Friday, July 30, 2010

Zombie Attack shirt design winner now available!

Many thanks to everyone who submitted and voted for our t-shirt design contest, hosted by WHY Louisville, and 37 flood!
it was a hotly contested race with Drew's Zombie City Seal being the victor! the shirts are available now at WHY Louisville!
please visit the LOUISVILLE ZOMBIE ATTACK page for information on the 6th annual zombie attack on 8/29/10.
this year, The Guinness Book of World Records is letting us run for the tittle, so get out there and put us on the map!


7/30 DJ Booty Sweat at Glassworks Rooftop $10 21+ 8pm

7/31 Trophy wives @ Skull Alley

7/31 Hog Operation at Smith Berry Winery

8/1 Cosa Seria at Glassworks Rooftop $10 21+ 7pm

8/1 WAX FANG at new Ear X-Tacy 6 pm free


if we've forgotten anything please add it in a comment.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

this weekend at GlassWorks

There are 2, count 'em, events this weekend at Glassworks for you to shake your ass 10 stories up.
Friday July 29th DJ Booty Sweat and others will be rocking the wax on the roof for 21+ crowd. $10 and the best view of the skyline aside from the county jail.
Sunday August 1st is "Salsa In The City" featuring Louisville's hottest Latin band, Cosa Seria with DJ JBird and Matt Anthony (of WFPK fame).
Glassworks Rooftop 7-11pm
815 W. Market St.
$10 cover
indoor space reserved for rain.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

8/7 Cajun style party at LVAA

on August 7th at 8pm Louisville Visual Arts Association is throwing "Ragin' Cagun" a Louisiana style party with Zydeco music, gumbo, and for some reason Falls City Beer. music provided by Lagniappe, (listed as 'Cincinnati's premier Cajun band').
tickets are $35 and are all inclusive ($25 for LVAA members) and all proceeds go to a program that provides "art enrichment experiences to under-served populations throughout Louisville and Southern Indiana". if that sounds like a worthy cause, and you like boiled crawfish, head down Zorn ave. at least the view is always worth the walk.


7/31 Trophy wives @ Skull Alley

the Trophy Wives, who have an album coming out on 8/21, along with The Teeth and late 80's punk band Cerebellum are playing at Skull Alley on Sat. 7/31. $6. all ages . Cerebellum's recently released album of old and new recordings (first released at the endpoint reunion), and will be available as well.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

review: Cougar Express at Glassworks

just about anything on top of the glassworks building equals a good time, and when the music is something worth hearing it makes the view that much more worth while.
on Friday July 23rd Dangerbird, The Instruction, and Cougar Express hauled they're battle axes up 9 stories and slayed a max capacity crowd behind the backdrop of the mighty Ohio.
Dangerbird started the night with their patented Stones+Pine Club sound, which is actually a good combo, added with frontman Brian Grey's between song banter, there is no wonder they have a loyal following.
The Instruction followed with what their manager, Cory Greenwall, described as a "Vhs or Beta" related sound. actually i think they more sound like a Smiths + Suicide with a 16 candles kinda feel. even though i never had really gotten into the whole electro-dance resurgence, i did enjoy it. but what really knocked my hair back was the way too loud, and strangely sexy Cougar Express. these boys were so loud that people on the street a block away followed the sound to the roof like a snake to St. Patrick.
They have been making waves around town lately, and it's no wonder with their dueling axe solos like Black Sabbath and Fog Hat beating each other to death in a heart shaped bed with satin sheets. this distorted sultry sound in no short way draws in the peeps, as well as more high heels and shorty shorts than i've seen in a long time. this may be to the band's 'dirty pretty boy' look and front man John Burke's sexy nerd appeal (think if Bun E. Carlos and Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick had a baby). and as no surprise, there was more real live cougars there than at ladies night at Jim porter's.
Guitarist Bob Scott says he has no idea why the cougars started popping up to their shows, and that the name Cougar Express and the Cougar outpouring is a coincidence, and the name was supposed to just sound super american. either way, they have the sound to melt panties, and that sound doesn't care who's panties they are.


The panty melting Cougar Express

Friday, July 23, 2010

memory of a free festival: thoughts on Fests in Louisville

now all that the hoopla over FORECASTLE, Lebowski fest and hullabaloo has subsided, i have been thinking about the quality of louisville fests, and our chances for a truly unstoppable louisville music fest.
for a truly music loving town, i have always wondered why we haven't been able to come up with an annual fest that could stand up with national festivals. we have found a nitch with small unique annuals like LEBOWSKI FEST, ZOMBIE ATTACK, and SHOTGUN FEST, but we haven't yet found our
sxsw. we definitely have the numbers to support a large music fest, but we are a fickle bunch, and we don't want it to feel forced, and we definitely don't want to feel like we aren't appreciated.
this year's FORECASTLE FEST, is the first time i've been since it was free, and when they made the jump into big ticket prices (weekend pass $160-$300) i really didn't think it would make it. but last year's numbers reached 30k, and this year was the biggest yet, even as prices continually rise. But high prices seem to be the nature of the beast, and for a lot of us, we can only afford one fest per summer.
Hullabaluo sold out of VIP weekend passes for a whooping $975, weeks early. but it had trouble getting rid of the general admission tix, which suggests that many Louisvillians can't hack the ticket price, or it could be the very generic line up.
Forecastle had a much better line up, though most of the better acts were late additions to help push tix sales. but all said, $160 isn't too bad for what was offered, considering the other fest prices this summer: Hallabaloo had single day and weekend passes at $60 and $160 (same as Forecastle) for awhile and then upped them to $75 and $200 a week before the fest. and there was talk that Forecastle pulled it's single day tickets from ear x-tacy at the start of the fest so people would have to pay the extra $10 for the "at the gate" price.
Lebowskifest has gotten up to more than $50 for the 2 day conference, it's not a fortune, but if your not coo coo for The Big Lebowski, you'll probably choose to keep your money. it's a fun Con, if your into that sort of thing, and very original, but i'd venture to guess that they could double the participants if they could find a way to cut the price down a notch or two. the Zombie Attack numbers almost double every year, and as it's a totally free event, the content isn't much more than booze, costumes, and fake blood. but it doesn't need a ton of bells and whistles; it feels like an event for Louisvillians by Louisvillians, and thats part of why it makes it soo much fun.

i think besides the higher prices, Forecastle has the makings for a great annual music fest (much better chances than Hullabalou with their obvious corporate prices and generic line up), if they would just realize that it's louisville that has supported them so far, and it's louisville that can make them or break them in the future.
a few years ago a writer criticized Forecastle and was told he wasn't welcome to come back, and i considered not writing this, because i largely enjoyed Forecastle this year, and would like to go again, i just think it could better, and i'd like to see it survive.
but we are not a dumb bunch, we realize when we're getting screwed. Forecastle's rule of no re-entry, no outside food or drink, and $3 for a 12oz bottle of water, is taking advantage. and selling drink tickets in $10 blocks is just adding insult to injury. i was cornered into buying $10 worth of tickets for one bottle of water because it was as hot as hell, and they had no mist tents. i think the only reason some people didn't drop dead was that the fest took place in a public park, and there was a water fountain in the kids park,if you could find it, and if you didn't mind the continual 10+ person line.
and speaking of water, vendor prices were all over the map, but every vendor sold the 12oz bottle of water for the bloated $3. i asked a vendor who sold other drinks for $2 about this and he said all vendors had to buy the water from Forecastle officials for $2.75 each and had to sell it at $3.

besides the greedy food and water trickery, the other obvious flaw was the stage set ups. If you were there, you know what i'm spraying here. in the middle of the Great Lawn was the "main stage" where top billing bands like DEVO and Smashing Pumpkins played. a little further up the path was the secondary stage where smaller indie bands like Lucero, and We Were Promised Jetpacks played. And at the far end of the park was the 'North stage' where local bands played to a mainly local audience. and despite grumbling from some of the local bands about treatment from Forecastle (some bands said they were paid far less than they were promised) it seemed like Forecastle thought they had to have local bands, but they didn't like it much. (i would like to say i thought Mat Herron did a great job curating the local line up, i only wished more than a hand full of people saw it).
many people parked themselves in front of the Main Stage to secure a good spot for the headliners, thus not venturing out to see other bands. here's what i think, why couldn't all 3 stages be 'main stages' and host all levels of bands? have a local band open for a national band, who in turn opens for a headliner?
most of my friends spent their time running around trying to catch segments of bands they like, and dogging golf carts driven by angry Forecastle Employees who seemed to think that if no one had showed up to the fest, they would have been able to get around easier.
But Louisville needs a good Music Fest, and we might be willing to pay for it if the conditions are right. Forecastle seems to have a better idea of what music we want to hear than Hullabalou, as well as giving more music for the buck, and it has a determined captan at the helm. i only hope he'll realize that we are more than cash cows to be bled for every drop. Louisvillians are a fiercely loyal bunch, Treat us like you appreciate us, and we'll show up every year.
See more great pictures from Forecastle by Chris Scott here.


7/23 Cougar Express, The Instruction, and Dangerbird, glassworks $7 21+ 8pm

7/23-25 hullabaLOU: Dave Matthews Band, Bon Jovi, Kenny Chesney, Steve Miller Band, Jason Aldean, Al Green, 60 others. @ Churchill Downs. hundreds of dollars.

7/23 Woody's Roadhouse Anniversary show featuring Broken Spurs, Ladybirds and more, Vernon Lanes 9pm $5

if we've forgot anything, leave it in a comment. and as always... get out there and go nuts!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ear X-Tacy Settles in to New Location

Last night the doors shut for the last time on the old Ear X-Tacy location. The independent record store will be still be on Bardstown Rd., just one mile down the street in the Douglass Loop area. Today is moving day for the store but the new location will be open tomorrow at 10 a.m. The first 100 customers in the door on Friday will receive a $10 gift certificate. The new location is at 2226 Bardstown Rd. in front of Kinko's/Fedex. Owner John Timmons seems excited about the move and promises some great in-store performances coming up. The first performance in the new space will be from Wax Fang on August 1 at 6pm. As always, the performance is free.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Woodrow on the Radio Anniversary Show

Woody Chancy, a.k.a. Woodrow on the Radio, of 9.19 WFPK Louisville will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of Woody's Roadhouse with a great lineup at Vernon Lanes this Friday. Woody will be "spinning wax for insomniacs" live on the air. On top of that Woody welcomes some of his and our favorite Louisville Bands. The Ladybirds, The Broken Spurs, King Sonic, DJ Matt Anthony, and DJ Ibuka of World Force Reggae will perform.

Woody's Roadhouse normally airs every Friday and Saturday night from midnight to 6 a.m. on the mighty fine ninety-one nine. Tickets for Friday's show are only $5 at the door. Doors open at 8 and the show starts at 9, winding down at two. And as usual Woody's show will feature "All killer, no filler, baby!"

bid house art show at Bernheim 8/28

Artist and Musician Brad White spends his free time putting together themed art shows, such as motorcycle and muscle car art shows, and next month he is curating a birdhouse themed art show @ Bernheim Arboretum.
the show is packed with nearly 50 artists, including many music/art related peeps you may know, such as Leticia Bajuyo (featured artist at Forecastle), Lyndi Lou (of Zombie Attack fame), Aaron Conaway (of Lava House fame), me (john king), Billy Hertz (of hertz gallery), and Barney Bright (the late sculptor and founder of Bright foundry).

The opening will be at Berheim Forest, August 28th from 6-10pm.
Artwork will be displayed throughout the trails around Lake Nevin and
in the Lake Studio. There will be beer, food, live music and
Bernheim's 1st Pecha Kucha event ( at the Sunset
Amphitheatre. Regional environmental organizations will be on hand
providing education on biodiversity, sustainability and effective ways
of re-introducing indigenous species back into altered habitats. For
more information visit

7/23 glassworks rooftop series

get your pocket size electric fans, on FRIDAY JULY 23RD Cougar Express, The Instruction, and Dangerbird are playing @ the Glassworks Rooftop at 8pm $7.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

37Flood Interviews Scott Carney

I got the chance to sit down with Scott Carney of Wax Fang on Sunday of Forecastle. Scott came with friend and fellow local musician Saredren Wells who has an album out on the louisvilleisforlovers record label. The recording of the interview begins with Wells talking about a church service he went to and the somewhat loose concept of god that was proffered there. That’s where we’ll pick things up…

Scott Carney: Now if someone could only event a God decoder ring…

Dylan Greenwood: …and put it in a box of cereal.

SC: One lucky person will find the God decoder ring!

Saredren Wells: It’s like Willy Wonka.

SC: Exactly.

DG: So, how’s the festival treating you so far?

SC: Good!

DG: What have been the highlights of the shows so far for you?

SC: I thoroughly enjoyed the Broken Spurs when I saw them yesterday. They were pretty awesome. They hit my rock bone. I caught some of Devo. They were fun. Smashing Pumpkins, I saw about five songs, but I only knew one of them. They sounded good and sounded tight, I’m just not really familiar with them.

DG: Yeah, the Broken Spurs really rock out with their cock out, don’t they?

SC: Sometimes literally, I could imagine.

DG: Well, as I told you before, I never caught one of the Purple Rain shows, so what are the chances I’ll get to see it?

SC: I’d say the chances are… cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

DG: That’s too bad.

SC: There is a possibility we might don the purple cape again, so to speak. But if we did it’d probably be just one more time.

DG: Just one more?

SC: We might take it out of town on a trip for a weekend or something, but we won’t do it again in Louisville, that’s for certain.

DG: Of all the albums to choose from, why did you choose that one?

SC: I guess, in a way it chose us. I was reading in the newspaper that that strip club downtown called “Fats” was busted on Thunder Over Louisville night in 2008 in a police ring that was entitled “Operation Purple Rain”…

DG: Really!

SC: No fucking shit!

SW: That’s awesome!

SC: I read this like a month ago in the Courier or something. So I think then the seed was planted. And it was just a matter of time before it caught back up with us.

DG: That’s awesome! So, I know you’re recording a new album, what should the Wax Fang fans expect?

SC: Ew… I don’t know. Well, I do know. The question is do I want to tell you?

DG: Just lay it out there, man.

SC: I’m just fucking with ya.

DG: It’s just me and you.

SC: Just me and you, and your three million subscribers! Um, I’m kind of looking at it as sort of like a bridge between the first album that I made and La La Land. In that it has a little bit of both of those styles. There’s definitely some dark, heavy stuff, some bona fided doom and gloom, but there’s some fun, poppy songs as well. Trying to keep it simple really. I don’t think this album is going to have the extravagance of La La Land with all the bells and whistles. We’re trying to just rein it in and see what we can do. I can be a fan of minimalism a lot of the time. We’re actually going to the studio tomorrow morning for the next ten days and that’s the way I’m approaching it at least for now but we’ll see how it goes once the wheels get turning.

DG: So, you recorded the first album on your own, right?

SC: Right.

DG: How do you separate that with what you’re doing now? Is it a lot different?

SC: Um, it is different once you start getting people involved, especially with this one. With La LA Land a lot of those songs were written when the band got together so it was merely a matter of me explaining how they went to the band. With this newer stuff we’ve been writing stuff as a band and I’m also bringing in songs that I’ve composed in my head, so it’s a blend. This record will be a lot more diverse, process-wise than the others.

DG: So I’ve got to ask you the question everyone asks, about influences. Besides Prince, I hear a lot of Neutral Milk Hotel in your music.

SC: I could see that.

DG: What would you say are your main influences as a band?

SC: Um (laughs) (laughs again)

SW: Cher.

SC: Cher!

DG: Cher? Yeah, I could see that, she’s got those ass tattoos. You can’t stop that.

SC: And for me it all goes back to, like, golden oldies. That’s like my overall favorite genre of music. When I’m not in the mood to listen to anything else I just put it on the oldies station. I’ve always done that, just growing up with my Dad. My parents were always big Beatles fan. My mom actually saw the Beatles play in Indianapolis or something when they toured America. I’ve just love that era of music, like late 50s, 60s music, even moreso than the 70s prog, the 80s hair metal, the 90s grunge, the aughts indie rock sweepstakes…

DG: Very cool. I know you have got the Little Big Muff on your pedal board. Is that your go-to pedal?

SC: It’s not. It’s actually a standard Big Muff and I literally use it as an on/off switch with my theramin.

DG: Oh, really?

SC: Yeah, it’s too noisy for my signal chain. I play a lot of notes so I just don’t really get a clean, crisp thing. I mean it’s a different sound on it’s own, but it’s not very versatile, it’s not versatile enough for me to use. I’m kind of looking to expand, I can’t even believe I’m saying this, but I’m kind of looking to expand my pedal collection. I’ve already got like eight pedals! I’m designing something now that I’m hoping to build a stand for and get a couple new pedals and maybe I’ll work that in. But for the time being, my thermain, the way I have it run it, cause my theramin and guitar go into a switcher that goes through my entire guitar signal chain, and if the theramin doesn’t have something in front of it, the signal is so powerful, that if something isn’t in front of it blocking it, you can still hear it. Like if you’re playing a quiet muffled guitar you hear “EEEEEEEE!” It’s not favorable to the band.

DG: That’s cool. I just remember the first time I saw you and I saw that Big Muff on your pedal board and thought, “These guys are awesome!”

SC: (laughs) Actually I use a Ratt pedal.

DG: And how do you use that?

SC: (laughing) I turn it on when I want to hear it and I turn it off when I don’t.

(everyone laughs)

SW: That’s how it works.

SC: It just works really well with the Danelectro and the supercoil pickup and my Fender amp. It’s like a really smooth, creamy distortion. It sounds really nice with reverb, it’s not very noisy. It kind of sucks some of bass tone out which is unfortunate but a lot stuff I play is so high-pitched squealing anyway that it’s fine.

DG: Well, I love your stuff, man. I mean the music and the solos especially take you to another place.

SC: Awesome.

DG: I appreciate you sitting down with me.

SC: Not a problem, thanks for having me!

Friday, July 16, 2010

last day for Zombie Attack shirt design contest

it is the last day of voting for the Zombie Attack t-shirt design contest, it ends at midnight, so vote now! we have some late entries, and a last minute swell of voting, so it's anybody's guess on who the winner will be!
vote for your favorite (and don't ballet stuff or your vote won't count!) and remember, it's all for fun!

we would like to thank everyone who submitted designs, we love them all, and hope to use them all in some way.

Yard Sale's Final Show

Yard Sale will play their farewell show tomorrow (Saturday) at Vernon Lanes. They are "Louisville's second most rootin-est tootin-est band" according to their own website. One thing I know is that Yard Sale's set at Forecastle was quite impressive and made me feel bad that I'm just now becoming familiar with them. It's a shame this band will now go into the vault with other Louisville bands who left us all-too-soon. If you haven't seen them yet, this is your last chance!

Tickets are $9 at the doors, or $6 if you come dressed as a robot (seriously). The Avery Set and the Young Republic open the show. Doors at 8, show starts at 9.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

another weekend, another festival:LEBOWSKI FEST!

with all the hub bub of forecastle, another louisville favorite has gotten less press than normal, but it hardly needs any; lebowski fest has survived on die hard fans, and their flare for creative costumes, quotes, and love for milk & vodka.

it all starts tonight! get your coffee can costumes and get out there!

Thursday July 15
7pm - "Year's Work In Lebowski Studies" discussion with professor and author Aaron Jaffe @ Carmichael's Bookstore - 2720 Frankfort Ave

Friday July 16
12pm - Lebowski Live Lunch - Lebowski covers and original sets by The Seedy Seeds, Thomas A Minor, Softcheque & C+ @ WFPK Studios - 619 S 4th St. - Very Limited Seating - Free

8pm - Movie Party - Music by The Felice Brothers with Thomas A Minor & The Picket Line followed by a screening of The Big Lebowski with an appearance by Jim Hoosier (Liam!) @ Executive Lawn - 911 Phillips Ln - 8pm. All Ages - Children 12 and under free. Chairs and blankets welcome. No outside food or beverages, man $18 adv / $20 day of

Saturday July 17

Saturday Pass (Garden Party + Bowling Party) - $30

3pm - Achiever Meetup - Meet and greet hosted by Lebowski Podcast @ Executive Strike and Spare Bar - Free

4pm - Garden Party - Music by Iron Horse (Heavy Metal Bluegrass covers of Metallica, Sabbath, Modest Mouse, etc.), The Seedy Seeds, Kentucky Prophet, C+ and Lebowski Burlesque. Plus Lebowski-themed games and what-have-you. @ Executive Lawn - 911 Phillips Ln - 4pm to 8pm. All Ages - Children 12 and under free. Chairs and blankets welcome. No outside food or beverages, man $8 adv / $10 day of

My Morning Jacket Announces Hometown Show

Louisville's favorite band will return to their hometown on Friday, October 29th. My Morning Jacket will be among the first bands to christen to new YUM! Center downtown. The Louisville Youth Orchestra and Wax Fang will support the band. Tickets are $45 and one dollar from each ticket will go to support the orchestra. Tickets go on sale to the public Saturday, August 14th at 10 a.m. A limited amount of tickets will be available Thursday, August 12th at 10 a.m. at Ear X-tacy to celebrate the store's 25th anniversary and its new location at the Douglass Loop. A press conference was held at the store yesterday to announce the gig. When asked about a new album, Jim James responded, "We're working on it."


please visit our Zombie attack page to see and vote on our t-shirt design submissions, and also to find out new information on ZOMBIE ATTACK 6 on sunday august 29th 2010.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Forecastle in Review

What a three days! I had a great time out in the blistering sun, soaking in as much of the music coming from the four stages as possible. Although I didn't go to any shows at the Ocean Stage or what I referred to as the BOOM! CHE! BOOM! CHE! Stage, the other three stages had a ton of great music to offer. Here are some of the acts I checked out:

Sandpaper Dolls

The three-piece a capella group from Louisville opened the festivities with a great version of “My Old Kentucky Home”.

23 String Band

I was not familiar with these guys before the show but loved their set. The fiddle player, who also played with Arnett Hollow, was quite impressive. Great bluegrass!


I hadn’t planned on seeing this high-energy band from Colorado, but as I was getting some “concessions” they started into Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and I became drawn to the stage.

Maiden Radio

I love this band! The harmonies are tight and the songwriting is definitely there. We’re looking forward to the new album.

Drive-by Truckers

I was not really impressed with this band. I had seen them open for My Morning Jacket years ago and decided to give them another chance to no avail. How many songs can one band write with the same G-Cadd9-Dsus4 chord progression?

Yard Sale

It’s really too bad these guys are breaking up! I really enjoyed their set. I hope to catch their final show at Vernon Lanes on Saturday.

Arnett Hollow

Unfortunately I was not able to get good shots of the band because there were technical difficulties with the lights and the band played in the dark. Unfortunately Cheyenne was not with the band, but the rest of the guys picked up the slack.

Widespread Panic

Again, another band I just don’t get. They seemed bored on stage and the music didn’t move me, as much as it seemed it should judging by the people around me. I don’t know how they got the following they have. But, hey, that’s just one guy talking.

Lucky Pineapple

The Pineapple put on a great set with eyeballs abounding!

Modern English

I didn’t get to hear the one song I was hoping for, but these guys put on a pretty good early set on Saturday.

Black Diamond Heavies

My biggest surprise of the festival and in my top 5 performances of the entire weekend was the Black Diamond Heavies out of Nashville. It’s too bad they were saddled with a 30-minute early set on Saturday. I’m definitely going to catch these guys again!

Umphrey’s McGee

I was pleasantly surprised with these guys. Since I got three songs in the pit I ended up being there for about a half hour. Not bad for what they are.

Mucca Pazza

This 30-piece marching band was a ton of fun. I don’t own a lot of music by marching bands, but this is not your normal marching band. If you get a chance to see them, do it!

Shelby Park Soul Stew Kitchen

Chef Tim Tucker and the guys from A.M. Sunday are doing something really original. As the chef cooks, the band, led by Ray Rizzo, plays behind the sounds emanating from his cutting board. The band played tunes fittingly called Popcorn, Watermelon and Bourbon, and Catfish.

Wax Fang

What can I say about these guys that hasn’t been said before? They played three songs from their upcoming album, which all sounded good, especially the last song. I got a chance to interview Scott Carney on Sunday. The interview will be posted here soon.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

This lady’s got some pipes and some legs to boot. Any gal who plays a Flying V and can pull off “White Rabbit” has my full attention.


Cake put on a fun set, but what else would you expect from this band? I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they are very environmentally conscience and that their new album was recorded totally on solar power.


I got to sit in on an interview with lead singer Mark Mothersbaugh. I was taken aback by the seriousness this guy spoke with when his band, on the surface, seems like a “silly” band. There are obviously more layers to DEVO than I knew about. I enjoyed the interview and the set.

The Tillers

I was originally bummed that I couldn’t catch these guys’ first set because of schedule conflicts, but was excited when I heard they were offered a late night encore performance on Saturday. They play straightforward Bluegrass straight out of Cincinnati.


I was really impressed with these guys. They were joined on stage by Cheyenne Marie Mize and pulled out a great version John Prine's "Paradise" as well as a great set of original tunes. These guys are certainly worth checking out.


Although they only played with a two-piece I can’t help but be pulled in by Shauna’s performances of their beautifully crafted songs.

Sarah Watkins

Mrs. Watkins has a beautiful voice. I realized when watching her perform that she always was the best thing about Nickel Creek.

Whistle Peak

This is certainly one of the most interesting bands to come out of this area, possibly since Wax Fang. Whistle Peak put on a great set to a pretty good crowd at the North Stage.

The Pass

Now I see what the hype is about. Although these guys are a little more “dancy” than I’m used to I really enjoyed their set and have now jumped on the bandwagon.

She and Him

I had a great time watching She and Him up close. Yes, Zooey is a knockout and yes, M. can play that guitar.

The Ravenna Colt

It was great to see Johnny Quaid back on stage rocking out, this time as a front man. He hasn’t lost any of the energy that he used to bring to My Morning Jacket shows.

The Flaming Lips

The best was definitely saved for last. What a way to top off a great weekend of music! Part circus, part beautiful psychedelic trip, part rock show, the Flaming Lips brought beauty and positivity to a very thankful audience.

Although it was hot and I didn’t care for the amount of narcs in attendance, the festival was, by most accounts, a complete success. There were whispers that this year may be the last, but I think that rumor has been around since Forecastle began and J.K. always seems to find a way to make the next year the biggest and the best yet. Here’s hoping next year will be no exception.

More photos here:

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Forecastle: day two in review

Day Two, being hot, sweaty, low on water, and with more velocity than day one. most of the peeps i talked to decided to come just on saturday, and just for DEVO. and i'll admit, being a hard core devo fan since before puberty, i was pretty excited too. I even got to meet DEVO frontman, Mark Mothersbagh, before the show. he was very direct, didn't smile, and sat very stoically with a fake mustache that he never acknowledged. but he was very open to meeting the press, and answering all the questions (even though Devo's tour manager stated that he would not answer any questions that were not submitted ahead of time, and would not answer any stupid or silly questions.
the show hit the ground running with songs from their new "music for the masses" in their new silver and blue suits (the suits and new album were all test audience approved at 82% satisfaction). after a few songs they entered into they're "DEVOlution" phase and starting working backwards, donning their 1980's apparel and playing they're 80's radio hits like "whip it" before again devolving into they're 1970's tyvek suits and their (in this humble writer's opinion) best era of song writing, before tearing their suits to bits and devolving once again into they're early 70's art damaged conceptual stage, complete with Mothersbaugh's alter ego " Booji Boy". the whole band played with vigor (unlike another 'reunion band' that hit the stage soon after) and played like it was the best day of their lives, and the crowd felt the same.. well that was until the very last second of the show when mothersbaugh yelped "good night LEXINGTON!" to an immediate silent mob. it was the worst ending to this, the best show of the festival.
up next on the main stage was the worst show of the fest (of what i saw) a group that had so much hype, BASSNECTAR. as soon as Devo walked off stage the biggest crowd of the whole weekend stormed the stage awaiting a DJ and a borage of 808 beats and distorted synth explosions. of the 4 or 5 songs i could stand to listen to, all were covers, or rather remixes, of songs i used to like. from the Beastie Boys to the pixies, he slaughtered every one as if you gave the dust brothers a disc of your favorite dance party tracks and they sped them up and jizzed all over them. i will never understand the admiration of someone who steals other people's hard work and destroys them.
the last show of the night was the newly reformed SMASHING PUMPKINS, who played every song exactly as if they were just playing the CD, except between most songs Billy Corgan spewed out self indulgent crap to himself, or maybe the crowd. he seemed to be so happy to be in front of his band again after all this time, it was hard to tell if they felt the same way or were just waiting for the check to clear. but Billy had fun, even without playing 1979, the only song i was hoping to hear.
and that, was DAY TWO!
everybody loves (loved) DEVO!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Forecastle: day one in review

Forecastle reminds me of camp. a lot of people crammed into a one space, walking from tent, to tent, sticky, hot, exhausted, and excited. everyone is instantly your buddy, just because you're all willing participants. the first day didn't seem overly packed, but enough to feel like you we experiencing something worthwhile, or about to. i caught ADVENTURE on the east stage, which unfortunately had a small audience for such a BIG stage presence. they played as if there were thousands of us watching. good job boys! those of us who were there greatly appreciate it!
next up was Cirque Bezerk!! a scaled down show from their normal LA gig, but fantastic, and strangely sexual. an old world Tom Waits meets Henry Miller kinda affair with lots of people nearly breaking their necks in barely any clothes. worth a repeat viewing absolutely.
the perfect ending to day one, was a absolute spot on lucero get down. maybe even more so, playing behind the Ohio river and singing "and this big ol' river will kill us in time, till then we'll drink it's weight in cheap beer and wine" to an enthusiastic and sloppy crowd. rumor has it, that they were stuck in traffic on I-65 and subsequently showed up late, so their set wasn't they're normal hours long sing a-long, but they played well, and with excitement, and rocked out louisville crowd favorites such as "Bikeriders" and Jawbreaker's "kiss the bottle". they ended the night with just keyboards with frontman Ben Nichols quietly singing "fist full of tears" to a grateful crowd whom joined in at the corus "if i've done one thing right, now i'm saying goodbye, so darlin don't cry". a perfect ending to a perfect set. bravo boys. (listen to this song from forecastle on "DAY 2 REVIEW" post here).
on now to day 2, with cake, and DEVO, and a reformed Smashing Pumpkins. we'll see you out there!
Adventure:small crowd/big sound

Roo from Cirque Bezerk and John king.

Lucero, white as ghosts, breaking hearts on the shores of the Ohio.