Friday, April 13, 2007

Murals @ Rudyard Kipling May 4th

Murals (Jacob Weaver-Guitar/Vocals, Evan Blum-Bass, Rob Monsma-Drums) got together during their high school days. Playing songs such as Weezer's Island In the Sun and even played Oasis's Wonderwall for a school choir concert. Since then they have grown up, developed their own unique sound and even grew some beards. You can check them and their beards out at the Rudyard Kipling May 4th @ 730pm when they open for Barry Smith.

Murals - Shapes
Murals - New Ground


Anonymous said...

I'm psyched for this...Murals is my favorite band and I just love them...I know they're gonna do great, it's just who they are. Such high quality stuff, real nice, real hot.

Anonymous said...

Yeah they're the best...I'm inviting everyone I know...