Monday, May 21, 2007

Mont De Sundua New Album Press

Jam Base - Pre MMJ-Album Coming
"This Louisville, KY band, formerly known as "Month of Sundays," was founded in 1992. This album was recorded above the Cadillac Studio- Shelbyville, KY in 1998, mixed at the Funeral Home by Kevin Ratterman and Mont de Sundua in 2006. Why did it take almost ten years to release these songs after they were recorded? We don't know, but we're damn glad they got around to releasing it!"

Pitchfork - Jim James' Pre-My Morning Jacket Band Unearthed
The belated self-titled sophomore album was originally recorded in 1998 with help from former MMJ member Johnny Quaid. It is due out May 22 via James' own Removador label, and it will be available in record stores across the U.S.

Rolling Stone - Rock & Roll Daily
Back in the day (1992) My Morning Jacket’s Jim James was in another band called Mont de Sundua. And now, all these years later, the band’s previously unreleased, self-titled sophomore album is finally coming May 22 via James’ own Removador label.

Harp - Before My Morning Jacket: Mont de Sundua Album Due
Based in Louisville and originally known—in the decidedly more emo-ish-sounding English language—as Month of Sundays, the band formed in the early ‘90s and mustered an album and an EP during its lifetime. Band members were James on guitar/vocals, Ben Blandford on bass and Dave Givan on drums.

I am Fuel, You are Friends - Monday Music Roundup
You may have seen the little
mention over on Pitchfork this past week about the unearthed sounds of Jim James' pre-My Morning Jacket racket in a band called Mont de Sundua. I am enjoying the off-kilter spacey thump of this track from their album that was recorded back in 1998 and never released. It's going to be out this year and it sounds as if they were having a lot of fun when they made it. Even if they do look like they are livin' the thug life in that picture from their MySpace.

Velocity Weekly - Early Sunday
The band's rock was sometimes edgier and almost always more emo than Jacket. The pizzeria shows were intense, but the only stage -- er, pit -- effects were dimmed lights and the band's performance.

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