Wednesday, April 7, 2010

looking good lady:fashion 4/10

laura patterson, sometimes known as BOOTSIE ANN the ukulele playing cousin of Yim Yames, is also sometimes known as LAURA FAUNA the extremely capable seamstress. she has been creating unique women's clothing for several years now, and now for spring she is having a spring show with tons of dresses, vintage reworks, tops and tanks, millions of skirts, bags, fannypacks, jewelry, bunnies and more on Sat. April 10th 1-5pm at 1839 Bonnycastle Ave.
the show will also feature vintage work from the Female Art Collective, jewelry by Beech Designs, and awesome yoga wear from Infinite Bliss Yoga. and you can't have a spring show without iced tea, cupcakes, and a few other snacks, and so Laura has got you covered...(literally).

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