Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Wax-Glover Motherfucker New Year's Extravaganza Revue

From WF:


Over at YouAintNoPicasso Scott did a cool mix tape thing.

My Morning Jacket WFPK Christmas

This is a must have for fan of the Jacket or fan of Christmas. It was recored on Dec 21st of 2001 and WFPK aired it on Christmas Day that year. The interview portions are great and it makes a good compliment to "Does Xmas Fiasco Style".

1. Introduction
2. Santa Claus is Back in Town
3. X-mas Curtain (jazzed up)
4. O Holy Night (shoes interruption)
5. Interview - Jim "Son" James
6. Christmas Time Is Here Again (Bring Out the Joy!)
7. Old Sept Blues
8. I Will Sing You Songs
9. Interview - Jim
10. Silent Night
11. Come Closer

Direct Link

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ear X-Tacy's Holiday Gift Guide

Ear X-Tacy has posted their Holiday Gift Guide online. I thought it was pretty cool until a couple pages in when they recommended an old Nickelback album and lost all credibility in the process. Its not like this two year old heap of all thats wrong with music these days need recommending since its jammed down your FM dial all day long. Maybe they were high. I could use an explanation from whoever decided to put this in there. So please e-mail me to get this straightened out. And, if you were high. Just Make the title "I WAS HIGH". The full guide can be found here.

Nickleback getting pelted with rocks.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Halfway to Forecastle Fest

Its strange. It feels like just a couple weeks ago that I was dodging the rain and jamming to some De La Soul at Forecastle 2007. But apparently its been almost 6 months. I must be in some kind of time warp.

To mark the halfway point until Forecastle 2008 J.K. McKnight has put together a benefit concert to supports local BMX legend Jimmy Levan.

Here are all the details from jk:

"I’m proud to announce that Band of Horses will headline the 1st ever “Halfway to Forecastle” mini-fest Jan. 26th at Headliners Music Hall (1386 Lexington Road, 584-8088) in Louisville. All ticket proceeds will benefit Louisville BMX legend and FBM-owner Jimmy Levan, currently recovering from serious injuries sustained after a recent skate boarding accident in New Jersey.

The line-up includes Band of Horses, Cass McCombs, Catfish Haven, How I Became The Bomb, Early Day Miners, Ferdinand Fox, Coltrane Motion, Jesse Jamz, and many more. Tickets will go on-sale Saturday, Dec. 15th at 10 a.m. through Ticketweb, Ticketmaster and ear-X-tacy Records. 91.9 WFPK and Band of Horses will begin pre-sales next week, for what is an expected sell-out. For performance times and ticket information, please visit:

In addition to music, Red Bull North America will sponsor an outdoor skate park, with exhibitions from local and regional athletes who shared the ramp with Jimmy. Additional silent auction activities will take place inside, with all proceeds benefiting his rehab fees and road to recovery.

The Forecastle Festival, named "One of the Top 101 things to do in America" by SPIN Magazine, will take place July 25th – 27th on the Riverfront Belvedere. The 2008 event will blend dueling East / West stages with a regionally-curated art exhibition, fifty environmental organizations, speakers, panels, films, expanded extreme sports park, eco-business expo, outdoor industry demos, and plenty more along the mighty Ohio River.

Thank you for your continued support of this growing, grassroots network ~ jkm"

Band Of horses - Is There a Ghost
How I Became the Bomb - Secret Identity
Cass McCombs - That's That
Catfish Haven - Monty Got A Raw Deal
Early Day Miners - All Harm
Coltrane Motion - Twenty-Seven
Jesse Jamz - Purple Drank (Must Listen!)

Friday, November 30, 2007

Two Cool Ben Sollee Vids

These videos were done by Keith Robbins. The first one features Ben Performing @ 4th Street live with some other musicians. In the second vid Ben performs part of "Bury Me With My Car". Thanks for sending these in Keith!

Petticoat, Petticoat @ Jenicca's Friday Night 11/30

Petticoat, Petticoat is a great sounding Indie/Pop band from just down the road in Lexington. Tonight @ 9pm they will be playing a show at local Wine Bar/Cafe Jenicca's located on E. Market. It should be worth checking out.

(edit: I forgot to mention that the show is $FREE)

Petticoat, Petticoat - Glittering Heels
Petticoat, Petticoat - Love in an Alley

Petticoat, Petticoat - Money
(This song is a live track from My Old Kentucky Blog. You can check out 2 others that were recored that day here.)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holiday Shopping Ideas courtesy of Consuming Louisville

Our friends over at Consuming Louisville have come up with an inventive list of gift ideas for those that are are struggling to think of that perfect gift for someone or wants to give a gift with that local Louisville flavor. From t-shirts to homemade spices, you'll likely find something to tickle your fancy. Thanks for the ideas Michelle!

Read the List!

Paste Magazine... Choose yer price!

Just a quick notice to those that are interested in reading about music. Paste magazine is one of the fastest growing INDEPENDENTLY published magazines in the US. Every issues comes with an awesome sampler cd that gets plenty of play in my car stereo and allows me to sample new independent artists from around the country. The articles are usually very well written and it's just an all around good magazine. I'm not trying to really promote for them or anything so I'll get on to my point...

Paste is offering a "pick your price" promotion for a one year subscription (you must pay at least a dollar.) You can give gift subscriptions and you can also renew a subscription if you already read the beauty that is Paste. I had subscribed earlier this summer at the price of $19.99 but renewed for another year for a dollar (call me a tightwad but bucks are tight and magazines make tons on advertising.) Just a heads up to those that are looking for a cheap gift for xmas or a good toilet reader.

check out the Paste Podcast.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Archiving Wax Fang, Part Two...

This little girl to the left may be Wax Fang's youngest fan. As I sat on the staircase, I watched her Dad zip around the area where Scott, Kevin and Jake had assembled snapping shot after shot. It should be noted that she was not wearing headphones, she was wearing ear protection as Wax Fang nearly blew the windows out of the Bardstown Road located record store, Ear X-tacy this past tuesday.

I took some pictures from my perch at the bottom of the staircase as well as a recording of the show that turned out well besides some distortion on the bass end of the recording. I think maybe I had the mics a little too close to the speakers. That being said, if there are any audiophiles out there that could better repair the recording, please let me know.

Photo slideshow located here.

Download the entire show at this link.

1 Avant Guardian Angel Dust
2 WWII (part 2)
3 Cannibal Summer
4 Majestic
5 Can You See The Light?
6 Bi Polar Bear
7 The Doctor Will See You Now
8 Oh Recklessness
9 Black and Endless Night Revisited

Buy Wax Fang's new album "La La Land" here or locally at Ear X-tacy or your local indie record store.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Archiving Wax Fang, Part One...

Last Saturday we went to the album release show for Wax Fang; for those who made it out, you know it was a great show. From Lucky Pineapple's high energy opening set to Centipede E'est (Scott Carney's pals from his second home, Pittsburg) rocking the foreign crowd ultimately leading to Wax Fang's brilliant set.

Lucky Pineapple has recently lost David Cundiff as bassist, and swiftly added Aaron Hodge (of Louisville bands Wino, Mr. Panic Button, WEAPONS, and most recently The Radium Screen) to their lineup. This was the first time we've seen LP since Leboswki Fest back in July, and they managed to slay the Louisville crowd with fruity vibrations once again; thanks LP!

On to the Wax Fang content... the show was a great wirlwind that encompassed nearly the entire new album as well as some tracks from the past. If you've been out to see WF at all this past year you will notice several tracks from the album as they have been testing them on us for some time now. Great show fellas and now on to the media!

Photos of Lucky Pineapple, Centipede E'est, and the Fang... here!

Play songs from the show below and/or download full show here.

1 Avant Guardian Angel Dust
2 World War II (pt. 2)
3 At Sea
4 Cannibal Summer
5 Sweet Bloody Murder
6 Majestic
7 Can You See the Light?
8 Sound Observations
9 Bi-Polar Bear
10 The Doctor Will See You Now
12 Wake Up Sleepyhead
14 Oh Recklessness
15 Black and Endless Night Revisited

Buy Wax Fang's New Album "La La Land" here or locally at Ear X-tacy.

Tomorrow: Archiving Wax Fang, Part Two. Ear X-tacy's in store performance revisited.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cabin, Arnett Hollow and Paper Airplane...

Tomorrow is the 4th installment of the Homegrown Music Series down at 4th Street Live. Representing Louisville will be Paper Airplane, Arnett Hollow and Cabin.
Sample some tracks below and get your turkey stuffing faces out in the cold to support these bands playing tomorrow night, Happy Thanksgiving!

Arnett Hollow - In Motion (live)
Arnett Hollow - The River Gives
Cabin - Musical Seats
Cabin - Beauty in the East End
Paper Airplane - Bullfrog Man
Paper Airplane - Clean Again

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wax Fang Album Release TONIGHT!!


Headliners Music Hall
Louisville, KY
doors: 8pm


Ben Sollee - WFPK set and Photos from 21c

Click here for a slide show of pictures from the Ben Sollee's album release party last night at 21c. If you didn't get out to the show last night, the second performance is tonight at the beautiful 21c Museum Hotel.

We also recorded Ben's set from WFPK yesterday and you can download it below or listen to each track individually. There are a few song names we don't know so any help would be appreciated.

Buy Ben's new album "Learning to Bend" here.

1 intro
2 unknown song
3 banter
4 The Prettiest Tree on the Mountain
5 Chocolate Jesus
6 I Can't
7 banter
8 Bury Me With My Car
9 Throwing Stones
10 interview
11 Unknown song
12 Unknown song
13 Turn on the Moon
14 Five Miles from Town
15 When Doves Cry
16 Unknown song
17 banter
18 Unknown song

Click here to download the entire performance.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ben Sollee album release show at 21c Museum

Local cellist and singer-songwriter Ben Sollee will be performing a pair of shows this friday and saturday at the 21c Museum and Hotel on Main Street.
Ben Sollee is a native Kentuckian and a graduate of the University of Louisville. Ben is one quarter of The Sparrow Quartet; a group of musicians including Abigail Washburn, Casey Driessen, and Bela Fleck. In the summer of 2006 the quartet played shows in China and became the first official U.S. cultural mission to tour Tibet.
Friday and saturday's shows will included a photographic series by Mickie Winters as well as dance, spoken word, a string quartet along with a few other surpries.
Tickets are available at the door for 10 bucks.

Ben Sollee - Turn on the Moon

Ben Sollee - Throwing Stones

Also, here is a cool video of the Sparrow Quartet in China last year...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Louisville Home Grown Music Series

4th Street Live may suck for music (unless you really dig on some bad 80s stuff). But Every Friday night this November it might not be so bad. Each friday night local bands will be playing for free.

This Friday November 2nd features Your Black Star, Follow The Train and The Fervor. Show starts at 7pm.

The Fervor - Overexposure
Follow the Train - Endless Summer
Your Black Star - Oh Jesus...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Interview: Wax Fang takes us to "La La Land".

First things first, the new album is called "La La Land" and in the
latest issue of Bejeezus we received a CD with a Wax Fang song
entitled California. Any special reasons for the California

s/c: The connection is purely coincidence. 'California' was a song I'd written while still in film school about my frustrations with the film industry and the Grand Delusion of Hollywood as 'Land of Opportunity'. Hillary (Hanson, editor of Bejeezus) had asked us to contribute something and it just so happened that that particular recording, which is actually several years old (2002 to be exact), was the only finished recording I had to submit. And while the term 'La La Land' originated as a nickname for Los Angeles, California, we actually chose it more for it's contemporary meanings, one such being, courtesy of the Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, 'a euphoric dreamlike mental state detached from the harsher realities of life.'

37: Can you give us any inside/background info on the albums' artwork?

Jacob: The cover image was done by artist Thea Lura, she also happened to do the cover of "Black and Endless Night". When I came across this piece at the gallery I immediately snatched it up before rest of the crowd, for I sensed we could use it for something, exactly what I wasn't sure. It just seemed to contain visual elements that were similar to what was happening in the songs we were working on at the time. I brought it with us down to Ardent, and we just began to live and work with the baby. It would be propped up on the board in the control room watching us as we resumed recording back in louisville, watching us all the way through the mixing process. It's kind of hypnotic and sinister, iconic and ambiguous, even androgynous. All of these qualities we were attracted to, and felt that this figure that can be seen as a one of power due to the crown, was a keeper or a ruler of some sort, but of what world and what creatures we could not be sure.

37: In a sense this is really the first album recorded by "Wax Fang" as a
full band. Musically speaking, what kind of differences can we expect
from Black and Endless Nights?

s/c: The main difference is that it replicates, more accurately, what we sound like as live band. Aside from that, the album is much more complex, dynamically and structurally, and more dense, both in its production and arrangement.

37: Will the Theremin be making an appearance?

s/c: Unfortunately, no. Next album, perhaps.

Scott attended film school in PA, and we always hear
people raving about the 16mm film you guys show during your shows. Any chance of seeing some sort of movie/musical project on the horizon?

s/c: It's not entirely out of the question, although we have no concrete plans for anything like that at the moment. We are, however, hoping to make a series of videos for several songs from the album in the months to come.

37: Are there any tour dates in the works to support the new Album?

None yet. We're hoping that will change very soon.

If you had to describe this new album in 1 word that ended in "ness"
what would it be?

s/c: Motherfuckness.

What is Wax Fang's favorite candy to receive while trick-or-treating?

s/c: Anything made with Reece's peanut butter.

37: What kind of costumes would you like to see people dressed as for CD
release party @ the Vernon on the 30th?

s/c: So long as people are dressed up as something, that's all that matters. However, if I were to have a pick, I'd love to see people dressed up as characters from the television series, Twin Peaks, or as cats. We love cats.

Upcoming Wax Fang Events:

October, 30 2007 at Vernon Lanes - "La La Land" Listening/Costume Party Extravaganza!!! 10pm Free

November, 17th at Headliners - "La La Land" Cd Release Party with Centipede E'Est and Lucky Pineapple. Doors @ 8pm Ticket web 8 bux.

November, 20th 2007 IN-STORE @ EAR-X-TACY

Wax Fang - California (from Don't Be Afraid to Cherish It (in the latest Bejeezus Magazine) Buy it)

Wax Fang - Halloween (from Louisville Babylon Comp Buy it)

You can preview all the tracks from "La La Land" at Amazon and also purchase it there DRM free on the 17th.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Ungdomskulen from Norway...

Hey Louisvillians, we have a special treat this coming Wednesday. Ungdomskulen, a Norwegian band is touring the US for their first time and making Louisville one of their few dates. A three piece that has been compared to the Melvins, Death from Above and Q and Not U. Don't let other bands speak for them though, get out and let their quirky, jazz-heavy rock speak for itself.
They will be playing a free show at Ear-xtacy at 5pm and at the Pour Haus at 8pm with The Photographic; a pretty rad sounding duo from right here in the river city that I'm equally excited to check out.
I know it's a work day for most of you but there's not many chances to see a Norwegian band on a Wednesday in the middle of the United States, is there?

Download "Ungdomskulen - Ordinary Son"
Download "Ungdomskulen - Foursome and Then Some"

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Don't Change that Channel: You Might Die.

Our local news stations really are evil. They are purposely trying to scare the shit out of the viewers to increase ratings. I'm sure every news man in town had to sit down to conceal their excitement when they heard about the storms approaching.

Do we really need 8 hour coverage of these radar screens? Really, what is the point? We already have the Weather Channel. We already have sirens that go off in each town when The National Weather Service deems necessary. We also have the Emergency Broadcast System which comes across every channel. Not only that but if you are trying to watch your On-Demand on cable it kicks you off and sends you to an emergency channel! (BTW Insight: It doesn't work properly).

They do all this for what? To save your life. These news channels convince you that you need them. With out these local news channels keeping you safe and interrupting your regularly scheduled programing you would surely die. Or would you? Lets get some facts straight:

Chance of dying from a car accident: 1 in 18,585
Chance of getting struck by lighting: 1 in 244,000
Dying from flesh eating Bacteria: 1 in 1 Million
Dying From Bee Sting or Snake Bite: 1 in 1 Million
Odd of winning the Kentucky Lottery: 1 in 18 Million
Chance of getting hit by a Tornado: 1 in 70 Million

You are actually increasing your chances of death by leaving your house if the storm is headed directly for you. It might be more dangerous to walk down some streets than to ignore the tornado warnings. More directly it might be worse for your health to sit on your couch getting fat while increasing your blood pressure because you are scared out of your scrotum by these news people.
Thats right Dawn Gee we don't need you. The other night I heard you tell your viewers umpteen times not to touch downed power lines. You were like a broken fucking record of saving lives. Is there anyone on this planet who doesn't know not to touch downed power lines? (maybe thats how you catch the Downs Syndrome..durrrr) And if there are people that dumb on this planet how the fuck were they smart enough to even turn on the television and tune into you Dawn Gee? And another thing. If my power lines are down I wouldn't be watching the fucking news because I would have no fucking power. In turn, I would probably die never being able to hear your life saving message. How sad.

Your Black Star - Little Storms
Purchase the album Beasts by Your Black Star from Hawthorne Records.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Murals Rudyard Kipling Performance

Quick little post to get you guys some photographs and mp3s of Murals kick ass performance at the Rudyard almost a week ago. Sorry to keep everyone waiting, while I don't mind paying for a place to host pictures, I like to find free places for music files.

I only have one more thing to say and that is there were far too few people at the show, these guys need to be playing to packed rooms, people will learn soon enough I guess.

Show me more pictures!!

Murals - Stab Wounds
Murals - Skipping Track
Murals - Square Prism
Murals - Untitled Jam

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Louisville Babylon returns October 12th!

Round about 7 years ago this awesome, awesome cat named John King had a vision to start a unique compilation CD to showcase the bands of Louisville, as well as his own band Team Totoro. He called it "Louisville is for Lovers" and it is now working on it's 8th (due out Valentine's Day, 2008).

As if that wasn't enough, John has organized the reissue of the original Misfits cover album from 1994, "Louisville Babylon" and in just 9 more days, its spawn, "Louisville Babylon 2." The cds will be hand packaged just like all Louisville is for Lovers releases and be of a limited run of 666 pieces each. (can I buy number 666 John, please!!) The city thanks you John!

You can read more about the releases here and buy them locally at ear x-tacy or here.
The CDs are $10 a piece or both in a extra special box for $16 and come with a fancy poster.

Tracklistings from the Louisville is for Lovers website:

Louisville Babylon 2 (2007)

track listing:
1)black kerouc “night of the living dead”
2) the slow break “attitude”
3) my morning jacket “hollywood babylon”
4) ronnie mack “horror hotel”
5) pont’ys camper “astro zombies”
6) chemic “return of the fly”
7) tamara dearing “hybrid moments”
8) one small step “20 eyes”
9) dave pajo “angelfuck”
10) wax fang “walloween”
11) the gallery singers “cough/cool”
12) gaj mustafa cell “ we bite!”
13) ultra pulverize “where eagles dare”

Louisville Babylon 1 (1994 reissue)

track listing:
1. sunspring-where egales dare
2.crunchy cereal-london dungeon
3. endpoint-attitude
4. plunge-death comes ripping
5. cherube scurge-nike a go go
6. content zero-last caress
7. crain-teenagers from mars
8. leaf pile-20 eyes
9. deadline-return of the fly
10. da yodellin’ taxidermist-skulls
11.hulla hoop-20 eyes
12. falling forward-she
13. slate-die die die my darling
14. lg&e-some kind of hate
15. 84 lumber-mommy, can i go out and kill tonight?
16. slo-pok-night of the living dead
17. rodan-who killed marlyn?
18. hedge- halloween
19. gravel blind-devil lock
20. gyotaku-horror hotel(live)
21.munsen -braineaters from mars

The Murals at the Rud tomorrow

It's been a few months since seeing the Murals play and that is a few months too long. If you haven't heard from these guys, come out and give them a listen tomorrow at the beautiful Rudyard Kipling at 9:30. A band that simply goes by the moniker "Goat" from the NYC will also play a set.

These guys are playing out more and more but this promises to be a good gig for sure!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

VHS or Beta doesn't allow photography...

Headliners Music Hall is quickly becoming communist China about enforcing rules now as well. I was escorted out just as VHS or Beta took the stage and directed not to bring my camera back in. I was told that the band didn't allow photography unless you have a press pass. So much for amateur photography... sellouts.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wax Fang: New Album Release Date

November 17th 2007

There will be a listening party held at Vernon Lanes on Oct 30th. I would assume the CD will be for sale to those who attend.

VHS Or BETA on OnDemand TV

The Making Of: "Bring On the Comets" (27 mins)

For digital cable subscribers this very cool documentary is running for free on On Demand.

Here is how to find it:
1. Go to your On Demand
2. Click On "The Free Spot"
3. Scroll down to "Concert"
4. Click on "Films and Docs"
5. VHS Or BETA is near the bottom of the list.

Update: If you don't have cable you can watch it on YouTube here.

VHS Or BETA will be playing Headliners on Sept 29th, with Follow the Train opening. The Louisville show is the end of a month long tour to support the new album. Bassist Mark Palgy is blogging all about it for Velocity here.

VHS Or BETA - She Says
VHS Or BETA - Burn It All Down

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cabin @ The Original Highlands Art & Music Festival

I started my evening off at the Outlook Inn down on Baxter directly behind the west stage with some yummy brews (Thanks for the hospitality, Outlook). I sat out on the street just next to the band as they had their pre-set drinks.

Cabin took the stage a little after 7pm and didn't release us until shortly before 8. With a few tracks from their current EP, some from their full length "Govern the Good Life" and a few new/unknown to me, they played nearly an hour. The warmth that is Cabin wrapped it's rich violin, keys, guitars, bass and drums around the audience. They have such an addictive sound that is great in a studio setting and as we're learning, even better live.

Without further Adieu... here is my recording of last Saturday's Cabin show at The Original Highlands Art and Music Festival. Thanks to Cabin for letting us record their set.

Pictures are here.

Buy Cabin's latest release "I Was Here" or "Govern the Good Life" Here or at Ear X-tacy locally.

01 Musical Seats
02 In the Wake of
03 I Was Here
04 Because it Wasn't Perfect
05 Cover Your Eyes
06 Dull Knives
07 The Long Fall

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Wax Fang - Original Highlands Art & Music Festival

If you missed the Original Highlands Music Festival this past Saturday, you missed a super friendly atmosphere of a couple thousand folks that spent the day getting faces painted and enjoying a drink or two. This stretch of two blocks literally felt like a warm hug! With the threat of rain looming, the sky never opened up for much longer than to let a few stray drops through here and there.
We were there to catch the final few performances. I managed to get a damned good recording of Cabin's and Wax Fang's set along with some nice photographs. As usual, the Fang came with an awesome show that included many favorites as well as some new ones like, Black and Endless Nights Revisited. Like many of their sets, they pull off a nice cover of a classic 70's tune; this time WF covered Black Sabbath's "The Wizard." Also, thanks to Scott and Company for throwing us for a loop with "The Doctor" not following "Oh Recklessness" and "Avant Guardian Angel Dust" closing the set instead of opening. If you haven't seen them, I highly recommend getting out in the near future to check them out as well as getting to ear X-tacy and purchasing "Black and Endless Night."
This was only our second time catching Cabin after seeing them earlier this summer at Waterfront Wednesday. They have a very nice earthy sound that always tends to put you at ease. We'll post more about Cabin in a day or two.
We also caught the last few songs of The Slow Break's set, a husband-wife, husband-wife team which never disappoint. They bring an energy that flows past the stage and into the crowd to get asses shaking.
Click here for a picture gallery and below are links to the mp3s of Wax Fang's set. I'll post Cabin's in a day or two so keep and eye out.

01 Intro
02 Cannibal Summer
03 WWII part 2
04 Can You See the Light?
05 Sound Observations
06 Sweet Bloody Murder
07 The Wizard (Black Sabbath)
08 Over the Night is Before
09 Majestic
10 Oh Recklessness
11 Black and Endless Night Revisited
12 Hearts are Made for Beating
13 Bi Polar Bear
14 The Doctor
15 Avant Guardian Angel Dust

Buy Black and Endless Night online, at Ear X-tacy on Bardstown Rd or on iTunes.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Kentucky Fried Pickin' at Peak Summit

Last weekend became really hectic, really quick we couldn't make most of the Peak Summit Festival at the Rustic Frog in New Albany. I did manage to get there for the Friday night shows. While I didn't stay til the wee hours of the morning, I did catch a great Kentucky Fried Pickin' show. I once again attempted to record as well as taking pictures. It turned out alright but feels a little distant at times and the crowd gets a bit rowdy here and there.

KFP also played WFPK earlier in the day last Friday and I managed to record that too.
Recordings and picture gallery below.


WFPK recording

01 Midnight Moonlight
02 Western Kentucky Parkway
03 Colonel's Breakdown
04 Prince of Peace
05 Tears Keep Rising
06 Maggie's Farm
07 Yodelayhee
08 Solo Travelin'
09 Sunshine Annie
10 I Know You Rider

Monday, August 20, 2007

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Peak Summit Sampler Podcasts

Here's a cool way to get a taste of most of the bands playing at the Peak Summit Festival in a little over a week. These files are in m4a format which work in iTunes and act as a chaptered podcast. When you open them, they will show a chapters menu at the top and you can skip around and listen to what bands you want or sit back and let the mix play for a little over an hour each. On a related note, when the podcasts are burned to a disc, the chapter markers turn into individual tracks on the cd.

All the songs were taken either from the bands websites or their MySpace pages and one ripped from a YouTube video. If any of the bands have a problem, please let me know and I'll remove the podcasts.

Download Peak Summit Sampler Podcast vol. 1
Download Peak Summit Sampler Podcast vol. 2

Edgehill Ave WFPK Live Lunch tracks

Edgehill Ave. has notified us that they have tracks from their Live Lunch performance a couple weeks ago. We have them available to stream here. If you would like to download them send an email over to Edgehill Ave. with "add me" in the subject line and they'll add you to their mailing list and give you access to download the files from their fan site.

If you missed the show like us, here's a good chance to hear what went down...

10 Day Fire (Live @ WFPK 2007-08-03)
How You Really Feel (Live @ WFPK 2007-08-03)
Run Out of Time (Live @ WFPK 2007-08-03)
Wonderland (Live @ WFPK 2007-08-03)

Finally, Forecastle Festival mp3s!

I've finally found a cool free media server online after the one we were using bit the dust. We've had a couple questions about where we hosted our downloads and now the answer is MediaMax.

On to the music... these are recordings that I made at the Forecastle Festival of the Wax Fang and the Pennies sets. I also got a snippit of De La Soul that had "Me Myself and I" (the only song I really remember from my childhood) that I'll post later if anyone wants it. Enjoy!

The Pennies - 01 Moontides and Lullabies
The Pennies - 02 Killed You Twice
The Pennies - 03 Ivy
The Pennies - 05 Electric Flowers
The Pennies - 06 When Crows Attack

Buy The Pennies Latest CD "10,000 Things" here.

Wax Fang - 01 Avant Guardian Angel Dust
Wax Fang - 02 Sweet Bloody Murder
Wax Fang - 03 Cannibal Summer
Wax Fang - 04 Majestic
Wax Fang - 05 Sound Observations
Wax Fang - 06 Bi Polar Bear
Wax Fang - 07 Oh Recklessness
Wax Fang - 08 Doctor
Wax Fang - 09 WWII part 2

Buy Wax Fang's Latest CD "Black and Endless Nights" here.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We approach the Peak Summit

The Peak Summit takes the family camping…

What: the Peak Summit Groove and Dance Festival
When: Aug 24 *thru* Aug 26. (gates open Fri at 6pm, close at 6pm Sun.)
Where: the Rustic Frog, 1720 Old River Road New Albany, IN 47150


$25, weekend pass. Camping included. All ages. Rain or Shine.

Saturday $15 day passes ONLY available at the gate from 11:30AM UNTIL 6PM…then it goes back up to $25. Support the early bands, get in cheaply!

Sunday $5 day passes available at the gate from 11:30am until 6pm.

ALL AGES ARE WELCOME, children under 12 are free

Over the past six years, the Peak Summit Groove and Dance Festivals have continually grown--artistically, conceptually, and in popularity. Each festival has produced record attendance and sales highs for the venues involved, routinely garnering capacity crowds in the thousands. This year presents the next logical phase in that growth, expanding to a 3-day, outdoor, camping, family friendly event, boasting 39 of our region’s favorite bands, 3 popular DJ’s, 5 talented artists, 3 interpretive dance troupes, and a plethora of activities for festival-lovers of all ages. Indoors and outdoors there are a total of three stages on Friday and Saturday, and one stage on Sunday. Each will be packed with popular music…reggae, rock, bluegrass, blues, funk, jazz, and much more. A complete lineup can be found on

The annual festival’s past format has focused on using multiple, closely placed venues in Louisville’s bar districts, creating a mini-Bonnaroo atmosphere, but with two glaring exceptions—the lack of outdoor-camping and, and few (if any) family-friendly elements. This problem has been solved (!), thanks to a little-known venue that is only a 10-minute drive outside of Louisville.

The Rustic Frog sits on 5 acres of land, sandwiched between industrial complexes, nature preserves, and the Ohio River. It affords all the amenities of a camping/music festival, while being close enough to the city to run home, let the dog out, and take a shower. On site will be a sand-volleyball pit, horseshoe lanes, a bonfire, a variety of food vending, inflatable kiddie jumpers, a kiddie water-slide (kids, bring your bathing suits!)…and much more.

Complete lineup and other important information is available at or by calling the Peak Summit office at 502.599.7636, or e-mailing

This is a rain or shine event. No refunds. All artists are scheduling are subject to change.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Forecastle Picture Galleries

Hello all! Sorry for the delay in posting some pictures of the Forecastle Fest this past weekend. I have been waiting to do one big post including the sets I recorded from Wax Fang and The Pennies as well as a 15 minute segment of De La Souls show including "Me, Myself and I" and some banter about the Idea festival vs the Forecastle festival.

We're having a few difficulties getting the audio files hosted but they will be added shortly. For now, enjoy some of the pictures I shot on Friday and Saturday.

Many thanks to JK and the entire staff for putting on the festival and having us attend the shows.

Forecastle slideshow (various performances and sights)

The Pennies slideshow

Wax Fang slideshow

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Quick Notes: QOTSA, Cabin, Forecastle 07 Vid, Wilco

Be sure to get there early. I am sure it will be packed inside Ear-X-Tacy.


Cabin will be playing the Jazz Factory late Saturday night. Tix are 6 bux and the doors open at 10:30.


A very cool video/photo viewer has been posted to the Forecastle website.

Also, it looks like The Forecastle will be extending to 3 days in 2008.


Wilco will be playing Louisville's Slugger Field on September 21st. According to Ticketmaster the $43 Dollar Field tickets have all sold out. They are selling on broker sites for much more ($50-$200).

You can still pick up a grandstand ticket for $33 bux plus $6.35 for convenience charge. Oh, and get this Ticketmaster will even let you print out your ticket to save money on shipping. Except they charge you for it! Thats right it will cost you $1.75 to print out your own ticket on your own paper using your own ink. Thanks TICKETMASTER!!!! Maybe while your ticket is printing you can watch some Wilco Volkswagen commercials on YouTube.

Queens Of The Stone Age - Sick Sick Sick
Cabin - Musical Seats (Live)
Cabin - Cover Your Eyes (Live)
Wilco - Thanks I get

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Edgehill Ave. this friday @ Live Lunch

This coming Friday, Edgehill Ave. will play at 91.9 WFPK's HSA Broadcasting studio for Live Lunch. The performance is free but seating is limited to 70 people. The doors open at 11:30 am and the show starts at noon. If for some reason you can't get out of work or aren't one of the 70 to get in, you can always get your Edgehill Ave. fix by listening live on the radio.

Edgehill Ave. is also playing Zena's on Main Street with The Trust and John Woosley the following day, August 4th.

With These Hands

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lucky Pineapple play as Autobahn

This year at Lebowski Fest, Lucky Pineapple chose to mimic the band "Autobahn" from the movie. In case you're wondering, this was the band that the nihilists played in... remember "Where's za muney Lebowski?" and "We believe in nossing!"

The band "Autobahn" also dressed like the band Kraftwerk for their mock album cover. Lucky Pineapple also covered the song "Autobahn" by Kraftwerk. Whew... did you get that?

We were there taking pictures and we also recorded their set. In the spirit of the festival I decided to make some album artwork that looked like the Autobahn album with a tropical twist.

Pictures (in the Garden Party gallery)

1. Intro
2. Autobahn
3. Buffalo Heartbeat
4. Life is Totally Fair
5. Kablooey
6. Old Data

Kraftwerk - Autobahn

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Follow the Train in Space... and MORE!

Last week we were attendees of a very nice show put on by Follow the Train, The Pennies and The Invaders. I had only heard of The Pennies from hearsay and still need to go out and buy their recently released album, 10,0000 Things. The same goes for The Invaders who don't even seem to have a MySpace page (not that that's a bad thing). All the bands blew us away. Follow the Train put on a space themed show complete with a Darth Vader, Obi Wan battle with glow sticks attached to pawn shop "fender-like" guitars.
There was plenty of room in the venue so more of you guys need to get out and take an interest. Follow the Train plays again tomorrow night at the Monkeywrench and The Pennies play again on Saturday at Forecastle Festival.
I recorded the Follow the Train set and it turned out alright. Pictures and mp3s are below.


Follow the Train Set:

Follow the Train - 1. Intro
Follow the Train - 2. Unknown
Follow the Train - 3. Unknown
Follow the Train - 4. Maneater
Follow the Train - 5. Flower
Follow the Train - 6. 219
Follow the Train - 7. Division

Monday, July 23, 2007

6th Annual Lebowski Fest photo galleries

The 6th annual Lebowski Fest was this past weekend and was a blast as usually. More and more Dudes, Walters, Jesus' and Jackie Treehorns come out of the wood work every year.

It was announced that achievers from 40 states made it to the festivities this year. Vietnam and Dr. Dog were a great pair of bands to kick off the festivities and Squeeze Box, Lucky Pineapple, Ladybirds, The Shack Shakers, Kentucky Prophet, Bad Blood and The Slow Break provided a fitting soundtrack to the mid 80's and uncommonly low humidity of the weekend.

Photo Galleries

Opening Ceremonies
- ringer toss, Vietnam and Dr. Dog...
Garden Party Slideshow
- Lebowski games, Squeeze Box, Lucky Pineapple and the Ladybirds...
(I couldn't stay for all the bands so I have no pictures after the Ladybirds, sorry)

Vietnam - Apocalypse [Live @ Lebowski Fest 07]
Vietnam - Mr. Goldfinger [Live @ Lebowski Fest 07]
Dr. Dog - Worst Trip [Live @ Lebowski Fest 07]
Dr. Dog - The Man in Me [Live @ Lebowski Fest 07]
Lucky Pineapple - Autobhan [Live @ Lebowski Fest 07]
Lucky Pineapple - Buffalo Heartbeat [Live @ Lebowski Fest 07]

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Forecastle ship docking soon

Latest News straight from JK...

The time is upon us. Next week the Forecastle ship will be arriving at the Waterfront, a journey that's taken nearly six years and more hard work than I can ever express. The 6th annual Forecastle Festival, July 27th-28th @ The Belvedere, will unite over (60) bands, (25) artists, and (48) environmental organizations from the Midwest and beyond. It will be a historic moment for our region, and will only get bigger in years to come.
The 6th annual Forecastle Festival
Friday, July 27th
De La Soul
Chicago Afrobeat Project
How I Became the Bomb
The Old Ceremony
Kelley McRae
Captain of Industry
Scourge of the Sea
Lucky Pineapple
John Boy’s Courage
Geoff Koch
The Fervor
Saturday, July 28th
Girl Talk
Mucca Pazza
Wax Fang
The Features
Early Day Miners
The Impossible Shapes
The High Water Marks
The October
Black Diamond Heavies
The Glasspack
The Pennies
The Hiders
The Harry Pickens Band
Stephen Simmons
Todd Coyle
Lisa Merida-Paytes
Christopher Daniel
Cynthia Reynolds
Christian Hansen
Mike Ratterman
Patricia Gaines-Mills
David Metcalf
Dennis C. Baker
Jarrett Hawkins
Jerome Kennedy
Jared Landberg
Raymond Graf
Elizabeth Guipe
Scott Hall
Scott Hisey
Matt Weir
Courtnee Bennett
Emily Buddendeck
Chad Cully & Luke Ebner
Thea Lura
Jeff Gaither
The Appalachian Trail Conservancy
Missouri Forest Alliance
Blue Earth Alliance
Dogwood Alliance
Kentucky Heartwood
Indiana Heartwood
Buckeye Forest Council
Kentucky Resources Council
Kentucky Waterways Alliance
Kentucky Solar Partnership
Kentucky Solar Designs
Community Farm Alliance
Kentuckians For The Commonwealth
Hoosier Environmental Council
Indiana Forest Alliance
Protect Our Woods
Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter
Sierra Club Louisville Chapter
Sierra Club Cincinnati Chapter
Louisville Sustainability Forum
Students Producing Organics Under the Sun
Students Promoting Environmental Awareness and Recycling
Student Environmental Action Coalition
Bicycling for Louisville & Bike Depot
Olmstead Park Conservancy
Cultivating Connections
Save The Cumberland
Southern Energy Network
Southern Energy Conservation Initiative
Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance
Coalition for the Advancement of Regional Transportation
Urban Sisterhood
Valley Watch
Caldwell Eco-Center
Center for Sustainable Living
Ohio Citizen Action
Ohio River Foundation
Ohio Valley Creative Energy
Earth First!
Global Village Foundation
Global Community Monitor
Peak Oil Group
Label Showcases ~ Secretly Canadian, PlaybackSTL, sonaBLAST!
Outdoor Activities ~ Eco-Film Showcase | Eco-Business Expo | Outdoor Extreme Sports Park | Personal Empowerment Panels
Keynote Speaker ~ Skip Yowell (Author, Activist, Outdoor Industry Innovator, Co-Founder, VP of Jansport and Big City Mountaineers)
Tickets available through and, along with the following independent record stores:
Ear X-Tacy Records (Louisville, KY)
Indy CD & Vinyl (Indianapolis, IN)
Shake-It Records (Cincinnati, OH)
Grimey's New and Preloved Music (Nashville, TN)
For more information:
Activism Sneak-Peak this Friday
Thanks again to everyone who turned out for the "sneak-peak" events the past few Fridays. They were a huge success, drawing hundreds of people to Market St and Bardstown Rd for the music and art previews. This Friday is the final event, and we would greatly appreciate everyone coming out to support the Kentucky organizations represented at the 6th annual event:
Friday, July 20th
@ Clifton Unitarian Church
2231 Payne Street
Louisville, KY 40206
moderated by: Marc Steiner from Cultivating Connections
featuring: Sierra Club, Kentuckians For The Commonwealth, Louisville Sustainability Forum, Kentucky Resources Council, Community Farm Alliance, and many more...

THE FORECASTLE FESTIVAL is the largest gathering of musicians, artists, and activists in the American Midwest. Founded in Louisville, KY, the scenic, outdoor event is equally based upon a three-part format: Music.Art.Activism. Combining the hardest working Midwest bands, artists, and progressive environmental organizations ~ Forecastle is the place where the people come together. The 2006 festival brought a record attendance to Louisville's historic Mellwood Art & Entertainment Center. This year's fest ~ with its waterfront setting, expanded line-ups, extreme sports park, and finale performances from dual national acts ~ is expected to surpass 2006 by five thousand attendees, converging in Louisville from the Midwest and beyond.