Thursday, September 30, 2010


9/30-10/2 Motherlodge fest at The Rud.

10/1-3 CROPPED OUT music fest at Turner's Club $46=3 days/46 bands

10/1 Arnett Hollow featuring CMM at the Glassworks Rooftop, 7:30

10/1 Lydia Burrell @ Zanzabar

10/1 UNFAIR at Mag bar

10/2 Bobby Bare Jr. & Blue Giant @ Ear X Tacy in-store, FREE, 4pm

10/2 Midnight Madness with The Pass & OK DeeJays! @ Ear Xtacy, FREE, 9:30

10/2 NULU Festival featuring The Fervor, The Pass, Love Jones, Instruction, and Lucky Pineapple, FREE, 2-11

there is a mountain of events this weekend, including several fests and Art Fairs.. so get out there and go nuts! and if we have forgot anything, please post it in a comment.

10/15 Mike Ratterman Sculpture exhibit

Louisville Artist Mike Ratterman, co-founder of the infamous and defunct 953 Gallery on Clay st in Smoketown, is having his first Exhibition in several years at Bellarmine’s McGrath Gallery, October 15 - November 7, since resigning from Zephyr Gallery on Market Street. the opening reception will be on the 15th 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Ratterman is known for his towering amorphous kinetic sculptures using found and reclaimed materials. Ratterman's day job is Funeral Director for Ratterman Family Funeral home, and this new work is inspired by this and his passion for Nature and wildlife. In his artist statement, Ratterman says "“There is this whole cyclical thing going on in the sculptures which is also going on in my other job as a funeral director. That transfer of energy from form to formless. I see it tying into that as well. Being present in one state and changing into another state.”
Ratterman, and other artists will have work displayed this weekend at the Motherlodge fest at the Rud.

For more information, visit

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Congrats Nathan S! tix winner for Cropped Out fest!

Congrats to Nathan S. for winning 2 tickets to Cropped Out Fest this weekend at the American Turner's Club! the event is on Oct. 2 & 3 (Sat and Sun) on the Ohio River, with over 40 bands.. + a kick off party at Kingfish on river RD, on friday night featuring Phantom Family Halo (record release party) and others.

Phantom Family Halo live on Kansas City morning news show 2007. 85 degrees.

Follow the Train is Back!

photo by Kory Johnson

It doesn't seem like all that long ago that I was at this band's "final show". It was a blow out at Headliners well-documented here in January. However, the boys are back, good for them and good for us! The dustbin of Louisville music has claimed many great Louisville bands so it's good to see one of these bands make a comeback, even if they didn't go that far.

Follow the Train actually reemerged this summer with a digital-only release on Jim James' Removador Recordings and Solutions. The latest manifestation of Follow the Train will begin their musical adventures at the Rudyard Kipling on October 15. Lydia Burrell opens the show.

If you don't check out the recordings on the previous post, at least take in this cover of "Final Countdown" to get an idea of the rocktastic fun we've been missing since the "final show".

The Final Countdown (mp3)

The UnFair begins Friday Morning

The UNFAIR is an annual art fair located in the backyard of the MAG BAR in Louisville, Ky. on the first weekend of October. It was started by Paul Harshaw and Greg Edwards in response to The St. James Art Fair turning to corporate craft crap and traveling artists/craftsmen who have no connection to Louisville. 13 years strong The UNFAIR hopes to continue to be beacon of local artists for years to come.

Last year, there was a little drama surrounding the event. There are still a lot of people who didn't know that the UNFAIR was up and running in the afternoon of that first Friday and sold all weekend. Many artists had to drop out because they couldn't afford the permits and licenses but the majority of regular artists were able to get up and running.

So this year the UNFAIR is trying to overcome the perception that it doesn't exist any more.

There will be 20 plus, very sleepy artists at 2nd & Magnolia behind the Mag Bar Friday morning after working late to put the finishing touches on a final masterpiece.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cheyenne Marie Mize: New Video, New Album, More Shows

As previewed in our recent interview with Ms. Mize, Cheyenne will release her debut LP, Before Lately, on October 12th.

She released a video this week for the song "Friend". The video was shot in the Rathskellar Room, which hosted this year's Louisville is for Lovers blow out with Jim James. The Squallis Puppeteers and the boys from Wax Fang are also featured in the video.

In addition to all this, Cheyenne continues to play shows all over the city and region this month. I saw her with the ladies from Maiden Radio last night at a church and the experience was nothing less of transcendent. The Obscure Handsome Brothers featuring Joe Manning opened and helped close out the show. This was the third time seeing Maiden Radio and this is the first time I could properly hear them, it's hard to believe what a difference that can make! I knew they were good before, now I know they're great!

I'm looking forward to Cheyenne's next performance in that space. Cheyenne is bringing in talent from around the globe to fill the Church with heavenly sounds on October 16th. I'm sure we're in for a treat.

Although I've already reviewed the Maiden Radio album, I have to reiterate how great this recording is and how much you need to see them while you have the chance (yes, I'm talking to you)! Before Lately will be available in stores on the 12th or online now.

Here are some of the shows Cheyenne has in the works:

10/1 Arnett Hollow featuring CMM at the Glassworks Rooftop, 7:30

10/8 with Ben Sollee, Grand Theatre, Frankfort, KY

10/12 Cheyenne Marie Mize @ Ear Xtacy, Album Release Party, 7pm, FREE

10/16 Cheyenne Marie Mize, Olof Arnalds, Doug Paisley @ Christ Evangelical United Church

More photos from the album release show here

Monday, September 27, 2010

Jim James to Play Rally Tomorrow!

The Kentuckians for the Commonwealth are holding a rally downtown tomorrow, Tuesday September 28th. KFTC fights the good fight and good people surround it. Some of those people are gathering at the corner of 4th Street and Muhammad Ali Boulevard for a rally.

Here's the lineup:
Wendell Berry - legendary Kentucky author and poet
Jim James (of My Morning Jacket)
Daniel Martin Moore
Makalani Bandele - affrilachian poet
Kate Larken

Here's the reason for the rally (from an email from KFTC):
As you know, the EPA is conducting a series of public meetings to accept input on possible new regulations on the storage and disposal of coal ash. This follows the huge disaster at the TVA coal-fired power plant in Kingston TN, where over 1 billion gallons of toxic materials spilled into tributaries of the Tennessee River.

We are asking that coal ash be classified as a hazardous waste, which will greatly strengthen the requirements for handling and storing this toxic material.

The rally begins at 4:30 p.m. This is a great cause. If you go, go to support the cause, not just to listen to a few living legends. I'm sure they'd like it that way.

Update: This was a great event. Jim James and Daniel Martin Moore played one song each, "Look at You" and "Needn't Say a Thing", respectively. Here are some photos.

Review: LEO reader's choice awards

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cropped Out: win tix!

our friends at Sophomore lounge Records are putting together a regional music festival next weekend oct. 1, 2 & 3 at The American Turner's Club on River rd with over 45 bands including some of Louisville is for lovers favorites including: Phantom Family Halo, National Geographic, and sapat. and to help spread the word, 37 flood and Louisville is for lovers are giving away a pair of tickets, just leave a comment or send an email to by tuesday with "cropped out tix" in the title for your chance to win. winner will be announced on Wednesday.

tickets: (3 days, 45 bands, $46, or a la carte $10/$18) see our preview/schedule here.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Motherlodge 2010 presents a live Louisville Arts exchange Sept. 30 – Oct. 4

Next weekend Ray Rizzo & friends bring Motherlodge to Louisville.

On the first weekend of October, Motherlodge will open a 4-day gallery space in walking distance of St. James Art Fair, celebrate the 26th year of The Rudyard Kipling, tell stories, read writings, remember, and meet our new friends at The Bard’s Town. Motherlodge's Ray Rizzo will kick off a 3 month residency at The Rudyard Kipling, curating a weekend of live band performances of favorite/classic albums with Danny Flanigan, Alanna Fugate, Mateo Barnett, The Clifton’s Kitchen Band, and a vast array of Louisville’s musical congregate.

Cover for all shows is a suggested Five Bucks. There may be additional cover charges for select seats at certain events, but the pay-what-you-can admission will be good for all shows.

Along with the long list of bands, Ray Rizzo and friends have a concept they will be exploring. They will be doing some covers. Well, not just covers. They will be performing the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's album, Will The Circle Be Unbroken. Fleetwood Mac's Rumours and Joni Mitchell's Blue.
Ray's friends include, Alanna Fugate, Amber Estes, Daphnie Luster, Jamie Duval, Danny Flanigan, The Wallings, Jr., Morgan Shallcross, Joel Timothy, Danny Flanigan, Kimmet Cantwell, Todd Johnson, members of Rain Chorus, Tiffany LaVoie, and more.

I hope I have enough energy after a full day at the UnFair to attend!

The UnFair is the best thing about St James Art Fair.

In the Writer's Choice section of the latest LEO the UnFair was listed as the Best thing about the St James Art Fair.
The UnFair, an eclectic gathering of over 20 local artists, is set for the weekend of October 1st through 3rd. The Magnolia Bar on the corner of S. 2nd St. and Magnolia Ave. in the heart of Old Louisville is home to this annual event. Many art forms will be on display from painting and photography to sculpture, jewelry and live glass blowing. The unique and often subversive flavor of the UnFair has made it a local favorite for 13 years.
Mag Bar is located @ 1398 S. 2nd St.Louisville, KY.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CROPPED OUT 10/1-3 2010

if you are a fan of live music, but are worn out by these luke warm summer fests with tired talent and bloated ticket prices, then there is a new music fest that might just be what you need... CROPPED OUT, brought to you by the small regional label Sophomore Lounge, has a mountain of regional bands (louisville, nashville, chicago, Chapel Hill, New York) for an easy to swallow price: less than $50 for the 3 day weekend! this looks like a great time, and it's at Turners on the Ohio River (you can't beat that with a piece of drift wood).

schedule: FRIDAY NIGHT($10)10/1 (PFH RECORD RELEASE/CROPPED OUT KICK-OFF)-KINGFISH (3021 Upper River Rd.)Fielded (Chicago, IL) 8-8:30 Sapat (Louisville, KY) 9-9:40 Julianna Barwick (Brooklyn, NY) 10-10:40The Phantom Family Halo record release show (Louisville, KY) 11-11:40 Moon Duo (San Francisco, CA) 12-12:45

SATURDAY 10/2($18) (INSIDE STAGE)-AMERICAN TURNERS (3125 Upper River Rd.):The Highlife (Brooklyn, NY/Chicago, IL) 4-4:30 Rabble Rabble (Chicago, IL) 4:50-5:20 LUSHES (Brooklyn, NY) 5:40-6:10 Slow Horse (Chicago, IL) 6:30-7 Prideswallower (Louisville, KY) 7:20-7:50 Wishgift (Chicago, IL) 8:10-8:40 Straight A’s (Louisville, KY) 9 9:40 Parlour (Louisville, KY) 10:05-10:45 CAVE (Chicago, IL) 11:10-11:45 Young Widows (Louisville, KY) 12:05-12:50 Pissed Jeans (Philadelphia, PA) 1:10-2

AMERICAN TURNERS (3125 Upper River Rd.)
Alex Barnett (Chicago, IL) 1:45-2 Learner Dancer (Indianapolis, IN) 2:15-2:40 Nzambi (Louisville, KY) 2:55-3:20
SKIMASK (Boston, MA) 3:35-4 DAD (Chicago, IL) 4:15-4:45 Geffika (Chicago, IL) 5:05-5:35 Life Partner (Louisville, KY/Chicago, IL) 6-6:30 Natural Geographic (Louisville, KY) 6:50-7:20 MEAH! (Chicago, IL) 7:40-8:10
PC Worship (Brooklyn, NY) 8:30-9:10 CACAW (Chicago, IL) 9:30-10:10 Ga’an (Chicago, IL) 10:30-11:15

AMERICAN TURNERS (3125 Upper River Rd.)
Brett Sova (Chicago, IL) 3:05-3:30 Sean Walsh & The National Reserve (Brooklyn, NY) 3:50-4:20
Heavy Cream (Nashville, TN) 4:40-5:10 Animal City (Chicago, IL) 5:30-6 Idiot Glee (Lexington, KY) 6:20-6:50
Warmer Milks (Lexington, KY) 7:10-7:40 Rude Weirdo (Louisville, KY) 8-8:30 FLIGHT (Taylor, MS) 8:50-9:25
Golden Boys (Austin, TX) 9:45-10:20 JEFF The Brotherhood (Nashville, TN) 10:40-11:20 Magik Markers (Brooklyn, NY) 11:40-12:40

SUNDAY 10/3 (OUTSIDE STAGE)-AMERICAN TURNERS (3125 Upper River Rd.): Softcheque (Louisville, KY) 12:25-12:55 Reading Group (Louisville, KY) 1:10-1:35 Gangly Youth (Louisville, KY) 1:50-2:15 Spectre Folk (Brooklyn, NY) 2:35-3:05 Tinsel Teeth (Providence, RI) 3:25-3:55 PUJOL (Nashville, TN) 4:15-4:45 Giving Up (Garner, IA) 5:05-5:40 State Champion (Louisville, KY/Chicago, IL) 5:55-6:30 Catherine Irwin (Louisville, KY) 6:45-7:20 Spider Bags (Chapel Hill, NC) 7:40-8:20 King Kong (Louisville, KY) 8:40-9:20 Sic Alps (San Francisco, CA) 9:40-10:35 visit for tix sales and more info.

Ron Whitehead Brings GonzoFest to Louisville

The First Annual Gonzofest will celebrate the life of Hunter S. Thompson at the Monkeywrench on October 16th. Although there have been many Gonzofests in Colorado this will be the first one in Thompson's hometown. There will be bands and performers throughout the day, noon to midnight. Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door. There are VIP tickets available for $75 which includes a buffet, beverages, and rooftop access. Portions of the proceeds will benefit The Gonzo Foundation.

Here's a rundown of some of the musical performers, more to come:
Scott Carney of Wax Fang
Brigid Kaelin
Tyrone Cotton
The Fervor
Your News Vehicle
The Workers
The Commonwealth
Soul River Brown
Outlaw Poet Band
Nerves Jr.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hardass P.E. Teacher at Robert E. Lee High School in Jacksonville Florida , Leonard Skinner, died yesterday at 77. the 'Free Bird' wailing southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd named their band after Skinner.
as the story goes, Skinner sent Ronnie Van Zant and the boys to the principal's office for having long hair, instead of his normal punishment.. Skinner kept a pair of sheers to cut unruly student's hair, but as legend goes, the boys explained they were in such a band that the music just couldn't be played by short haired musicians and Skinner took pity and spared the hair...
-note from the writer: one of my favorite songs of all time is 'i need you' from SECOND HELPING. if all you know is 'Free Bird' you have a homework assignment...

Top 10 Alternative Albums You Should Own

I've been following Listverse for a while. They compile top 10 lists on a wide range of topics. Most of them are pretty interesting.
I thought I'd share a recent list they compiled of the Top 10 Alternative Albums You Should Own.
10. Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
9. The Get Up Kids - Something to write home about
8. Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More
7. The Academy Is... - Almost Here
6. Modest Mouse - We were dead before the ship sank
5. Jamie T - Panic Prevention
4. Taking Back Sunday - Where you want to be
3. Passion Pit - Manners
2. Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - The Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager
1. The Postal Service - Give Up
I'm sure this list could cause debate in many circles but I have to say I really like that Postal Service album.

Highlands Fest 2010 This Weekend

This year's Highlands looks to feature another great lineup. With two stages rotating acts out, there will be music nearly all day and night. Cabin return to the festival to headline this year's festival in the heart of the Highlands, the 900 block of Baxter Avenue. The festival takes place from 1pm to 11pm and is free of charge. There will be plenty of vendors as well as a silent auction featuring My Morning Jacket concert tickets. Full lineup is below and check out all the details at the

Cabin 10:00-11:00
Radio Radio 9:30-11:00
This, That, and the Other 8:00-9:15
Broken Spurs 8:30-9:30
The Instruction 7:00-8:00
Eight Inch Elvis 6:30-7:45
Broadfield Marchers 5:45-6:30
Peter Searcy & Band 5:00-6:00
Butch Rice 4:30-5:15
The High-Tops 3:35-4:30
OK Zombie 3:00-4:00
Justin Lewis 2:30-3:15
Hambone 1:30-2:30
Brigid Kaelin 1:00-2:00

Monday, September 20, 2010

Maiden Radio, three-part harmony and feeling...

The combination of Cheyenne Marie Mize, Joan Shelley, and Julia Purcell is beautiful in so many ways. Their voices compliment each other to create a beautiful three-part harmony. The trio recorded an album earlier this year at the Funeral Home with producer Kevin Ratterman. The album will be officially released September 26 at their Album Release Party. The show will be in the sanctuary of the Christ Evangelical United Church at the corner of Barret Ave and Breckenridge St.

The album is available on vinyl only, at least for now. You can preview the album at the band's Bandcamp site. The album was recorded live with one microphone in the kitchen of the Funereal Home. This album feels like sitting in rocking chair with a tall glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. Ratterman did a great job of capturing this new old-timey group that seems to aim for timelessness. See you on in church on Sunday for a different kind of religious experience!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

37 Flood Interviews Cheyenne Marie Mize

I was lucky enough to sit down with one of Louisville rising stars in the music scene this week. Cheyenne Marie Mize has two albums being released in the next month, one with Maiden Radio and the other is a solo album to be released on Sonablast! Records on October 12th. You can preview the solo album, Before Lately, and also listen to her EP with Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Among the Gold, on her Bandcamp website.

Dylan Greenwood: Thanks for sitting down with us. We’ve been real big fans of yours for a while now. So, let’s start real basic, what’s the name Cheyenne Marie? Cheyenne Mize? Cheyenne Marie Mize?

Cheyenne Marie Mize: Ahh… definitely any of the three. I mean all three are my name. Cheyenne Marie Mize is the latest permutation.

DG: What is your musical background?

CMM: I’ve kind of been playing different instruments at different times in my life and each instrument took on their own path. I did piano and that was more learning how to read music and that kind of stuff. And then I started playing guitar and on guitar I was mostly just doing stuff by ear, you know, learning old classic guitar riffs and trying to figure out Bob Marley songs and things like that. (laughs) And I started violin when I was about ten and with that I was doing classical music in school. Then I started to kind of get into more traditional Kentucky Appalachian types of music and started to go that way as well. And so my solo music ends up kind of being a mix of all that: older influences, what I used to listen, what I still listen to, and then all the stuff I’ve kind of played with along the way.

DG: So what would you consider your primary instrument?

CMM: Oh, it kind of depends on the situation. In school my primary instrument was violin. I was in orchestra and did all that. And when I play with other bands, when I do a lot of support work that’s generally the instrument I use because that’s, I think, the one usually that’s most needed. But when I play by myself usually guitar or some kind of keyboard.

DG: I’ve seen you perform alongside a long list of musicians here in town here. Who are you currently working with?

CMM: Maiden Radio I guess is the most active right now. We are actually doing an album release show on the 26th of September. We recorded an album earlier this year, all live, all with one mic. And have just finally gotten it all together to put it out. That’s with Joan Shelley and Julia Purcell. Arnett Hollow has a show coming up on October 1st. And I still play with the Picket Line whenever we can work it out. Those are the main ones right now.

DG: Well, I’ve always thought you picked the best people in the area to play with. Is there anyone that stands out as particularly interesting to work with or that you really got a kick out of?

CMM: Well, the Picket Line boys are always a blast to work with. Whether it’s just rehearsing or performing or whatever it is. They’re kind of a motley crew and we always have a really good time. But there’s not much that’s better than singing three-part harmonies with my ladies in Maiden Radio, that’s pretty special, for sure.

DG: So, I understand that you’re expanding the EP into a full-length album and releasing it nationally. Congratulations.

CMM: Thank you.

DG: What should we expect from the release?

CMM: Hmm.. it’s ten songs. There are several elements that go into it. There’s the more guitar, like, pattern-driven guitar pieces. The piano pieces kind of have their own element. The pieces I added to the record are mainly on piano. Those are a little bit different, a little more sparse and a little more spacious. One of those tracks being the track from the last Louisville is for Lovers record. It was a song I recorded with Ben Sollee, he did the tenor banjo and I played piano.

DG: Okay. Well, I was actually going to ask you, because I understand when it was released as an EP you pretty much performed the entire EP, correct?

CMM: Yes.

DG: You played every instrument. So, how does a person known as being a great collaborator come to decide to not collaborate with anyone for her CD?

CMM: It was more a function of necessity and time and finances than anything. These are songs, some of them I wrote years ago, some I wrote more recently. So I had kind of worked through a lot of them at home. I didn’t really know if I was ever going to record them or do anything with them for a long time but I had already demoed them out just exactly how I wanted them. So when I was recording in the studio I was basically repeating that process but with better gear. So it was easier at that point to just get in there and do it, then it was to rehearse a band or to figure some stuff out. I really wanted to do more of a live album at first, but a couple of the people I was trying to work with, we couldn’t work it out. So I ended up deciding to just go for it. There were even some instruments that I had never played before. Like the upright bass and I even played the cello parts on With(out), and I’ve never played cello before. And it’s funny because the only part on the record that someone else plays is that banjo part that Ben plays on the song “Lull”, but he plays banjo not the cello. (laughs) So, yeah, more necessity than anything.

DG: So looking forward to a next album, do you think you’ll start calling in some favors?

CMM: Definitely. I think it’s a lot easier to be completely satisfied with something when it’s not all you doing it, because when it’s you doing all the parts, you’re like “Oh, that could have been better and that could’ve been better and that could’ve been better”. But when it’s someone else playing it, you’re like “Wow, that’s perfect. That’s exactly how I wanted it.” So I think it’ll be really nice to have some other people, but with that said I could get into the process and just decide I want to do it all myself again. (laughs) But more than anything I’ll definitely have somebody else play drums. I love playing the drums but I should probably stick with stringed instruments.

DG: I didn’t know you played the drums until I saw you behind the set on the rooftop. I was like “Wow, that’s unexpected.”

CMM: Yeah, that was just me having fun more than anything. (laughs)

DG: So what is the songwriting process like for you?

CMM: Some people have kind of a method they go by and I really… it’s all over the place. There are some songs that I have music that comes out when I’m playing around on the guitar or the piano and some sort of part comes about and I’ll develop that and it might be months or sometimes… I mean I have one thing I’ve been trying to find lyrics to for over a year. I keep putting things to it and then it doesn’t make sense and I throw it away. So there are those songs that are definitely the music and just letting the right idea or lyrics come to it. But there’s also times that lyrical ideas come to me and then I put music to that. So it’s a combination of the two, I guess.

DG: I noticed you have a video coming out for your song “Friend”. You called in some favors with Wax Fang and the Squallis Puppeteers. What was that shoot like?

CMM: It was really awesome and creepy. It was in the Rathskellar, which is great. They had it all creepy with of course the huge puppets everywhere. We were all dressed like grungy Oliver Twist characters or something. Mike Fitzer, who coordinated the whole thing, did a really great job of getting everything set. Then even had pieces of fruit and vegetables that were on the plates of the puppets that they had let rot for weeks at a time just to make them look real. It was really kind of gross and creepy. And of course the Wax Fang guys did what they could to add to the creepiest, which was great. It was really fun.

DG: That’s a creepy room in it’s own right. The first time I saw you perform was with Bonnie “Prince” Billy and the Picket Line at Funtown. Do you kind of consider that your first big break, so to speak?

CMM: It was definitely my first big, bigger show. Bigger meaning 300 people, so, at that point, that was, yeah… definitely all the work I did with Bonnie “Prince” Billy in all those configurations with the Pickett Line but also touring with him and doing that Among the Gold album. That has definitely been a huge leg up just in getting in the door a lot of places. Seeing my name next his or seeing me on stage with him was a big help. That was definitely one of the most nerve-racking shows I’ve ever played, because I knew almost everyone in the audience and they were mostly really great musicians that I knew or were at least acquainted with them and I didn’t even consider myself much of a performer or a singer at that point and I was just kind of starting to get into that role so I had very little experience doing that, so it was a little nerve-racking.

DG: Well, you put a great show, I love that show.

CMM: Thanks.

DG: Yeah, I still listen to it and the album all the time.

CMM: Yeah, it was a special moment for sure. It doesn’t get much better.

DG: I love all your work with Will Oldham. Do you expect there to be any future projects with him?

CMM: One never knows. I would love to. I think there’s always a possibility that we’ll do something in the future in some capacity whether it’s playing a song of his at some point, or recording it, or playing with him again, or doing some more recording together. I hope that happens but there are no plans at this point.

DG: Okay, well I hope so too. I have to ask you because to me Will seems like the kind of guy who never sings a song the same way twice.

CMM: Yeah, yeah sure.

DG: Does it make it difficult to harmonize with him?

CMM: No, that’s actually that's fun part for me, because I’m the same way. I mean, I like to learn a part and get to know it. But once I’m comfortable with it I would rather go outside of that. Especially when you’re doing a run of shows like we did on that last tour. We had almost 80 dates and it’s like if you sing the same song the same way every night it’s not as fresh. No, that’s actually the most fun that I had was to get out of my comfort zone a little bit and just sing rather than singing a part. That’s my favorite part of singing with him, for sure.

DG: So would you say harmonization is something that comes natural to you?

CMM: Yeah, it’s something that I’ve done for a long time. I actually have a story of the exact moment that I realized what vocal harmonies were and it blew my mind. I was in the car with my mom, she was never a professional singer but always sang a lot and she has a beautiful voice and harmonizes all the time. She was harmonizing with a song on the radio and the harmony wasn’t in the song on the radio she was adding a harmony to it. I was like “What are you singing? That’s not what they’re singing” she’s like “I’m singing the harmony” and I'm like “What? What’s a harmony? I don’t understand, you’re not singing what’s in there, how to do know what to sing?” She’s like “You just do it. You just hear it, I don’t know, you just do it.” And I just could not understand how you could know what to sing when you’d never heard that part before and it wasn’t there. So I kind of made it a goal of mine to figure it out. So I always drove my friends crazy in middle school because I’d be listening to a song but I’d never sing the melody I was always singing the harmony and they were like “That’s not what they’re singing” and I’m like, “I know, it’s the harmony.”

DG: Well, I think it served you well.

CMM: Same thing with violin. I never played first violin in school, which is always the kind of super-high melody stuff. I always played the harmony, the inner stuff that’s… more interesting to me. Kind of the behind-the-scenes parts I guess.

DG: Well, you mentioned the Maiden Radio release coming up. Are there any other projects or shows that we should be aware of?

CMM: Yes, one in particular, October 16th, which is going to be kind of my second national release concert. We’re calling it the indoor release since the last one was at Glassworks. The album comes out October 12th, so October 16th. It’s kind of an amazing, bizarre, international lineup. Doug Paisley from Toronto is opening. He’s a kind of folk singer, an amazing, amazing singer and an amazing songwriter. And then Olof Arnalds, she is from Iceland and the main guy from Sigar Ros produced her albums. She’s doing a U.S. tour and she’s coming through. So it’s going to be Doug and me and Olof and we’re doing it in this Church at the corner of Barrett and Breckinridge Street in the sanctuary. It’s going to be really beautiful and I’m so excited to hear the two of them sing in that space. I’m so excited to put together a kind of quieter show there. It’s going to be really special for sure. And then Maiden Radio on the 26th of September. Those are the main things around town.

DG: Thanks again for talking with me.

CMM: Yeah, no problem.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Louisville free public Library is for lovers

Just recently Librarian Scott Condra at the main Branch of the Louisville Free Public Library began a local music collection for Louisvillians to check out, and asked 37 flood and Louisville is for Lovers for a hand. this week we donated our available catalogue to help the cause, with volumes of Louisville is for lovers valentine's series as well as the Covers albums. the local section already holds a good deal of 'must have's' so head down and check it out. but we suggest walking, we got 2 parking tickets in the 20 minutes we were there...

LFPL is looking for more donations, so local labels we are looking at you! ensure your releases stay available to our city for years to come...
contact Scott Condra at the Main Branch:
INVADERS "sugar pie" from louisville is for lovers vol.X

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ninnie Novel Nicety: Repetition de Amores

Experimental music, sound sculpture and video, September 17th and 24th at Art Sanctuary and The Alley Theatre. Pre-show provided by The Twisted Sister Family Band!!!

Cynthia Norton is a Kentucky artist where in Athens she developed her native identity since early childhood. Norton relates sculptural and sonic interpretations of the domestic traditions of her southern cultural heritage, creating video quilts, instruments, moonshine stills and kinetic dress sculptures. In 1995, while completing her MFA at The Art Institute of Chicago in Time Arts, Norton concocted her performance personae of Ninnie Na├»ve (based upon the classic country comedic genre of the ‘rube’; she has been described as “Alternative Minnie Pearl”, “a countryfied Laurie Anderson” and “a sarcastic hillbilly”). Currently, Ninnie is ‘Ninnie Novel Nicety’ an experimental musical performance artist that toured Europe in May and June. This is a pre-release concept album show, which features music written on the road and denotes a different city for almost each song. Entitled ‘Repetition de Amores’, after the first book written about chess, the work will culminate into a new album to be released January 2011.

Cotton Candy Country, 1995
Pick’in On My Heart Strings, unreleased 1996
People Doing Strange Things With Electricity II, 2004 Comfort Stand Records
Queen of Cups, 2008 sonaBLAST! Records (available on itunes)

Performance Dates:
September 17 and 24
Shows 8 PM, doors at 7:00 PM
Tickets are $12

9/25 Furlong/Anderson -free 7"

There is something very special going on in Louisville these days. the tradition of local bands releasing 7" singles is coming back. It seems vinyls presses are realizing that it's better to have affordable prices and get work, than charge $6 per print and have no work.
2 weeks ago LOUISVILLE IS FOR LOVERS had their first in a series of 2 band outdoor shows with a free split 7" to anyone in attendance, series to resume in the spring. Skull Alley is also doing this once a month.
and, Starting on the 25th, Gubbey Records is doing their own 7" series, free at the door at Derby City Expresso, with Furlong & Anderson, all ages, 9pm, $3. and they obviously are not concerned about recouping their expenses, this sexy 7" is a split solid black and red with full color inserts.
this is Gubbey Records first release in 5 years.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Motherlodge Festival #4

God Bless the Rudyard Kipling and Ray Rizzo! It's difficult to top a Yim Yames solo show but Ray is pulling out all the stops by reuniting Louisville's best. jazz. trio. ever. The Java Men. The fourth Annual Motherlodge Festival invades the Rudyard Kipling beginning September 30th. Most shows are 5 bucks.

Here are all the details (from the Motherlodge website):
Thursday September 30 7 - 11 p.m.: Art on display at The Rudyard Kipling Gallery on the 2nd Floor, curators Teresa Koester and Jaime Corum; music by Blue Mother Tupelo and others tba

Friday October 1 "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" starting at 5:00 p.m. with music leading into a song-along, storytelling by Sheila Joyce Pyle, Deanna O'Daniel , Sheri Wright, Don Smith, Mary Popham, David Owen; Country punk with Porter Hall and Bluegrass with The Guernsey Brothers, Ted Harlan and Side Effects--Wood Hannah, Mark Englert, Denny Whalen, Greg Bell; Funky GroundH20 Funky Bluegrass Brass Bellydancing Band

Fleetwood Mac's Rumours featuring danny flanigan, Kimmet Cantwell, members of Rain Chorus and more; Joni Mitchell's BLUE featuring Alanna Fugate, danny flanigan, and more tba

Sunday October 3 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm at The Rudyard: J. P. Lebangood hosts storytelling in The Ink Well at the rear of The Rudyard; Dio's Holy Diver featuring Mateo Barnett, Ray Rizzo, Chuck Mingis, and more tba; Motherlodge closes out the St James Art Show/Unfair weekend in Old Louisville with the Ronnie James Dio classic


Saturday October 9 The Garvin Gate Blues Festival continues on Oak Street from 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Also, playing at The Rudyard will be Storefront Congregation, Jack Holiday and the Westerners, Pancake Heart, and two or three more tba.

At 11:00 p.m. on the Rudyard Kipling stage: JAVA MEN--RAY RIZZO, TODD HILDRETH, CRAIG WAGNER