Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Interview: Will Roberts of The Pass

37: it looks like you will be kicking off Forecastle this year, first band on the WFPK stage, how does that feel?
Will: Get the party started right!
37: The Pass is one of only a handful of local bands asked to play this year, how do you feel about being in the select few?
 Will: We're honored for sure. Forecastle is a great time and were looking forward to it. We'll bring our "A game".  It is surprising though with the abundance of local talent and great musicians that there aren't more locals on the bill.  
37: Agreed. any surprises in store for this performance?
Will: Yes. We go hard or go home and there's no better place to go hard than a musical festival in your hometown. Got some cool stuff planned. 
37: this isn't your first time playing this fest, what were some effects of playing before?
Will: Definitely gained some exposure in the past. It's a great place for people who don't normally attend your shows to check it out.
37: who are you looking forward to seeing at Forecastle? I'm really looking forward to Toro y Moi, Kurt vile, Alabama shakes, and Robert Plant. Amtrac is a buddy of ours too that throws down so people should check him out. And I'm a long time Flaming Lips fan. Damn, I'm going to be busy this weekend. 
37: what else is on the horizon for you? 
Will: NEW MUSIC! New EP hopefully out before this summers end. And I know people say this but seriously I think these are the best songs we've written. We'll be doing some new stuff at Forecastle. 
Thank you sir
Will:Everybody where your sunscreen!

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