Sunday, April 1, 2018

Louisville Musician Releases Donnie Darko Sequel Theme Song

Earlier this morning Flower films, founded and operated by Drew Barrymore, announced that Louisville native and hip-hop producer MC HIJACK has been contracted to pen the film score for the forthcoming sequel to the cult favorite Donnie Darko, due out in October of this year. The theme song for the sequel, entitled The Night Gets 2 Darko, has just been released. Listen Here:

The premise of the sequel is that in the final scenes of the first film, Darko is not sent back in time to October 2, 1988, but to one day before his birth creating two Donnie Darkos. Fast forward to 1988, the elder Darko, now looking 17 years older (and on the run from the police) returns to Middlesex, Virginia to try and save the younger Darko from repeating the same fate without revealing himself to his younger self. Apparently Donnie Darko 2 is infused with the first film by use of CGI and Hollywood magic.

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