Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Ticket Give-A-Way: Daeodon & GRLwood at Mag Bar 12/21

Louisville rock n' roll living legends Daeodon and GRLwood are playing at Mag Bar on Friday December 21st with El Bisonte, Manic Methed, and Julius, and we have two tickets to give-a-way!
Just share our Facebook post or tag a friend you want take to the show with you and we'll pick a winner at random on Sunday the 16th.

More info is on the Facebook Event Page.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Free Christmas Track from MC HIJACK & Louisville Is For Lovers

Louisville Is For Lovers just released a new Christmas Track by MC HIJACK for FREE on their site called Jingle Bells Y'all! and is a monster mix of danceable holiday songs from yesteryear including samples from Darlene Love and Pastor T. L. Barrett and the Youth For Christ Choir.

And if free Christmas music isn't enough, Louisville Is For Lovers also has as 25% off sale on all apparel until Christmas.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Editorial: The Mayor's Compassion Problem

Looking back to 2016, it was a difficult year. One headline read 'The Year Music Everything Died."

The Metropolitan Housing Coalition released the annual the State of Metropolitan Housing Report for 2016, in which Cathy Hinko, executive director of the Metropolitan Housing Coalition, has found that Housing costs has raised 20% from 2005-2015 and another 9% in the last year alone.

People thought we had nowhere to go but up. But then 2017 happened.

In Louisville it has been an especially bad handful of years, with the brunt falling on our city's working population. On December 8th, 2017, The city bulldozed a homeless camp in freezing temperatures, many losing everything they have with nowhere to go. 

The work of the Mayor and property speculators like Gill Holland have helped market our city to outside interests that have seen Real estate prices skyrocket. Louisville has seen a 34% increase in residents who pay more than 50% of their earnings to housing costs in the last 10 years, meanwhile wages in Louisville 'lag behind' making inflated living costs even more unattainable. According to the Housing report, an astounding 43% of the population of Louisville cannot afford adequate housing without "taking on excessive cost-burden." The report also states that an average Louisvillian would need to make about $20/hr full time to meet basic quality of life needs, and yet our Mayor promised to veto a minimum wage increase over $9/hr. That's not even half of what is needed to barely scrape by in Louisville. Full time work at minimum wage doesn't even crack $14,000 a year. If the mayor had ever tried to survive under the poverty line he would know the impossibility of escape, and the economic slavery it creates. 

The mayor routinely gives sweetheart deals to outside interests, like $30 million for the soccer arena witch will stand where the homeless camp used to be, and skyrocketing rents and run-a-way AirBnBs that drop the amount of available rental units in the city center, pushing the lower income residents further out with longer commutes and less career options. 

I'm not saying Greg Fisher needs to try and take care of his family on $14K a year,  I'm just saying he needs to stop forcing the rest of us to do so.
Louisville Metro Government: You Won't Be Alright

Fisher has created an inescapable economic prison in which the population grows daily, so that Property speculators and land developers can make hand over fist pimping out our city for high rise luxury condos and city funded arenas, while the poor are herded en mass further and further away from the city center. And if they refuse, they are literally removed by the police, as we saw in December of last year. “That is not accidental,” said Kathy Hinko in a recent WFPL interview; “We’ve done everything in our power to herd low income people into small geographic areas.”

And yet our mayor cannot see beyond the money signs in his eyes to stop this crisis while our city crumbles. In 2016 Fischer attended SXSW, the annual the music, media, and film festival is set in the heart of America's latest 'it' city, Austin Texas, with the expressed interest of learning more about how to create a population boom like Austin, and Williamsburg New York before that, and Portland Oregon before that. "It" cities rise to international spotlights, riding on waves of local music, culture, and above all, affordable housing for those who want to experience it. We saw this happen almost overnight in New Orleans after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina left a multitude of empty homes at rock bottom prices. Just 10 years later in the Big Easy a one bedroom apartment goes for more than $1,200 a month. Thats up by 50% in the last 5 years. Austin's is worse, rising 80% in the last 5 years

What's all this have to do with our Mayor? Besides his love for trendy photo-ops at music festivals and Bourbon Tastings, He has big plans for Louisville, mostly he wants to make Louisville the next Austin.   This is great news for property owners and investors who may see 50 to 80% growth in rental income but bad for everyone else, especially the 60,000 Louisvillians who spend more than 30% of their income in rent, not to mention the 24,000 who spend more than 50% in rent (me included). If rent jumps up 50% or more, many of these people will have no recourse but exile in the far reaches or homelessness. But the mayor is pushing big time for a population boom anyway. 

In an interview on WFPL, Jacob Ryan asked the mayor if he wanted a population boom like the one in Austin, and the mayor's reply was “We want to grow faster, we want to be more global, but we always want to be mindful of keeping the soul of our city as well.” 

Good news, mayor, your boom is here. The average one bedroom in Louisville is now $760 a month, with the average apartment in Schnitzelburg costing the same as apartments in Cherokee Triangle. If you are not a person scraping by on minimum wage, imagine making $1,000 a month with $240 left after paying rent. Personally I make about $900 a month with $700 going to rent and utilities, another $90 a month for car insurance, and $50 for cell service. That leaves $160 a month ($40 a week) for everything else: gasoline, food, clothes,  everything. That's under $6 a day. 

But when nearly half of our residents cannot meet basic living standards, it has become an epidemic. We cannot stand idly by any longer watching our city turn into a playground for the rich and a prison for the poor. When I first began writing about the gentrification crisis in Louisville (5 years ago) I received hate mail from people calling me a stupid idiot standing in the way of progress; I don't get many of those anymore. Now I get email from working mothers desperate to find affordable housing in Louisville. But if you are a single mother making $1,000 month and the average 2 bedroom apartment in Germantown is $900 a month you have no choice but to fall into debt just trying to keep your children fed. 
When the basic cost of living is higher than the minimum wage we see working neighborhoods fall into desperate situations. The federal government's 'County Health Rankings' found that 22% of children in our city live in poverty, that's 1 in 5 children that does not get enough food to eat on a daily basis. One starving child in our city is too many but this is a crisis.

But you don't have to be living under the poverty line to decide that this government enforced economic slavery is unjust and needs to end. You can still be a democrat while also telling Fischer this all needs to stop
When will the rich and powerful have enough? The truth is, they won't ever push the plate away and say they have had their fill. Greed pushes away sanity and empathy. They won't stop, and we have nothing left to give.

-John King
Administer of The Electric Church Of The Tambourine

Join Me on December 7th at noon in front of the mayor's Office. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

12/11 & 12/18: 37FLOOD Holiday Parties

We are throwing not one, but two holiday parties this December at Butchertown Social (1601 Story ave)! On Tuesday, December 11th, Bring a wrapped LP for our Secret Santa Vinyl Swap and pick up a wrapped LP to take home with you!
And on Tuesday December 18th will be our metal themed Twisted Christmas complete with ghoulish elves, a visit from Alice Cooper-Claus, and a DJ set by Dham (of Mono & Phantom Family Halo). 
Both events start at 9pm and are FREE and open to the public.

 Secret Santa Vinyl Swap FB Event Page Here.
Twisted Christmas FB Event Page Here.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

12/29: Phantom Family Halo & Whistle Peak at Zanzabar

The Phantom Family Halo will be playing their first Louisville show in 5 years at the TRAFOZSATSFM: A Louisville Is For Lovers Tribute To Ziggy Stardust showcase at Zanzabar on Saturday Dec. 29th with Whistle Peak, reuniting specifically for this event.
The 2 disc reissue releases on December 1st online and at Louisville stores, and can also be preordered here.

Tickets to the showcase can be found here and at Guestroom Records.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Louisville Is For Lovers To Reissue Ziggy Stardust Tribute Album

On Dec. 1st, 10 years to the day,  Louisville Is For Lovers will be reissuing the TRAFOZSATSFM: A Louisville Is For Lovers Tribute album both digitally and as a limited edition 2 CD set. Both versions come with the original 14 track version with contributions from Wax Fang, Trophy Wives, Whistle Peak and others, but will also include 2 tracks originally only issued as singles by IamIS and Dangerbird as well as a hidden remix track, but the CD set will also include alternate tracks never before released by The Phantom Family Halo and the Gallery Singers; as well as a '10 Years' remix by MC HIJACK.

TRAFOZSATSFM Reissue can be pre-ordered here and will be available in Louisville stores on Dec. 1st.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Vinyl Nite Podcast #104 with RMLLW2LLZ

RMLLW2LLZ of Barrel & Biscuit talks about his newest solo album, his upcoming EP, and his winter coat drive 2LLZ1LUV. Barrel & Biscuit plays this thursday 11/15 at Zanzabar with Pronoun, Church Friends, and Kim Sorise for the 2LLZ1LUV benefit show. Event info here

11/20: Hawks Live at Vinyl Nite to Benefit Ky Harvest

For many years My Morning Jacket would play an annual Thanksgiving show in Louisville to benefit Kentucky Harvest. This coming Tuesday, November 20th, former My Morning Jacket member Danny Cash is resuming the tradition with his new band Hawks, by playing a free show at Tuesday Vinyl Nite at Butchertown Social (1601 Story Ave). Bring a record to spin and a canned good between 9pm-12am. 

Further Event Information here.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Tonight: Album Cover Costume Party at Butchertown Social

The 4th Annual Album Cover Costume Party at Tuesday Vinyl Nite begins at 9pm tonight at Butchertown Social (1601 Story ave). Dress up as your favorite album, bring the album to spin and join the costume contest at 10:31pm. 
Prizes for Best In Show, Most Creative, and Doubles/Group Costume. Prizes from Vectortone & Guestroom Records include 2 tix to J Mascis (11/29), 2 tix to Bit Brigade: Legend of Zelda (11/05), and 2 tix to Le Butcherettes (11/27) and Guestroom Records Gift Certificates.  Live set by Season Of The Witch at 11pm. Vinyl Nite is always FREE.

More event info here.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Vinyl Nite Podcast #103: Sick Little Things

 Vinyl Nite Podcast #103 recorded at Butchertown Social (1601 Story ave) during Tuesday Vinyl Nite with Sick Little Things the Alice Cooper Tribute Band. Sick Little Things will perform at Art Sanctuary on Oct. 20th.
Corey Elmore in Alice Cooper's pants

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Open Call: Artist In Residence at LFPL

The COLLIDER Program at the Louisville Free Public Library selects 12 artists a year for one month residencies at the South Central branch on Jefferson Blvd and is accepting applications now.

The Artist Selection Committee will select artist-in-residence for the South Central Regional Library this Fall. All disciplines including visual, performing, written word, and beyond will be considered for residency.
Artist-in-residence will be offered a stipend of $800 per month, with additional funds available for program supplies. The artist will be responsible for holding scheduled studio hours for at least 16 hours per week and for teaching at least three classes during the residency period to the public. Classes can range from art instruction to general information about the art form, and can be geared toward a specific age range or open to all.

The application deadline is October 15th, 2018. The committee will meet and inform applicants of their status by November 15th, 2018. Apply here.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

37FLOOD Vinyl Nite Podcast #102 with Danny Cash of HAWKS

 37FLOOD Vinyl Nite Podcast #102 with Danny Cash of HAWKS, Dirt One, The Excuses, and formerly of My Morning Jacket. Ending track: HAWKS "It Ain't Easy" (live).

Sunday, September 30, 2018

October Vinyl Nite Events

We are pleased to be sponsors of the Tuesday Vinyl Nite at Butchertown Social (1601 Story ave), a free weekly event from 9pm-1am.

Join us every Tuesday this October for a whole month of spooky delight with some amazing guest DJs, two costume contests, and a bunch of Give-A-Ways!

October Vinyl Nite Themes:

 10/2 Danny Cash of Hawks (and My Morning Jacket Memorabilia Box Give-A-Way)

10/9 Alice Cooper impersonator Corey Elmore
(and Alice Cooper Tribute Sick Little Things Ticket Give-A-Way)

 10/16 Total Void (and Lexington show ticket Give-A-Way)

10/23 Zombie Night
(Zombie Costume Contest and Louisville Zombie Attack Prize Box Give-A-Way)

10/30 fourth Annual Album Cover Costume Party (and Season Of The Witch live showcase)

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Vinyl Nite Podcast #101: Shane Poole of Satellite Twin

Recorded at Tuesday Vinyl Nite at Butchertown Social with Shane Poole of Satellite Twin about new split 7" with MUTTS of Chicago, the joys of van ownership, and favorite records to spin.

Shane Poole of Satellite Twin

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Video Premier: "Seems The Same" by Stevie Meredith

Released today, a new video by Louisville musician Stevie Meredith titled "Seems The Same" from  just released 5 song EP "Stay Inside."

The entire EP was tracked, mixed and mastered in Louisville and can be found here. The video was shot in Tokyo.

9/27 Modern Prometheus Art Exhibit & Young Frankenstein Screening

On Thursday, September 27, at the Main Louisville Free Public Library (301 York St) from 5:30-6:30 p.m. will be the artists reception for the new exhibit The Modern Prometheus. This artist-invitational features original works by more than fifteen prominent local artists in honor of the 200th  anniversary of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, including creations by Ed Hamilton, Penny Sisto, Bob Lockhart, John King, Carrie Neumayer, and more.

After the reception (at 7:30pm) UofL Professor Stephen Hanson will host a screening of Mel Brooks' classic horror comedy Young Frankenstein and will talk about how Brooks got the medical ethics right in his film.

The art exhibit will be up through October. For more information, visit

Monday, September 24, 2018

Canceled: Louder Than Life

We have just been informed by the organizers of Louder Than Life that due to the condition of Champions Park, this year's festival has been canceled.
Festival producer Danny Wimmer Presents sent a press release moments ago that announced "due to the continuing rain and deterioration of conditions at Champions Park, this weekend’s Louder Than Life festival in Louisville has been canceled."
 “Delivering a great experience for our fans will always be our top priority – but that great experience starts with safety,” said Danny Hayes, CEO of Danny Wimmer Presents.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

9/18 & 9/25: Tuesday Vinyl Nite with Satellite Twin & VALE at Butchertown Social

37FLOOD and Louisville Is For Lovers is proud to sponsor Tuesday Vinyl Nite at Butchertown Social (1601 Story Ave) from 9pm-12am every Tuesday and is completely free. Bring a record to spin and meet local bands and guest DJs. September guest DJs are Satellite Twin (on 9/18 with give-a-way of their new 7" with MUTTS) and VALE (on 9/25 with a give-a-way of their new EP).

Monday, September 3, 2018

9/14: 5th Annual Smoketown GetDown

September 14th is the 5th Annual Smoketown GetDown for Democracy; a FREE block party powered by the people and open to the public. The event features live entertainment, Smoketown organizations and businesses, voter registration, food trucks, and family-friendly activities including Yared Sound, Alpha Diamonds, Mighty Shades of Ebony, Str8Diamonds Dance Team, a Free Play Zone hosted by Children at Play Network, Photo Booth by Kertis Creative, Silent Disco presented by Hush Louisville, and "Discover Our Past" self-guided walking tour created by The Wheelhouse Project in partnership with The Filson Historical Society.

The Getdown takes place on South Hancock Street, between Lampton and Jacob Street, just east of downtown Louisville.
Event info here.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

9/28-30: Louder Than Life

This year's alternative to the alt-festival, Louder Than Life, hits Champion's Park September 28th through the 30th presenting 1990's hard rock monsters like Limp Bizkit, Godsmack, and Alice In Chains, but is also serving up some curious and exciting acts  from yesteryear to keep things interesting; here is our picks for Louder Than Life 2018:

Billy Idol


Ice Cube

 Suicidal Tendencies

Body Count (37FLOOD Approved)

Louisville's Anemic Royalty will also be playing. Tickets $200-$1,000. Info here.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Video Exclusive: MC HIJACK in 'Road Rage Dance Off'

Louisville Is For Lovers has just released a new video featuring breakdance artist Prep D (from Team Totoro) featuring 2 songs from MC HIJACK'S new album Tender Pieces.

MC HIJACK also makes an appearance, as The Driver,  as well as Team Totoro member KY Jenny.

Tender Pieces was released on July 5th entirely for free (downloads as well as CDs) and is available here.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Submit to Louisville Is For Lovers 2019 Valentine's Album

Submissions for Louisville Is For Lovers 2019 Valentine's album are now open! If you are interested in submitting a song for the 2019 compilation please visit the Louisville Is For Lovers Submit page and send tracks (2 max per band/artist) via email before October 15th, 2018.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

8/18: Mutts (Chicago) & Satellite Twin at Kaiju

Chicago's resident growling junkyard dog band Mutts and Louisville's dirty satin sheets of a man band Satellite Twin have teamed up for a truly top-shelf smokey motel room soundtrack in the form of a split 7" released this Saturday on Gubbey Records, and a release show at Kaiju with Sheri Streeter.

Event info here.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

8/3: Sound Visual(s) opening reception at Craft(s) Gallery

Sound Visual(s) as a visual art show of 4 Louisville artists who work both in the musical and visual arts: Matt Anthony (WFPK & Matt Anthony's Record Shop), Jordan Humbert (The Winger Brothers), John King (Louisville Is For Lovers Series), and Michael Tackett (DJ at The Pearl) through August at Craft(s) Gallery (572 S. Fourth Street).

Opening Reception with the artists; Friday August 3rd from 6-9pm with refreshments and DJ sets by the artists.