Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Benefit Show @ Rustic Frog 3/1

I don't know many details, but apparently a 3 year old girl got into a car wreck and needs our help. A bunch of bands are putting on a show this Saturday at The Rustic Frog and the proceeds will be going to the family to help pay medical costs. Show starts at 7pm(I think) and its 10 bux at the door.

Here is the list of bands playing:

Ultra Pulverize - That Book Was Written By A Maniac
The Kodiaks - Heat The Freeze
Bloody Knuckles Crew - Fuck Your Cause
Murals - Strange Dream
Sub-Urban Situation
Biscuit Race

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Last fridays Wax Fang/Ultra Pulverize/Venus Trap show

We missed Venus Trap but caught a great show from Ultra Pulverize and Wax Fang. The only thing I am still upset about is that I didn't get an OCP... email us if you aren't down with OCP (thanks for the joke and great review Backseat Sandbar!)

Below is a video of "Hearts are Made for Beating" and some photos...
View them all here.

Louisville is for Lovers Live Lunch...

As much as I love WFPK and all they do for the city, if I could voice one complaint, it would be that they only post archived material in 64kbps mp3s online (I know we're lucky we can even access past shows but still I bitch...). I'd gladly pay to get the files in at least 128kbps but there are no options for that. Mp3s are bad enough but when you compress down to a bitrate that small they turn into tinny sounding worthless files.

Along comes John King to the rescue! I met John at the Louisville is for Lovers CD release show at the Pour Haus on the 15th and he was so kind as to bring me a copy of the CD that WFPK gave him so I could track it out and turn it into high quality mp3s for distribution.

If you didn't pick up your copy of Louisville is for Lovers 2008 yet, shame on you; you can do so here. Thanks go to all the artists, John as well as WFPK!

Use the links below to stream the tracks or download them individually or click here to download the entire show.

01 Intro.mp3
02 Why Didnt Someone Tell Me_.mp3
03 To Live in Dreams and Memories.mp3
04 banter.mp3
05 Lover for the Night [with Tenia Sanders].mp3
06 The Kissing is Kind [with Tenia Sanders].mp3
07 banter.mp3
08 You Belong to Me.mp3
09 Horn of Plenty.mp3
10 Interview with John King.mp3
11 Souvenir.mp3
12 Be Blight.mp3
13 banter.mp3
14 Thanksgiving (no ware).mp3
15 413 South 7th.mp3
16 banter.mp3
17 Stir Some Passion.mp3
18 Give it Away.mp3
19 banter.mp3
20 Part Time Preacher.mp3
21 Whats Real Forgiveness.mp3
22 Outro.mp3

Monday, February 25, 2008

Black Mountain w/ Bon Iver 3/7 @ Headliners

If there is one show not to miss this, its this one. Black Mountain just released the most hyped album of 2008 and I gotta say it lives up to most of it. As if that wasn't enough JagJaguwar label-mate Bon Iver will open for them. Also, locals Phantom Family Halo have just been added.

Tickets $12

Black Mountain - Angels
Black Mountain - Stay Free

Bon Iver - For Emma
Bon Iver - Skinny Love

Phantom Family Halo - Black River

Black Mountain + Bon Iver Full Show Download

Bon Iver - Flume

Black Mountain - Stormy High on Conan 2/21

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Whigs w/ Wax Fang 3/1 @ The Dame

I might not be able to make it to this but wish I could. I'm pretty sure this show will completely kick ass. The new Whigs album is great, plus you get Wax Fang as an added bonus. Both these bands for the price of a Spicy Chicken Value meal from Wendy's?! Act now, and they'll even throw in The Spinto Band at no extra charge. (Honey Mustard is 15 cents extra) The Whigs will also be opening for My Morning Jacket and Yo La Tengo on March 13th @ SXSW.

Tickets: $6

The Whigs - Right Hand on My Heart
The Whigs - I Never Want To Go Home

Wax Fang - Oh Recklessness (Live @ ear-x tacy)

Also Appearing @ The Dame on 3/1
The Spinto Band - Oh Mandy

Right Hand On My Heart - Letterman

Saturday, February 23, 2008

the fervor w/The Slow Break 2/29 @ Pour Haus

"To celebrate this freakishly long year, we're putting on a freak show of our own."

the fervor recently got some attention over at Cause=Time :
Women fronting rock bands is a huge plus in my book.Think about it. How many amazing bands out there kick ass with women doing vocal duties. The Fervor is from Louisville, KY, and they also sound like they're from Kentucky, and I mean that in the best of ways. It definitely has that dirty south flava to it... You can purchase their latest album, Bleeder, here.
This music is best enjoyed with a bottle of whiskey and a couple of cigarettes."

the fervor - Moment Of Truth
The Slow Break - Some Velvet Morning

Also, did an interview with the fervor. Listen

Friday, February 22, 2008

Leo Musicblog Interviews Shonna Tucker

Here are some highlights:

LEO: You all seem to play Louisville fairly often, do you all have a direct affinity for the town or is it just go-to stop where you know you can sell out a show?
ST: I would say both. It does take both of them really because we wouldn’t come (to a town) if we didn’t want to. And it’s a great crowd there as we get closer to the south and get closer to home.

The last two times you all played here you were at a theater, now you’ve gone back to playing Headliners. Honestly you all didn’t seem quite as enthusiastic in the theater as previously had been in playing the smaller venues and bars — so was it a conscious effort to return to a platform where you can connect with an audience more directly?
ST: Yeah, that’s definitely what we want to do especially with the new record out. We just want to get down there with everybody and get back to the rock show. We wanna pack the place out and get the energy going. Because The Dirt Underneath tour last year was super laid back, acoustic, broken down a little bit, that was great, but we’re all ready to stand up plug in, and turn it up again.

LEO: “I’m Sorry Houston” is a beautiful song, as I said I know you’re a fan of guys like Otis Redding and Sam Cooke, but that song feels like something out of Nashville from the late fifties or early sixties – is there a place in your brain where Jim Reeves and Sam Cooke meet?
ST: Yeah, all of those people you named are from the south. They’re southern people, country people like us. It wasn’t a conscious thing it just happened that way, I wasn’t trying to do anything or make it sound any way, it just came out soundin’ like it did.

Read Full Interview

Drive-By Truckers - I'm Sorry Houston (Live)

Never Gonna Change @ The 40 Watt in Athens

Previously : Jason Isbell and Drive-by Truckers coming to Headliners.


Waxx Fang w/ Ultra Pulverize and Venus Trap Tonight @ Headliners




Leo Interview With Ultra Pulverize

Photos From L4L 8 Event @ Pour Haus

View All Photos

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Monsters of Folk Album?

If you are a fan of any of the artists involved (Jim James, M Ward and Bright Eyes) I am sure you know all about the 2004 Monsters Of Folk Tour. Fast forward to the other day, there was a reunion of sorts at a concert for Obama in Omaha Neb. A rumors is circulating the interwebs that they all stuck around in Omaha to record a full album together. Lets hope its true. Here are a few tracks from the 2004 tour.

If anyone can confirm or deny this please let me know.

M Ward- Vincent O'Brien
Jim James - At Dawn
Bright Eyes - Waste Of Paint
M Ward - Outta My Head
Girl From the North Country (all 3 performing together)
Girl From the North Country (Alt DL Link)

This dude's blog has some more info.

"During the wait, I stood on line next to Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes. He was a nice guy, and he told me that he would soon be working on an album from Conor Oberst, M. Ward, and Jim James (My Morning Jacket) together. This would explain why all three were in town the other night for the Obama rally at Slowdown. I lost him when we had to go to separate lines to check in. In the chaos of the gym, I was unable to find him again."

Jason Isbell and Drive-by Truckers coming to Headliners.

Not at the same time of course, but both shows are on back to back nights. Isbell makes his stop on Friday the 29th. Followed by the Truckers on Saturday March First.

Isbell Tix $12
DBT Tix $25

The new DBT album is really kicking my ass. Here are a couple tracks from it:

Drive-By Truckers - Two Daughters And A Beautiful Wife
Drive-By Truckers Self-Destructive Zones

Jason Isbell - Brand New Kind Of Actress

Also appearing with DBT:
Felice Brothers - Frankie’s Gun
Felice Brothers - Wonderful Life

Scott Carney Interview

Matt Farra let us know about this great interview he did with Scott Carney of Wax Fang. You can read the whole interview here. Some highlights are posted below:

nql: How has the music scene in Louisville changed since you returned home after college?

SC: When I first moved home, there was a collective of bands and musicians that operated under the name Debauchery Records. It was with some of these bands that I got my first shows when I was starting out. There seemed to be a lot of promise with a few of these groups in particular, but then the whole thing sort of fell apart. That is the last I’ve seen of a true musical community existing here, though, I don’t get out much nowadays, so I’m a bit at a loss. What I can say is that Louisville has had a great, eclectic music scene for some time now, from the beautiful guitar layering of the Photographic to the Caribbean funk punk of the Lucky Pineapple to the thrash psychadelia of the Slow Break to the mellow jams of the Fervor, to name a few.

nql: What did you learn by going on tour with My Morning Jacket in the fall of 2006?

SC: I learned that those guys are some of the nicest and most down to earth people I’ve ever met and are one of the, if not ‘the,’ best live bands out there today. Also, that driving from Austin to St. Louis in November totally sucks.

nql: It seems like the new trend in indie music is for bands to self-release their albums. With the album now out, what, if anything, do you think was hindered by you having your hands in all parts of the process?

SC: I see the DIY approach as more self-empowering than hindering. It allows you total freedom and control over your work and that’s not a bad thing. Right now, there are simply more bands than there are labels to house them, so unless you’re comfortable waiting around while your record sits on a shelf, you’re almost left with no other choice than to release it yourself.

nql: You have a number of shows between now and March. What’s the band’s plan for the rest of 2008?

SC: Aside from playing shows and writing new material, our main plan is to fashion a trailer/mobile home out of a sailboat!!!

Read The Whole Interview...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Interview: Edgehill Ave.

Edgehill Ave. will be playing a show this Saturday at Zazoo's in St Matthews. Singer Drew Perkins was kind enough to answer some questions about it and their upcoming album for us.

37: Can you give some background info on how this show between you and Lauderdale came about?

DP: When I'm bored at work I can only get on a few sites that aren't restricted or filtered. The My Morning Jacket forum has some entertaining posts and threads there and I can get on it for some reason. I saw where Cory from Lauderdale had posted a few things and followed a link to their band's myspace page. I really dug what I was listening to and mentioned something about maybe trying to get a show together if they ever came near Louisville. We're just heading into the studio now but wanted to book a Feb show to play some of the newer stuff and it just worked out great that they were willing to come and join us. I'm really psyched to hear them live, I dig their CD!

37: How is the new album coming along? Do you have a release date planned?

DP: The new album is really coming along great. The previous recording was really more of a demo that we did more to get some gigs lined up and get out there. It turned out pretty good, got some airplay, sold a decent number, etc. but it definitely was very early in our "career". We're really excited about this recording because we actually have a decent budget saved up and are taking a fair amount of time and planning to rehearse and work out the tunes. We are planning to record at Downtown Studios which wasn't something we anticipated figuring they'd be well outside of our budget but when we met with them they took an interest in what we're doing and are working with us. Billy Bartley has offered to help produce the record and Nick Stevens offered to help produce my vocals and it's a great room and facility so I guess the pressure is all on us. We're definitely evolving as a band to a more full electric sound and the writing is progressing I think or hope. We're planning on adding some very cool things like female backing vocals, and some additional instrumentation but we have to be careful not to get too far from what we do best which is, I think, our live performance.

We're hoping to have most of the recording done by the end of March so we'll see where we are at that point but I'd say late April is a good target date for it.

37: You have mentioned that money was tight for you guys last year when you recorded your first album. Did the sales of that album affect the options you guys had when going back into the studio in 08?

DP: Not really, I will say that that the sales and response to the first CD was encouraging enough to keep us going towards 08 though. Basically we had no money for the first recording and went into debt a little bit to do it but we worked our asses off in 2007 playing just about everywhere and anywhere to build up a recording fund and to learn how to play with each other. Now that we've got that built up we're planning on playing locally every 4-6 weeks or so and hoping to get out of town every so often. It's tough enough for an all-original band to draw a crowd but playing every week makes it more difficult.

Its obvious that you are a strong supporter of local music here in Louisville. Do you have any ideas on how to help gain more community involvement with local music?

Well its clear that there is a ton of talent in Louisville...what's amazing though is the response that these great musicians and artists get. I mean look at Tim Krekel, this guy is tremendous but you can see him sometimes and there will just be a handful of people there. It's amazing that this can happen! On the other hand I don't know that the musicians community is always supportive of one another. We feel very strongly that working together benefits everyone involved, if one band starts making waves outside Louisville it will only draw more attention to the scene in general.

We've tried to do these Louisville Roots Music shows with other local bands and I think that kind of thing is a good idea, it helps promote all of the bands involved, Peak Summit is another. And we've been working with some local people who have helped support us and the local scene like and but its tough. I think Louisville is making strides in the right direction but too many people are just content to go out and see cover bands instead of something they don't know or haven't heard. WFPK does a great job in the local community and now we're seeing blogs like you guys and backseatsandbar and It all helps bit by bit and hopefully we can help make Louisville a more progressive place to live.

Edgehill Ave - 10 Day Fire (live at WFPK)
Edgehill Ave - How You Really Feel (live at WFPK)

Interview: Lauderdale

Lauderdale will be hitting the Ville this weekend to play a show with locals Edgehill Ave. More Info Here. Corey Hannah was cool enough to answer to answer a few questions for us:

37: It looks like Louisville is the northern most stop on this tour. Do you guys have any immediate plans to venture out further in the future?

CH: Not at the moment, but we'd love to venture out of our comfort zone in the near future. We just found out that we got booked for something in Texas in March, so we're pretty excited about that. We need to try to make it up North as well at some point soon.

I am a big fan of the Paste magazine's CD sampler. Its a great way to find new music. Lauderdale was featured in the Nov 07 issue. How did it change attention and exposure your music?

CH: We started getting a lot more Friend Requests and plays on our Myspace page. There were folks from all over the country writing to tell us that they loved the tune. We also noticed album sales on Itunes and CDbaby going up. There were several radio stations that contacted us about getting the CD for their stations as well, which always helps.

37: You guys have been compared to Drive By Truckers, and you also have the Patterson Hood Muscle Shoals connection going on. How do you feel about these comparisons?

CH: We've been compared to all kinds of stuff, but this is one that we'll gladly take. We're big fans of those guys and gal. I think there's sort of a resurgence in Muscle Shoals music these days. Things are looking up around here. There's so many great bands playing here now and going on tour as well. It can't do anything but put our little area back on the map.

37: I read one rave review about your performance in Knoxville. Overall what has the reception been like from people who have not heard you guys play before?

CH: You can always tell when someone really likes your show or they're just giving you the "hey, good show" comments. It makes a lot of difference when you can tell that folks genuinely mean it, especially at out-of-town shows. Most of the time they've never heard of us before, so if we can manage to impress only a few people in a small room, then I feel like we've accomplished something.

37: I am sure there will be a few more unsuspecting people this weekend that you guys will impress. Thanks Corey!

Lauderdale - Back Home
Lauderdale - Eighteen

Feb/March Wax Fang Tour Dates

2/14 - St. Louis, MO @ Creepy Crawl w/ The Whigs & Tulsa
2/15 - Indianapolis, IN @ Birdy's w/ The Whigs & Tulsa
2/16 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Eagle's Club w/ The Whigs & Tulsa
2/22 - Louisville, KY @ Headliners w/ Ultra Pulverize & Venus Trap, all ages, 7pm, tix on sale at & ear-x-tacy
2/25 - Washington, DC @ DC Nine
2/26 - New York, NY @ The Mercury Lounge w/ The Teeth & The Dead Trees
2/27 - Philadelphia, PA @ North Star Bar
2/28 - Pittsburgh, PA @ 31st Street Pub
3/01 - Lexington, KY @ The Dame w/ The Whigs & Spinto Band
3/12-3/15 - Austin, TX @ SXSW
3/20 - Columbus, OH @ Ravari Room w/ The Big Sleep

Also, La La Land is now available DRM free on iTunes.

Halfway To Forecastle Videos

Keith Robbins was kind enough to send in these cool videos he made of the Halfway To Forecastle Fest. Here are a couple of them...

You can see more by going to his Youtube channel.


Catfish Haven

One more related Forecastle note: The Deadlines are coming up on submissions for Forecastle 2008.



Wednesday, February 6, 2008

2008 Bonnaroo Line-up Annouced

Just a few days after they release "Evil Urges" My Morning Jacket returns to Bonnaroo. The line-up looks very strong. You could remove the top 4 artists listed here and it would still look good to my ears.

Tickets go on sale on the 16th.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Louisville is for Lovers 2008 Out Now!

John King and company have successfully delivered another volume of Louisville's favorite Valentine's day compilation, Louisville is for Lovers 2008.
John received over 60 submissions this year and had to narrow it down to only 16. This years comp. is called "Black and Blue" and has some of the best artists/bands from around the city such as The Mack and Tamara Dearing, Teneia Sanders, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Pure Dirt (members of Murals), Phantom Family Halo, One Small Step and Chemic.
In related news, this coming Friday (8th) you can hear the Louisville is for Lovers 2008 Showcase on 91.9 WFPK's Live Lunch featuring The Mack and Tamara Dearing, One Small Step, Love Cartel, Whistle Peak and Saredren Wells. Also on February 15th, there will be a CD release show at the Pour Haus featuring Phantom Family Halo, The Mack, One Small Step, Chemic and Saredren Wells.
As usual February is a busy month for John King out there coordinating this release and the accompanying events; now go out and buy your valentine one of the limited edition (500 copies), hand packaged cds!
Available now at Ear X-tacy, Cherry Bomb and Online. Also, shop for past releases as well as the Louisville Babylon releases from last fall.