Saturday, March 1, 2008

Drive By Truckers LIVE at Ear X-Tacy

The Drive By Truckers just finished up their in-store performance at Ear X-tacy less than an hour ago and while we couldn't make it to the store, we did get a chance to hook up the laptop to the radio and press record; thanks to Ear X-tacy and WFPK.
Below you will find the songs then played available for streaming as well as downloading one by one or the complete show. Enjoy and we'll see you at the show tonight!

01 Intro
02 Perfect Timing
03 Heathens
04 Bob
05 The Opening Act
06 A Ghost to Most
07 9 Bullets
08 Outro

Download all the mp3s here.


bittleloylube said...

Missed the instore. Caught the show at headliners. Fuggin A. Anybody got a setlist?

indykid said...

nice job-thanks a lot!