Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Review: Batwizard 'Voidfiend' EP

It can be said that all things music comes back around again. Genres like punk and grunge are continually resurrected with a new twist added each time. The Misfits turned campy 50s horror rock into a respectable punk genre that has endured for decades.

In recent years both doom and thrash metal have made leaps outside of the diehard metal circles that hung in from their heyday in the 1980s to again claim their seat in popular culture. With Agent Orange on a nonstop years long tour, and Sleep awakening to commercial success. Body Count never stopped, and is set to release a new album, Carnivore, in March. And then there new players on the scene like Louisville's Total Void and Batwizard.

 Batwizard snatches the most mineable bits of California thrash and doom into their new 4 song EP, Voidfiend, released last week. In 2018 Batwizard released Medustrich in which the 8 songs largely alternated between doom and thrash, while Voidfiend blends the best of both at once, mixing the mystics of Iron Maiden with the earthly anguish of Suicidal Tendencies and more than a dash of good old fashion doom.


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