Friday, April 29, 2011

5/6 Broken Spurs @ zanzabar

Friday May 6th, Oaks Night, The Broken Spurs play their blistering Rock and Roll at Zanzabar. 10pm. doors open at 9. At Midnight Matt Anthony takes to the turntables. $10 before midnight $3 after till 4pm.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Review: Beach Fossils 4/22

A small band from Brooklyn called Beach Fossils took over Zanzabar last Friday with the help of Seattle's Craft Spells and Louisville's Nzambi. The show started at 9pm with Nzambi playing first opening with an energetic electronic set, although the band was stoic on stage the crowd was getting pumped for what was coming. Craft Spells took the stage next and people enjoyed it, although the lead vocals were a bit off, I think most of that was due to sound which didn't seem to get fixed before the guys took the stage. The set was fun, and I am intrigued to hear more from these fellas. Beach Fossils finally got on at about 11pm and after having my ears blown out from the previous sound issues I was relieved to hear the calm pop tunes I have come to expect from them. Everyone was really getting down and having a great time, and a friend who came with me said it was definitely a favorite on her list. I had a great time, and kudos to Zanzabar for being a great venue!

Craft Spells

Beach Fossils


4/28 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion @ Buster's (LEX)
4/28 Young Widows w/ Sapat @ Headliners
4/29 The Fervor CD Release @ zanzabar
4/30 Peter Searcy, Tamara Dearing at Zazoos $5 9pm
4/30-31 cherokee triangle art fair
There's a lot going on, so get out there and Go Nuts! -and if we have forgotten an event, please leave it in a comment.
Please Note: there is only a few days left to sign up to win 2 tix to see LOVE JONES on 5/6 at headliners.
and while you are at it, enter to win a season pass to see all 4 Louisville is for Lovers Summer 7" Series shows on the glassworks rooftop!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Review: Bonnie "Prince" Billy & Phantom Family Halo EP "The Mindeater"

when I first heard that Will Oldham (Bonnie "Prince" Billy) and Dom Cipolla (Phantom Family Halo) were working on a record together, I thought it was such a clash of sound that it might not meld nicely. But the more I thought about it, it seemed odd that it hadn't happened sooner. The two most prolific song writers in Louisville that have been operating  and collaborating with other musicians for years had never crossed paths before. And although their sounds are very different from one another, the two do present an other worldly and ethereal quality both vocally and lyrically.
The first 2 tracks from the 'Mindeater' EP are acoustic and lean more in the Bonnie "Prince" Billy world, with departures into Dom's patented tremolo voice and erie keyboard chorus'. And even though they tend to be passing the spotlight back and forth to each other rather than melding together, the formula works, painting a vivid picture of men tortured by their own minds as well as the world around them (a theme both are familiar with). On the second track,  'Roki For Now', Will and Dom proclaim "my eyes were wide, full of sin. knock at the door, I'm a crazy man. I opened it up and you came in."
But it's the last two tracks that make this album a must have. The 3rd track is an explosive 8 minute cover of The Everly Brothers "Wonder If I Care As much" showing the full strength of this alliance with powerful psychedelic guitar and drum solos bleeding into a chorus of them both singing at full tilt that would indeed make the Everlys proud.
The EP ends with "Suddenly The Darkness", an infectiously catchy folk tale that takes us back to the Palace years. With warnings about sin and retribution and a chorus that will climb in your head and refuse to let go, you will be humming this song for weeks guaranteed: "when darkness comes your way, you know to stay away. you have got break your self free, it's the only way to be. you have to stay in the light, and say goodbye to the night.. Suddenly the darkness is coming for you!"
'The Mindeater' EP will be avialable in an edition of 1000 colored vinyl. If you are a fan of either of these artists, grab it fast.
Bonnie "Prince" Billy & Phantom Family Halo
"The Mindeater" EP

Monday, April 25, 2011

MOVED: 4/27 Deloreans @ waterfront wednesday to HEADLINERS

This just in! the 4/27 Water Front Wednesday with The Deloreans, Sarah Jaffe and Walk the Moon has been moved due to flooding.  the event has been moved to Hedliners. 7pm. FREE.

Editorial: Goodbye State Of Affairs

Last Thursday Julie Kredens hosted "State Of Affairs" for the last time. After 14 years the local call in show got the axe by WFPL radio, suspiciously right after the spring membership drive.. and perhaps we are to blame.
When we call in and pledge donations we are asked what our favorite programs are, and the ones that get the most name drops are in the clear. The ones we may forget, are in jeopardy. Now, I don't always enjoy the topics on State Of Affairs, but I always appreciated that the program existed.
 At one time, public broadcasting was seen as a public trust, where the issues of the public were voiced, and the opportunity to bridge the gap between the people and the public leaders was available. These days more and more TV and radio stations are going the syndicated route, and the local public voice is preempted for nationally and internationally produced programs.
State of Affairs allowed Louisvillians to speak with our mayor and city officials on a regular basis, as well as teach us about our own city history.  Louisville is such a unique town, and SOA allowed us to get to know some of the amazing people that help make Louisville unique like Bob Hill, David Inman, and Wild and Wooly video's Todd Brashear.
  I have Learned a lot from SOA, and I am ashamed to say, I didn't really realize it until it was gone.
Lately I have been getting annoyed by WFPL rebroadcasting the same program several times a day (or over and over all weekend in the case of A Prairie Home Companion.. I don't know what it is, but I just don't like that show).  And the syndicated programs I do enjoy like Radio Lab, have so few episodes, that just get replayed over and over. SOA had new material everyday. I'm sure it was more expensive to produce than to just pick up a syndicated program, but I believe it was necessary. how quickly we slide into a singular global identity,  long is the road back.
Julie, I've told you before, you are a talented person, and I have no doubt what ever you do next will be a success.  State Of Affairs gave a voice to the city, and I thank you for all your work.  You will be missed.
Follow up State Of Affairs posts:

Friday, April 22, 2011


4/22 beach fossils @ Zanzabar
4/23 Southern Culture on the Skids with King Sonic @ Headliners, 9pm, $15
4/23 Tamara Dearing and Go Mordecai! at 930 art center
4/23 Deer Meet and Mercy Academy @ the Mag Bar 11pm - FREE

there's a lot going on this weekend, so get out and go nuts!
and don't forget to check our CONTEST page, we have a lot great show tickets to give away this summer, you won't want to miss out!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

5/5 Oaks Eve at Zanzabar

Around 11 or so at Zanzabar on Thursday May 5th, the Pass (as DJs) will be hosting a Cage the Elephant After party. $5. The invite stats ''THE PASS and SUPER SPECIAL GUESTS (that were not allowed to announce but....yea its gonna be insane, guaranteed. You dont want to miss....''
 We can only guess who this may be..

The Pass and Cage the Elephant play at the Louisville Waterfront at 8 and is free with a pegasus pin.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

4/20 Softcheque @ Ear X-tacy

Louisville, KY's very own avant-garde/experimental trio, SOFTCHEQUE will be playing @ Ear X-Tacy tomorrow Weds 4/20 @ 6pm,  for the release of their highly anticipated new album, "Misericord" that is only available on Vinyl.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Deloreans photo contest winners!

You may have read that for their release of American Craze, The Deloreans held an art contest, with really fun prizes!  their LP came with paper dolls of the band, and they asked everyone to display the dolls in fun poses and send in the pictures.. we did some, and we even placed! here are the 3 top winners:
Kate S Wins!
First Place winner of a $50 gift card to Ear X-tacy and a Test Press of American Craze!

Well, well, look at this! we came in 2nd place with my picture of the gang at the beach!
looks like we'll have a nice Test Press to add to our rare record collection! 

Phaedra J won 3rd place with her photo of the band climbing a pair of breasts, from her mammogram  scans. The Deloreans will be showing up at her place to play her a song in her own living room and will share a beer or 2 with her!
congrats and thanks to everyone who entered and to the band for letting us be a part of this!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Essay contest: Win a Season Pass to The Summer 7" Series!!

37 FLOOD is a proud supporter of the Louisville Is For lovers SUMMER 7" SERIES. From May 27-Sep 16, S7S is a music series on the Glassworks rooftop with a free 7" at the door!
Louisville Is For Lovers is giving away a season pass to all 4 shows, with ADVENTURE-THE BAD REEDS-SCOTT CARNEY-COUGAR EXPRESS-THE DELOREANS-THE GALLERY SINGERS-WHISTLE PEAK-WORKERS and get all four limited 7" records! 
All you need to do is write an essay (50-1500 words) with the theme "best summer ever" and send it to with 'essay' in the Header by May 15th and you could win! and check back to to read some of our favorites!

Friday, April 15, 2011

4/18 Corporate tax doggers protest

On Monday at 3:30pm at the Louisville main Post Office, the local chapter of MoveOn.Org will be organizing a protest against large corporations who continually doge taxes, while the government plans bigger financial aide cuts for programs that could help the economy, public organizations, and folks in need.
the press release explains:
"While vital government services get cut, corporations like GE are making huge profits, but paying no federal taxes. So, on Monday—Tax Day—in Louisville, and at hundreds of events across the country, we'll gather outside the headquarters and local offices of the biggest corporate tax dodgers to deliver tax bills from the American people. We'll demand that our leaders make them pay up, instead of cutting billions from programs that would create new jobs, drive economic growth and help the needy and our nation's children."
the protest is monday, 4/18 at 3:30pm at the main post office (1420 Gardener Lane)

Thursday, April 14, 2011


4/14 Cougar Express, Slithering beast @ Zanzabar 9pm 21+
4/15 Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit with Hayes Carli & Shovels and Rope @ Headliners, 9pm, $12
4/15 Wax Fang with The Features @ Zanzabar
4/15 Girls On Keys w/Tamera Dearing and Iamis @ Zazoo's
4/16 Thunder Over Louisville
4/16 Mountain Heart @ Ear Xtacy, 1pm, FREE
4/17 Squeezebot @ Wick's Highlands
There's a lot going on this weekend, so get out and go nuts!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Free Ticket Give Away: Love Jones 5/6

That's right! we have 2 tickets to see Louisville's own LOVE JONES at headliners on Derby Eve; Billed as 'Blunder Over Louisville"! Just Leave your name in a comment and mention your favorite Derby Blunder/Hishap and we'll pick a winner May 1st.
My favorite derby blunder: about 10 years ago in front of Churchill Downs, just as the infield was letting out, a man with a 12'  cross was screaming that everyone was going to hell, and a naked little person ran up and started humping his leg..

7/20 NKOTB & Backstreet Boys at Yum!

The New Kids on The Block and The Backstreet Boys are hitting up the KFC YUM! Bucket on Weds, July 20th.
NKOTB formed in 1984 and BB in 1993. Both were teen pop sensations with memorable hooks and choreography. Both groups also released singles in the last couple years that ranked on the Billboard top 10, so maybe this reunion tour isn't as desperate and laughable as it seems.
I am curious to know if NKOTB will be allowed in the Galt house this time around..
 Tickets are $62-$795.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Louisville Is For Lovers SUMMER 7" SERIES Announced!

"Are you ready for the best summer ever?" Proclaims the Louisville is for Lovers website, Announcing this weekend the line up for the Summer 7" Series to resume on the Glassworks rooftop in May.
Started last summer at Glassworks,  The Gallery Singers & Another 7 Astronauts saw a capacity crowd, with a free 7" vinyl record at the door with all new music. It went so well, Louisville is for Lovers has decided to throw one a show every month through the summer, with a FREE 7" at every event. Bands:ADVENTURE-THE BAD REEDS-SCOTT CARNEY-COUGAR EXPRESS-THE DELOREANS-THE GALLERY SINGERS-WHISTLE PEAK-WORKERS.
just $10 an event or $33.33 (33 and 1/3 dollars, get it?) for a season pass, only 250 tix/records per event, visit for tix & more info.


-Friday may 5/27 The Bad Reeds & Workers

-Friday june 6/24 Cougar Express & Adventure

-Friday august 8/19 Scott Carney & The Deloreans

-Friday september 9/16 Whistle Peak & Gallery Singers

Thursday, April 7, 2011


4/7 Plain White T's @ Headliners
4/8 Ear X-Tacy after dark
4/8 23 String Band @ Zanzabar, 10pm, $5
4/8 Drive By Truckers @ Buster's (LEX)
4/9 Drive By Truckers @ Buster's (LEX)
4/9 Ok Zombie @ DCE
4/9 Bacon Ball @ Water Tower
4/9 Jessica Lea Mayfield with Daniel Martin Moore @ Headliners, 9pm, $12
4/10 Squeezebot @ Wick's (highlands)

Well, spring has sprung and there's a lot going on, so get out there and go nuts!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Drive By Truckers/Jon Spencer heading to LEX

Buster's billiards in Lexington has just announced several nice shows coming up this month.
Drive By Truckers will be playing all weekend long, April 8th & 9th, and the always entertaining Jon Spencer Blues Explosion will be hitting the stage on April 28th.
drive by truckers

for more information visit

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4/8 23 string band @ Zanzabar

Friday. 10 pm. $5. 23 string band all night long. you know you love it.

Monday, April 4, 2011

4/14 Cougar Express, Slithering Beast @ Zanzabar

On thursday april 14th cougar express and slithering beast will be playing @ the zanzibar. $5 , 21+ 9PM
Slithering Beast has a new EP "Delicious", available on read our review here.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

TONIGHT: Chadwick Wilde @ DCE

Newly engaged Chadwick Wilde will be playing tonight at Derby City Expresso with Adam Faucett & William Blackart. 8pm $5.
William Blackart

4/9 Bacon Ball @ Water Tower

 Bacon seems to be the cool new thing in Louisville these days.. with fests in Butchertown, restaurants serving all bacon flavored entrees, and ice cream parlors making bacon sundaes. So why not have a big ol' bacon ho-down on the banks of the Ohio: Saturday April 9th at the Water Tower will be The Bacon Ball, with art, booze and music. and bacon.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Our April Fool's revealed:

Yesterday I posted in our 'calendar of events' that I had wanted to do an April fools joke, but couldn't think of anything. I was then contacted by Deloreans frontman J Perry, who let me in on his april fools joke announcing the break up of his band and announcement of a new project of all summertime electronic songs called CH@ CH@. it was an amazing and very elaborate set up, their website had been changed, all signs of deloreans erased, with a press release and new songs added from  'CH@ CH@'. So we picked up the 'story' and even interviewed him about this. Below is that story (and original comments from readers), and you can still pick up a free download of CH@ CH@'s single:

This morning we woke up to a Press Release from The Deloreans frontman J Perry marked "URGENT".  Being the sleuth reporter i am, i went back to bed. When I finally got up I had realized I had slept through one of the biggest Louisville music stories of the year! The press release stated that after the stress of releasing the hit album "American Craze" (read our review here) fighting erupted from the band over which direction the deloreans should focus on for their new album slated for this summer.  After weeks of squabbling, half the band called it quits, and the remaining members thought it better to rename the band out of  respect to their fans and former members. The band will continue on as CH@ CH@ (pronounced chat chat), and will be be focusing on the style of Chillwave.
As the record label Louisville Is for Lovers announced earlier that 2011 will be the best summer ever, CH@ CH@ decided incorporate this ideology into writing all songs for and about Summertime hanging and chillin'.
The press release goes on to state:
"After terribly unfortunate recent events which resulted in losing some (60%) of our band members and feeling tired of the plurality of our band name, The Deloreans regret to inform you that we are moving on from the project. Unfortunately, you’ll not again see or hear from us - not in this incarnation anyway. Please believe that this was a very difficult decision. You all have been so very kind to us and we have had the time of our lives with you.   Thanks to everyone that supported us along the way - We Miss u already.
 If it’s any small solace, the remaining members have begun a new project inspired in part by nostalgia for the ‘chillwave’ summer of 2k9 with the specific goal of writing and recording nothing but summer jams.” read more on the deloreans website.
 I called Deloreans guitarist Lorne Pilcher and asked about the new CH@ CH@ and if he was involved, and he said "Chillwave, not on my watch", called me a sellout, asked if I was stilling coming over to his cookout sunday and hung up. no sir, I will not.
 I then called J Perry, who was very excited about this new direction, and asked him a few questions:
JK- why the change?
JP- Yeah
JK-why now right after the big release?
JP-we just, like, got tired of guitars and real instruments and stuff. tired of riding those weird rockwaves. want to ride chillwavves now!
JK-why is the new single named after the last single? is it a reworked song, or all new with just the same name?
JP- just want to get like a 3.6-5.9 on p4k or something. and want more buzz bucks too, yall. it's all about the CH@CH@ from here on out.

CH@ CH@ will be playing latter this summer on the glassworks rooftop as part of the Louisville Is For Lovers 'Summer 7" Series'. 

WEEKEND EVENTS CALENDAR 4/1-3: Nothing going on at all, all weekend

There is nothing good at all,  all weekend. stay at home. don't go out. obviously this is my attempt at an April's fools joke. I wanted to post something cruel or  insane, but couldn't come up with anything good. In high skool, a rumor spread like wild fire that the beloved local music venue 'Lazer Blaze' would reopen on April 1st, and Kinghorse would play.  it was a good joke. although i never really liked practical jokes.
eventually Lazer Blaze did reopen. Kinghorse never showed up, and they never had local music again. but they did add a Cosmic Mini-Golf, and it's pretty awesome.
4/1 Cage the Elephant with Biffy Clyro and Sleeper Agent @ Headliners, 8pm, SOLD OUT
4/1 Cougar express, bad blood at Glassworks 9pm $10

4/2 Wide Spread Panic @ The Palace

4/3 The Books @ Headliners

4/1-3 second '2nd most awesome art market' at glassworks

As a side note, our post 'Oprah asks 37 FLOOD to interview THE JUDDS' was supposed to be put up at midnight on April 1st, but since it is such a crazy story, I thought people would take it as an April Fool's prank and dismiss it.. so at the last minute we posted it at 11:30 on march 31st. But it's a true story, and totally nuts. Now Get Out There and Go Nuts!