Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Review: Freakwater 'Scheherazade' LP

   Long standing Louisville/Chicago Neo-traditional country group Freakwater's first album in over a decade, Scheherazade, is set to be released Feb.5th.  The opening track, What The People Want, is a trek through the steepest edge of Appalachia, with the fiddles ringing low and lonesome over a banjo's strum, asking "Who's baby Are You? Alive or Dead, They Could Not tell."
   The second track, The ASP and the Albatross, is further down the country side of Freakwater's past, with equal parts Nashville and Lucinda Williams. The dark country road continues throughout  Scheherazade, with stories of treachery, darkness, and the search for redemption, with brief heartbreakers in between like Ghost Song, asking "How Long Will You Be Gone?", drenched (the way heartbreakers should be) in peddle Steel.
    This long awaited 8th album is a must for any Freakwater fan, or anyone willing to take a trip down the darkest and mysterious musical path through Kentucky to east Tennessee. 


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