Saturday, July 12, 2008

Recording/Photos: Lebowski Fest Showcase - Day 1 Photos

Just a quick post to drop some stuff off from the first day of Lebowski Fest.

I recorded the Live Lunch on 91.9 WFPK and posted them here for your listening/downloading enjoyment. I also have a little slideshow of photos from the opening party of Lebowski Fest 08. Enjoy!

01 Intro
02 Ben Purdom - The Man in Me
03 Ben Purdom - Plastic
04 Ben Purdom - Tap on the Glass
05 banter
06 Virgin Flame - Tammy
07 Virgin Flame - Black Glass
08 Kentucky Prophet - Holland
09 Kentucky Prophet - Drink to Kill the Pain
10 Kentucky Prophet - It's a Wonderful Life
11 banter
12 Ut Gret - Ataypura
13 Ut Gret - Let's Make the Water Turn Black
14 Ut Gret - Powerhouse
15 banter
16 Andrew Iafrate - Dead Flowers
17 Andrew Iafrate - Poison from a Cup
18 Outro


Anonymous said...

"Holland" is only sixteen seconds long, for some reason. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

did you do this there in the studio or off the air?

Kory Johnson said...

I think Holland seems to be working fine now KP, I don't know what the problem was...

b.p., I think I worded the post a bit funny. I recorded the set from the radio to a computer. Thanks!

William Benton said...

Not to be too much of a nerd...but Ut Gret's second song was the Zappa song "Let's Make the Water Turn Black".


Kory Johnson said...

Thanks William, I changed the title on the website but didn't reupload it to change the mp3 tag... lazy I guess.


Anonymous said...

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