Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First Friday opening exhibitions

First Friday is coming up on 7/1 on Market ST and there are some interesting exhibitions:

Zephyr Gallery: “LoCAL.designs” curator Daniel Pfalzgraf presents a Louisville Contemporary Art Lounge exhibition including artists George Chaplin, David M. Cook, Thomas DeLisle, FRESH FiT Franchize, Bryce Hudson, Gibbs Rounsavall and J.B. Wilson. July 1- aug 13.

Swanson Reed Gallery: Thaniel Ion Lee "An Imperfect Circle" June 30 - July 9. Ink Drawing on paper by one of Louisville's most unique artists.
thirty days on main
ink on paper
38 by 49 inches

Monday, June 27, 2011

Review: JEFF The Brotherhood Mag Bar 6/19

Jeff The Brotherhood came to town last Sunday night at Mag Bar, the show started off with Louisville LoFi rockers K TRANZA and personally being new to the local scene I am more familiar with bands that play in California than someone from my own beautiful state, strange I know. Given this they reminded me of the youthfulness of Wavves and the smooth pop feel of Girls, I loved it.
Next up was the first Nashville act Cy Barkley, this dude rocks! Bringing back the soul of punk music, something strangely missing from the LoFi scene today. It is a feeling I miss, and one I hope is coming back (I never believed that punk was dead, it just needed some recovery time) good job Cy on representing all the bands I grew up with in a respectful way, you would make Minor Threat proud I’m sure.
JEFF The Brotherhood was the last to play, these guys have a great stage presence. I loved the theatrics they employ, such as back lighting and fog machines it made my night. When a band shows that they love performing by including different visuals on stage it makes me feel like they care that the audience enjoys every part of the show and I appreciate that. The new album We Are The Champions is phenomenal and certainly on my list of best albums this year. From the first song “Hey Friend” the guitar is right on; spacey and grandiose like all great guitar albums, these guys are here to impress the listener, and why not they come from a musical family their father is songwriter/producer Robert Ellis Orrall who also helped them start their record label Infinity Cats. Kudos to Mag Bar for the venue it was a great night.

JEFF The Brotherhood

Cy Barkley

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pictures from The Louisville Is For Lovers Summer Series 6/24

A lovely evening was had by all who attended tbe second concert of the Louisville is for Lovers series last night on the roof of Glassworks. The roof was full of people enjoying the lovely summer night. Adventure played a great rocking set followed by Second Story Man.  Many thanks for those that came, as well as the beloved John King for keeping local bands on stage to give us a good show.
Below are photos for you enjoyment, have a great Saturday!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Winner: Grayson Capps tix=Eric M!

The winner of The Grayson Capps 2 tix give away at Phenix Hill on sat 6/25 is ERIC M! (your name + 1 will be at the door, so bring your ID, and have fun)!


6/23 Dallas Alice and Chris Leigh & the Broken Hearts w/ the County Line @ Headliners, 8p,$10
6/23 Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside @ uncle Slaton's
6/23 sound&shape (nashville) at hideaway
6/24 Edgehill Avenue Album Release Party w/ The Tunesmiths &  @ Headliners,
6/24 Second Story Man & Adventure @ Glassworks Rooftop $10/21+/doors at 8pm FREE 7"
6/25 Grayson Capps @ Phoenix hill
6/25 okkino @ Wick's on Baxter
6/25 broadfield marchers @ zazoo's
6/26 Joe Manning w/ Small Sur and Elephant Micah @ Zanzabar, 9p

GO GO, Get Out and GO NUTS!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Free ticket give away: 7/14 Tyler Bryant

Tyler Bryant will be playing a show at Headliners  on Thursday, July 14. We have two tickets to give away at random, so leave your name (first and AT LEAST last initial) and we will post a winner on 7/13.

Tyler Brant recently played Louisville with Jeff Beck at the Louisville Palace Theatre on April 26, 2011.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

free ticket give away: 7/2 Tunesmiths/hot wires

we are giving away 2 tickets to the Hot Wires/Tunesmiths show at Zanzabar on 7/2. just leave your name in a comment (and please, have it be at least your first name and last initial) and we will pick a winner at random and post it on the 1st.

Monday, June 20, 2011

6/24 Adventure/Second Story Man @ Glassworks

Just a reminder that the 2nd SUMMER 7" SERIES show will take place on the Glassworks Rooftop this Friday at 8pm (21+ indoor space reserved for rain). everyone in attendance will receive a free 7" of new music by Second Story Man & Adventure at the door. it's only $10 (or $25 for a season pass) and both types of tickets can be pre-ordered on the Louisville Is For Lovers website.

Friday, June 17, 2011

6/18 Murals @ John Faulkner Art Gallery

Murals will be playing a free show at John Faulkner Art Gallery on Market Street this Saturday from 7-9.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


6/16 Joe Manning/Doug Paisley @ The Rud 8pm $10 21+
6/17 Galactic w/ Orgone @ Headliners, 9p, $17 adv $20 door
6/18 murals at Fulkner gallery 6pm
6/18 Tunesmith @ monkey wrench

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Free ticket give away: 6/25 Grayson Capps

Grayson Capps is playing at Phenix Hill on sat 6/25 in support of his new album 'The Lost Cause Minstrels', which is currently in the top 10 blues chart on itunes.
we have 2 tickets to this show. leave your name (first and last, or at least first and last initial) in a comment and we will pick a winner and post it by thurs the 23rd.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review: Giving up/Putting out cassette

I like Giving Up. not that I know too much about Giving Up besides a handfull of moments here and there over the past year, but I am a fan.  I am somewhat unacquainted with Putting Out, but The DIY record label 'Sophomore Lounge' describes these two as follows:
PUTTING OUT is a right of passage. A junior in highschool realizing it's time to jump on the band wagon, let his or herself be taken to a new realm of physical engagement, or on the other side of that coin, one can let his or herself go completely, and feel like he or she has become a worn-in trampoline of degeneracy. Similarly, GIVING UP can be an act of submission and degradation, or it can be a positive liberation from oppressive values instilled within oneself. GIVING UP and PUTTING OUT are two actions that go together like moonstone and rose quartz.
I'm not sure if there is that solid of a connection between the two, I've defiantly Given Up on the idea of getting a chance to Put Out.. But this is either here nor there.. the real connection between the two is the new Cassette split release of Giving Up and Putting Out.
I instantly liked Giving Up because it reminded me of the Boyfriend/Girlfriend pop/punk bands of the late 80's and early 90's like Small Factory, Superchunk, and Black Tambourine (if you don't know, find out). Similarly I Like Sophomore Lounge, for the same reason. they tend to stick to tried and true heart-crushed pop punk  rather than jumping on the band wagon of whatever glossy pop is in favor at the moment.  I suppose that is why this new release is on the format of cassette tape with the lost art of the bedroom door sized poster.
This release is a 24 minute, 7 song lovely trainwreck dominated by Giving Up with 3 solid tracks reminiscent  of the 90's lovesick releases by the indie label Simple Machines. The opening track "Armatage Shanks" hits with crashing drums and harmonies that remind me of a young Second Story Man and keeps going strong to the end of side A.
Similarly, the Putting Out offering is reminiscent of an earlier Giving Up release, Web, or even latter recordings of Throbbing Gristle; distorted drums strewn with samples of talking, screaming,  and other noises that somehow converge into something pretty.
Giving Up/Putting Out split cassette (with digital download) out 6/21/11

6/19 Jeff the Brotherhood at MAG

Sophomore Lounge presents Jeff The Brotherhood (ex-Be your Own Pet) sunday 6/19 at the Mag Bar. State Champion and Cy Barkley playing too. $7 21+ 8pm

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Help Save LOUISVILLE IS FOR LOVERS 'Summer 7" Series'

In the dozen years Louisville is For Lovers has been bringing the best music from Local bands, I have never asked for help, what ever cuts and losses I took, I took alone, but after a succession of hits over the past few weeks, I find myself stuck.
Two weeks ago we had our first show in the SUMMER 7" SERIES on the Glassworks rooftop with The Bad Reeds and Workers with a free 7" record to everyone at the door. It was a great night despite the looming rain that kept a lot of folks home, and it got new music from local bands onto some sexy yellow vinyl.
This series is supposed to have a show every month through the summer with the next one on JUNE 24th on the Glassworks Rooftop with Second Story Man and Adventure.  It is an ambitious series, maybe too ambitious, that celebrates local music as well as the timeless art of Vinyl, and for just $10 a show you get both. Unfortunately vinyl costs a fortune as well as playing at such a unique venue such as Glassworks, and after several financial hits I fear we may not be able to continue. But, I am not giving up, as I never have, and I am asking you to please give and in supporting local music and spreading the word about this Unique and exciting project.
We are asking for you to help by pre-ordering tickets to this series so that we can pay for the next round of vinyl, and in exchange we are cutting the price and giving away a ton of extras.
By pre-ordering your ticket for the 6/24 show w/Adventure+Second Story Man for just $10 you will get the limited edition 7" from both bands as well as the Bad Reeds+Workers 7".
tickets are also avialable for the Scott Carney band+Deloreans show on 8/19 or the Gallery Singers+Whistle Peak show on 9/16 for just $8 each.
Or for just $25 you can get a season pass for all three shows/7"s as well as 2 more 7"s, that's 3 shows and five 7"s for only $25. it's an unbeatable deal. Please help us by telling your friends about this project!

pre-order tickets:

-Friday september 9/16 Whistle Peak & Gallery Singers

pre-order for just $8

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Review: Brett Dennen 6/1 @ Headliners

Reviewed by guest writer Phaedra King

 On June 1st, Brett Dennen played at Headliner’s.   Two months ago, I had never heard of him.   However, as luck would have it, a friend assumed I’d like Dennen and gave me his latest cd: Loverboy.  I’ve listened to it every day since.  Luck intervened again last night, when a friend invited me to catch his show.

I’m totally fascinated by Brett Dennen.  I know everyone talks about the way he looks, but how can you not?  He looks like a kid.  A sweet, apple pie, Opie-faced kid!  How can this “kid” write such poignant songs about love, longing and heartbreak?   Whomwould dare break the heart of this angelic-faced boy, who tweets things like “aw shucks!”

Healiners was packed.  Dennen obviously appeals to people in every age group and I was happy to fall into the middle of the demographics last night.  When his set started, I was a little worried that I would be disappointed.  I had fallen in love with Loverboy and there was always the possibility that he wasn’t going to live up to my expectations. 
Well he did not disappoint!  A lot of what I assumed was right: Dennen comes across as very shy and soft spoken.  There wasn’t a lot of conversing with the audience. But then we didn’t come to hear him speak; we came to hear him sing.  And man can he sing! 

Dennen sings with his whole body.  In person you aren’t so much fascinated with his baby-face, as with his amazingly long legs.  He’s all limbs and his limbs are moving all the time!  He’d throw his long arms out and the audience would exult!  He would wiggle his hips and the crowd would wiggle right along with him.

He sings barefooted, which did not surprise me.  If you watch closely (which apparently I did), his toes are constantly working, gripping and searching the small Oriental rug he stands on.  I couldn’t help but think “here is a guy who prefers to read books over Nooks or Kindles, because he’s extremely tactile and likes to touch and feel things.”  And Dennen does “feel things.”  He feels them with his soul.  He pours those feelings out in his songs and he shares them.  The best part being that then you (the listener) can then also feel them.  They are real, not manufactured like so many songs today.  I’m so tired of listening to music and thinking “their voice doesn’t even sound real, and the music is so over done I can’t even decide what type of instruments are being played!”  This is not the case with Dennen.  His voice is real.  He sounds the same in person as he does on his CDs.  His voice is unique… you find yourself trying to find someone to compare it to:  last night I got Paul Simon with a hint of Tom Petty.  But really, his voice is the voice of Brett Dennen!  He does not need to be compared to anyone. 

At that show, Dennen was accompanied by four musicians.  And for his first encore, Dawes joined his band and brought down the house!  This was a big change from the last time Dennen came to Louisville.  According to my companion, at that time, he played with just himself and a guitar.   I was bummed, when I heard about that show.  I would have like to have known about Brett Dennen when he was just a boy with a guitar.  But then, Loverboy would not disappoint … for his second encore, Brett Dennen WAS just a boy with a guitar and he “rocked me to my soul!”

Thursday, June 9, 2011


6/9 the Two Gentlemen Band w/ 23 String Band @ Gerstles, 8p, $8
6/10 Rachel Grimes @ ST.Frances $12
6/10 Wax Fang @ Churchill Downs Paddock, 8pm, $3
6/11 Broken Spurs @ Zazoos
6/11 2nd Annual SqueezeBot Prom, $20 couple $10 stag, 8p
6/11 Bloom Street w/ 30 Spokes and Matt Anthony @ Headliners, 9:30p, $5
6/11 The Features @ Zanzaabar, 8p
6/ 9-12 BONNAROO (Manchester, TN)


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2011 Louisville Beerfest

It's that time of year again. Last year's brewfest was a great success, so they're doing it again this year. This is an event that makes it feel really good to give back to the local community!

Admission is free. There will be great, local food, beer, wine, and music everywhere you look. They even provide you with a designated driver as City Scoot will be scooting people home for free! Not sold yet? Here are the details:

Friday, July 1st, 4p-10p
Mellwood Arts Center

Admission is free. Drinkers must purchase $2 souvenir cup.

Breweries represented include:
Bluegrass Brewing Company
New Albanian Brewing Company
Cumberland Brews
Falls City
BBC Tap Room
Kentucky Ale

Music includes:
The Fervor 8:30
The Slow Charleston 7:15
Appalatin 6:30

The event is sponsered by and benefits the Louisville Independent Business Association.

I'll be working the BBC booth, so come say hi and taste some of my handywork!