Sunday, November 25, 2007

Archiving Wax Fang, Part Two...

This little girl to the left may be Wax Fang's youngest fan. As I sat on the staircase, I watched her Dad zip around the area where Scott, Kevin and Jake had assembled snapping shot after shot. It should be noted that she was not wearing headphones, she was wearing ear protection as Wax Fang nearly blew the windows out of the Bardstown Road located record store, Ear X-tacy this past tuesday.

I took some pictures from my perch at the bottom of the staircase as well as a recording of the show that turned out well besides some distortion on the bass end of the recording. I think maybe I had the mics a little too close to the speakers. That being said, if there are any audiophiles out there that could better repair the recording, please let me know.

Photo slideshow located here.

Download the entire show at this link.

1 Avant Guardian Angel Dust
2 WWII (part 2)
3 Cannibal Summer
4 Majestic
5 Can You See The Light?
6 Bi Polar Bear
7 The Doctor Will See You Now
8 Oh Recklessness
9 Black and Endless Night Revisited

Buy Wax Fang's new album "La La Land" here or locally at Ear X-tacy or your local indie record store.

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