Saturday, August 10, 2013

9th Zombie Attack Schedule Announced

The End is Nigh once again, on Aug. 29  the largest and longest running annual zombie walk in the region will bring thousands of undead into the streets for this totally free event: LOUISVILLE ZOMBIE ATTACK!

From 6 - 8 p.m. will be a movie and make up pre-party at The Back Door, located in Mid-City Mall.
At 8:29 p.m. the walk will begin in the Mid-City Mall parking lot and go north down Bardstown Road and Grindstead Drive (becomes Winter Ave) to Barret Ave.
From 9 p.m. to Midnight- there will be a street party on the 1000 block of Barret Ave. with a concert from Squeezebot and Vice Tricks and a costume contest on the main stage.
The Monkey Wrench will host performances from The Revenants, All Dead, Pelts, DJ Count Gronzy and DJ Rev. Spook from 9 p.m. - 2 a.m.
Barret Bar & Grill will host zombie bike polo with the Louisville Hardcourt Bike Polo Club on the Barret Bar hardcourt from 9 p.m. - 2 a.m.

and if your still looking for something to do after all this, you could walk on down to Headliners for a late night Daft Punk Tribute show called One More Time with OK Deejays $12adv/$15door

Friday, August 9, 2013

8/16: Instruction/Alex Smith/Long Thanh Nguyen

On August 16th The Instruction with Howell Dawdy (new electronic project by Alex Smith of Lydia Burrell) will be playing at The New Vinatge with Long Thanh Nguyen (very interesting Vietnamese musician).$5, 21+, 9PM.

Also at The New Vintage: Johnny Berry, Your News Vehicles, and  Brett Eugene's KY Chrome Review is on 8/23. $10. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Editorial: Jack White=Rated X (ex-wife blues)

300 MPH Editorial Outpour Blues By Logan Nichols
Jack White and a Wurlitzer 200A

So as some of you may know, last week Jack White got a restraining order prohibiting all contact from his most recent ex-wife, Karen Elson, except to negotiate the pickup and drop off of their children because Elson stated that he made her feel unsafe. On Friday, TMZ leaked a series of emails from July 16 between White, Elson’s lawyers, and company (excluding, of course, Karen’s half of the conversation) in which White is very angry regarding: the placement of his children into the same private school as Black Keys singer Dan Auerbach’s child, custody rights, and Elson’s insistence that the two go to mediation/therapy.
A slew of music publications are covering this event, blasting White for calling Auerbach an asshole in these emails and criticizing him for, as the emails read, “calling her five times in ten minutes” which was labeled “harassment.” While the couple was divorced in 2011, it’s easy to see frustration with these matters still not being solved.
While we at 37 flood would certainly never claim to have any sort of knowledge into the two’s personal lives and refuse to take a side in the matter, we have to ask ourselves “Who gives a shit?” Honestly. Everyone who’s ever had a divorce has sent an angry email, and while it is completely visible that White had made no threat to Elson or the kids, why is it any of our business?

Sure, we all had a shiver in 2010 when White released Elson’s first studio album The Ghost Who Walks on Third Man Records, but it was on pink –peach scented vinyl, so we went along with it because it smelled good and the girl can sing. That’s where our opinion ceases to matter, after we judge the album accordingly, because that’s the only part of their relationship that we’re entitled to have an opinion about. So there’s a bunch of articles out there made to paint Jack White as an asshole because he doesn’t like the Black Keys and he’s angry at his ex. The man just donated over $340,000 to convert the Library of Congress’ 8-track collection to digital media and keep the Masonic Temple in Detroit from being demolished. Seems like a pretty nice guy to me. But I don’t like the Black Keys either, so I may be a little biased.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Whedonfest 2013

If Lebowski Fest and Fandomfest has let loose your inner Cosplayer and you can't wait 3 weeks for Louisville Zombie Attack, than you are in luck! next weekend in Scottsville Ky (outside of Bowling Green, directions here) is Whedonfest; a fest for all things Joss Whedon.. If you are not acquainted, you have sooo much homework to do. The good news is that is isn't just a Firefly fest, or Avengers fest, or even Buffy, or Angel,  or Cabin in the Woods fest, or even Toy Story if that's your thing, but it's a fest for all things Joss Whedon. Personally I can't decide which way to point my enthusiasm.. the guy has done a lot. Whether or not  the fest will be as Shiny as Kaylee's optimism, we will see. The fest is an official Can't Stop The Serenity event,  a pretty amazing foundation founded by fans (browncoats) of the show Firefly that raises money for Whedon's favorite charity Equality Now (as well as other charities) and has raised over $20 million worldwide since 2006.
Whedonfest is Aug 9-11 and is $130 for the weekend but includes all meals and overnight stays for Friday and Saturday, day tix are available too. the three day event is packed with music, panels, games, and movies, including a "shindig" (showing of Serenity) on Saturday, and a showing of my personal favorite Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog on Sunday.
A Mighty Fine Shindig (Firefly Con)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Review: a WIRE & Lebowski Fest weekend

I have to say I was more excited to see WIRE ($20/Clifton Center/July18) than I was to see Forecastle. Forecastle has the excitement of 24,000 people running around in barely any clothes happy to be free from reality, and I enjoy that. But as time goes on Forecastle heads toward making multitudes reasonably happy with 'evergreen' bands, rather than making a few thousand people super excited about music. I think it's possible, Pitchfork Fest being cheaper than Forecastle (3 day pass= $120) with a much heavier line up: The Breeders, Low, Swans, Belle & Sebastian, Bjork, R Kelly, MIA, and 40 others (including WIRE).
WIRE at the lovely Clifton Center

That being said I thought Wire was lacking. Don't get me wrong, just seeing this legendary band live is enough in some respects, but it wasn't until their second encore that they really seemed to be excited about playing. Some of the crowd reported loving the show, others reported being left a little wanting. They didn't play their most popular tracks, which is what disappointed me, but some people thought this was to be expected, keeping in with Wire's early punk ethic, shunning the spotlight (and they literally shunned the spotlight, repeatedly asking that the stage lights be lowered until it was barely a dim glow). I might have enjoyed it better if I had paid an extra $30 to see them the following day at Pitchfork along side Bjork.
The following night, another $20 ticket for Lebowski Fest Movie night at Executive Bowl.
a Walter tailgating at Lebowski Fest

One thought about Lebowski Fest, it being around as long as Forecastle, it has stayed true to it's original theme. It has taken to the road and even jumped the ocean, but it's theme of bowling, one movie, costume contest, and one or two oddball performers is still there. I don't know if that is a good or bad thing.. I do think it could grow, maybe cut down the ticket price (to half ) or open up movie night to public even, add a roster to the band list that people know.. but then again we all see what can happen when our fests grow bigger than we thought possible. Even I am faced with harsh compromises while trying to afford and contain Zombie Attack these days.
Kentucky Prophet and his new EP with 'Horse VS Technology' 

 Regardless, I had fun at Lebowski Fest Movie Night. I really enjoyed the "oddball" performers. one being our very own Kentucky Prophet, the other being 1/2 of Tenacious D: Kyle Gass, otherwise known as Rage Kage. After all, Lebowski Fest is honoring eccentrics and also for eccentrics. and the Kyle Gass band dressed up as characters from The Big Lebowski along with the rest of us.. Kyle as Walter. They had fun, The Kentucky Prophet had fun and the crowd had fun. And even tho we have all seen The Big Lebowski soo many times, and it doesn't really have an ending, it really was fun watching the crowd sing along to the soundtrack and recite every little line in the movie. and just like how 'Browncoats' rallied around Firefly and made the world aware of a show that wasn't given a fighting chance, and turned that enthusiasm into a major motion picture 'Serenity' (also known as 'The Big Damn Movie'), these Achievers may be why we are hearing rumblings of a Big Lebowski sequel.
John King and the 'Rage Kage' Kyle Gass 

The Kyle Gass Band