Wednesday, August 26, 2009

5th Annual Louisville Zombie Attack!!!

this year on sat aug. 29th we will hold the 5th annual LOUISVILLE ZOMBIE ATTACK.

the party will again be held at BEARNO’S ON BARDSTOWN RD at 8pm with film and music from LAST CALL, COUNT GRONZY and more. contests for KING, QUEEN, GROSSEST, HOTEST ZOMBIE, audience juried.
this is an ALL AGES, FREE BIRTHDAY PARTY (but you knew that already).

TACTICAL INFORMATION: the ‘attack’ takes place at dusk (8:29pm). we will meet at the usual place (behind object’s of desire) at 8pm.

we encourage everyone to join us. any age is welcome. we encourage you to form a group with your friends to help get you ready and to walk with and (most importantly) pick victims and plan ‘attacks’ ahead of time. we ask that only consenting participants be attacked.
directions for virgins and/or out of towners:
take 64 into louisville, exit Grinstead DR exit west. take left onto Bardstown RD. Bearno’s is a few blocks down on the right. a few more blocks down is Eastern Prkwy. on the north east corner is Objects Of Desire. behind this building is a large parking lot where we meet for the walk.
zombie attack 4 zombie attacks bus zombie girl pic

Photos by Gary Quick

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