Sunday, April 1, 2007

VietNam plays Ear X-tacy, no April fools...

As mentioned earlier this week, VietNam played Ear X-tacy this afternoon.
As we pulled into the Ear X-tacy parking lot, we saw the band sitting on the concrete wall out front. I had the feeling of forgetting something all day (this is normal for me though). Just moments later, I scanned the car and realized what I had forgotten... my camera.
The band took their guitars around ten after 4 and were heavily drinking (energy drinks and coffee that is). Still bummed about forgetting the camera we took our places on the staircase directly in front of the makeshift stage. I'm just now getting into their music so forgive me for not knowing the complete track listing but they played 4 or 5 songs for us including Toby, Priest, Poet & The Pig, and Apocalypse.
In hindsight it was really great they took the time to come to back to Louisville today. Having played Nashville on Friday, Cincinnati on Saturday, and Cleavland on Monday it was a drive in the wrong direction that was well appreciated.
I did get a few pictures with the cell phone, not what I would normally be happy with but you take the good with the bad.
Thanks for turning the van around for us VietNam!

VietNam - Welcome to My Room

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