Thursday, July 28, 2011

Review: Maiden Radio "Lullabies" LP

Louisville's favorite ladies folk trio, Maiden Radio, has a new album coming out in a couple weeks called 'Lullabies' and is a collection of covers and traditional classics originally recorded for band member Julia Purcell's new baby.
The album is a quiet 8 songs recorded in Cheyenne Mize's attic complete with creeks and cracks that add to the theme of lulling little bitty babies off to twilight.
The album starts off with an Odetta classic "Sail Away ladies" (without Odetta's howling high notes..) that will make the most sarcastic southern ex-pat nostalgic for the southeast.
The album continues with one of the best renditions of "lavender blue" I have heard, and I have heard plenty, followed by a very true to form Gillian Welch song from 20001's Time, "Dear Someone".
The album ends with the traditional ''Hush Thee My Rowan" that would leave the listener wanting more, if he or she was still awake, as putting the listener to sleep is the ultimate goal, and these ladies did a pretty good job at this.

The Album 'Lullabies' is the first release on Daniel Martin Moore's "Ol Kentuck" label and will hit the streets in 2 weeks.
Maiden Radio's album release show will be on August 5th at Uncle Slayton's at 7pm, and an instore at ear-x tacy on August 9th at 6pm.


7/28 teengirl fantasy @ Zanzabar
7/28 Cosa Seria @ Saints 
7/28 experimental music night @ DCE

7/29-30 Kentucky Music Weekend @ Iroquois Amphitheater

7/30-31 the rumors @ horseshoe

well, thursday night seems to be the big night in town. if there's any events we have over looked please leave it in a comment.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7/27 Catherine Irwin & Lower Dens @ Zanzabar

CATHERINE IRWIN (of FREAKWATER) & LOWER DENS (from Baltimore) are playing tomorrow (Wednesday), July 27th at ZANZABAR. 9 PM DOORS, $6, 21 and over. This show is presented by The Other Side of Life and Cropped Out!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Photo Review: 'Summer Heat' & 'For The Love' reception 6/23

"For The Love" live Hip Hop showcase was performed during the opening reception of "Summer Heat" (a show about sexuality) the newest art exhibit at Land of Tomorrow Gallery in the St. Francis Building at 233 W Broadway.

 break-dancers of 'For The Love'

Jalin Roze (of 'For The Love') and curator Joey Yates in front of Sarah Lasley's graphite drawings.

Joshua & Leticia Bajuyo, and Richard Campbell in front of Campbell's giant balloon Penis installation.

Russ & Shelly Hulsey reenacting Klimt's The Kiss 
S. Hulsey had reception goers reenact Klimt's famous painting for a photo installation (and I had her reenact it with her man for this review).
Wheat Paste installation of "The Riot Kiss" on Boradway.
It looks small, but is actually near life size.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


7/21 matisyahu @ ear x-tacy 5pm/headliners 8pm
7/22 metalfest @ boondocks
7/22 Louisville Music News' Terrabeat Clultural Showcase @ The Rudyard Kipling
7/23 Summer Heat show @ LOT Gallery 7pm
7/23 metalfest part 2 @ boondocks
7/24 metalfest part 3 @ boondocks
7/24 Cosa Seria at Glassworks 9pm

go on and get out there! you only live once. most likely.

Review: Scott Carney & Life And Times @ Zanzabar

Wax Fang hasn't played out in awhile. That might be why Scott Carney has been playing solo events lately. Tonight he opened for Life and Times @ Zanzabar, and just by hearing him, you almost don't realize that  he isn't playing behind a full band. Looping multiple guitar sounds over top of each other to create a full mural of texture, the epic sounds we are so fond of with Wax Fang began to arise from this one man and his guitar. Scott Carney is an amazing guitarist, and the full weight of his gift is clearly visible as a solo artist, though I must admit I am excited to see what he has in store next month when he hits the stage with The Heavy friends at Glassworks (8/19 8pm).  Scott Carney is a man who enjoys music and sharing it with others, which is apparent when he is performing, and it is always a treat to experience his talent no matter what moniker he plays under.
Honestly I do not know much about Life And Times, I was told they come from Chicago or DC, or both, and internet searches did not land much of a relevant result. I suppose that's a risk you take when you go for a commonality in a band name. I'm sure Luke Skyywalker had similar trouble starting out too. 
Speaking of blasts from the past, From the first chords in the first song from The Life and Times set I was transported back nearly 2 decades to the early nineties when monster bass lines and math-rocky drums ruled the 7" vinyl release sections of local record stores. and it wasn't just the band that brought me back to 1993, the crowd that gathered to the front of the stage were also reminiscent of that time when indie rock reigned supreme; there was a girl with purple hair and a boy wearing goggles and a white sport coat. But none of this is to say I didn't enjoy it, because I did, especially watching the small but enthusiastic crowd. My friend Danny said "I checked my watch to make sure I was still in this Century.." It was noticeable that Life And Times where taking a cue from influential heavy rock Indie bands of the early nineties, but seemed to be taking cues from all the right bands. I would describe the band as a mixture of the Tar/Jawbox split 7" static and the Jesus lizard 7" inch box set Lash (both released in 1993). both great EPs BTW, and both teeming with powerful bass and guitar chords and rough yet cozy vocals, also very  prominent in Life And Times set.
They played well, and sweaty, and the small crowd at Zanzabar seemed to enjoy both sets regardless of the differences in sound and style. as did I.

Scott Carney

 Life And Times (and crowd)
The Life and Times @ Zanzabar 7/20/11

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

8/19 New Zephyr art show: Meers/Dunbar paintings

Zephyr Gallery will be presenting “Near and Far” An exhibition of new paintings by Matt Meers "Near" and Lynn Dunbar "Far" from August 19-September 24. Opening reception, August 19, 2011 5-9 pm with a First Friday reception September 2, 6-9pm.
Matt Meers Detail. Oil on Canvas

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

7/23 Summer Heat Opening Reception saturday

Land Of Tomorrow Art Gallery at 3rd and broadway (in the St. Francis building) has a new show opening on saturday at 7pm, called SUMMER HEAT with over 20 regional artists including Letitia Quesenberry, Chris Radtke, Stephen Irwin, Sarah Lasley, Sarah Lyon, and myself.

Summer Heat focuses on modern sexuality. Curator Joey Yates states "Summer Heat will serve as a sexual journey for the viewer allowing the gallery goer to explore their own sexuality through the works in the exhibition."
The opening reception will also hold "For The Love LOT x SoS Street Art Consortium" a Hip Hop live arts presentation featuring Louisville DJ, DJ Fluid aka Yao Money will DJ and Jalin Roze.

"Pin Up Sketch No.1" 3'x5' watercolor by John King
Summer Heat shows at LOT through Sep.9th 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer 7" Series first 2 records released

In Preparation of the Final 2 events in the Summer 7" Series, Louisville Is For Lovers has put up the first two 7"s for order, at The remaining copies of the limited 300 pressing are only $6 with free shipping. Second Story Man+Adventure on blue marble, and The Bad Reeds+Workers on yellow marble. R.A.D Vinyl called the series "one of the best concepts for a series I have heard" read review here.

Also available for order, Scott Carney & Heavy Friends + The Deloreans 8/19 show tix and Whistle Peak+The Gallery Singers with The Mack 9/16 tix (both at Glassworks, 8pm, 18+, FREE 7").  just $8 pre-order. very limited availability.. 
video @ youtube 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

TONITE! Seluah @ Zanzabar 7/17

Seluah is playing tonight, July 17th,  at Zanzabar with She Might Bite and DJ Matt Anthony.
This will be their last show before they play 4 dates with TV On The Radio next month and will be playing quite a few songs from their upcoming full-length album. The cover is $7.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

ToNITE! Xylos & King Kong @ The Rud 7/16

Xylos (NYC) and King Kong (Louisville) are playing the Rudyard Kipling tonite, 7/16, at 9pm.
The New York Times calls Xylos "vibrant and sinister" and says singer Katy B 'sings smoothly and sweetly'. King Kong might be considered a pleasant opposite of that..  but go find out for yourself tonight at the Rud.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


7/14 tyler brant @ headliners
7/15 johnny berry @ DCE
7/15 halfway to forecastle @ waterfront
7/15 The Business and The Broken Spurs/ screening of 'The Big Lebowski' @ Executive Lawn $15 4pm

7/16 hellogoodbye @ vernon
7/16 10th Lebowski Fest - Garden Party w/Those Darlins @ Executive Strike & Spare
7/17 Seluah & Matt Anthony @ Zanzabar

Get Out and Go Nuts! and if we have forgotten something, please leave it in a comment..

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review: Mucca Pazza Headliners 7/7

Mucca Pazza came to Headliners on thursday night, they played the show with another Chicago band Schwinntonation who seemed to be very enthused to be there, proven by the musical lesson we received about intonation, which ended up being the definition for tonality. They used different parts from bikes to execute their soft looped sounds. It was a slow performance and was a strange lead up to the main event.
Mucca Pazza starts the show in the middle of the crowd, with their horns and hats running through the audience getting everyone ready for the party that was about to begin. The show is a mixture of performance art and raging birthday party, with cheerleaders and "the only marching band with a violinist" played two sets between which they spent some time at the bar or sauntered outside for a minute and when they had determined that the crowd was ready for it they came back for their second set.
This was my first Mucca Pazza show and I was amazed by the energy held by these 20+ people all captivating the audience. The dancing was contagious and it felt like the party could last for days but when it was over the band simply left the stage and went right out the side door, nothing special or crazy just simple and intimate.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Review: Bill Callahan @ The Cave 7/6

Last Weds, Bill Callahan, of Smog fame, played in front of a packed sweaty crowd in a small man made cavern under a hill on Lexington rd.
Louisville Artist Mike Ratterman and his wife Annie hosted this small show of about 200 people in the limestone brick cavern under their home  that some believe was first made to haul Cholera victims safely to Cave hill Cemetery for burial.
The show was promoted by Ryan Davis of Sophomore Lounge and Ratterman, both of whom decided to keep this show quiet due to the limited space and notoriety of the headliner.
the show started with Austin band Hidden Rituals, who formed in November 2010 and are touring in support of their new self titled album.
Bill Callahan, who is touring in support of his 2010 novel "letters to Emma Bowlcut" and his 2011 LP Apocalypse, began releasing records under the name Smog in 1990, and under his own name since 2007.
By the time he hit the stage with 2 friends, the ground water dripping on the audience had turned to steam and the crowd was a wet hot mess that could care less about spooky dark wet atmosphere and was completely delighted at his intimate approach amplified by the natural echo produced by the vaulted stone ceiling.
Callahan played guitar and sang for about an hour and was accompanied by an electric guitar and small drum set. and although the 20' x 70' cavern had only four 40 watt bulbs and was too dark to see the band, the setting was unique and intimate and suited the voice and personality of this indie mainstay perfectly.
I spent some time outside, as the heat was a little much at times, and noticed the audience spanned from young college folks to older family types that only shows the reach Bill Callahan has after 20+ years on stage.  this 4th event at 'The Cave' was good time for all, and hopefully there will be more events to come, perhaps in the fall...

Bill Callahan "Riding for the Feeling" live @ THE CAVE

Thursday, July 7, 2011

PIXIES pre-order special NOW-7/14

 everyone is excited about The Pixies stopping in Louisville for the very first time on November 9th, hopefully excited enough to pay the $72.50 general admission price. from today until July 14th at 6pm You can grab a pre-order ticket at, and that steep price will also get you a limited edition T-shirt not available for sale.

T-Shirts on their site start at $30 and sky rocket from there, so think of it as buying a $42.50 ticket and a $30 shirt. also remember the Pixies record and sell their performances right after the show on CD from a portable studio, so bring another $30 for that (and just smuggle in your bourbon).

UPDATE: Pre-sale tickets are now sold out for this show, public on sale is July 15th.

WEEKEND EVENTS CALENDAR 7/8-10 (and R Kelly on weds)

7/8 softcheque @ glassworks rooftop
7/8 caribou at horseshoe
7/9 caribou at horseshoe
7/9 louisville water tower blues n' barbeque
7/10 sublime @ iroquis
7/10 louisville water tower blues n' barbeque
7/13 R Kelly @ Yum! Bucket

get out and go nuts! and if we have forgot anything, please leave it in a comment.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Whistle Peak announces many treats for you (& Video Premiere)

After a long break, one of Louisville's home grown favorites announces a long awaited return, with a new album, video, show dates, and of corse a 7" with the Louisville Is For Lovers Summer 7" Series!
From The Whistle Peak press release:
"Whistle Peak would like to announce the release of our new music video. The video was filmed by Ryan Daly of Louisville Film Society and Flyover Filmfest. The song is 'Gold Teeth' from the last album. This new video of an "old" song is being released to help promote our upcoming album to be released in November on Karate Body Records. Our first single from that album will be released next month. Then, in September, we will be playing the last of the Louisville is for Lovers Summer 7 inch series on the glassworks rooftop on 9/16 (with The Gallery Singers), during which two more whistle peak songs will be released. After the drought, comes the flood. There is a lot in store these coming months for Whistle Peak. This is meant to get that ball rolling."
as long time fans, We are very excited about the triumphant return of Whistle Peak!

Whistle Peak Gold Teeth from cinemanonymous on Vimeo.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Pixies play Louisville 11/9

Some religions believe that god can only hear prayers when they come from large groups of people. This might also apply to The Pixies, who will announce tomorrow that their next tour will consist of playing in cities that they have never played before, answering the prayers of thousands of Pixies fans across the US.
The Doolittle Lost Cities tour will begin on October 27th hitting 19 cities in 26 days, stopping in Louisville on Nov. 9th @ The Palace.

The band began playing "Doolittle" 20th anniversary shows in 2009. The album "Doolittle" was released in April 1989.


Oct. 27 - Wellmont Theatre, Montclair, N.J.
Oct. 28 - Asbury Park Convention Hall, Asbury Park, N.J.
Oct. 29 - Palace Theatre, Waterbury, Conn.
Oct. 30 - Hampton Beach Ballroom, Hampton Beach, N.H.
Nov. 1 - State Theatre, Portland, Maine
Nov. 2 - The Armory, Rochester, N.Y.
Nov. 3 - State Theatre Center for the Arts, Easton, Pa.
Nov. 5 - Paramount Theatre, Huntington, N.Y.
Nov. 6 - Grand Opera House, Wilmington, Del.
Nov. 8 - War Memorial Auditorium, Greensboro, N.C.
Nov. 9 - Louisville Palace Theatre, Louisville, Ky. 
Nov. 10 - Tennessee Theatre, Knoxville, Tenn.
Nov. 11 - North Charleston Performing Arts Center, North Charleston, S.C.
(through this date with Surfer Blood)
Nov. 14 - Orpheum Theatre, Memphis, Tenn.
Nov. 15 - Bricktown Events Center, Oklahoma, Okla.
Nov. 16 - Santa Fe Center, Sante Fe, N.M.
Nov. 18 - Fox Theatre, Bakersfield, Calif.
Nov. 20 - The Uptown Theatre, Napa, Calif.
Nov. 21 - Civic Auditorium, Santa Cruz, Calif.
(through this date with Imaginary Cities)

FREE MUSIC GIVEAWAY! JK Mabry's Familiar Stranger

Jk Mabry's new album "Familiar Stranger" is out now (Ear X-Tacy, Itunes, Amazon) and we have a couple copies to give A way! leave your name and we will pick 2 winners at random on July 14th.
& we can mail them to you.
Jk Mabry is playing At Lisa's on 7/8 (Louisville) & at the standard hotel on 8/31 (LA) 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

7/2 Taylor Swift show tonight canceled!

The Talyor Swift Show at the Yum! Bucket tonight has been canceled and rescheduled for Tuesday October 11th.
The press release said "Due to illness and under doctor's orders, Taylor Swift has been forced to postpone tonight's performance."
taylor Swift fan art