Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Review: Megajoos, Roman Polanski's Baby, Thelma and the Sleaze at Keghunters (Lexington)

After a fiasco that resulted in The Haymarket canceling the March 22 Megajoos, Roman Polanski's Baby, and Vibrolas show just two days prior to the scheduled date, we at 37flood were worried that there wouldn't be a chance to catch some of Nashville's finest before they headed further North on tour. Luckily though, they were able to score a couple slots at Keghunters MCC Clubhouse in Lexington. With only a small handful of promotions online, one telling attendees to "bring your own bullwhip," we knew we were in for an experience. Good or bad, it's a story to tell, right?
Immediately upon entry to the clubhouse backyard all doubt was devoured, we were greeted by a single member taking money at the gate and throwing in "free limited edition beer koozies while supplies last." 
With such a small audience and most of the bands showing up early to get situated before the performance, the atmosphere was more like a community cookout than the conventional show dynamic where artists and audience are separate at all times. Everyone was just hanging out by the fire and having a good time, which provided a very intimate environment for performers and spectators alike.
Lexington natives Tenth House performing in an early slot
There were five bands total performing, including Lexington natives Tenth House and The Jive Hounds. Megajoos took the stage right as the sun was setting, opening their set with "Salads and Greens." Immediately the presence of this band was overwhelming. Similarly to their studio work, Megajoos' live performance had an energy and depth that is rarely achieved by a two piece band. We've never understood how they get such a huge sound. In a rare move, the frontman removed his mask after the second song, which added an unusual amount of familiarity to this performance. They even shared "Hungry for Souls and Funyuns" from their upcoming Culture Cringe split 7" with Roman Polanski's Baby.
Megajoos (sorry. all identities protected on 37flood)
Up next was Roman Polanski's Baby, and at this point Lexington was in the low forties with strong winds. However, this didn't deter guitarist Rachel Warrick from delivering a knockout performance with supercharged punk riffs and precision accuracy. Lead singer Katie Miller set the trend for the rest of the evening, deciding to forego the stage altogether and sing from the audience, running back and forth with a presence reminiscent of Darby Crash (sans self mutilation). RPB also shared new material from Culture Cringe's approaching split single.
Roman Polanski's Baby
For those who believe showmanship is a dying art, I submit Thelma and The Sleaze. Adorning less-than-insulate stagewear, these girls played for nearly two hours into the night with temperatures steadily declining. Vocalist and lead guitarist LG was stationed in the audience with the rest of the band playing from the stage accompanied by an illuminated nativity angel that had its face painted like King Diamond. Their sensually natured subject matter and explicit stage presence combined in a manner that was both speculative and engaging for the audience. In true rock n' roll fashion, they kept jamming until the cops arrived to break up the party.
LG rides Chase's bass drum while shredding
In all, this was a unique experience that I've never found anywhere else. Shoutout to Keghunters MCC for knowing how to have a good time, and shoutout to all the bands for being genuinely cool people.

Megajoos and Roman Polanski's Baby Spring tour dates:
3.20 Athens, GA at The Caledonia Lounge with SHEHEHE
3.21 Asheville, NC at The Skanktuary with The Dimarcos
3.22 Louisville, KY at The Haymarket with The Vibrolas
3.23 Cleveland, OH at Now That's Class Matinee show
3.23 Bowling Green, OH at BLV House with Don't Get Bored and Dog Bosser
3.24 Detroit, MI at Garden Bowl with Peach Pit
3.25 Chichago, IL at The Burlington Bar with The Holy Alimonies
3.26 Minneapolis, MN at Eagles Club 34 with VellhouseBlood Cookie, & Kitten Forever
3.27 Omaha, NE at O'Leaver's
3.28 Kansas City, MO at Mills Record Company matinee in shop
3.28 Kansas City, MO at Vandals with The Bad Ideas & Faultfinder
3.29 St. Louis, MO at Foam with SKULL & Kenshiro's

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