Tuesday, November 30, 2010

12/4 The Black Shades @ DCE (& album review)

The Black Shades are a four piece band from Bowling Green KY, releasing their third EP, We Are The Black Shades, on december 10th. the band keeps close to the classic sound that bands with the word BLACK in their name tend to have.. hard-ish rock wrapped in a hook heavy candy coating. Imagine the The Killers making a 5 song baby with The Deloreans while blending both their wardrobes.  Their fuzed out, keyboard and tambourine driven tracks like "gimmie action" and "oh oh ah ah"  would be a nice addition to a Pass heavy playlist.

The Black Shades are playing Derby City Expresso on Dec. 4th. Their new EP will be released Dec.10th.
if you like The Black Keys, The Black Diamond Heavies, or The Black Angles, you  might just like The Black Shades.

Monday, November 29, 2010

12/3 Another 7 Astronauts @ Zanzabar

ANOTHER7ASTRONAUTS will be playing "Thirty-Six Minutes" (a six-part suite set to texts by John Cage with video projections by Lora Gettelfinger) on Friday, December 3rd at Zanzabar with Introvert and OK Deejays! Doors @ 9pm. $5 First 50 through the door get a free copy of the new Another 7 Astronauts CD "Sleep".
JC of Another 7 Astronauts

A Night Out On Us. (12/5 @ Zanzabar)

As of now, no one has signed up for the FREE pair of tickets to the Rude Weirdo/ Scott Lucas & the Married Men show (Dec. 5th at Zanzabar) that we are giving away.
so, the first person to say they want 'em, get 'em. It's that easy. It's a free nite out & no more monday morning promises to finally get out of the house more. just leave us a comment...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

12/3 Edgehill ave @ Gerstle's (& Free album now)

Edgehill Avenue, Ned Van Go, and John Baxter & the Bottomfeeders will be playing Friday Dec 3rd at Gerstle's Place, 9pm. $5.
This will be Edgehill Ave's last show for some time while they go to work on a new album, so to hold you over for awhile, they are giving away a free live album right now HERE.
Edgehill Ave "off the edge" live album for FREE

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday (& Blackish Saturday) WEEKEND EVENTS CALENDAR

 -RECORD STORY DAY II. Ear Xtacy will host their first Record Store Day at the new location in style. The event will include in-store performances as well as exclusive releases which will only be available at independent record stores and only on November 26 (Black Friday).

In addition to Record Store Day The Shippings New will celebrate the release of their new album. There will also be live performances by Joe Manning and The Sandpaper Dolls. The performances begin at 7 pm and are free.

 -Slithering Beast, State Champion @ sunergos coffee (in beechmont) 7pm
- VHS or BETA DeeJays @ Zanzabar
11/26 & 11/27
 -Steely Dan cover band @ The Rud. 9pm, also happening: a fashion show, & an art and craft fair.

REMINDER: we are giving away two tickets to see Rude Weirdo and Scott Lucas & the Married Men on Dec.5th at Zanzabar. leave your name in a comment or email me directly before monday for a chance to win.

The Shipping News new album and in-store @ ear x-tacy friday.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Woodrow on the radio at Magnolia: HAPPY THANXGIVING!

Thanksgiving night! Woodrow on the radio at Mag Bar FREE 8pm-10pm. visit fam, get headache, go to bar, get plowed, talk to old high school crush who is in town from NYC visiting fam.


Monday, November 22, 2010

11/24 The Whigs/st. Joe's Benefit show

The Whigs, Midnite Sons, and Bad Blood will be playing at Headliners on Thanksgiving eve for Starduck Charities, to benefit Saint Joseph Children's Home. $2 from every ticket is earmarked to help this Louisville  landmark. What's a better way to spend thanksgiving than to give back some, and watch sweaty men on stage?
The Whigs in Lexington KY in April.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

11/24 Thomas A. Minor and the Picket Line FREE (with covered dish)

The Land of Tomorrow Gallery (233 W. Broadway) is throwing a thanksgiving eve pot luck dinner with Thomas A. Minor and the Picket Line, as well as a performance by The Novermbergroup (members of A7A, the Commonwealth, Ut Gret, Lucky Pineapple, SoftCheque, MaidenRadio) and it's free as long as you bring a dish, otherwise it's $5.7pm.
the picket line.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

free ticket giveaway! Rude Weirdo & Scott Lucas @ Zanzabar. 12/5

Scott Lucas & the Married Men from Chicago are playing with Rude Weirdo on December 5th at Zanzabar and we have a pair of tickets to giveaway. Leave your name and christmas wish list in a comment, or email me directly by sunday at midnite (11/28) for a chance to win. 

scott lucas

Tonite! The Apples in Stereo FREE 11/20

The Apples in Stereo is playing tonite at LVL1 (814 E. Broadway, 40204) at 7pm. (LVL1 is asking for donations). The concert benefits the White Star Balloon project (http://whitestarballoon.org) who's mission is to send a small, unmanned, robotic balloon to Europe this winter hopefully setting a new record.
 For those who do not know, LVL1 is a communal space for inventors, hackers, and curious people to learn and share ideas. 
after the show, there will be a demonstration of a Teletron (a mind-controlled synthesizer). below is a video of just that.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Do you like funny, flexible, talented half naked women?

Va Va Vintage opened last week at The Alley Theater / Art Sanctuary.

I've been to most of the previous Va Va Productions at The Alley Theater / Art Sanctuary and I have to say I've enjoyed each one. But I think they may really be hitting their stride with the latest incarnation, Va Va Vintage.
This Vaudeville-style burlesque show will blow your mind with over 20 beautiful and talented women, ae…rialist acts, dance numbers, acro-yoga, a kissing booth, live original music and performances by Vicki Meares, Laura Apple and your host, Divinity Rose (of Sub Rosa: The Gypsy Courtyard) with fabulous magic by Darshwood the Conjurer.
Upcoming Performance Dates:
November 19, 20, 26 and 27
Shows 8 PM, doors at 7:00 PM
Tickets are $18

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SAVE Ear X-Tacy!!!

A special message from John Timmons of ear X-tacy, please watch and share...

ear X-tacy "It's Now or Never" from ear X-tacy on Vimeo.

2226 Bardstown Rd Louisville, KY 40205 • Phone: (502)452-1799 • Fax: (502) 459-8130

Bro. Stephen and John Davey tonight at DCE!

Bro. Stephen and John Davey are playing a free show in Louisville on Nov. 17th at Derby City Espresso. Bring a friend. Bring your mom. Bring your mom's friend (you know, the one who spends the night every weekend). Anyway, it'll be a nice time drink coffee and beer and coffeebeers and water. And tea.

Bro. Stephen is a collection of songs written by Scott Kirkpatrick. At times they are sung in hushed tones, alone, and untethered; other times they are propelled by the backing force of hazy guitars and mountains of voices. Which side you get just might be a surprise. He has recently released a couple of EPs and is prepping to release a 7" on Crossroads of America Records and a full-length in the next short while.

John Davey is one of the hardest working songwriters out there and he's from just up the road in West Lafayette, IN. He has been touring full-time for over 3 years now and has played shows in almost every state of this union. His songs indicate his time on the road as they are often ruminations of the toll the road takes or the high cost of relationships. These thoughtfully composed and artfully expressed songs are disguised as pleasant earworms that will snuggle in your brain for days to come.

Friday, November 12, 2010


11/11 Jay Farrar with Jessica Lea Mayfield @ Phoenix Hill, $15
11/12 live lunch @ Red Barn w/Ben Kweller FREE
11/12 Les Debutantes @ ear x-tacy 7pm FREE
11/12 LVAA art auction
11/12 Ben Kweller with Julia Nunes @ Zanzabar 9pm $15
11/13 The Mack, Harebrain, Tender Mercy @ Sunergos
11/13 Digby @ Phoenix Hill, $5
11/14 Mad Men Cocktail hour @ Proof. 8pm(dress like Jon Hamm and get a drink while watching the AMC series).
some very unique events this weekend, so get out there and go nuts. if we've forgot anything, leave it in a comment.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

11/26 Steely Dan Cover Band

If you haven't totally lost your mind by the evening of BLACK FRIDAY, Ray Rizzo (Days of The New), and Roadie (Arnett Hallow) have a treat for you. Along with some friends, they will appear at The Rudyard Kipling as Steely Dan. If your wondering why, i've attached pics of both Ray and Roadie, showing their visual resemblance to the disco giants.
This event will run both friday 11/26 and sat 11/27 at 9 pm at the rud. bring your white patten leather loafers.


Steely Dan

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

11/9: Black Angels canceled

Tonight's Black Mountain & Black Angel's show at headliners has a little change up. Black Angels will not be playing. reports say front man Alax Maas is in the hospital, but David Vandervelde will be  opening for Black Mountain.  Vandervelde sounds like Marc bolan if you like that kinda thing.
if you have tickets, but do not want to go now, you can get refunds at the place of purchase. if you do want to go, it's $15 at 9 pm. 
David Vandervelde

Monday, November 8, 2010

Record Store Day 2010, pt. II

Ear Xtacy will host their first Record Store Day at the new location in style. The event will include in-store performances as well as exclusive releases which will only be available at independent record stores and only on November 26. That's right, the day after Thanksgiving also known as Black Friday. I may have to break my tradition of not leaving my house on Black Friday to pick up some of these titles and check out what promises to be some great in-store performances.

In addition to Record Store Day The Shippings New will celebrate the release of their new album. There will also be live performances by Joe Manning and The Sandpaper Dolls. The performances begin at 7 pm and are free.

Organizers of the event promise this isn't Record Store Day, Jr. and the list of releases for this Record Store Say proves that.

This event is another example of why our city is so blessed to have a store like Ear Xtacy. So come out and show your support!

FREE MUSIC GIVEAWAY! 11/18 Edgehill Ave & JK Mabry

 Edgehill Avenue will be at Stevie Ray's Novemeber 18th at 9 pm. Louisvillian JK Mabry will be opening, and will also be giving away free music downloads  to the first 5 peeps who mention 37 FLOOD at the door.

37 FLOOD's Kory interviewed Edgehill Avenue back in 2008, you can read it here.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


11/5 Clay St. Blues All Stars, King Sonic @ Stevie Ray's $5
11/5 Pilots @ Skull Alley
11/5 Hugo & One Eskimo @ Zbar
11/6 The Big Rock Show @ Stevie Rays
11/7 Styx @ Palace
11/7 RRIICCEE at cosmic charlie's 18+ $10 (LEX)

we still have a FREE pair of tickets to see Vincent Gallo & RRIICCEE on Sunday. just leave your name in a comment or email me by Friday at noon to enter. I'm thinking of going myself if i can hitch a ride with anyone.

it's a little quite this weekend, no doubt last weekend took a lot out of everyone. if i've forgotten a good event, please leave it in a comment.  

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ticket Give Away: RRIICCEE 11/7 (Lex)

experimental rock band RRIICCEE, fronted by the eccentric Vincent Gallo will be playing at Cosmic Charlie's in Lexington on Sunday November 7th (18+ 9pm $10).
Gallo first got a name for himself in 1979, forming the band Grey with famed artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. 
Gallo is 49 & 1/2 years old, and has succeeded in motorcycle racing, hip hop spitting, and painting but is most known for getting head from Chloe Sevigny (for reals, no fakes) in the movie 'The Brown Bunny' that he directedHe also directed Buffalo 66. 
We are giving away a pair of tickets to this show! just leave your name in a comment, or email louisvilleisforlovers@gmail.com by Friday at noon.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Editorial: A Plea for Sanity (on election day)

This editorial could also be called A Plea For Kindness. This maybe not the the proper place for me to beg everyone to please do the right thing today at the ballot box, but i have been so worried lately, i feel obligated.
this midterm we seem to ahead of schedule 6 years. first,  republicans take control and funnel all the money into their pockets while screwing the little guy, then the american people get fed up and vote in Democrats who have to clean up the mess. with all the mess cleaning there is little time to actually make a difference (also Dems never seem to want to fight dirty, i say if Repubs do it, so should they) and the Republicans take advantage by telling us that homo erotic fetus eating foreigners are about to kill our children and they weasel their way back into office. anyway that's how it looks to me.
every 8 years the americans flips sides, once because the republicans are bankrupting america fiscally and morally, and again because they think democrats will hand the keys over to terrorist loving meth heads. It drives me crazy, but at least there is always a brief moment when someone in office tries to right the ship again.  but this time it's different. this time the democrats barely got 2 years before we abandoned them again. this country is fucked, it pains me to think it's about to get a whole lot worse.
growing up with Reagan and George the 1st in office sucked. we were poor, super poor, living in previously abandoned buildings downtown, living off what food stamps could provide.
and then Clinton took office and some how did the impossible by turning national debt into surplus and i had the chance to be a young artist. it was pretty nice, i made enough money to travel the world, because there was enough money for everyone. of corse that meant the super rich didn't have every penny and worked hard to change that. and ever since George II took office (and repubs do what they love to do, and throw us back into debt) i've had to work minimum wage jobs and save every penny just to scrape out some art/music projects now and then.
now i've been out of work on and off for a few years, this month i've had both the water and power turned off, and i can't  believe were about to let Hal Heiner and fucking Rand Paul fuck us even more.
Times are tough, it started way before Obama, and it takes time, i know this.
I remember the first time  i was embarrassed to be a Kentuckian, when we as a state voted to change our constitution to keep Gays and lesbians from marrying. honestly, who cares what other people do with each other? it doesn't effect us, it's just hateful. we all deserve equal rights. honestly i do not care who Hal Heiner puts his dick in, really. but this man is openly against the Fairness Act. what a perfect asshole. We all deserve equality and happiness, not just straight white rich assholes.
I'm tired of these idiots winning elections just because they peddle hate and terror. what we need is someone who wants to make sure we all can afford to feed our families, that health care isn't just for the privileged, and not some silver spooned punk who scares us into letting his friends get richer while we all get fucked.  These people are not looking out for our best interest, just their bottom line. Hal heiner is a hater, he is against equal rights, and that is not someone we want representing us.  I don't know if Fischer is the best choice, but he is at least not some lunatic that thinks global warming is possibly a myth.
Please please vote. vote for equality and goodness, or at least not for someone who hates others just because they don't want to fuck who he wants to fuck.
on a quiet street in St. Mathews literally half the houses are for sale and the other half have Hal Heiner banners.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Review: Halloween

Well, it was a long weekend, and hopefully for you filled with mountains of miniskirts and naughty nurse costumes. as you may well know, i spent most of the last 2 weeks dreaming of wedge heels and kitty ears, and i did indeed see plenty of the sort, though mostly they were waiting in long lines out front of nite clubs. 
My Halloween started at a coffee shop, trying to talk one of the baristas into some short shorts and heading off to a party with me. this did not happen.. but it did set me back an hour and by the time i made to The Cave, the show was over. The Cave is an underground cavern on Lexington Road owned by Artist Mike Ratterman, and occasionally has music and art events. On saturday Joe Manning, Joan Shelley, and The Spirit of the Red City played. and from all accounts, it was a fine time. 
After that i headed over to The Dead Bird Studios, run by Dave of Cabin. Cougar Express, Dangerbird, and The Bad Reeds played. well, by the time i got there the neighbors had punched someone and the show abruptly ended. but from what i hear, The Bad Reeds were on fire, this is the second time i barely missed them play, and will not make that mistake next time.  
From there it is only a hop skip and a jump to Zanzabar, so i headed over there. but apparently so did everyone, there was a line around the block, and it wasn't moving. I'm sure the PJ Harvey and Joy Division sets were very fun, as no one inside wanted to leave. 
So, i decided to pack it in, it was after two, and i successfully missed about half a dozen bands i wanted to see. on the way home i did happen upon a Sailor Moon pissing in a parking lot. So all was not lost.

A blurry Joe Manning with Jenny (Mullet Maker) and Payton (Arabian Horse Breeder) at The Cave.

The Cave (Actually a man made cobblestone cavern).

Artist Matt Weir with a stuffed Monkey and fake brain.

The stoic monk Brian Grey(of Dangerbird) with Shane poole (of The Two Timers) at The Dead Bird.