Sunday, March 3, 2019

Review: Clownvis at Trixie's Tiger Room

On Saturday, March 2nd, one of the most bizarrely unique events took place at the Tiger Room in the famous Trixie's Adult Entertainment Complex on Preston Highway along the Greasy Ditch Canal
Located in the same building as Trixie's Indulgence (the Erotic Dancing side of the complex) is the Tiger Room, a homage to the now closed Toy Tiger Venue, and oddly an all ages venue. Trixie's hosted the free event staring St. Louis' favorite clown, Clownvis Presley, and local party electronica duo Bus Hus, now celebrating their 20th year.

The 'King of Clubs' hosts 'The King of Clowns'

Oddly unique performance situations is nothing new for Clownvis, who has in the past performed while getting shot out of a cannon, at the funeral for Louisville Zombie Attack, and most recently at the legendary Gathering of the Juggalos; and has an upcoming project with the Insane Clown Posse.

So perhaps the 50+ Clownvis fans who ventured out to Trixie's may have found this particular event a little unorthodox, Clownvis felt right at home, entertaining the audience with his patented mixture of Stand-Up, Elvis Impersonation, Comedy songs, and magic; as well as with skits involving his ever rotating cast of characters; this time including his personal bodyguard Uncle "Huckle" Berry.   

Clownvis and Uncle Berry 

Clownvis dazzled the audience with crowd favorites including the 'Yellow Bandana' trick, Sucking on a Chili Dog, The Fresh Prince In The Ghetto, and Jesus Christ Eating On A Chicken Wing.

 A new addition to the Clownvis set, was several songs played acoustically on guitar for a warm intimate segment of the show, and included the Clownvis original The Cursive Song.

 Finishing the set, as always, with Elvis' famous finale the American Trilogy to massive crowd approval, Clownvis once again reminded Louisville why he is The King of Clowns, no matter the venue or occasion.

 After the show the crowd was invited by the friendly and accommodating staff at Trixie's Indulgence to continue the festivities. And although there wasn't a sighting of Clownvis in Indulgence, many of the guests ventured over to 21+ side of Trixie's for an inviting and fun atmosphere and post show celebration for another unforgettable Clownvis experience.

Signing autographs for the youngest Clownvis fan to ever enter Trixie's

Fearless reporter John King bravely enters Trixie's Gold Room

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