Monday, October 12, 2020

Interview: Jessica Bailiff

Jessica Bailiff is known for her work in shoegaze and dream pop, releasing five albums with Kranky Records, and has collaborated with artists such as Low's Alan Sparhawk, Odd Nosdam, and Dave Pearce. Her latest collaboration is a cover of the Misfits song 'Hybrid Moments' with John King of The Gallery Singers and Electric Choir, on the compilation Louisville Babylon III, released this month on Louisville Is For Lovers Records. 

37-Do you have much of a connection to the Misfits besides this new recording? 

JB- I never really got into them. My husband’s car has their skeleton face thingy hanging front the rear view mirror, and I occasionally drive it, does that count? 

37- Yes it does. How do you feel about themed/holiday albums in general? 

JB - I hold no grudges against holiday albums. They can be fun. 

37- You are known for collaborating with other artists besides your own solo work; who are some of those you have worked with? 

JB - Annelies MonserĂ© from Belgium, she’s the most recent and constant collaborator. We have an album that will hopefully be released sometime next year. I did Eau Clair with Rachel Staggs (All In the Golden Afternoon, from Austin), she’s my musical sister and dear friend. We always hope to do something else together. I had so much fun doing some songs with Odd Nosdam, too, just after the cLOUDDEAD era. A truly special project was clearhorizon with Dave Pearce of Flying Saucer Attack. We made one album inspired by some unfinished FSA tracks, and started another that we’ll probably never finish, but he’s full of surprises so you never know. 

 37- Do you expect to do more collaborations in the future? 

JB - I was invited to play on the next AMP album, hopefully that will work out. The world is in such upheaval now, things are uncertain but remarkably hopeful. 

37- Have you done many covers songs/records in the past? 

JB - Yes, I love doing covers. I’ve done a version of “Cave In” by Codeine, and used to play “Sea” live. There’s a recording of Lou Reed’s “Oh, Jim,” a Low song, “Down,” for a tribute comp and “Sort Of” for a His Name Is Alive comp - no idea if that one ever was released. “Fly” by Bridget St. John was in my live set when touring with Annelies. I’ve been playing some PJ Harvey songs from the album White Chalk on piano lately, just for myself.

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