Sunday, March 1, 2009

Anni Rossi & Bro Stephen - Green Building - 03/03

You've heard me talk about Scott Kirkpatrick and his new band "Bro Stephen"...
You'll have two chances to check out Bro Stephen this month with a show with Anni Rossi and her beautiful violin tunes, tuesday the 3rd at the Green Building and the 11th at Sunegros Coffee House on South Preston.
Do yourself a favor and pick up Bro Stephen's "Front Room" EP... it's two songs and an extra 11 demos. The two tracks are nice and finished up and the demos are good and intimate. Only 50 copies made and i already own one of 'em!
The show is all ages and $5 at the door.

Listen to a Anni Rossi Tune!
Anni Rossi - Ecology

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