Sunday, October 31, 2010

HALLOWEEN NIGHT @ seidenfadens 10/31

TONITE! Louisville gore club presents Halloween A Go Go @ 9pm and it's FREE. watch the AMC TV series premiere of The Walking Dead created by Kentuckian Robert Kirkman.
The Walking Dead Graphic novels are the tits.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


tonight is the night! there is tons to do, and hopefully a lot of wedge heels and panty hose, and i can think of no better place to see furry animals in undergarments than at the Dead Bird Studios (2200 Crittenden Drive) Halloween party with Cougar Express, Dangerbird, and The Bad Reeds. There promises to be a lot of "filthy songs everyone is too scared to admit they love" and other surprises. so throw away every part of your costume that isn't absolutely necessary and head down to the sexy end of Germantown.. because it's fucking halloween time!

Friday, October 29, 2010

10/30 Joy Division & PJ Harvey sets @ Z Bar

there's a long standing tradition in louisville of local bands playing as their favorite groups for Halloween. in past years it seemed every show on Halloween weekend was set up like this. i have seen Nirvana, The Who, and The Stooges, among others.
Tomorrow night at Zanzabar you have the chance to see Pj Harvey and Joy Division sets (fronted by Amber E and Brian Vega respectively) followed by everyone's favorite Glitertitz. 21+ $7 9 pm.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hanes her way + fluffy animal ears= Halloween in louisville pt.2 (Weekend events calendar Oct. 28-31)

-LVAA art auction preview party @ water tower. free/free food/free beer. 6-8pm

-World's Largest Halloween Party at the Zoo. oct. 28-29. (it's dark, you don't see any animals, and you walk the entire time,  but kids love it)
-The Big Rock Show at Dutches Oct. 29 (these dudes know how to shred... through your favorite 90's power ballads).

-victorian ghost walk @ 4th st on Oct 29

-Joe Mannning and Spirit of the Red City at the cave. limited tickets on sale at Cherry Bomb
-Cougar Express, Dangerbird, and The Bad Reeds @ Dead Bird Studio Oct. 30th 9 pm $5 (Dangerbird is sure to marinate those britches before Cougar express shreds them...)
-4th st Halloween party (it's hosted by 99.7 and is sure to be a college-bag explosion, but the sexy kitty outfit has never been taken more seriously...)

-10/31 Rocky Horror at Clifton Center 7:30 pm
image credit:metromix

Editorial: LVAA art auction

Nov. 12th is the annual LVAA art auction, at $100 a plate. it's a fun time for people who can afford it, i worked it one year as a helper. i have also been on the other side as an artist. i made a peice of a girl opening her mouth. a woman bought it, and then called me to ask if it was sexual, or if it was ok to show in public(the answer: both). I was never asked again to donate, which is kinda sad, i really enjoyed doing it.. maybe next year.
 Back when my father was an artist, anyone who donated work got tickets to the event. but along the way, they decided to scrap that idea and have a separate event for the artists, which caused a rift in the art community for awhile, but didn't stop people from donating work worth well more than $200 in dinner tickets.
a while back i was in a public art project (in another town) where 4 artists created public work, and at the opening the mayor gave a speech and said "without these people, this work would not be here.." and then he listed about 15 people i never met during my work on the project. needless to say the artists were the last ones listed. it has become normal to set the artists in the background these days, perhaps only because it's hard to find work as an artist, so we'll take the abuse. without the artists, the Art Auction would not exist.  and a 2 hour party with free cheap bear is no excuse for keeping them out of the festivities. we should be so lucky to have so many great artists in this town, instead we are taking them for granted. I like the tradition of the annual art auction, but we shouldn't loose site that the LVAA is supposed to SUPPORT the arts, not take advantage of it.
So, if you can't afford the actual auction, or would rather be able to talk to the artists..
tonight is the Artists party, and it's free and open to anyone.
125 works of art, free beer/food @ 3005 River Rd. 6-8 PM.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Winter Music @ Sunergos in beechmont

Local music champion and pop culture writer, Peter Berkowitz, is now booking music for Sunergos Coffee (the one in Beechmont, yes there are nice things happening south of the Highlands) through the new year.
This man usually knows what's about to make waves in this town, so we better listen.

SUNERGOS ( 306 W. Woodlawn Ave. ) SCHEDULE:

Saturday, November 13 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm
The Mack, Harebrain, Tender Mercy

Friday, November 26 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Slithering Beast, State Champion

Saturday, December 11 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm

 Hurley Ridge


November: Nick Felton
December: Scott Shuffitt
January: Aubrey Renee
February: Tyler Dee
March: Shalan Darragh
April: Ted Nathanson
May: Amber Estes & Nick Thieneman
June: Mike Gutterman


 for more info on Sunergos and for more Peter bErkowitz 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Review: The Late Seating on 10/22/10

 Last Friday was The Last THE LASTE SEATING AT ACTOR'S of the year, and unfortunately my first.. if you haven't been, it is a really unique idea mixing art, music, interviews, and performance in an intimate setting. This time included a performance a of Linda & Kirk & The Mouse Incident by Brian Walker, music by Joe Manning and Joan Shelley, art and music by Saredren Wells, an interview with the Young Schemels, and Graham Shelby. 
The Late Seating is in it's 5th season, and personally i think it's a wonderful idea, and with some tweaking could be a terrific series. Featured Artists have about 20 minutes to perform and interact with a host, and are generally booked through a submission process. there doesn't seem to be much cohesion between the acts in this manner, and could see a curator of sorts helping make this process stronger. The crowd this time seemed to be mostly friends and family with plenty of seats available. i could see the series on a more of set schedule to help attendance. 
 i did enjoy the intimacy of the event, and getting to know the artists more through the Q&A periods. but most of the questions are pretty uniform and asked by the host. I remember seeing Shellac play maybe a decade ago, where they opened the floor up for Q&A and getting some very interesting questions and incredibly insightful answers.. and could see this series becoming more audience guided. Perhaps let the audience submit artists they would like to see and let them interact with their favorite Artists.  But honestly i do like this series idea, and can't wait to see many more in the upcoming year.

 Saredren Wells starts off the night with music, original photos and video, and of corse a discussion..

Scott Moore poses in the Actor's Parking garage.. sort of symbolizing his performance that night for The Late Seating, as well as his future performance next weekend with Wax Fang at the Yum! Bucket (behind him in the window) during the MMJ show.

The Young Schemels (Jason Noble, Christian Frederickson, Amber Estes) discuss the new album "The Tempest" that was originally written for an Actor's Production of the Shakespeare play.

Joe Manning and Joan Shelley absolutely crush every heart in the room during this, their first bill together. several songs were written by them both just for the 2 to duet each other in front of us. if any of this becomes a recording for sale, you'd better jump at it. Manning is famous for his small run, hard to find self releases, such as the newest "clever Bird" and classic "Chapel of the Bear".

Mr. King poses perfectly for a metromix photo.. and was on hand with Louisville is for lovers releases (5 records given away, zero purchased). Thanks for the Pic Marty Pearl!

Last photo of the night... 12:30 am

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Interview: Scott Moore of 23 String Band

37 FLOOD EXCLUSIVE: John King talks to Scott Moore about playing the fiddle with 23 string band, Wax Fang, Saredren Wells & Arnett Hollow, as well as new Albums, collaborations, and Zebras. 

John: Are You there?

Scott: yessir

John: my niece got online to look at animals, and it kicked me off line for a second...

Scott: haha it happens. is this a good time?

John: well, she is mad because she has a report on zebras to work on, but I told her that I am bigger than her and that she will have to wait..
But, I told her this shouldn't take too long, although she is puppy dog eyeing Me right now..

Scott: Ha! Thanks for doing this.

John: Thank you so much for Taking with Me!

Scott: Right On! What do You want to talk about? I was just reading the comments from that last post. hopefully nobody goes off on you this time! Nice to see positive feedback about the band though. we had a great show the other night.

John: i've never had as many readers comment on show announcements as they do for 23 string! they love you guys! i know you have your hand (or bow) in a lot of pies..
let's hear about 23 string band. how long have you been playing with them?

Scott: I've been playing with the 23 String Band for a little over two years now -- since summer 2008.
I do have my hand in a lot of pies, but right now this is the sweetest and biggest of the pies...

John: Good news then! How much of the creative process are you invloved in with them?

Scott: You know, one of the great things about this band is how well everyone gets along, personally but also musically and creatively. It's really a 100% group effort, whether you're talking about writing songs, coming up with arrangements, booking shows, posting flyers, or whatever. I'd say I have a pretty strong role in the band's creative process -- I write songs, contribute to arrangements, and do a lot of the booking and business stuff; but everybody has an equal stake, which is cool.
 I am working on a couple of tunes right now that I think have some real potential. Curtis and I have a songwriting team thing going on that's pretty cool.
John: Which is rare in music, it seems most bands have trouble getting members to stay involved or help out in the managment side.. i know i have had  that problem..

Scott: Yeah, I can't say enough how great it is to be in a band with my best friends, and both of those things stay steady.

John: It's a combo you don't find everyday.. How long has the band been together?

Scott: The band has been around with its current instrumentation (fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar, bass) for something like 3 years.

John: is there any recording or album making on the horizen?
Scott: Yeah. So the band does have an album, and I think it sounds really good -- and I can say that, because it was made before I joined the group! But we're overdue for a second album, and we're working through a bunch of new material right now, figuring out what works and what doesn't, tweaking arrangements, etc. We're hoping to get in the studio early in 2011 -- probably in February -- and have the album ready by the time the festival season starts next year.

John: any idea where you might record?

Scott: Not yet. Still weighing options. I think that'll depend somewhat on what kind of album we decide to make. We've also toyed with the idea of doing a live EP. Our live show is our bread and butter, it's what really gets folks excited about the band. -That would be a live EP in addition to a studio full-length, by the way..

John: Right! It's good to give the fans something while waiting on a new album. especially since it's been a couple years..

Scott: Yeah. Our fans are awesome! It's crazy, we kind of kicked it into another gear in 2010, and the feedback from fans and from folks in the business has been mind-blowing. It's been so much fun, and it's always so rewarding when someone says how they love the band, or you see someone singing along at a show. I've been a professional musician since I was six years old, and that kind of connection is the ultimate reward. And again, I consider myself lucky to be in a band that can make that kind of connection, show after show.

John: Speaking of live shows, when is 23 string's next outing?

Scott: Well, we're kind of winding things down a little for the rest of the year, so we can concentrate on laying the groundwork for an even bigger year in 2011. We do have a few things coming up, though. We're playing this Saturday, Oct 23, at UofL for the Bluegrass Bioneers event. 9-11pm. We have a few other dates as well, which are all on our calendar at

John: speaking of professional, i heard from a few people that the second you started at U of L, you took over 2 nd chair?

Scott: Yeah, what's up with that? I was really gunning for first.

John: but, that's pretty amazing!

Scott: I've done a lot of different things, and been fortunate to have had good teachers and a supportive family growing up. And I've worked my ass off. I don't really do the classical thing as much anymore, although I love the music. I just think it's more fun and rewarding to have a creative role in the music that I'm playing, rather than just reproducing.
 I think that goes hand in hand with what I was saying about connecting with the audience.

John: and speaking of working your ass off, you play with other groups on a regular basis, as well as your solo work.. You play with Sardren Wells a lot, will you be there at Actor's on the 22nd?

Scott: Yeah, I've kind of fallen into the role of the go-to fiddle/violin/whatever guy. I play a lot of different styles and I've spent a lot of time working on those styles, so I like being able to apply that versatility and putting myself in situations where I'm constantly facing a different challenge, because that's how you learn and become a stronger and more complete artist. I am playing with Saredren Wells this Friday night, the 22nd. I'll be playing Sunday with members of Bourbon Baroque and the UofL Early Music faculty, for the Monteverdi Vespers (string and choir music from the 1600s!) I've played quite a bit with Arnett Hollow, and had a great time with them at the Glassworks a few weeks ago. I've played with Ben Sollee in the past. I was thrilled to be asked to record a little bit on the new Waxfang record, and will be playing with them next weekend. The list goes on and on....
And I'm working on a solo album of all original material. Singing, playing electric guitar, doing some alternate style fiddle rhythm playing, it's kind of a post-rock type thing, with a lot of 60s rock influences. No timetable on that, though. I should also mention Andrea Davidson -- going to California in November to play shows with her out there. Love her voice and songwriting!
John: it amazing to hear someone so pasionate about playing with many different people and styles. i know so many classicly trained musicians who feel most comfortable staying with in the teaching relm and playing the same music that has been played for hundreds of years..

Scott: That's exactly what I'm trying to avoid :) I do love that music, though.

John: did you work on the wax fang 17 minute "the astronaut pt.1" that was released this week?

Scott: That's it. Speaking of classical music -- that's like the Wax Fang symphony! I love it. Theremin has never rocked so hard. Cheyenne and I did a pretty small little session on one part of the song, but I think I'll be doing a little more for the live show downtown.

 John: Wow, You have ton of shows coming up with a lot of different types of bands, i don't know when you find time for yourself, but we are greatly appreciative! I personally can't wait to see a release of your solo work, but understand that it may take awhile.

Scott: I love what I do, and I'm happy that it's something other people enjoy as well! I'm always just trying to get better and have fun. And get that Stones gig. Thanks John, I appreciate that. I've been fairly broke lately, and finding the time and money to go into the studio and finish that album has been a challenge, with so much else going on...

John: -i am broooke as well, and it never fails that just when i have an album's worth of material, i have no money to record it..

Scott: the life of a musician! 
John: well, thanks so much for talking with Me! I guess I should let my neice get back to the zebra report..

Scott: Sounds good. Thank you! Good luck with the report.

John: yeah, i think that report is probably gonna end up 'a john king production'.  Kids always convenintly fall asleep just when it's time to make a report for skool..

Scott: haha word. well, good luck, and have a great night. see you at actor's tomorrow night, maybe. i'm gonna go fill my belly. can't wait to see this online! And thank YOU for everything you do for the louisville music scene.

John: THANK YOU scott!! i will definatley see you at Actors if not at some of your other shows coming up!

Scott: peace

writers note: My niece Coco's report ended up being on the Congolese Mammal, the Okapi. It looks like a donkey with Zebra stripped appendages, and an elongated bat's face, but is actually related to the Giraffe. You can read more about the okapi here.  

Thursday, October 21, 2010

WEEKEND EVENTS CALENDAR OCTOBER 21-24 (And something on Monday)

10/21 Walkmen @ Zanzabar
10/22 The Late Seating w/ Joe Manning and Saredren Wells $10/10pm
10/22 John Prine @ Louisville Palace 8 pm
10/23 Bardstown rd boofest
10/23 Halloween Biker Bash Ball @ Expo Five
10/24 David Sedaris @ KC $38-$45
10/25 UME at Zanzabar

per usual, there is a lot going on, so get out there and go nuts! and if we have left out anything, please leave it in a comment...

new look

you may have noticed 37 flood has been changing a bit. Over the last several weeks we have done a number of upgrades and facelifts in an effort to make our site more interactive. it is now easier to share our posts via email, facebook, buzz, twitter, and other social media networks.
we have also have a new banner, search bar, and  several new pages including Editorials, Interviews, and Reviews to make it easier to find our content.
Please feel free to let us know what you think of our changes, and any ideas that you think may be helpful.
thanks for reading.
-Team Flood

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

girls in panties wearing kitty ears: what's happening for Halloween

It's been the saving grace for Ladies since the dawn of time.. showing off those get-away-sticks is pleasing for everyone, but no one wants to labeled a harlot.. so one magical day every year,  women can dress as slutty as they want (as long as they don furry animal ears, or a nurse cap) without worrying about other women saying something snarky.. they will mind you, but it doesn't count, not on HALLOWEEN!!
so dig out your best lacy panties, and for my sake, some wedge heels with the long straps, because Halloween is almost here!
for the family:
-Bardstown rd. boofest, all day on Oct.23 on Louisville's favorite shopping strip.
-victorian ghost walk @ 4th st on Oct 29
-World's Largest Halloween Party at the Zoo. oct.21-24, 28-29. (it's dark, you don't see any animals, and you walk the entire time,  but kids love it)

for Audut(ery)s:
-Cougar Express, Dangerbird, and The Bad Reeds @ Dead Bird Studio Oct. 30th 9 pm $5 (Dangerbird is sure to marinate those britches before Cougar express shreds them...)
-The Big Rock Show at Dutches Oct. 29 (these dudes know how to shred... through your favorite 90's power ballads).
-Halloween Biker Bash Ball @ Expo Five on Oct.23 (i have no idea what this is, but it sounds like a can't miss)
 and there's always 4th St live
(image credit: metromix)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

10/24 David Sedaris @ Kentucky Center

David Sedaris has the midas touch. it seems everything he does becomes wildly successful, and his newest book, Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk will most likely be no exception. You have a chance to watch Sedaris read excerpts from this book of short stories about animals for $40 a seat at the Kentucky Center on Oct. 24th.
He will be on hand to sign copies of the book afterwards, Sedaris is known for putting a tip jar on the signing table, so you might need to bring some extra cash.
Sedaris reading from a previous book. oh, you are in for a treat..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Justin Bieber: AN UNSTOPPABLE MONSTER (@ yum! center on 11/10)

Justin Bieber released his 1st autobiography last week, he is 16 years old and i hate him. And just like that..... 37 FLOOD EDITORIALS is born!
-i realize some of my reviews are loosely veiled musings and editorials, so i have decided to create a page for them, and perhaps now i will not have to be so coy about my ravings. And so... some thoughts (and actual relevant news) on Justin "oh baby" Bieber.
i don't know if i hate him, but it's hard to like a teenager who has released a total of one studio LP, and has the attention of the entire world (as well as an astounding amount of coverage on NPR). I know Beiber will most likely go the way of Leif Garrett, or Donny Wahlberg, which helps, but i also know there is a mountain of teenage brats waiting to take his place when he falls.
It's clear that many others are tired of the world wide obsession with him as well, and are sick of turning on the radio to hear news reports that Bieber prefers older women and black girls... That really happened, and that is really not news. his father did take him to get a tattoo, and why there is not world wide parental outrage, should be news. (The tattoo is a seagull on his hip, and my 7 year old nephew thinks it's totally gay).
Already there is an army of full grown adults who spend most of their free time harassing the hell out of him and trying very hard to sabotage his carrier. there have been very elaborate internet hoaxes proclaiming his death, his various STD infections, cult ties, and that his mother is an aspiring playboy bunny (please, at 34, she was too old for Playboy the year after she gave birth).
But for now we have to deal with his self absorbed (and totally redundant) titles such as my world (EP), my world 2 (LP) and First Step 2 Forever: My Story (autobiography). He has a face i do not trust, and he is playing at the YUM! bucket on November 10th. tickets $70-$309.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


10/14 David Daniell and Duglas MCcombs @ Skull Alley
10/14 Grace Potter and the Nocturnals @ Headliners
10/14 JJ Grey @ Ear Xtacy, noon, FREE
10/15 23 String Band, @ Hideaway, 10pm
10/15 Mike Ratterman sculpture exhibit @ Bellarmine 5pm free
10/15 Follow the Train with Lydia Burrell @ The Rudyard Kipling
10/16 Joan Shelley @ Ear X Tacy, FREE, 3pm
10/16 Cheyenne Marie Mize, Olof Arnalds, Doug Paisley @ Christ Evangelical United Church
10/16 Ron Whitehead presents GONZO Fest @ the Monkey Wrench, 12p-12a
10/17 the Louisville Marathon @ American Turners (3125 River Rd) 8 am

10/12 Cheyenne Marie re-releases 'Before Lately' nationally on sonaBLAST! and KarateBody Records

10/14 Wax Fang single on Removador 17 minute single 'Astronaut part one'.

as usual, there is a lot going on this weekend, so get out there and go nuts! and if we have left anything out, please leave it in a comment.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Phantom Family Halo album out today

New album from Phantom Family Halo out today on Sophomore Lounge..
sophomore lounge has been putting out some good stuff lately, such as the new Giving Up album, and it seems PFH has joined the the list.. 
keeping in PFH manner, the press release is as cryptic as their music can be. here is what they said about the new album 'Music from Italian TV':
'In spite of its minimalistic appearance, is a most intricate light work which, in its scope and originality, defines its own aesthetic. The number of persons involved may vary. Although thirteen has been suggested as the optimum number, two would usually be referred to as a working couple (in any combination of sexes.) Within the community, many believe that a number larger than thirteen is unwieldy, citing unwieldy group dynamics and an unfair burden on the leadership. When this has grown too large to be manageable, it may split, or "hive". Most often utilizing electronic instruments or electronic processing of acoustic instruments, they typically create dense, unmoving harmonies and a stilled or "hovering" sense of time.'

Wax Fang Joins Removador

Jim James' record label Removador Records and Solutions has announced that Wax Fang is the latest band to join the label's roster. The band will release an epic track "The Astronaut Part I". Those who caught Wax Fang at Forecastle should remember the song. I know it will feature the theremin and Cheyenne Marie Mize, so how bad can it be, really?

The track is one half of the forth-coming digital EP "The Astronaut", which is due out early 2011. You can hear teasers on the band's removador page and download the 17-minute track Tuesday the 19th. Or tune into 9.19 WFPK on Thursday the 14th at 10pm EST to hear the world-premier of "The Astronaut Part I" accompanied by an interview with Scott Carney.

Prepare for LIFTOFF!

Friday, October 8, 2010

10/8-10 Garvin Gate Blues Fest

The 14th Garvin Gate Blues Fest starts tonight (6:30pm). i was pretty excited to find out it was back. when i was a kid growing up downtown we would walk down every year to see it. those kinds of things are really fun for kids, at least i had fun. And in high skool i had a teacher that gave extra credit for attending. It was a really great idea, a free neighborhood event (that brought thousands of more people than the neighborhood actually had) but closed down not by lack of attendance, but lack of interest in planning a free neighborhood event.  Believe me i know this curse. it takes months and months to plan Zombie Attack, not to mention thousands of dollars that are never recouped because it is a free event. And the neighbors generally wish it didn't happen at all (after last weekend, just ask anyone living on St. James Court).
i didn't even know it was back until a few weeks ago i couldn't find anything happening on 10/10/10 and did a search to find something to write about... and was surprised to see that it has been back for 3 years, resurrected on the 10th anniversary of it's closing in 1997. For something that was loved by this town for over a decade, i was surprised at the general lack of press for this Fest. Honestly i think Free Neighborhood Fests are one of the best things about louisville, we have a lot of them, and they are folding all the time due to lack of attendance, funding, and support from neighborhood associations.
I have no idea how this fest is in it's newest form, i know i have been critical of outdoor blues events in the past, but i hope it survives for a while this time around.
Friday 6:30 pm-11pm sat and sun 3:30 pm -11 pm. lawn chairs welcome, drinks and dogs not. FREE

Band Schedule
history of the Garvin Gate Blues fest (it's pretty interesting).

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Les Debutantes Unveil Huge Louisville Comp

Conceived as the Ultimate DIY project, Centennial captures a moment in time in our fair city of Louisville through 100 full-length songs. A who's who of Louisville musicians capture a moment in time before itunes and ringtones.

Les Debutantes is the name given to songwriting team of J. Glen Reid and J. Brent Stewart (Ravenna Colt, J. Kessinger). This ambitious set has been in the works for years.

Produced by former My Morning Jacket member Danny Cash and largely recorded by Kevin Ratterman (Wax Fang) at the Funeral Home. This comp includes performances from Jim James and Tom Blankenship of My Morning Jacket, Ultra Pulverize, D.W. Box, Ravenna Colt, Andy Hurt (Follow the Train, King Kong), and many many others.

The album drops on 10.10.10. There will be a release show at Zanzabar at 8pm which is free.

WEEKEND EVENTS CALENDAR 10/7-10 (and some stuff on tues)

10/7-9 New Albanian Brewing Company's FringeFest, featuring The Fervor, Sativa Gumbo, Bloom Street, 23 String Band, and many more,  6 pm FREE
10-7 The Mystery of Irma Vep opening at Actor's. (plays until oct.30th) $14/$20

10/8 Drive By Truckers at Brown Theatre
10/8-10 Garvin Gate Blues Fest 6:30-11pm FREE

10/9 Belnap Festival featuring Iamis, Tenrec, Bellarmine Jazz band, The Commonwealth, Free
10/9 Belnap Festival Ear Xtacy in-stores featuring Pokey LaFrarge and the South City Three, FREE
10/9 Shooter Jennings with J Roddy Walston and the Business @ Headliners, $15, 9pm
10/9 Pokey LaFrarge and the South City Three with Two Man Gentlemen Band @ Zanabar, 9pm
10/9 The Java Men @ The Rudyard Kipling, 11pm

10/10 last day of Garvin Gate Blues Fest 3:30-11pm free (kids:yes dogs:no)
(no 10/10/10 party? we'll just have to start working on 11/11/11 for next year...)

10/12 Discover Louisville Festival featuring OKGO, FREE, UofL, 5pm
10/12 Cheyenne Marie Mize @ Ear Xtacy, Album Release Party, 7pm, FREE
10/12 My Morning Jacket on the Late Show with Dave Letterman, 11:30pm (and with Jimmy Fallon, 10/13 @12:30a)

There seems to be a lot on Saturday and not much friday, so you might have to make some hard choices. like always, there is a lot going on in Louisville, so get out there and go nuts! and if we have forgot an event, please leave it in a comment-

10/7 THE MYSTERY OF IRMA VEP Opening @ Actor's

After August in Louisville, Halloween sometimes feels late to the party... So if you need a little help geting into the spirit,  THE MYSTERY OF IRMA VEP is opening tonight at Actor's Theatre (7:30pm). Apparently it's filled will all sorts of creatures; werewolves, vamps, mummies (which is a form of zombie, and Louisville loves it's zombies) and it's all played by just 2 actors. That's pretty cool, if not a little 'Tuna' esque.

THE MYSTERY OF IRMA VEP showing Oct. 7-30. Tix: $14(kids 11+ ) - $20(adults).

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10/22 The Late Seating w/ joe Manning, Saredren Wells, others

Some of our favorite musicians will be showing up at the Victor Jory Theatre at Actor's at the end of the month.. including Musician and writer Joe Manning, and Musician and video-ist Saredren Wells.. below is a video preview Wells sent us for this event...
The Late seating 10/22 10:30 pm $10- 

Joe Manning
of King's Daughters and Sons and LEO Weekly Columnist

Music + Art + Video
Saredren Wells

Linda & Kirk & The Mouse Incident by Brian Walker

InKY Reading Series Featured Writer
Graham Shelby

The Young Scamels

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10/15 the 23 string band @ Hideaway

If you haven't heard of the 23 string band, it's not for lack of their trying (i.e. your not getting out enough), because these boys have been setting fire to our town for quite some time with their Bluegrass stylings.  And People are paying attention, they have burned the stage at many notable events lately including the Master Musicians Festival, the Forecastle Festival, the International Bluegrass Museum’s River of Music Party (ROMP), the Terrapin Hill Harvest Festival, the Kentucky Bluegrass Music Festival, and the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. 
Members include real life eastern kentuckians Chris Shouse and Curtis Wilson, as well as infamous louisville picker Dave Howard and violinist Scott Moore (from the Saredren Wells quartet, and Another 7 Astronauts). You can catch them Friday at the hideaway at 10 (we originally listed on our events calendar that it was at Longshots, so please make note..) and don't bother counting the strings..

everyone loves Dave Howard

Monday, October 4, 2010


  DOUGLAS McCOMBS of Brokeback and Tortoise will be playing with Solo artist DAVID DANIELL at SKULL ALLEY, Thursday, October 14(8pm $6). joining them onstage will be Louisville musician TIM BARNES (of current line up of The For Carnation), with special guest ZAK RILES (from Grails). if you like  90's indie conceptual bands and solo work, this could be your thursday night.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spotlight: sculptor Matt Weir

in September, louisville artist Matt Weir was invited to Vandalia Ohio to take part in the Vandalia "Chiseled" Stone Sculpture Symposium. 5 artists from around the world were selected to spend 2 weeks creating a sculpture out of a single block of limestone. below are photos of Weir's creation.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Arnett News

After Friday's show at the Glassworks/altech event, Arnett Hollow told us they were taking a break and will return at the end of the year for "a final show." We wish them great luck in their future endeavors and look forward to this Holiday show later this year.

Roodie and Cheyenne Marie Mize on Glassworks rooftop

at The Cup Experience @ 4th Street Live (it's Par Tee time!)

Arnett Hollow "Open My Eyes" on The Player's Spot