Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Edgehill Ave. this friday @ Live Lunch

This coming Friday, Edgehill Ave. will play at 91.9 WFPK's HSA Broadcasting studio for Live Lunch. The performance is free but seating is limited to 70 people. The doors open at 11:30 am and the show starts at noon. If for some reason you can't get out of work or aren't one of the 70 to get in, you can always get your Edgehill Ave. fix by listening live on the radio.

Edgehill Ave. is also playing Zena's on Main Street with The Trust and John Woosley the following day, August 4th.

With These Hands

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lucky Pineapple play as Autobahn

This year at Lebowski Fest, Lucky Pineapple chose to mimic the band "Autobahn" from the movie. In case you're wondering, this was the band that the nihilists played in... remember "Where's za muney Lebowski?" and "We believe in nossing!"

The band "Autobahn" also dressed like the band Kraftwerk for their mock album cover. Lucky Pineapple also covered the song "Autobahn" by Kraftwerk. Whew... did you get that?

We were there taking pictures and we also recorded their set. In the spirit of the festival I decided to make some album artwork that looked like the Autobahn album with a tropical twist.

Pictures (in the Garden Party gallery)

1. Intro
2. Autobahn
3. Buffalo Heartbeat
4. Life is Totally Fair
5. Kablooey
6. Old Data

Kraftwerk - Autobahn

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Follow the Train in Space... and MORE!

Last week we were attendees of a very nice show put on by Follow the Train, The Pennies and The Invaders. I had only heard of The Pennies from hearsay and still need to go out and buy their recently released album, 10,0000 Things. The same goes for The Invaders who don't even seem to have a MySpace page (not that that's a bad thing). All the bands blew us away. Follow the Train put on a space themed show complete with a Darth Vader, Obi Wan battle with glow sticks attached to pawn shop "fender-like" guitars.
There was plenty of room in the venue so more of you guys need to get out and take an interest. Follow the Train plays again tomorrow night at the Monkeywrench and The Pennies play again on Saturday at Forecastle Festival.
I recorded the Follow the Train set and it turned out alright. Pictures and mp3s are below.


Follow the Train Set:

Follow the Train - 1. Intro
Follow the Train - 2. Unknown
Follow the Train - 3. Unknown
Follow the Train - 4. Maneater
Follow the Train - 5. Flower
Follow the Train - 6. 219
Follow the Train - 7. Division

Monday, July 23, 2007

6th Annual Lebowski Fest photo galleries

The 6th annual Lebowski Fest was this past weekend and was a blast as usually. More and more Dudes, Walters, Jesus' and Jackie Treehorns come out of the wood work every year.

It was announced that achievers from 40 states made it to the festivities this year. Vietnam and Dr. Dog were a great pair of bands to kick off the festivities and Squeeze Box, Lucky Pineapple, Ladybirds, The Shack Shakers, Kentucky Prophet, Bad Blood and The Slow Break provided a fitting soundtrack to the mid 80's and uncommonly low humidity of the weekend.

Photo Galleries

Opening Ceremonies
- ringer toss, Vietnam and Dr. Dog...
Garden Party Slideshow
- Lebowski games, Squeeze Box, Lucky Pineapple and the Ladybirds...
(I couldn't stay for all the bands so I have no pictures after the Ladybirds, sorry)

Vietnam - Apocalypse [Live @ Lebowski Fest 07]
Vietnam - Mr. Goldfinger [Live @ Lebowski Fest 07]
Dr. Dog - Worst Trip [Live @ Lebowski Fest 07]
Dr. Dog - The Man in Me [Live @ Lebowski Fest 07]
Lucky Pineapple - Autobhan [Live @ Lebowski Fest 07]
Lucky Pineapple - Buffalo Heartbeat [Live @ Lebowski Fest 07]

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Forecastle ship docking soon

Latest News straight from JK...

The time is upon us. Next week the Forecastle ship will be arriving at the Waterfront, a journey that's taken nearly six years and more hard work than I can ever express. The 6th annual Forecastle Festival, July 27th-28th @ The Belvedere, will unite over (60) bands, (25) artists, and (48) environmental organizations from the Midwest and beyond. It will be a historic moment for our region, and will only get bigger in years to come.
The 6th annual Forecastle Festival
Friday, July 27th
De La Soul
Chicago Afrobeat Project
How I Became the Bomb
The Old Ceremony
Kelley McRae
Captain of Industry
Scourge of the Sea
Lucky Pineapple
John Boy’s Courage
Geoff Koch
The Fervor
Saturday, July 28th
Girl Talk
Mucca Pazza
Wax Fang
The Features
Early Day Miners
The Impossible Shapes
The High Water Marks
The October
Black Diamond Heavies
The Glasspack
The Pennies
The Hiders
The Harry Pickens Band
Stephen Simmons
Todd Coyle
Lisa Merida-Paytes
Christopher Daniel
Cynthia Reynolds
Christian Hansen
Mike Ratterman
Patricia Gaines-Mills
David Metcalf
Dennis C. Baker
Jarrett Hawkins
Jerome Kennedy
Jared Landberg
Raymond Graf
Elizabeth Guipe
Scott Hall
Scott Hisey
Matt Weir
Courtnee Bennett
Emily Buddendeck
Chad Cully & Luke Ebner
Thea Lura
Jeff Gaither
The Appalachian Trail Conservancy
Missouri Forest Alliance
Blue Earth Alliance
Dogwood Alliance
Kentucky Heartwood
Indiana Heartwood
Buckeye Forest Council
Kentucky Resources Council
Kentucky Waterways Alliance
Kentucky Solar Partnership
Kentucky Solar Designs
Community Farm Alliance
Kentuckians For The Commonwealth
Hoosier Environmental Council
Indiana Forest Alliance
Protect Our Woods
Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter
Sierra Club Louisville Chapter
Sierra Club Cincinnati Chapter
Louisville Sustainability Forum
Students Producing Organics Under the Sun
Students Promoting Environmental Awareness and Recycling
Student Environmental Action Coalition
Bicycling for Louisville & Bike Depot
Olmstead Park Conservancy
Cultivating Connections
Save The Cumberland
Southern Energy Network
Southern Energy Conservation Initiative
Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance
Coalition for the Advancement of Regional Transportation
Urban Sisterhood
Valley Watch
Caldwell Eco-Center
Center for Sustainable Living
Ohio Citizen Action
Ohio River Foundation
Ohio Valley Creative Energy
Earth First!
Global Village Foundation
Global Community Monitor
Peak Oil Group
Label Showcases ~ Secretly Canadian, PlaybackSTL, sonaBLAST!
Outdoor Activities ~ Eco-Film Showcase | Eco-Business Expo | Outdoor Extreme Sports Park | Personal Empowerment Panels
Keynote Speaker ~ Skip Yowell (Author, Activist, Outdoor Industry Innovator, Co-Founder, VP of Jansport and Big City Mountaineers)
Tickets available through Ticketweb.com and Ticketmaster.com, along with the following independent record stores:
Ear X-Tacy Records (Louisville, KY)
Indy CD & Vinyl (Indianapolis, IN)
Shake-It Records (Cincinnati, OH)
Grimey's New and Preloved Music (Nashville, TN)
For more information: http://www.forecastlefest.com
Activism Sneak-Peak this Friday
Thanks again to everyone who turned out for the "sneak-peak" events the past few Fridays. They were a huge success, drawing hundreds of people to Market St and Bardstown Rd for the music and art previews. This Friday is the final event, and we would greatly appreciate everyone coming out to support the Kentucky organizations represented at the 6th annual event:
Friday, July 20th
@ Clifton Unitarian Church
2231 Payne Street
Louisville, KY 40206
moderated by: Marc Steiner from Cultivating Connections
featuring: Sierra Club, Kentuckians For The Commonwealth, Louisville Sustainability Forum, Kentucky Resources Council, Community Farm Alliance, and many more...

THE FORECASTLE FESTIVAL is the largest gathering of musicians, artists, and activists in the American Midwest. Founded in Louisville, KY, the scenic, outdoor event is equally based upon a three-part format: Music.Art.Activism. Combining the hardest working Midwest bands, artists, and progressive environmental organizations ~ Forecastle is the place where the people come together. The 2006 festival brought a record attendance to Louisville's historic Mellwood Art & Entertainment Center. This year's fest ~ with its waterfront setting, expanded line-ups, extreme sports park, and finale performances from dual national acts ~ is expected to surpass 2006 by five thousand attendees, converging in Louisville from the Midwest and beyond.

Lebowski Fest starts this friday!

News from the website...

Combo tickets are going quick!
Click here to get what's left.

Download the 6th Annual Achiever's Guide (schedule, rules, visitors guide, etc) - a print version of this will be distributed at the event.

Garden Party game prizes include Nihilist Chewing Gum, Giant Scissors & Western Charms. Thanks Archie McPhee! Proceeds go to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

6th Annual Toe-pop shirts are in.

Change in costume contest rules! See here.

White Russian cupcakes by Xal will be available along with lots of ice cream (including the foot-shaped with gumball toe!)

The John Wilkes Photo Booth will be at the Garden Party

The full schedule has been posted.

Music by:
Th' Legendary Shack*Shakers! Dr. Dog! Vietnam!

+ Kentucky Prophet, The Ladybirds, Lucky Pineapple, Slow Break, Bad Blood and more!

Dios Mio! The Jesus's bowling buddy Liam will be making an appearance!

Poster by Bill Green
6th Annual Shirt6th Annual Shirt

Big Brothers Big Sisters
All proceeds from Garden Party games go to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana!

Special thanks to our sponsors for keeping th beverages affordable, man.
Miller Kahlua
Miller Beer Kahlua

Thanks to our other friends for their support:

WFPK - Media Sponsor/Live Lunch Host

Archie McPhee
- Game prize donation - Games to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters
Ear X-Tacy - Ticket Seller
Wild and Woolly Video - After-party sponsor
WHY Louisville - Ticket seller

Sign up for the mailing list for all the latest stuff.

Wax Fang @ The Dame

A little over two weeks ago, Wax Fang stunned the city of Lexington with an incredible show at The Dame. Although it was a late night driving back to Louisville, it was worth getting to see Scott, Jake and Kevin rock the house outside of Louisville in their last show before this months Forecastle Festival starting July 27th.

Below you'll find our meager attempt at taping the show (my 2nd taping experience). I only have a MiniDisc recorder and I think I had a bad MD so there are a couple spots with dead space and I closed the gaps and left them alone. It's only 20 seconds in a couple different spots. The house sound guy couldn't really get the sound right and the vocals suffered, you can hear how much went on in the 5+ min intro time to check the sound. Pictures are also linked below.

All in all, it turned out well, I think. Thanks to Wax Fang for allowing us to tape. This will also be uploaded to archive.org soon.

Click Me

01 intro
02 Avant Garde Angel Dust
03 WWII part II
04 The Doctor
05 Hearts are Made for Beating
06 The Night is Over Before
07 Toast to America
08 Majestic
09 Sound Observations
10 Murder Bloody Murder
11 Banter [with glitches]
12 Black and Endless Nights Revisited
13 Bible Belt Buckle

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Friday the 13th IS Lucky!

Those of you who were unfortunate enough to have missed their set last Saturday at the Jazz Factory (me included) can soon redeem yourselves. This friday Lucky Pineapple will play their first and possibly only acoustic set ever at Ear x-tacy. They will be playing a Forcastle Festival preview show along with The Fervor.
What else do you have to do on a Friday at 7pm? Go buy some records and listen to a couple good bands.

Also check out the Pineapple on the upcoming dates in July:

July 16th @ The Pour Haus
July 20th @ WFPK Live Lunch
July 21st @ Lebowski Fest
July 27th @ Forcastle Festival

Lucky Pineapple - I Want More
Lucky Pineapple - Roadside Sex Change
Lucky Pineapple - Sexxx
The Fervor - Overexposure
The Fervor - The Same
The Fervor - Boyfriend

Monday, July 2, 2007

Scott Carney solo set @ Germantown

Last weekend I attended the tail end of the first ever Germantown Shotgun Fest.
This was my very first experience taping and I borrowed the gear from Scott Duthie, Thanks Scott! The quality is not all that great as the crowd was very chatty. I clipped the mics to a tent in the parking lot at around 7' high and 15' from the stage. During "Wake Up Sleepyhead" they started tearing down the tent and I moved the mics to chair level (3' or so). At this point the crowd grew all around me and nowhere else. It turned into a nightmare and you can hear it on the tape. Oh well, I'm still happy to have gotten to tape the show. Enjoy what you can. A picture gallery is also below.


01. intro
02. California
03. Cannibal Summer
04. Can You See The Light
05. The Doctor
06. WWII part II
07. Oh Recklessness
08. Wake Up Sleepyhead
09. Over The Night is Before
10. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [Dylan]