local acts I get really excited about, so I'll try to stay focused. Tender Mercy, to me, has always been about an ambiance. I think the music borrows a lot from black metal in that respect. Tonality and spacial relations are themes in Mark Kramer's work as much as the lyrics. But with his upcoming five-track release "It Was You," it seems Tender Mercy is exploring new textures and dynamic structures through previous avenues.
         It's easy to fall into a trance-like state with much of Tender Mercy's work, but "It Was You" finds ways to interrupt this flow for the listener. While the sonic qualities of the album are expansive (thick reverb, etc.) the percussion on the title track, in particular, is almost dancy. The track "Path:Trails" has a similar effect on its listener, specifically during the chorus, in which Mark nearly whispers the first two words of each line, and melodically explodes the rest, asking "Are you blazing a path, or are you following trails?"
         "It Was You" will be released under Bright Tonight Recordings this Saturday, March 12, at Dreamland, with Michael Seymour and Psychic Skin and Tender Mercy. This is one of the more challenging releases I've heard so far in 2016, so pick up a copy and give it all of your attention.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Review: Clownvis Presley @ Zanzabar

On a sleepy unassuming sunday night, the miracle of a second coming took place at Zanzabar. The King isn't dead after all, but reformed in the image of a clown.
Clownvis Presley got his start more than 5 years ago in the Saint Louis area, performing around town at music venues or on the street in front of Vintage Vinyl  in a guerrilla karaoke style before making the leap to Hollywood in a full on push for comedy stardom including a memorable, yet orchestrated for failure by the producers, performance on America's Got Talent in 2011.

Clownvis used the infamous appearance on AGT to launch a full scale attempt for a comedy career with his own web series, Clownvis Time, which included a full universe of characters including his manager Narvell P. Tuffnuts, sidekick Duke Karate, DJ Weenie D (his personal DJ and pet dog) security guards Stanley Suede and Bruce Bagwell and a slew of groupies, rival musicians and oddballs.  Most successful during this time was his highly produced music videos, directed by Sean Barrett, such as Barack O's Tacos, The Cursive Song, Dancing with the Wolfman (in a non-gay way),  and Jesus Christ eating on a Chicken Wing.

In the past year, Clownvis has relocated back to Saint Louis, mostly appearing occasionally at special events, without his entourage, save for manager Narvell. Rob Crow, of Pinback and Goblin Cock, played in Saint Louis on Saturday March 5, and the following day in Louisville, bringing with him Clownvis Presley on both dates.
Clownvis opened for Rob Crow and his Gloomy Place, from 9pm-10pm at the Zanzabar, for an ecstatic crowd (larger and more enthusiastic than for Crow) with the Zanzabar staff pulling out all the stops, including dinner specials in Clownvis' honor including Sweet Jesus Hot Wings and Barack O's Tacos.
Head Chef Ally Trusty in clown make up
Barack O's Tacos in the shape of a clown face

Clownvis inspired dinner specials
   Clownvis took the stage with fervor and fanfare as Narvell lit the way with a spotlight as the crowd cheered, jumping straight into a rendition of Viva Las Vegas, followed by America the Beautiful, and then abandoning the 'Elvis Impersonator' act for the full on 'Clownvis' universe filled with original songs and dialog, including Barack O's Tacos (as he explained beforehand Barack Obama plans to open a family style restaurant chain but needed a recognizable face as spokesman and asked Clownvis to help out), and Jesus Christ eating on a Chicken Wing (including the story of how 5000 years ago Santa Claus gave the new born baby jesus a chicken wing and then they wrote the bible together).

Missing from the act was some of his staple songs such as The Cursive Song and Dancing with the Wolfman, and many of his Christmas related numbers such as Mutant Boy Christmas Song and Coming for you on Christmas, but he included many re-imagined songs such as singing In The Ghetto while changing the lyrics to explain the plot of Fresh Prince of Bell Air. Clownvis also did a few straight of covers such as Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give you Up, and 4 Non Blondes What's Up, as well as the theme from The Golden Girls after asking the crowd if they would move to Florida with him to retire. As his finale Clownvis returned to the Elvis songbook to do a spot on cover of the Elvis Presley showstopper An American Trilogy to crowd delight.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

3/6 Rob Crow's Gloomy Place & Clownvis Presley @ Zanzabar

Mathy-rocker Rob Crow (of Pinback and Heavy Vegetables fame) will be rolling into town this sunday to Zanzabar and he will be bringing with him, Clownvis Presley, the most intriguing and confusing mash-up act to hit Louisville since Mac Sabbath (fast food metal) played in September. Personally I thought Mac Sabbath sounded like a terrible idea, but ended up loving the show; so who knows, Clownvis Presley may be a 'do-not-miss' all on it's own. Sunday 3/6. 9pm. 21+. $10. tickets.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

3/5 3.5 Sense Fest

On 3/5 between 2pm-2am the 3.5 Sense fest will take place at New Vintage and Zanzabar. this is a 'Half-Way' to 7 Seven Sense fest this summer. 7 Sense is one our most favorite music fests in Louisville and this 3.5 edition will raise money for the larger 7 edition this summer, as well as raise funds for the Boys and Girls Haven. $10
 bands include:
Frederick The Younger
The Cut Family Foundation
Allen Poe (of Basement Up)

Brother Wolves

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

3/4 Howell's Hoot and Holler Karaoke @ Zanzabar

This friday will be Howell Dawdy's 3rd Hoot and Holler Karaoke night at Zanzabar, done the way Karaoke was meant to be; on stage with honored host and an unruly crowd as well as the Wheel of Death that determines what song you will sing (optional although many decide to take a spin) as well as free tacos. FREE 21+ 9pm
authentic Catholic Church Picnic Wheel