Friday, February 21, 2014

3/16 Soweto Gospel Choir (FREE music give Away)!

Sunday March 16th at the Brown Theatre The  Soweto Gospel Choir will be stopping in all the way from Soweto South Africa for a 2 night engagement. This 52 member choir has been mixing traditional hymns, African gospel, and secular pop  for over a decade. To commemorate their 10 year mark and arrival in Louisville, we are giving away a copy of their new CD 'Divine Decade.' just leave a comment here or email and tell us one of the actors from the 1989's A Dry White Season, a film about the 1976 uprising in Soweto (or just leave your name, it's up to you) and we'll announce a winner around March 1st.

The Soweto Gospel Choir will be at The Brown 3/16 & 17. tickets start at just $15.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2/28 Rubik's Cube party @ Mag Bar

Sometimes there's an idea so good that it makes no sense at all. The idea for the Rubik's cube was invented and reinvented many times before it was  great. On Friday Feb.28 it will be reinvented yet again, and possibly to perfection this time. The Rubik's Cube Party at Mag Bar is both an insane and genius idea, and just like the toy, the directions seem simple enough but promises to get complicated (possibly not until the morning after):
come dressed in mismatched red/blue/yellow/green/orange/white clothing and switch clothing with people until you are all one color.
 (21+ 11pm-4am This Event is FREE!)

Monday, February 17, 2014

3/1 Black Birds of Paradise LP release show

On Saturday 3/1 the Black Birds of Paradise will be playing the New Vintage in support of their debut LP, and joined by Lady Pyramid and  Murals. Visuals will be provided by Spettra and the Squallis Puppeteers.
For those who followed the release of THERE IS NO ONE: A Louisville Is For Lovers Tribute To The Palace Brothers, The Black Birds did an amazing cover of I had A Good Mother And Father and slayed a live performance on WFPK. And if you got your hands on a copy, it was Black Bird Nick that handled the expert color explosion vinyl. We here at 37FLOOD are interested in seeing the new BBoP vinyl.
Black Birds of Paradise playing live at WFPK studios.

Doors at 8:00 music at 9:00 $5 cover. $15 12" LP w/ Download Card.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Review: Julie of the Wolves & Injecting Strangers @ Haymarket

Just about 3 months after Cincinnati's Injecting Strangers first show, They found their way to Louisville Feb. 8 with The Teeth and Julie of the Wolves. To anyone familiar with these three bands it might seem like an odd pairing; regardless it is nice to see twin-city scheming between Louisville and Cincinnati that may form into something like the 1990s Rock N' Roll railway between Louisville and Chicago that brought many great bands here and gave Louisville musicians a chance outside of town.

In a forgotten storage building behind the Haymarket Bar is where bands play when they play at the Haymarket. It is very bizarre, but no more than The Haymarket its self.   The Teeth played first, i'm not sure why, perhaps hospitality for the out-of-towners, either way I missed their set again. this marks the latest in a long line of failed attempts of me trying to see them live, i have really enjoyed their newest LP and it is well worth a listen for anyone who enjoys post-garage..

Injecting Strangers played second, and i made it just in time for their very long and drawn-out sound check. It was a little painful, and maybe unnecessary as the sound equipment at Haymarket has somehow  made a  Miraculous recovery since the fun but ill-fated New Years Eve show, when everything that could go wrong   did go wrong. Watching Injecting Strangers uncomfortably fumble with their equipment I thought 'god, they're young.' and just then a girl next to me looked at them and said "God, I'm Old." So I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder, either way I completely retracted my thought the very second they stopped with the fart and titty jokes and dove straight into their set. They played with the gusto of veteran rockers and with the stage presence of vaudevillian legends. Lead Singer Richard Ringer has the makings to be a great entertaining personality; embodying just the right amounts of a Birthday Party era Nick Cave and pre-Beautiful World Mark Mothersbaugh.   To the best of my knowledge they played all three tracks from their short but finely crafted Nightmare Nancy EP: available for free download here, or as a free CD at their shows that comes with a bonus track..  they did mention wanting to play Louisville regularly. I recommend that they do.
injecting strangers @ haymarket
Richard Ringer: The Birthday Party & Devo's escaped love child.

Last up was the incomparable,  and possibly unappreciated Julie of the Wolves, as I was completely surprised that there wasn't more people to witness the unabashed rock they exhume without even trying.
Maybe rock isn't appreciated the way it was a decade ago, or maybe it had something to do with the entire Derby City Roller Girls team showing up in the main building for a fashionable get down.
Regardless the crowd that stayed was in for a rock infused show starting with their super catchy Create/Destroy, the title track to their solid new LP. read logan's review here. Carrie Neumayer and company can scream and crush with the best of them. I hope they too hit the stage in Louisville again soon.
Julie of the Wolves

Saturday, February 15, 2014

3/1 Sean T Johnson "Busted Parts and Broken Hearts" Release Show

For your Post-Valentine broken heart consideration: Vine Grove KY Alt-Country Rocker Sean T. Johnson will be playing Sat. March 1st (8 pm) at The Bard's Town with Louisville singer songwriter Nick Peay. This will be Johnson's Album release show for his new "Busted Parts and Broken Hearts" EP.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Logan's Best of: 2013

We’ve been in the new year for a little while now and I may be a little late on this, but 2013 was a huge year for music and there’s so much amazing material to sift through. So here’s a short comprehensive list of the best music the year had to offer.

  • Chance the Rapper: Acid Rap-

         This is the most original rap album I’ve heard in years. Imagine Andre Benjamin but as a 20 year old Chicago kid instead of a southern gentleman. He's had two mixtapes so far and both are available for free on his website. Acid Rap is both a tribute to Chicago's history and a leap into its future. 

  • Eminem: The Marshall Mathers 2 LP-

            Don’t call it a comeback... because it's almost certainly his last album. It's definitely his best album since his real comeback in 2009. Unlike his more uplifting albums Relapse and Recovery, what makes the MM LP 2 stand out is that he's gone back to doing what he does best- being angry.

  • Sunn 0))): Black One-

            Technically it was just an unofficial RSD re-issue, but this was one of my favorite records I picked up all year. Really good album to listen to if you don't want to go outside or if you don't believe in electric lights.

  • Gubbey Records: Head Cleaner-

            This compilation is over two hours long and features fourty six Louisville acts. Read our Full review here.

  • Vampire Weekend: Modern Vampires of the City-

            After a three year break, Vampire Weekend went back into the studio with producer Ariel Rechtshaid (known earlier in the year for Snoop Lion's album, Reincarnated). This was the first time they've ever brought in an outside producer since keyboardist Rostam Batmanglij usually produces their albums. It seems like a weird combination, but they're exploring a lot of new territory with this record.

  • Portugal. The Man: Evil Friends-

            I was really excited to hear that Danger Mouse was in studio with Portugal. the man. Immediately I thought they'd go back to the synth-heavy styles of Censored Colors and Church Mouth, but this listens more like one of those collaboration albums Danger Mouse is known for. 

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Push the Sky Away-

            This has been a constant listen since its release in February. Push the Sky Away is mainly built on a set of loops Warren Ellis made that the Bad Seeds played over to bring structure and depth to the sound. Lyrically, it's some of Cave's most ominous work.

  • Megajoos: Mega Deuce:

            Megajoos (pronounced: mega-juice) is an experimental drum and bass outfit from Nashville. Some guy flagged me down in a Post Office parking lot and gave me their CD, and judging by the cover I didn't know what to expect, but these guys bring the fuzz. They kind of remind me of the Pixies' good stuff.

  • Zorch: ZZOORRCCHH-

            I'm not sure how they got the name Zorch, I'm sure there's some sort of agreement with the older band by the same name. As I said in an earlier review, Zorch has everything it takes to be America's next big two piece, but their psychedelic electronic prog style might be too much for the masses to handle.

The Flaming Lips: The Terror-

            The Lips turned a new leaf with their 2013 release. Since keyboardist Steve Drozd is 100% sober now, it seems that Coyne gave him the wheel and let him steer the ship. The happy go lucky "it's great to be alive" band that you've grown to love is still in there somewhere, but now they're saying something more like "it's terrifying that I'm alive." 

That's all folks. Enjoy the tunes and good luck out there in 2014.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Events (CULTS @ Zanzabar)

you hope it'll sneak by.. but this year Valentine's Day is FRIDAY; there's no escaping it this time, so why not embrace it the way we like to do in Louisville? put on that red and leave your coat in the car and get out there!
CULTS @ Zanzabar 8 pm 21+ $15. UPDATE: SOLD OUT 
Beibelhauser Brothers @ BBC

Louisville MUSICulture is giving away 2 tix to CULTS on FB.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Lucero on tour (2/17 @ Zanzabar SOLD OUT)!

In a departure from their last years, Lucero is reliving their roots by not playing Headliners, and instead playing the relatively intimate  Zanzabar on the 17th... for $30 a ticket. which is sold out, so if you were not lucky enough to grab a ticket (like me, it'll be the first time in maybe a decade i'll miss a louisville Lucero show) they will be hitting surrounding areas, albeit in larger venues:
2/16 NASHVILLE $3!!!(It seems to be some sort of lottery system: details)
2/19 Detroit $30
2/23 Chicago $30
Louisville & Cleveland are sold out

Read our review of the Lucero 2010 performance at Headliners here.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Out Today: Scott H. Biram 'Nothing But Blood' LP

Looking to be just a day late of it's expected birth date, Scott H. Biram's new LP 'Nothing But Blood' is officially out today, followed by an intense round of touring. Regional tour dates include:
3/23 Saint Louis
3/25 Fort Wayne
3/26 Cleveland
3/27 Chicago
 and many other dates across the US as well as  Scandinavia.
Read our review of NOTHING BUT BLOOD here.


Monday, February 3, 2014

2/8: The Teeth, Julie of the Wolves, Injecting Strangers

This Saturday two of Louisville's best, The Teeth and Julie of the Wolves, are meeting up with one of Cincinnati's strongest up-and-comers, Injecting Strangers, at the Haymarket. Doors open at 9 o'clock and admission is $5. Come on out for a wild time and all the Star Wars memorabilia you care to see!