Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Interview with Megan Hickey of The Last Town Chorus

Tonight is the first night of WFPK's weekly free summer concert series. To kick this years series off Brooklyn natives The Last Town Chorus will be performing. The show starts right after work at 5pm on the Waterfront and admission is free.


The Last Town Chorus - Modern Love

We were lucky enough to have a chance to ask Megan a few questions, enjoy...

37 Flood - You will be visiting Louisville during the best time of year to be here (Kentucky Derby Festival). Will this be your first trip to Louisville? If not, have you ever had the chance to make it to the Kentucky Derby?

Megan - I spent 24 lovely hours in Louisville earlier this year (we visited WFPK and played a show). You guys are insanely lucky to have that radio station, and Ear X-Tacy Records. I always look out for independent record stores on tour and there sure aren't a lot of them left. I'd love to do the Derby someday. I mean, not run in it -- just watch.

37 Flood
- Do you miss NYC while traveling or do you enjoy seeing new places?

- I love New York. Almost as much as I love getting the he*l out of there on a regular basis. I need frequent doses wide open spaces and places that are laid out on a smaller scale. Like Louisville. Wonder if I can fit in some Derby time when we're in town for the waterfront show...

37 Flood - Sometimes I feel like I am the only person on the planet who doesn't watch Grey's Anatomy. So I completely missed your cover of David Bowies "Modern Love" when it was featured in its entirety during an episode. Tell me why or why not I should give in and start watching the show.

Megan - I suggest that you experiment and decide for yourself -- go to YouTube and watch the segment that featured our song... Search by: last town chorus grey's anatomy. (or watch the clip on Maybe those few minutes will get you hooked. On Grey's Anatomy, I mean.

37 Flood - After your song was featured on the show I'm sure you saw a huge spike in your popularity. Besides having more friends on MySpace how has this affected you?

Megan - Yes, gobs of people really responded to the Grey's Anatomy airing. I also loved seeing my music adapted so artfully for the was quite cinematic.

37 Flood - It seems you have a very loyal following in the UK. I notice this with a lot of american bands who haven't seen the same kind of success yet in the states. Do you have any ideas as to why this is the case?

Megan - The whole geographical area of UK fits into the state of Texas. It has a lot of national media, like BBC. So it's just more penetrable. They also seem to have a particular taste for unique strains of American music.

37 Flood - If someone has never heard your music how do you describe it to them?

Megan - I don't, because I can't. I tell them where they can hear it if they wish.

37 Flood - How did you develop your unique sound? What or who Influenced you?

Megan - I've consumed and filtered mountains of music over many years...most of my influence is by osmosis, methinks.

37 Flood - Your new album "Wire Waltz" was given 4 stars by Spin magazine. After putting so much effort into it by recording and producing it yourself. Does a review like this give you some sort of validation for all your hard work? Or does it matter to you at all?

Megan - I used to collect SPIN magazines in the early 80s, especially if Culture Club was in it. So it was a geeky thrill to see my bad haircut and living room in its pages. But generally speaking I view music press as a vital bridge to peoples' ears and hearts. That said, thank you very much for taking the time to talk with me. Best wishes.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lebowski Fest 6 Tickets On Sale Now

Tickets are available online at or in Louisville at:
WHY Louisville (1609-1/2 Bardstown Rd) - No Additional Fees- Discounted Combo Tickets Available - Cash Only
Ear X-tacy (1534 Bardstown Rd) - $1 per ticket fee - Individual Tickets Only (No Combo Tickets) - Cash Only

Friday, April 20, 2007

Forecastle 2007 Full Lineups Announced

Friday, July 27th

De La Soul
Chicago Afrobeat Project
How I Became the Bomb
Secret Guest - TBA
The Old Ceremony
Kelley McRae
World Wide Wojo
Captain of Industry
Scourge of the Sea
Lucky Pineapple
John Boy’s Courage
Geoff Koch
The Fervor

Saturday, July 28th

Girl Talk
Mucca Pazza
Wax Fang
The Features
Early Day Miners
The Impossible Shapes
The High Water Marks
De Novo Dahl
The October
Black Diamond Heavies
The Glasspack
The Pennies
The Hiders
The Harry Pickens Band
Stephen Simmons
Todd Coyle

Ticket Info

Son Volt and Magnolia Electric Co. @ Headliners Tonight 4/20

After 5 or 6 years of solo projects, Jay Farrar resurrected the Son Volt name in 2005. The latest Son Volt lineup will be performing at Headliners tonight April 20th. Doors Open at 8pm tickets are $18.
Son Volt - Straightface
Son Volt - Underground Dream
Magnolia Electric Co. is another band that has had some lineup changes. Jason Molina (formerly of Songs: Ohia) formed this group using the name of Songs Ohia's final release.

Magnolia Electric Co. - The Dark Don't Hide It
Magnolia Electric Co. - Leave The City

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Arnett Hollow CD Release Party 4/27 @BBC 4th Street

Arnett Hollow is a fictional place that has just survived a major flood. To tell the story of this town, the band (Chris Rodahaffer- Guitar, Vocals Glenn Miller- Banjo, Vocals Rob Collier- Upright Bass Rob Edwards- Drums, Percussion) have created an extremely unique psychedelic-bluegrass sound. They are having a CD release party on Friday the 27th of April at the Bluegrass Brewing Company 4th street in Theatre Square.

More upcoming shows:

Thursday April 19th @ The Hideaway Saloon
May 19th @ BBC 4th St Theater Square
May 26th @ The Jazz Factory

Check out their myspace page and give a listen to the tracks below.
See you at the shows!

Arnett Hollow - Arnett Hollow
Arnett Hollow - River Gives

Friday, April 13, 2007

Murals @ Rudyard Kipling May 4th

Murals (Jacob Weaver-Guitar/Vocals, Evan Blum-Bass, Rob Monsma-Drums) got together during their high school days. Playing songs such as Weezer's Island In the Sun and even played Oasis's Wonderwall for a school choir concert. Since then they have grown up, developed their own unique sound and even grew some beards. You can check them and their beards out at the Rudyard Kipling May 4th @ 730pm when they open for Barry Smith.

Murals - Shapes
Murals - New Ground

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Lucky Pineapple, Photos from The Pink Door

Lucky Pineapple played another kick ass free show last night. Here are some photos from last night at The Pink Door, a cool little noodle bar in the historic Douglas Loop. Do yourself a favor and check out their calendar and go see them!

View Photos


Saturday, April 7, 2007

Lucky Pineapple, Photos from The Pub

Last night, the Pineapple reformed and played two stellar sets at the Pub on 4th street. The band was on a small break due to JC breaking his arm in a car accident in January. We're all happy that JC's arm has healed and last night's show proved it has.
Lucky Pineapple has a difficult sound to categorize, that may be the reason it is so good. Listening to them play last night, I thought and thought how to pin it down. They follow their name and present a very jazzy caribbean fruity vibe that's funky and full of improvised jams. Lucky Pineapple is the starburst fruit chew of the Louisville music scene. In talking to Matt Dodds last night, he mentioned that many find it hard to put them in a category of music and often end with a combined adjective of some sorts... we're gonna need some time to put together a good enough adjective to match LP's style.

View Photos

Lucky Pineapple is playing again tonight at the Pink Door in Louisville @ 10pm, free cover.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Jamie Barnes @ The Jazz Factory

Jamie Barnes will be playing the Friday late night set at The Jazz Factory with special guest Rebecca Dennison. The show starts at 11pm and is a mere $2 for admission.
Rebecca has been collaborating with Jamie here and there on a project. On her Myspace page she says she has "been compared to everything from Enya to Tracy Chapman".
Jamie has a lo-fi folk sound with a voice that's sure to put your mind at ease. Often compared to Nick Drake, this will be a show you don't want to miss!

Download the free online EP, Paper Crane
Jamie Barnes - Three Suns
Jamie Barnes - Red Prescription

Lucky Pineapple is Back!!!

Back by popular demand! (or when bones heal...) Lucky Pineapple is playing two FREE shows this weekend. First, friday at The Pub on 4th Street, and then Saturday, at The Pink Door. These shows will mark the return of Lucky Pineapple from a hiatus because of drummer JC's broken arm. They offer a great jazzy upbeat sound that is sure to get your ass shaking! See you there.

Roadside Sex Change
Buffalo Heartbeat
Moment in an Empty Street

Sunday, April 1, 2007

VietNam plays Ear X-tacy, no April fools...

As mentioned earlier this week, VietNam played Ear X-tacy this afternoon.
As we pulled into the Ear X-tacy parking lot, we saw the band sitting on the concrete wall out front. I had the feeling of forgetting something all day (this is normal for me though). Just moments later, I scanned the car and realized what I had forgotten... my camera.
The band took their guitars around ten after 4 and were heavily drinking (energy drinks and coffee that is). Still bummed about forgetting the camera we took our places on the staircase directly in front of the makeshift stage. I'm just now getting into their music so forgive me for not knowing the complete track listing but they played 4 or 5 songs for us including Toby, Priest, Poet & The Pig, and Apocalypse.
In hindsight it was really great they took the time to come to back to Louisville today. Having played Nashville on Friday, Cincinnati on Saturday, and Cleavland on Monday it was a drive in the wrong direction that was well appreciated.
I did get a few pictures with the cell phone, not what I would normally be happy with but you take the good with the bad.
Thanks for turning the van around for us VietNam!

VietNam - Welcome to My Room