Sunday, September 30, 2007

VHS or Beta doesn't allow photography...

Headliners Music Hall is quickly becoming communist China about enforcing rules now as well. I was escorted out just as VHS or Beta took the stage and directed not to bring my camera back in. I was told that the band didn't allow photography unless you have a press pass. So much for amateur photography... sellouts.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wax Fang: New Album Release Date

November 17th 2007

There will be a listening party held at Vernon Lanes on Oct 30th. I would assume the CD will be for sale to those who attend.

VHS Or BETA on OnDemand TV

The Making Of: "Bring On the Comets" (27 mins)

For digital cable subscribers this very cool documentary is running for free on On Demand.

Here is how to find it:
1. Go to your On Demand
2. Click On "The Free Spot"
3. Scroll down to "Concert"
4. Click on "Films and Docs"
5. VHS Or BETA is near the bottom of the list.

Update: If you don't have cable you can watch it on YouTube here.

VHS Or BETA will be playing Headliners on Sept 29th, with Follow the Train opening. The Louisville show is the end of a month long tour to support the new album. Bassist Mark Palgy is blogging all about it for Velocity here.

VHS Or BETA - She Says
VHS Or BETA - Burn It All Down

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cabin @ The Original Highlands Art & Music Festival

I started my evening off at the Outlook Inn down on Baxter directly behind the west stage with some yummy brews (Thanks for the hospitality, Outlook). I sat out on the street just next to the band as they had their pre-set drinks.

Cabin took the stage a little after 7pm and didn't release us until shortly before 8. With a few tracks from their current EP, some from their full length "Govern the Good Life" and a few new/unknown to me, they played nearly an hour. The warmth that is Cabin wrapped it's rich violin, keys, guitars, bass and drums around the audience. They have such an addictive sound that is great in a studio setting and as we're learning, even better live.

Without further Adieu... here is my recording of last Saturday's Cabin show at The Original Highlands Art and Music Festival. Thanks to Cabin for letting us record their set.

Pictures are here.

Buy Cabin's latest release "I Was Here" or "Govern the Good Life" Here or at Ear X-tacy locally.

01 Musical Seats
02 In the Wake of
03 I Was Here
04 Because it Wasn't Perfect
05 Cover Your Eyes
06 Dull Knives
07 The Long Fall

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Wax Fang - Original Highlands Art & Music Festival

If you missed the Original Highlands Music Festival this past Saturday, you missed a super friendly atmosphere of a couple thousand folks that spent the day getting faces painted and enjoying a drink or two. This stretch of two blocks literally felt like a warm hug! With the threat of rain looming, the sky never opened up for much longer than to let a few stray drops through here and there.
We were there to catch the final few performances. I managed to get a damned good recording of Cabin's and Wax Fang's set along with some nice photographs. As usual, the Fang came with an awesome show that included many favorites as well as some new ones like, Black and Endless Nights Revisited. Like many of their sets, they pull off a nice cover of a classic 70's tune; this time WF covered Black Sabbath's "The Wizard." Also, thanks to Scott and Company for throwing us for a loop with "The Doctor" not following "Oh Recklessness" and "Avant Guardian Angel Dust" closing the set instead of opening. If you haven't seen them, I highly recommend getting out in the near future to check them out as well as getting to ear X-tacy and purchasing "Black and Endless Night."
This was only our second time catching Cabin after seeing them earlier this summer at Waterfront Wednesday. They have a very nice earthy sound that always tends to put you at ease. We'll post more about Cabin in a day or two.
We also caught the last few songs of The Slow Break's set, a husband-wife, husband-wife team which never disappoint. They bring an energy that flows past the stage and into the crowd to get asses shaking.
Click here for a picture gallery and below are links to the mp3s of Wax Fang's set. I'll post Cabin's in a day or two so keep and eye out.

01 Intro
02 Cannibal Summer
03 WWII part 2
04 Can You See the Light?
05 Sound Observations
06 Sweet Bloody Murder
07 The Wizard (Black Sabbath)
08 Over the Night is Before
09 Majestic
10 Oh Recklessness
11 Black and Endless Night Revisited
12 Hearts are Made for Beating
13 Bi Polar Bear
14 The Doctor
15 Avant Guardian Angel Dust

Buy Black and Endless Night online, at Ear X-tacy on Bardstown Rd or on iTunes.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Kentucky Fried Pickin' at Peak Summit

Last weekend became really hectic, really quick we couldn't make most of the Peak Summit Festival at the Rustic Frog in New Albany. I did manage to get there for the Friday night shows. While I didn't stay til the wee hours of the morning, I did catch a great Kentucky Fried Pickin' show. I once again attempted to record as well as taking pictures. It turned out alright but feels a little distant at times and the crowd gets a bit rowdy here and there.

KFP also played WFPK earlier in the day last Friday and I managed to record that too.
Recordings and picture gallery below.


WFPK recording

01 Midnight Moonlight
02 Western Kentucky Parkway
03 Colonel's Breakdown
04 Prince of Peace
05 Tears Keep Rising
06 Maggie's Farm
07 Yodelayhee
08 Solo Travelin'
09 Sunshine Annie
10 I Know You Rider