Sunday, November 5, 2017

New Protest Album by Louisville Hip Hop Artist MC Hijack Released

Today, the 5th of November, The Electric Church Of The Tambourine in an ongoing series with the Louisville is for Lovers label released an album called the Truth Church EP, by longtime Louisville hip hop recording artist MC Hijack (as a part of the electronic music duo Team Totoro) in support of those who fight daily against injustice and inequality. This in an ongoing series of protest and activist music. All releases in this series are FREE of charge.

 This anti-capitalist anthem laden album was created by MC Hijack using the break beat turntablism technique which was the  technique of music making that was the catalyst for the early Bronx incubator of American Hip Hop. Funk, Soul, and Disco were the primary records used in break beating; as what was primarily used on this album.

 Other releases in this series include:
The Gallery Singers 'Power to the Poor' 
Team Totoro 'Democrasexxy: Demand an End To Economic Slavery'

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