Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Louisville Babylon returns October 12th!

Round about 7 years ago this awesome, awesome cat named John King had a vision to start a unique compilation CD to showcase the bands of Louisville, as well as his own band Team Totoro. He called it "Louisville is for Lovers" and it is now working on it's 8th (due out Valentine's Day, 2008).

As if that wasn't enough, John has organized the reissue of the original Misfits cover album from 1994, "Louisville Babylon" and in just 9 more days, its spawn, "Louisville Babylon 2." The cds will be hand packaged just like all Louisville is for Lovers releases and be of a limited run of 666 pieces each. (can I buy number 666 John, please!!) The city thanks you John!

You can read more about the releases here and buy them locally at ear x-tacy or here.
The CDs are $10 a piece or both in a extra special box for $16 and come with a fancy poster.

Tracklistings from the Louisville is for Lovers website:

Louisville Babylon 2 (2007)

track listing:
1)black kerouc “night of the living dead”
2) the slow break “attitude”
3) my morning jacket “hollywood babylon”
4) ronnie mack “horror hotel”
5) pont’ys camper “astro zombies”
6) chemic “return of the fly”
7) tamara dearing “hybrid moments”
8) one small step “20 eyes”
9) dave pajo “angelfuck”
10) wax fang “walloween”
11) the gallery singers “cough/cool”
12) gaj mustafa cell “ we bite!”
13) ultra pulverize “where eagles dare”

Louisville Babylon 1 (1994 reissue)

track listing:
1. sunspring-where egales dare
2.crunchy cereal-london dungeon
3. endpoint-attitude
4. plunge-death comes ripping
5. cherube scurge-nike a go go
6. content zero-last caress
7. crain-teenagers from mars
8. leaf pile-20 eyes
9. deadline-return of the fly
10. da yodellin’ taxidermist-skulls
11.hulla hoop-20 eyes
12. falling forward-she
13. slate-die die die my darling
14. lg&e-some kind of hate
15. 84 lumber-mommy, can i go out and kill tonight?
16. slo-pok-night of the living dead
17. rodan-who killed marlyn?
18. hedge- halloween
19. gravel blind-devil lock
20. gyotaku-horror hotel(live)
21.munsen -braineaters from mars

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