Sunday, December 25, 2011

Team Totoro has a present for you!

After a positive response to Team Totoro's working class anthem BROKEN MONOCLES The group decided to produce a video  for your holiday delight.  Originally recorded for their summer 2012 album "Team Totoro Invites You To Enjoy Lazor Beats" the band decided to release the song early in support of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

When asked if they were worried about a backlash to the song's strong theme, Team Totoro collaborator KY Jenny said "the song may be shocking, not nearly as shocking as what this country becoming. Our working brothers and sisters deserve a better life." Co-frontman Prep D said "That certain people are taking advantage of the rest of us isn't a theology, it's as certain as the sky is blue." M.C. Hijack said simply "A change is needed, by any means necessary."
Please share this song with all those who support a fair and brighter America.

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