Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oprah asks 37 Flood to interview The Judds!

True story: just before midnight Friday I got an email from a producer at OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) saying "Hi John, I hope things are well with you. I’m contacting you on behalf of the Oprah Winfrey Network. In anticipation of the new docu-series "The Judds" coming to OWN- Naomi and Wynonna Judd will discuss the series documenting their lives on a conference call Q & A with members of the media next Monday". Now, in my tenure as a Louisville music concierge, I have been tracked down and asked to do some pretty strange and interesting things (including painting Conor Oberst's face like Kiss member Paul Stanley, and acting like a thrifty zombie shopping for deals in a store commercial) but this one caught me off guard. first I wondered if I had met this woman before, the email sounded friendly, and I am notoriously  forgetful of whom I have met and in what context.. but I believe I would have remembered meeting an Oprah  producer. So, the only real answer is that the Oprah Network regularly reads, and considers me a 'member of the press'. I am always amazed by how many out-of-towners and industry professionals read my rantings, but every letter and email I get from all around the planet regarding 37 Flood is an honor, and helps to keep me writing (hint
So, after I got over my initial excitement, I did what anyone would have done... I told my mother.  Being both an Oprah fan and a Judds fan, I knew she would be proud.. and lately I have had some stet backs, money wise, and looking for a part time job to even things out have been futile(also hint hint to anyone in a hiring mood), so anything to help Mom feel better about my life choices is appreciated.  And proud she was, she demanded I RSVP immediately and to begin boning up on my Judds trivia. And then she started making a list all the people she could call and brag to.
I was a little nervous about it, I didn't know what I getting into, I am after all a small blog on the world scale and was still unsure how I got an invitation of this sort. and to add to my nervousness, shortly after I RSVP'd my computer exploded. well, nearly exploded. the power cord got so hot that it burned me through my pants (just on the leg, so need to worry), and when I grabbed the cord to unplug it, I got a 2nd degree burn on my hand.
It seems every time I have a big project to do, my macbook explodes, implodes, or in some other way stops working. Long story short, I spent the weekend running around looking for a power cord, and everywhere I went they wanted about $100. Which at that point I would have paid, if I had it. I even started going around to coffee shops thumbing through Lost-and-found boxes hoping to find one. (sorry to any Barista I may have told that I was looking for my own that i might have left behind.. I was desperate). It is amazing what people leave behind at coffee shops: lots of wallets, car keys, dog leashes and collars, cell phones, but no Apple accessories.  Finally I went to the Mac Store on a long shot that they might loan me one. Which they would not, but after I explained that it burnt me, and showed my wound, they offered to exchange it, as Apple was well aware of this design flaw and had manufactured new cords that hopefully do not explode and/or make folks want to start a lawsuit.
As a quick note, the fellas at the Apple store always seem to come though for me when I am desperate (thanks Dans!). Apple costs a little more, but it's worth it.
Anyway, Monday morning comes around and I'm completely ill prepared. My mother catches me up on the current Judd gossip and I do a quick read through of  Naomi (born Diana Ellen), Wynonna (born Christina Ciminella), and Ashley's Wikipedia pages. Ashley(the only one not to change her name) is not a part of the Judd's country music group, but as my mother mentions, Ashley is a common theme of strife in the family.
I ask my mother if she would like to listen in, and she does. I get nervous for a while and call the conference number for the group interview. A woman begins talking to all the reporters about the docu-series, and that Naomi and Wynonna will be on shortly to answer our questions, and to ask a question just press #14 and the moderator will announce you and then you can begin speaking.
20 minutes later we are all still on hold waiting, and then the moderator announces that The Judds are ready. After a moment Wynonna comes on and says 'hello... hi mom' and Naomi says 'hi Poopsie Woopsie'  the line goes quiet.. and then Wynonna makes an unhappy sound, and with those few words began 40 minutes of two women trying their best to piss off and embarrass one another in front of complete strangers whom will undoubtably broadcast it to the world. and just like that I am no longer nervous.
The first question was from a fellow blogger, and so I began to think there might be a lot people like myself on the line and became less self conscious about my questions.
Someone asked why they decided to do a reality show, and Naomi said "Well there is a whole generation of people born after Al Gore invented the internet that have never heard of who the Judds are". Wynonna said "Well, The Judds are in a good place right now" (yes, they refer to themselves in 3rd person) and then jumped down the writer's throat about how it's a 'docu-series' not a 'reality show' and then began to explain how reality shows are NOT real, that someone writes out a plot and tells the people what to concentrate on, but this show IS REAL.
and for awhile it went on in this manor; Naomi answered the questions first, then Wynonna comments on how Naomi always has to go first, and they both offered up their opinions as fact, insisted that they were REAL(real what? I dunno but i started keeping count how many times Wynonna said they were real:7), and that they actually did like each other. I couldn't imagine anyone believed them.
As this went on, the moderator announced the reporter and their affiliation, and I got nervous again.. I soon found myself in company not of fellow bloggers and small publications, but of big hitters like People Magazine,  The Toronto Star, The New York Times, US Weekly, USA Today, Fox News, among others.
Naomi and Wynonna kept on about how after years of feuding they finally had a break through, and in this docu-series we will see mother and daughter growing close and respecting each other... as they totally disrespected each other. I was nervous about asking a stupid question in front so many big time writers, but then it occurred to me that their show was about a mother and child working on their relationship, and here I was with my mother! what a better way to interview these two, than with a question about mother-child relations by a mother-child reporting duo. I typed in the number to request a turn and in return I got 2 beeps. I have no idea what 2 beeps mean, but I wait and hope to be called on and listen to the Judds ramble wisdoms of truth. They talk about all the therapy they were getting, and how it is really helping in there healing. Naomi says "truth is the most important emotion, any therapist will tell you that", Wynonna gets annoyed at Naomi and says to us that Naomi ''thinks she's Superwoman" and then threatens to hang up. And just when I think the Judds were gonna hang up on each other, and the interview would be over, someone asks about Ashley.
And just like that the ladies have a common bond.
Wynonna says Ashley has a new tell-all book about the family, Naomi says no matter what she will always love Ashely but her 'reality' is not 'their reality'(even tho she mentions she never made it passed the 2nd chapter), Wynonna tells Naomi that they are not allowed to talk about Ashley, Naomi tells Wynonna that she started it and then the moderator says they only have time for a couple more questions. The next reporter asks Naomi that as a 65 year old, what beauty tips she may have for their older readers. Naomi says to never wear a girdle, because it may give the appearance of a uni-boob. And just like that I start worrying about what the hell I am gonna write about this train wreck, because I don't want to loose any future opportunities by the OWN network by writing how completely nuts these women are, and then it hits me: This show has got to be about how nuts these women are, thats why people (sorry Wynonna) watch Reality shows, and that's what OWN wants us to tell the world. I do a quick jump to the OWN network website to look at their upcoming shows. I find a page looking for regular people for possible shows. the site says it's looking for people who had been a victim of a violent crime, have trouble in the sack, searching for a lost loved one, live in squaller, or have ever been involved in a love affair.  And it all becomes clear, the OWN network is not a network acting as a strong role model for women, it is just another peddler of bitch slapping reality trash, and this interview was just a carefully orchestrated preview of all the shenanigans to come on OWN. I don't even care that the moderator completely ignores my request and decides to abruptly ends the interview.
So, just like that, my brief brush with almost interviewing a one time country singing sensation/future reality tv sensation was gone. but for the first time ever, I am actually looking forward to watching a reality show. If one 40 minute unedited phone call can be that broadly ridiculous,  then The Judds show cannot be half bad.
So, that's it. Might be a long way to go with no punch, but I bet there might be a few punches on the new docu-series The Judds, premiering Sunday April 10th at 9... on OWN. and I am actually looking forward to the next email ( possibly from OWN, wink) sending me on another crazy weekend long adventure.

THE JUDDS: Sunday Nights in April on OWN
zombie shopping!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

5/6 Love Jones Derby Eve "Blunder Over Louisville"

It just doesn't feel like derby in Louisville without a few things, Thunder, BROADWAY CRUISING, and black out drunkenness.. which leads me to another Derby must have: LOVE JONES.
Friday May 6th at Headliners, $12, 9 pm sharp. The Love jones website says "People never seem to believe us when we say we're playing an early show. We can't tell you how many people show up during our final song, and didn't believe we'd start at 9 pm.... because they used to come see us at Tewligans and we didn't start till midnight, or later. Well, please believe us. We are hitting the stage at 9:15. This isn't Tewligans, and we aren't 25 years old anymore." Noted.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

4/1 first glassworks rooftop show of the season

April Fools day brings you the first rooftop show of the season, Cougar Express with Bad Blood & Sam Snead. Doors 7:30pm, 21+ $10. 
also this weekend at glassworks is the Second Most Awesome Art Market (April 1-3rd) First Floor.
This event is free to the public and features artists such as Laura Fauna. could be awesome..

Sunday, March 27, 2011

2011 New Albany Bi-Annual artists announced.

to celebrate their biannual, New Albany has been asking regional artists make installations  around town depicting their rich history.
Last year saw sculptures depicting floods, Pioneers, and Log cabins.
This year's themes include 'Farmer's Market' 'News Paper and Radio' and 'Textile' (see below).
this year's artists are: Janis Martin, Ruth Andrews and Michael Slaski; Scott Scarboro; Dominic Guarnaschelli.

Dominic Guarnaschelli's idea for a sculpture celebrating New Albany's Textile industry.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Ben Taylor (son of, and appearing with James) @ the Palace
3/26 Bobby Long @ Headliners
Women of joy convention @Freedom hall
3/25-27 Battle of the Bands @ Ear X-tacy

you know what to do...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bobby Long Ticket Give Away Winner: Brandon!

Brandon of In My Basement Room was our random winner for 2 tix to Bobby Long on Saturday at Headliners.

Congrats Brandon! your name+1 will be at the door, so bring your ID.

New Deer Meet Album out now!

Earlier this month, Deer Meet released their second album, You Can Walk Across It On The Grass to the masses and the wait was worth it! Jimmy Angelina, Scott Nethery and Troy Williams bring sounds of rock, punk and psychedelia to my ears! Tracks like "Old Man" and "Why Aren't we Here?" really get my head moving and it's all together a very fun rock album! For some reason and i've said it before, Angelina's voice harkens to the days I listened to Beulah non stop for a summer; he's just an excellent songwriter!

Not only is the new album great but after shooting some shows and recording sessions over the past couple years I was given a rough demo of the tracks and asked to let my imagine guide me to create photographs that would be used for the album artwork. I gave the disc a listen and for some reason a boat kept coming to mind. I didn't fight it and found a little boat kit I could build and paint. I spent several weeks just looking at the tiny wooden boat and listening to the demos to see what it would evoke. I shot some in the grass in the dark with lighting and then put it back on the shelf until i decided i wante to see the boat on fire so I grabbed a lighter and set it afire! In my career as a photograher, I haven't been given many freedoms to create what I please unless it's a personal project that i just need to get off my chest. This was one of the most fun assignments I have yet to take on. I'm proud this great group of guys are from right here and Louisville and let me use their music to express myself!

The new album is available now at ear X-tacy, iTunes and their bandcamp site here.

Here is a video for their first single "Old Man"


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TONIGHT ONLY! Recovery Child @ The Rud 3/22

Canadian rockers Recovery Child will be stopping by Louisville TONIGHT on their way back from SXSW (pick up a free download here). They will be playing at The Rud at 9 pm with Typefighter and Tripping Scarlet. $5. head out tonight and show them how we support rock n' roll way down here in Kentucky.

Ryan (and perhaps Lieutenant Commander Data) from Recovery Child

Monday, March 21, 2011

Interview: Drew Miller of Lucky Pineapple

John King talks to Drew Miller about the end of Lucky Pineapple, playing with Okkino and Another 7 Astronauts, and on new projects, favorite bands, and summer dreams.

JK- in February, Lucky Pineapple announced their last show on may 20th (at headliners w/ Ultra Pulverize), what brought on the break up?

DM- I think it had a lot to do with the fact that we each wanted something different from the band. That was the seed of all the problems. And in any relationship, once you reach a point where you loose faith in what is developing interest and motivation start to decline. The whole process became a bit of a chore and we got to the point where we couldn't really communicate with one another on a constructive level.

JK- will the entire band be there on 5/20? any surprises?

DM- Unfortunately I don't think OKIE (Benton) will be able to make it back from New York. Not sure if it counts as a surprise but we will be playing some NEW songs that we had been working on for the next album.

JK- 7 years is a good run for any band, any looming regrets or unanswered questions?

DM-I had only been in the band for the last two years, but 7 years is a pretty good run! The thing I wanted more of was to tour more and desseminate our music a bit more, but it is tough with such a large group...just the logistics of being on the road is a nightmare. It takes more than just a minivan! Other than that the whole experience was awesome!

JK- I know Will Benton has moved to NYC with Phantom Family halo, what has the other members been getting into?

DM- I know Matt has been playing a bunch of shows with his band the Teeth, JC has been playing and touring with Cheyenne and working on A7A, Dan is also playing with A7A and helping me in a new project d'arkestra. Not too sure about everyone else.

JK-I know you and JC are in Another 7 Astronauts, how do you feel about working in another large band?

DM-I really like the possibilities that playing in a large ensemble presents, especially when it comes to writing for the group. Scheduling seems to always present a challenge but it is totally worth it! Plus that band doesn't always include such a large orcehstra. JC has a vision for the band and sometimes the music dictates a smaller group. We'll be playing a show in April in this smaller format.

JK- what other projects are you working on?

DM- my main project is okkino. we are in the experimental rock/fusion headspace. Think of a mix of zappa, radiohead and coltrane... we have been playing for about two years now. I also have been working on a new project called d'arkestra that is a tentet. It has a bit more traditional big band format in the way the music is written and arranged but has a modern vibe with the harmony and compositional approach. okkino and d'arkestra will be doing a free show march 31 at Zanzabar that will also include an old school cutting session after the sets... i am also playing with Another 7 Astronauts and soul band Junk Yard Dogs.

JK-what other louisville bands have you been paying attention too?

DM- being a musician is a seven day a week job. between playing with four bands and freelancing, writing and most importantly practicing...i dont have a ton of of time to invest but i try my best... that being said I really like the straight a's. I think they are very progressive with what i call avante garde punk!! and pretty much anything dane waters does is golden! Her voice really knocks me out!

JK-what have you got planned for the summer?

DM- The summer is shaping up to be pretty eventful. I am going to try to record a couple of albums with okkino and possibly d'arkestra and will be doing some out of town shows. I am just looking forward to being very productive!
OKKINO & D'ARKESTRA will be playing at Zanzabar on Thurs 3/31 8pm FREE

Saturday, March 19, 2011

3/31 thursday Ja(m)zz @ Zanzabar

a small big band -tentet called d'arkestra will be premiering some music at Zanzabar March 31st with okkino (as heard on volume 10 of louisville is for lovers).
after the performance the bands are inviting willing individulas to take part in the music making process in the platform of a jam session. This is at 8:30 pm and is FREE.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


3/18 Pomegranates, Ra Ra Riot @ headliners
3/18-19 Rummors @ horseshoe
3/19 booty sweat @ headliners
3/19 The Real Numbers @ Zanzabar
3/20 Skeetones @ hideaway

Tickets Giveaway: 2 Tix to Bobby Long 3/26

spring is popping up on us, so get out there and go nuts!
and if we have forgotten an event, please leave it in a comment...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Real Numbers Ticket Give Away Winner: William K!

The Winner for 2 tickets to the 3/19 Real Numbers and Naivety Singers show at Zanzabar is William K. Congrats Will, your name +1 will be at the door, so bring your I.D.

The Mack, Tamara Dearing @ DCE 3/24

 The Mack, Tamara Dearing, Alana Amram (Alana is the daughter of Beat musician/poet David Amram) and the Rough Gems (from Brooklyn) are playing Thurs 3/24 at DCE. It's sounds like an interesting show, and it's free!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review: Trophy Wives instore preformance at Ear X-tacy

This past Saturday I started my day with a fresh cup of coffee and a wonderful bagel then got my shit in gear to go get a little St Patricks Day celebration going down on Bardstown Rd. The annual parade began at 3 which was the same time the Trophy Wives were playing an instore at ear x-tacy... i chose the trophy wives over old guys in corvettes named McSomethingorother and tiny, tiny cars. Don't get me wrong, i enjoy any occasion to throw back a beer and celebrate a saint/leprechuan but it's been a while since i've seen them play so that was my deciding factor.

The guys put on a great set for the afternoon patrons and assured me they were still a band I need to keep our eye on. They have a split 7" out now with the Glasspack and a full album out this July. I couldn't make it out to their show Saturday night but i won't miss any in the future!

Below is a video i shot of one of the songs and some photos by Marife Bautista.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Review: one epic night 3/4/11

Last week when we published our Thursday 'Weekend Events Calendar' we speculated that it was gonna be 'a Legendary weekend'.  For me, friday it's self was a magnificent day. at 4:30 pm my niece's field hockey tournament started, it was a sudden death tournament.. so you play until you loose, and of corse they won, so it was several hours of brutal gaming, even for 10 year olds. After that I ran over to The Louisville Arcade Expo to try my own hand a tournament. Pinball Tournament. For the first year, the Arcade expo was better than expected. they had a large room filled with pinball and arcade games, all on 'free play' except for the tournament games, which were $4 a play, and the more you play the better your score. of corse i spent soo much money. but i ended up in the top 15 qualifiers, so i had a good chance to win. and the winner gets a pinball table. I met a lot of people who spend their time traveling the country playing arcade tournaments, and collecting games like trophies.  One guy totally whooped my ass in the tournament and mentioned he had 50 pinball tables at home.
in other rooms they had other tournaments, and games, like classic consoles, ataris, and Dance Dance Revolution tournaments.  Someone said 'this room smells like Basements and Mountain Dew'.
After I hit the Qualifiers, it was around 10 pm, so i ran out of there and headed to Zanzabar for the Deloreans Album release show. I made it too late for the Scott Carney set, which sucks because i really like him personally and his music and i always end up missing his sets. but i made it time for Cheyenne's set. the first song she played drums and sang a Solomon marching ballad which was very nice. after that she was backed by an able band and played to a very enthusiastic crowd. I hadn't seen her play since the summer, it seems like she is always working, and always experimenting with her sound, and has seemed to find a great place musically.

(UPDATE FROM KORY: Pics and Scott Carney video at the bottom of John "Pinball Wizzard" King's shots! ).

After that was the main event, The Deloreans hit the stage and took off with sonic force.  They played a good mix of their new album "American Craze" and their first "Love Outrageous".  If a band could have a perfect day, i'd say this racks up amongst them. The bar was sold out to a packed ocean of overly drunk and totally excited peeps, and at that moment all of them Deloreans fans. After they played the DJ's fired up the turntables, but i had to get going, so i could get up bright and early to defend my rank in the pinball tournament.

Saturday the Arcade Expo was a buzz with every type of Nerd imaginable, from your basic basement types, to retirees, to hot girls, to code writers. and of corse art damaged rock peeps like myself. also at the Holiday Inn convention center was a church revival and a roller skating dance convention.
I am a big fan of gospel music so i asked if i could come in, and as church folks go, they were more than accommodating, ushering me right in, finding me a good seat, and, after realizing i knew most of songs they were singing, even asking if i'd like to join the choir up front. I declined, but the experience was amazing, people in the audience brought their own tambourines, and the band was super.
unfortunately, that feeling was crushed when i went back into the tournament room and realized my rank dropped from 14 to 34.  only the top 16 go to the final round, so if i wanted to win i needed to shell out a ton of money. I did and began trying to get my score up. the only issue i had with the Expo was that the guy that was supposed to collect the tickets and keep score spent most of the time playing pinball trying to get his own score up. so he wasn't watching and players were supposed to write down their own scores, which opened the door for cheating. it really didn't matter for me tho, since the more i tried, the worse my score got.
Some guy kept barking on about his amazing 13 year old boy who was some kind of pinball master.. ranked 20th in the US and 50th in the world he said. Yes, their is an official pinball association, and yes they keep ranks, and that kid just slaughtered everyone. His dad totally acted like some over bearing sports dad that pushed the kid, but it's pinball so the kid must have fun sometime.  I didn't stay to watch the end, but I assume that kid is the proud new owner of an 1984 Space Shuttle pinball table.
All in all, it was a super fun weekend, legendary even.
The Harlem Globe Trotters table. look for it at Zanzabar soon.

The Game show Table, one of the most fun Pinball games i've played ever.


pinball time!

Scott Carney: It's All Over Now Baby Blue

Photos from the show at Zanzabar are from one camera and 4 eyes... I took a few (Kory) and Marife Bautista took the good ones!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yellowbirds Hit Louisville 3/15

Louisville is getting some great shows with bands on their way to SXSW. Get out there and go nuts, people!

The Yellowbirds will be playing WFPK, Ear Xtacy, and the Rudyard Kipling on their way through town this Tuesday. The Yellowbirds is the moniker at Sam Cohen former frontman of Apollo Sunshine. The debut album "The Color" is available on Royal Potato Family Records.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review: Broken Spurs @ Zanzabar 2/26

It took me a while to post this but I think my ears just now stopped ringing. The Broken Spurs rocked the Zanzabar with a great set two Saturdays ago. Frontman Adam Kramer was celebrating his birthday so he was in rare form, which for him, is really saying something!

These guys never fail to bring energy, bravado, and huge stadium-worthy guitar licks but this night they seemed bigger than ever, if that's possible for this band. Perhaps it's because the venue was so small. I love Zanzabar and they book great acts, but when going out to see a show it's nice to have room to breathe somewhere other than the smoking section and be able to get a beer in less than 15 minutes.

Anyway, check out the Broken Spurs next chance you get! And check these videos I took that night. Like what you hear, pick up their new album "Natural Disaster" out on Sonablast! Records, available at Ear Xtacy or iTunes.

Menomena this friday at Headliners 3/11

This friday brings Portland, OR rockers, Menomena to our fair city at Headliners. I first heard about Menomena in early 2007 when Friend and Foe was released and absorbed it for several months; it's still constantly in my rotation and the newer album Mines, while a bit more tame, is just what i needed!
Menomena also had a release in support of record store day 2010; a 7" split with the Helio Sequence (available now at their web store and i'm sure at the show this friday.)

Tickets are only 12 bucks at the door and the show starts at 9 pm so getcher ass out this friday and keep bands like this visiting Louisville! Local band Interstates (not a band to miss either...) supports the bill.

Here are some tunes you should familiarize yourself with if you haven't heard them and to pump you up if you have! See you there!

Free Ticket Give Away: The Real Numbers @ Zanzabar 3/19

We have two tickets to give away for The Real Numbers (Feat. Mike Snowden from Whistle Peak) with Nativity Singers (from Lexington KY) @ Zanzabar on Saturday, March 19th (9PM).
Post your name and we'll pick a winner at random and post it on the 16th.

The real numbers have a new EP on, all proceeds go to the St. Baldwicks foundation.

Monday, March 7, 2011

3/13 Broadfield Marchers & Blow! @ Zazoos

the experimental pop duo, Blow!, out of Ithaca, NY is stopping in town on their way to SXSW, and playing with Broadfield Marchers on March 13th at Zazoos.
If you don't know Blow! you can pick up their album FREE from bandcamp.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ultra Pulverize: FREE EP

Louisville's Favorite pseudo Cyborg Trio has released a 7 song album on for FREE. 'Underground Vol.1' is a demo style mishmash of early sounding DEVO, Throbbing Gristle, and Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft spit through a distortion pedal. It runs the gamut from brutal german electronica to computers in love (also very german, see:Kraftwerk).  Maybe never intended for mass distribution, it makes a nice addition for UP fans and lovers of obscure B-sides. Grab it now while the getting is good.

Friday, March 4, 2011


I went to a 'Battle of the Bands' once when i was in high school. it was epic for sure. held at ST. Francis high school, it got pretty crazy, tho i spent most of the time smoking in the stairwell and talking to girls.  At one point the principle halted the show and announced that "skanking was not allowed".  i didn't know what that meant at the time. Apparently the principle was a SKA fan. or wasn't.. anyway i Believe Sunspring won. what they won, I have no idea.
Mom's Music and Ear X-tacy are holding a Battle of the Bands from March 25-27 at Ear X-tacy for kids of high school age, and this time we know what the winners win: recording time at Mom's studio, an Ear X-tacy instore, and other prizes.
Bands need to sign up before March 15th, pick up forms at Mom's or Ear X-Tacy. Good Luck.


Thursday, March 3, 2011


3/4 The Deloreans, Cheyenne Mize, & Scott Carny @ Zanzabar
3/4 Cabin Fever Flyer @ Bard's Town10 pm $5
3/5 Keller Williams @ Headliners, 9pm, $23
3/5 slithering beast @ ear x-tacy (EP release show)
3/5 Vinyl Saturday with Ok DeeJays and DJ Sam Sneed @ Ear Xtacy, 3-5pm, FREE (20% off all vinyl)
3/4-6 Louisville arcade expo (all weekend)
SLITHERING BEAST "DELICIOUS" EP: download for free until 3/5 

it's gonna be a legendary weekend, so get out there and go nuts!
and if we have forgotten an event, please it in a comment.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ticket Give Away: Bobby Long @ Headliners Music Hall 3/26

We are giving away 2 tickets to see Bobby Long at Headliners on March 26th. He is touring in support of his debut album A Winter Tale out now on ATO Records.
 Recorded in London, the eleven-song album was produced by Grammy-award winner Liam Watson (The White Stripes) and features backing vocals from Nona Hendryx (LaBelle) and Icelandic singer Lay Low as well as pedal steel by B.J. Cole (Elton John, Sting).
Just leave your name in a comment, and we'll pick and post a winner on thursday the 24th.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3/4 Deloreans tix winner: Kristin S!

Winner Winner! Kristin S won the random raffle! To pick, I always choose a playlist and hit random, this time I put on Bon Iver and track one from Blood Bank played first.. Congrats, we hope you'll have fun, KS. your name +1 will be at the door, so bring your ID.

3/4-6 Louisville Arcade Expo tix Winner: Ben

Ben won the random drawing for 2 Louisville Arcade Expo passes for this weekend! congrats! come find us, we'll be there burning up the pinball tables. 
Ben send me an email at for the details on picking up your tix.