Thursday, March 4, 2010

Photo Review: Citizen Cope @ Headliners 2010.03.03

I'm not much for words lately and more on a visual kick which is much more normal for me. It worked out quite well as I was at many time speechless at the power Clarence Greenwood of Citizen Cope had over his fans! They were attentive and latched on to his every lyric. There's something about Citizen Cope that's so organic, so folky yet hip-hop funky at the same time... It's late and I'm rambling; I'll just let my photos do the talking... enjoy.
View the rest of the photos here.

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Matt Klomp said...

Great pictures from those Citizen Cope shows. The Rainwater LP has some gorgeous moments - definitely recommend everyone check it out. The band has 3 of the new songs up on their myspace page: