Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Record Store Day!

It's the second 'Record Store Day' of the year, and despite it feeling a little pimped out at this point, audiophiles like us aren't complaining too much. there is an avalanche of record store day releases this time around, most of which are reissues and box sets, with some honest to goodness must haves thrown in..
of the box sets the Cheap Trick & Harry Nilsson  collections look good, of the reissues finally the Steve Albini mix of Nirvana's In Utero  will be available, and there are some reissue 7"s out there too (Sly & The Family Stone  and The Standells stand out). For my money, the Scott H. Biram gospel 7" seems like a sure bet, read our review here, and for local releases you should be able to grab the THERE IS NO ONE: Louisville Is For Lovers Tribute to Palace Brothers on vinyl and cassette and the Gubbey Records 46 track compilation Head Cleaner on double cassette.

THERE IS NO ONE vinyl explosion

Tomorrow night at New Vintage The Bottom Sop is playing at the Gubbey Records release show, I know nothing about them, but I cannot stop listening to their track from Head Cleaner. can't wait to hear more from this band.. I'll see you out there!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This Weekend: Gubbey Records- Head Cleaner Vol. 1&2

         This Friday (Nov. 29) Gubbey Records is releasing what they call a love letter from the Louisville music scene, a compilation called Head Cleaner Vol. 1&2. Due, I'm sure, to the album's length it is only available in cassette format which comes with a digital download. Though you'd be hard pressed to find a functioning cassette player outside of an Oldsmobile these days, this release stands alone as Louisville's longest analog-format compilation, documenting forty six Louisville acts.
         We at 37flood have been anxiously awaiting this release for quite some time now (the promo poster's been hanging up at HQ for the past couple months). Boasting genres from bluegrass, power pop, avant garde, noise, experimental hip-hop, and punk, Gubbey lives up to their reputation of promoting obscure, isolated, and eclectic Louisville music made in Louisville, by Louisville, and for Louisville.
         Here's our top 20 (ordered as they appear on the album):
  • Rude Weirdo- Rodney the King
  • The Cut Family Foundation- Wrecked
  • Asm A Tik- Temporalis
  • Furlong- Hoarder Fire
  • Humongous- Russian Space Things 
  • Adventure- Pollen in my Beard
  • The Decline Effect- Serpent to Slay
  • D'arkestra- Tonight
  • Bush League- Doublethink
  • Bus Hus- The Freedom you Were, The Fascist you Are
  • Sick City Four- Kamui Song
  • Whistlin' Rufus- The Kentucky One-step
  • The Sandpaper Dolls- Across the wire
  • Mr. Samples- Stimulate This
  • Empira Vultura- Grace
  • Hitchhike- June Bug
  • Blackbirds of Paradise- I Love You (But I don't know why)
  • Plastic Bubble- Respectable Establishment
  • Vice Tricks- Holiday
  • The Mack- New Way to Begin
        For ten dollars, this tape is a steal. You couldn't even get this much music on itunes for less than fifty bucks, so why not hop in the Oldsmobile and cruise for a couple hours, match the sights of the city to the sounds?

         To go with Head Cleaner Vol. 1&2, Gubbey Records is having an equally massive release show this weekend with three separate events at Modern Cult and The New Vintage.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Today is the day THERE IS NO ONE:Louisville Is for Lovers Tribute to Palace Brothers hits the shelves, featuring: The Gallery Singers at the Electric Church of the Tambourine - Plastic Bubble  - Brick Pitino  - Cheyenne Mize  -Wax Fang - The Deloreans  -Glen Dentinger, Joe Manning And Rachel Grime -Ben Mundane-Tender Mercy - Lydia Burrell -Black birds of paradise - Second Story Man  – Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy  and Natalie Bajandas.
THERE IS NO ONE: Louisville Is For Lovers
Tribute To Palace Brothers
find it locally at Guest Room, Matt Anthony Record Store, Better Days, Astro Black, and Modern Cult records. mail order by Guest Room at

Monday, November 25, 2013

12/1 Cheyenne Mize & Seluah @ headliners

Seluah and Cheyenne Mize are playing Headliners on Dec.1st as part of the local music for $5 series. 8pm. 21+.

Cheyenne Mize

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Review: Scott H. Biram "Nothin But Blood" LP

Few musicians can pull off the sound of a long gone era with absolute honesty as well as truly embody the soul of times gone by like Scott H. Biram. His brand of dusty road Texas Blues and Bucket of Blood boogie-woogie simultaneously hit like a 2 X 4 and warms like a long lost lover's return; and his new Nothin' But Blood continues his sweet and brutal mix of blues, gospel, punk, and broken heart country.
The album plays like a schizophrenic jukebox jumping from head on collisions  like "Alcohol Blues" with lines like "You don't love me Mamma like you say you do, You can't be my woman sucking and fucking some other motherfucker too" straight into quiet and endearing tracks like "Never Coming Home"  with lines that will break your heart like "woke up thinking my soul had flown, I thought I'd died somewhere in the night. Yes I'm still just drifting on, got nowhere to do it right." And then there's Working On The Building Biram that can belt out gospel with the sincerity of Johnny Cash  and authority of Reverend Louis Overstreet, as heard on the tracks "When I Die" and "John The Revelator." It's a must have for Biram fans, and a must try for those not yet acquainted.  Although Biram has had some close calls in the past (hitting no.5 on the Billboard Blues Chart in 2009) He still hasn't seemed to become a household name. In 2010 I saw him tear the roof off of Zanzabar to a crowd of less than 30 (read the review here). perhaps this new release will win some converts to the Church of Biram.

Nothin' But Blood won't be out for 3 long months (2.4.14) but the first single containing When I Die will be available in stores on Nov.29 for the Black Friday version of Record Store day.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Gallery Singers EP free download

In anticipation of the upcoming THERE IS NO ONE: Louisville Is For Lovers Tribute to Palace Brothers (on shelves Tuesday Nov. 26) Louisville Is For Lovers is giving away a free EP Download of The Gallery Singers (at the electric church of the tambourine) playing a few Palace songs, a few originals, and a Jason Molina song, in Palace brothers DIY fashion. download the album 'WE WON'T MAKE IT' here.
The Gallery Singers At The Electric Church Of The Tambourine

THERE IS NO ONE: Louisville Is For Lovers Tribute to Palace Brothers  is out Nov.26th and available locally at Matt Anthony Record Shop and Guest Room and distributed by Drag City Records.

Monday, November 11, 2013

11/13 Kaejo album release show

Louisville hip hop artist Kaejo has a new album out this week, The Unrequited, and is available on iTunes November, 13, 2013. There will be an album release party and performance that evening at Diamond Pub and Billiards on Barret Ave. It is being hosted by Louisville Arts Live, doors open at 7pm. and the event is free.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

11/22 MGMT @ Palace

MGMT is heading to our neck of the woods:
11/22 Louisville @ the Palace (8pm $32)
Near by:
11/12 St. Louis, MO @ Peabody Opera House
11/14 Columbus, OH @ Lifestyle Communities Pavilion
11/15 Indianapolis, IN @ Egyptian Room at Old National Centre

Melodie's new favorite MGMT video

Friday, November 8, 2013

Review: bonnie 'prince' billy (self titled)

         I think I can safely speak for most people when I say that nine out of ten albums recorded live by one guy in his house get less than one full listen. Of course, there are a few exceptions to that standard. “All Hail West Texas” by the Mountain Goats and “Yip Jump Music” by Daniel Johnston come to my mind when thinking of valuable albums of the type. It seems to me that the ones that are worth listening to, in their honest simplicity, go far beyond some of the more complicated masterpieces one may have in their collection, in terms of connecting with the listener or presenting a pure and original idea. For example, David Bowie produced and sang on Lou Reed’s “Satellite of Love” single and that’s an amazing tune, but lately I’ve been spending a little more time with Jason Molina’s cut of “In the Human World” from the Chunklet single.
            All this being said, Bonnie “Prince” Billy just released a self-titled LP run of 1,000 copies out of his house. Taking the DIY initiative to its fullest extent, this record was: recorded, designed, packaged, and delivered to local record stores all by the man himself (no online/digital option) with no label affiliation or distribution whatsoever (PR∞), bearing only his P.O. box address on the back and a mastering credit, in the liner notes, to Timothy Stollenwerk. From what I’ve heard it’s only available on vinyl and cassette, but The Royal Stable does list a CD release. This album has all of the musical integrity Oldham’s followers have come to expect over the last two decades stripped down to its most basic elements. Ten short songs, a man and his guitar.
“I heard of a source,” opens the album with a change of heart tale in its own abstract way, announcing “I don’t want to go to Hell anymore… Anything can end suddenly; still I want some love for me.” The A side is largely reminiscent of the ballad form, highly melodic and sentimental extrapolations of loss and redemption. The track “I Will Be Born Again (Again)” recalls times of betrayal and abandonment with a yearning to overcome evil wills of others. “Weird has come and life defined, I am dumb I am not kind and I will be born again again.”
One thing that continuously surprises me about Bonnie “Prince” Billy is that his command of the craft allows him to say some of the most vulgar and nonsensical things with the greatest sincerity, conviction, and image. Just to name one of the many instances that appear on this self-titled album, in the song “Make it Not an Evil Mark,” the speaker describes a yearning to trade in evil for good while eluding a dark antagonist. He claims “you would take colors all away if it was in your power, and cut a hole to mar you skin and shit on every flower.”
The over-arching theme of the album seems to be an acceptance of the evil in oneself developed through loss and heartbreak, while longing for a change of heart or spark of good to spread. The final song, “Royal Quiet Deluxe,” may be one of the greatest written in 2013. It departs from a lover to find refuge in the hills of West Virginia, stating “there is no heaven for love, it simply dies… This is the last song of its kind. Now you can be.”

As I said earlier, this is an incredibly small release so be sure to get a copy before they sell out!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Big Apple Loves Louisville

The Big Apple based publication NEW YORK MAGAZINE's  travel column 'the 5 point weekend escape plan' highlighted Louisville this week listing places and things that help make our town escape worthy including The Holy Grail, Hound dog Press, Astro Black Records, and Cave Hill Cemetery. Also included was a list of pro-Louisville websites including Michelle Jones’s Consuming Louisville as well as 37FLOOD!! (to the right you'll find our list of worthwhile websites.. Louisville and Otherwise). Read the NEWYORKMAG.COM article here. loves 37flood

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Out Now: Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's do-it-your Self Titled LP

As nearly as quiet as the music on Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's new Self titled LP was the release for this Vinyl & Cassette full length. For this one Will Oldham decided to record and release it all himself, with little release-date fan fare. It's a record store only (no online or download sales) affair with Oldham hand delivering the records to stores. It is almost tragic that this small run album is going to be hard to find, as it is one of his all time best, but this could only add to it's fragile and precious feel; as embodied on the heartbreakingly perfect love song Royal Quiet Deluxe ending the album with the words "this is the last song of it's kind" we can only hope not.
Self Titled
As a way to preserve the nearly lost tradition of looking someone in the eye while buying music, this album is only available at stores, so walk on down to your local record slinger and request a copy. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Review: Injecting Strangers (Cincinnati) EP


            Injecting Strangers is a five-piece band from Cincinnati releasing their debut E.P. “Nightmare Nancy” today. They’re made up of Dylan Oseas and Peter Foley (formerly bass and guitar players for Automagick), Chase Leonard of Easy Breezy, Aaron Disney (Talk Mouth), and singer/songwriter Richard Ringer.
                The 3 track EP opens with “Lucky,” a wise guy greaser tune about a mustachioed leader of a tough-as-nails future brigade.  The whole EP falls in line with the band’s just-after-Halloween release date with fanciful horror subject matter with bits and pieces of playful blasphemy and curse words sprinkled throughout. “Nightmare Nancy Pt. 1” and the concluding track “Nightmare Nancy Pt. 2” fallow a mysterious narrative about Nancy, her father, and a doctor who falls in love with Nancy. Reading like a traditional murder ballad from the perspective of the doctor, everyone dies in the end but the details are all fuzzy to imply that only Nancy knows the whole truth.
            What’s cool about this band is that, like Ringer’s solo stuff and Automagic’s live show, the sound they achieve is fast, big, and somewhere in between weird and goofy. Definitely someone worth looking out for in the future.

Injecting Strangers Promo from Kyle Howland on Vimeo.