Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Palace Brothers Covers Album goes digital

In late 2013, for the 20th Anniversary of Will Oldham's debut Palace Brothers album THERE IS NO-ONE WHAT WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU, the Louisville is for Lovers label released a covers album titled THERE IS NO ONE: A Louisville Is For Lovers Tribute to Palace Brothers with covers by Louisville bands such as Wax Fang, Cheyenne Mize, The Deloreans and even Bonnie 'Prince' Billy. Originally only available on Vinyl and Cassette, this week album has become available digitally. Both vinyl ($15) and digital ($5) copies are available on or directly here:

Saturday, July 26, 2014

7/30 Now's your chance! American Idol XIV auditions: Nashville

If you have ever wondered why your 15 minutes of fame haven't happened yet,  head down to Nashville this Wednesday for the newest round of auditions for American Idol!
this guy gets it

WHEN: Wednesday, July 30 @ 7 am (there will not be a separate registration day) WHERE: Nashville Municipal Auditorium, 417 4th Ave. N, Nashville, TN 37201

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Editorial: Forecastle Fracas (and the state of live events in Louisville)

 Now that Forecastle is over we can shower off the glitter and settle into normal living until we need to break out the fake blood next month for the 10th annual Zombie Attack to mark the end of summer.
 It's been good season for music in Louisville including Nick Cave (my personal fav), Broken Bells, Melvins, Elvis Costello, and a whole slew of great local going's on such as Poorcastle, Deloreans, Black Birds of Paradise, Twin Limb, Howell Dawdy (another personal fav), Lydia Burrell, Lady Pyramid, Old Baby, Anwar Sadat, and many many others.  I would never say TOO MUCH music, but more than any other year I can think of, almost every event I attended I had to choose between at least one or two others. For local bands playing out at bar on a night when 10 other bars have local bands isn't anything new, it may be a little frustrating but by and large it isn't going to take away from your experience too much.

For big name bands on the other hand, i have noticed a few large obstacles. Nick Cave played at the Palace on a week day, which is going to cut some people out who work early, and the very next night Elvis Costello played at the same venue, again on a week night, not only cutting out early workers but those of us who can only afford one $75 ticket a summer, much less in the same week. This may have to do with why they kept lowering the price of Nick Cave tickets, eventually doing a 2 for 1 deal.

I understand how event production works: a band says we want X amount of money to play, so the production company agrees and hopes to sell enough tickets at a certain price to pay the band, venue, advertising, etc and keep how ever much extra they can get. So it would make sense that they would sell tickets high to grab as much as they can, and eventually start to lower the price if they need to. But people see ticket prices at $100 and decide they can't go, and the result is the production company is trying to give away tickets a the door so Nick Cave doesn't walk out int a half empty room and decide to never come back to Louisville. In fact I couldn't afford to see Nick Cave but when I walked over to the Palace was given 3 free tickets inside a minute. I stopped count after I was offered 25 FREE tickets to see what turned out to be one of the best live performances I had ever seen.

We saw the same thing  later that week at the Broken Bells show at Iroquois Amphitheater, they couldn't give tickets away.  One issue was so many big names playing in town that week (Cee Lo Green & Lionel Richie also played) coupled with high ticket prices, many people like myself would have to loved to have seen all these acts, but can't afford it so close together. But once upon a time Louisville had the opposite problem, we couldn't attract national acts. The Replacements mentioned this at their set a Forecastle, that they used to play Lexington. Many acts went to Lexington as it was a College town, and we weren't a big enough college and at the time, just barely under the City status.

Now we are both an official CITY and with a large college presence and the outside world is taking notice of us. We just now have to figure out how to handle it. Personally I think starting off with high ticket prices is a no go. Obviously we have a selection of entertainers to choose from so we don't HAVE to pay big prices. Start tickets sales at reasonable amounts (say the $25 the nick Cave tickets ended up being instead of starting at $75+), sell the room out in 2 days, and you won't have to scramble with discounts, 2 for 1 deals, and handing out free tickets on the streets.

And this could also be said for Forecastle, at $200 & $400 a ticket there are plenty of people who would have gone if it didn't cost a week's pay to get through the gate. I only got a gate count for Friday, which I was told about 12000, which is about half of last year's one day total. But the whole weekend seemed light. which isn't a complaint, in year's past it was cramped and nightmarish trying wade through the crowds to get from one stage to another. but for vendors, entertainers and even the event organizers I am sure they could benefit from having more people even if it meant selling tickets at a reasonable price; say $100 for the weekend and no $400 VIP passes.

I am a socialist, i can't help it. I go into debt every year doing Zombie Attack because I want a free event where everyone can be involved, but i know events like Forecastle can't do that, but they shouldn't expect their loyal patrons to go broke just by walking through the gate. and for me it's insulting to these people that they have to see the folks who can afford $400 VIP tickets get preferential seating, air conditioned lounges, free ice cream and luxury toilets while the rest of wade through exploded port-a-johns and over priced snacks while melting in the heat. Everyone who supports you and goes to your event should feel respected, and this isn't just forecastle, this special treatment for rich people business was going on at the Nick Cave show and I'm sure at all the other national events this summer.

That said, there were many changes at Forecastle this year that I was really happy to see. In past post-forecastle editorials I had some major complaints at the lack of water, the non-existence of "activism", and the steadily declining number of local acts. Although the local acts in this year's line up where reserved to the heavy hitters: Slint, Jalin Roze, Old Baby, they did have a FREE kick off event at Against the Grain with local bands such as Second Story Man. and as for activism, there were two new additions I really enjoyed seeing, one was Sober Sailing, a tent for AA and NA members to come to get away from the booze infused everything at forecastle. I get that booze companies have war chests filled with cash just to sponsor music events, and it helps pay the bills, but for someone like me who has been sober for 7 years, it is difficult when it feels like everyone around you is telling you the only way to have fun is to be tanked.
The other unique 'Activist' related tent i saw was a tent filled with nice prizes (clothes, music, etc) that you received by earning points by picking up trash in the festival.

I also noticed the Forecastle Foundation has stepped up things dramatically by working with 2 foundations: Guayakia Foundation in South America and Kentucky Natural Land Trust (after all if you are looking to help others all you have to do is look out your own door) by donating $14000 to each.

I also Liked the addition of some acts that you might not see on the other regional Festival circuits such as Slint and Dwight Yoakam, and this may be due to an idea that's been discussed lately about why try to be every other fest in the area? why not make Forecastle a fest for Louisville/Kentucky! Bunbury Fest in Cincinnati seems to be doing this, with some "festival fodder' groups like Flaming Lips  but with local and regional acts like Foxy Shazam and Cage The Elephant. and they can manage a unique  3 day music fest for a mere $100 for a weekend pass. I think we can too.
We have already proven we can run with he big dogs, now let's show them we can do our own fest, for us, that's not just the same festival bands that are at every other fest, but a unique line up, for a price that means everyone can join in the fun.
Sober Sailing

Monday, July 21, 2014

Forecastle 2014 Photo Review

37FLOOD's winner of Best Vendor: Valumarket! local, reasonably priced, delicious!
Tune-Yards Photo by NA James/Eleven Music Magazine
Lucius. Photo by NA James/Eleven Music Magazine

Dwight Yoakam. Photo by NA James/Eleven Music Magazine

Jason Isbell. Photo by NA James/Eleven Music Magazine

Jack White & Co. Photo by NA James/Eleven Music Magazine

Louisville's own Jalin Roze. Photo by NA James/Eleven Music Magazine

The crowd going coconuts over Outkast


Andre 'Ice Cold' 300. Photo by NA James/Eleven Music Magazine

Big Boi! Photo by NA James/Eleven Music Magazine

Art Wall & Artist

Special thanks to Kristen Luther & NA James of Eleven Music Magazine for sharing photos with us for Forecastle 2014.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Logan's Forecastle 2014 Day 2 Review

Day two began similarly to day one, overcast, breezy, but no misting like the day before. Completely exhausted from Friday's events, I didn't make it down to the waterfront until a little before Jalin Roze started. But once he did, it seemed like the day was finally in full swing. There was a crowd of a couple hundred in attendance when The Grand Nationals started into "Give it Up." Roze's crowd engagement and the Grand Nationals' intensity kept momentum until the Pass joined them on stage for a song. It was great to see so many people come out for a local hip-hop act, whether the audience was full of Louisvillians or not, he delivered an exceptional performance and got some much-needed exposure for Louisville's expanding hip-hop scene.
Jalin Roze. Photo by NA James/Eleven Music Magazine
An hour or so after Jalin wrapped up, Jason Isbell took to the Boom Stage with his band the 400 Unit. What struck me about this band is the quality of the songwriting itself. Having formerly been involved in folk music, I've had a limited exposure to Isbell's work, hearing a track here and there, receiving countless recommendations over the years, I knew that his was a set worth seeing. He played some of his songs that I'd recognized like Codeine, Alabama Pines, Cover me Up. I was really impressed however with Elephant, a song about a lover's diagnosis with cancer. 
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

Here I have to say that there were two acts that I never expected to see at Forecastle. Often, it seems, a lot of the bands selected are safe bets. Bands that people will definitely show up to see. But Forecastle took a risk this year with Dwight Yoakam and Slint, unfortunately they had conflicting showtimes, but these things cannot be avoided. During this time, I bounced back and forth between Slint's set (which featured original members: Brit Walford, Brian McMahan, and Dave PAJO) and Yoakam's set. All bets aside, I'd probably say the highlight of the day was Yoakam's cover of Elvis' "Suspicious Minds" which soared for about six minutes with crashing highs, nearly silent lows, and one hell of an organ solo.
Before I begin my review of Jack White's performance, let me just say that I have been a fan of his before. When Great White Northern Lights came out, I busked in front of the record store until I had enough money to buy it. Before the Dead Weather released their first album, I'd already bought a single and saw them perform live. When the White Stripes officially broke up, I sulked around the house with my red guitar playing their songs all day. That being said, Nashville has ruined Jack White for me. I'm not sure exactly what prompted the Detroit Rocker's transition to pseudo-country frontman, but the Harvey Dent quote comes to mind, "You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."
Throughout his set White sprinkled in Dick Dale, Hank Williams, and nine White Stripes covers (most of which felt contrived or obligatory). Though on a more positive note, he did run twenty minutes over curfew after leaving the stage for ten minutes around 10:40, and end with a stripped-down and intimate cover of "Seven Nation Army" before joining his band to take a bow and leaving the stage.
Jack White. Photo by NA James/Eleven Music Magazine

Special thanks to Kristen Luther and Na James of Eleven Music Magazine for sharing images of Forecastle 2014.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

John's Forecastle 2014 Day One Review

Lovely Mermaids (ART side of Forecastle)

Although the weather was dark and rainy,  to the thousands who attended the first day of Forecastle, it sure beat the overwhelming heat of Forecastle Past. It was a little too chilly maybe for the Mermaids and Dancing Lifeguards placed around Waterfront Park, but they didn't show it if they were cold, and these little living art installations added to the atmosphere as well as larger than life sea-creature puppets that roamed the grounds.

Against Me! brought in a large crowd despite being on the boom stage, and despite playing at 4 pm, and was a huge success. Possibly not intentionally there as part of he "Activism" side of Forecastle, transgender front woman Laura Jane Grace (born Thomas James Gabel) spoke frequently about tolerance and acceptance for the LGBT community to great support from the crowd.
Spoon also played on the Boom stage to a large crowd at 7:45 pm. Being around for more than 20 years, it's no surprise they drew in a crowd. I remember several Forecastle's ago, there was a wooden half pipe by the entrance with people skating to I Turn My Camera On (my favorite Spoon song) and thought this is a band i'd like to see at Forecastle.    So i was pleased to see them on the roster this year, and they played I Turned My Camera On! I will say they sounded just like their albums, they were technically perfect, which may be a compliment, but for a live performance it would have been nice to see something with a little more pageantry.

OUTKAST killing it!
The pageantry came in droves with OUTKAST who played for more than a hour and a half with all the fervor and excitement of FREAKNIK past. also celebrating 20 years, Outkast opened with an amazing version of Bombs Over Baghdad  and blazed through their impressive catalog including Miss Jackson, ATLiens, Speakerboxxx, She Lives In My Lap, Caroline, Rosa Parks, and Hey Ya! while bringing up girls from the audience to dance along with them. They also had  video to go along with the songs, including footage of a woman stripping along to Ghettomuisck. Big Bio played last year at Forecastle from a chair due to a leg injury and slayed it, so it was amazing seeing him in full force! He brought with him some of the same musicians from last year's performance including  the uncompromising drummer Omar, and Debora Kelly on bass. They also brought a horn section, dancing girls, and back up singers Kesha Jackson and Joi: the Neutron Angels (complete with black angel wings). Despite lack luster reviews of this tour I can tell you Outkast has not skipped a beat, and if you missed them yesterday be sure to catch them at another fest such as Lalapalooza (Chicago 8/2) or OVO Fest (Toronto 8/3) before they head overseas or take another hiatus that may last waaay too long. And that was DAY 1!  

Big Bio (Photo by NA James/Eleven Music Magazine)

Andre 3000 (Photo by NA James/Eleven  Music Magazine)

Special thanks to Kristen Luther and Na James of Eleven Music Magazine for sharing images of Forecastle 2014.

7/25 Summer Cassingle Series Vol.3: Jaye Jayle, The Gallery Singers, eremy*JIrvin, Lydia Burrell & Twin Limb

The Very Last Louisville Is For Lovers & Guestroom Records 'SUMMER CASSINGLE SERIES' will be friday July 25th at The New Vintage with Jaye Jayle, The Gallery Singers, eremy*JIrvin, Lydia Burrell & Twin Limb with Special guest opener Scars On 45 (England). Tickets are just $5 ADV at Guestroom or $7 at the door, and comes with a cassette compilation (and download) of new music from the bands; and you can pick up the other 2 Comps from the first 2 events too.

The Gallery Singers at the Electric Church of the Tambourine 'Terror Starts at Home'
from Summer Cassingle Series Vol.3 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Tonight: The Gallery Singers & Black Birds of Paradise $2

Tonight, July 18th, at Haymarket Whiskey Bar, Black Birds of Paradise and the Gallery Singers will play at Midnight (just in time to walk over from The Waterfront after the Outkast show is over) for just $2. you can't beat that with a stick. Sponsored by Get Out Louisville and Louisville is for lovers.

Midnight Getdown

Thursday, July 17, 2014

9/12 Drive By Truckers @ Iroquois Amphitheater

90's alt-country rockers Drive By Truckers will be stopping in at the  Iroquois Amphitheater  on 9/12 with the North Mississippi All Stars.

they will also be playing these dates with Houndmouth:
10/23 - Columbus, OH - Newport Music Hall
 10/24 - Chicago, IL - Riviera Theater
10/25 - Springfield, MO - Gillioz Theater
10/28 - Fayetteville, AR - George's Majestic Lounge
10/29 - Oxford, MS - The Lyric Oxford
10/30 - Nashville, TN - Ryman Auditorium
11/1 - Charlotte, NC - The Fillmore

Forecastle: 2014 What to See (Logan's Schedule)

Forecastle starts tomorrow! Have you made your schedule yet? These are a few of the stops I'll be making at the waterfront this weekend.

Old Baby- 1:45 WFPK Port Stage
Black Lips- 2:15 Boom Stage

Gary Clark Jr.- 5:00 Mast Stage
Action Bronson- 8:00 Ocean Stage
Outkast- 9:20 Mast Stage

Anwar Sadat- 1:45 Ocean Stage

JaLin Roze- 4:00 WFPK Port Stage

Jason Isbell- 6:00 Boom Stage
Dwight Yoakam- 8:00 Boom Stage
Slint- 8:30 Ocean Stage

Blue Sky Black Death- 2:15 Ocean Stage

Nickel Creek- 6:30 Boom Stage
Tune-Yards- 7:00 Ocean Stage

Check back all weekend, we will be doing daily updates here and on twitter at @37FLOOD 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Forecastle 2014: What to See (John's picks)

Forecastle July 18th-20th

Here we go! It's time for the biggest Fest in Louisville!
Here is what we are excited to see:
Old Baby 1:45-2:45
Local Natives 5:45-7
Spoon 7:45-9:15
Outkast 9:20-11

Spanish Gold 3:30-4:30
Jalin Roze 4-4:45
Band of Horses 7-8:30
Dwight Yokam 8-9:30
Slint 8:30-9:45
Jack White 9:30-11

Seluah 3-3:45
The replacements 7:45-9
Beck 9:45-11
Check back all weekend, we will be doing daily updates here and on twitter at @37FLOOD 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Tonight: Andrew Rinehart, Howell Dawdy, and The Caribbean

Louisville native Andrew Rinehart (formerly Saredren Wells) will be releasing the second installment of his EP seires at the Haymarket Whiskey Bar tonight July 11th, supported by Howell Dawdy and The Caribbean. Doors open at 8 and the show starts at 9.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Poorcastle: what to see

Poorcastle "where the have-nots shall have"
We love the idea of a Louisville Festival that is both affordable and features the impressive amount of local talent our town has to offer! at just $5 a day ($10 all weekend) no one can complain. Located on Mellwood ave, this year's Poorcastle is this weekend, Sat July 12 & Sun July 13.  At a week before Forecastle it's safe to say the event organizers are making a statement not a stand, but we hear you loud and clear. We at 37FLOOD are planning to go to both, but are excited that there is an alternative for those without the means to visit main stream summer fests, and a variety for those who can.
Our Picks (in no particular order):
Plastic Bubble Violet Knives Lady Pyramid New Bravado Twin Limb Black Birds of Paradise Bottom Sop Tender Mercy

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

7/18 Black Birds of Paradise & The Gallery Singers

If you aren't going to Forecastle (or can't afford it) there isn't a whole lot for you to do that weekend, but GET OUT LOUISVILLE may have some refuge for you; the $2 MIDNIGHT GET DOWN with BLACK BIRDS OF PARADISE and THE GALLERY SINGERS (at the Electric Church of the Tambourine) is just that, 2 bucks at midnight at the Haymarket Whiskey Bar (so even if you are at Forecastle you can head over when it ends, it's just 2 blocks away).