Monday, July 2, 2007

Scott Carney solo set @ Germantown

Last weekend I attended the tail end of the first ever Germantown Shotgun Fest.
This was my very first experience taping and I borrowed the gear from Scott Duthie, Thanks Scott! The quality is not all that great as the crowd was very chatty. I clipped the mics to a tent in the parking lot at around 7' high and 15' from the stage. During "Wake Up Sleepyhead" they started tearing down the tent and I moved the mics to chair level (3' or so). At this point the crowd grew all around me and nowhere else. It turned into a nightmare and you can hear it on the tape. Oh well, I'm still happy to have gotten to tape the show. Enjoy what you can. A picture gallery is also below.


01. intro
02. California
03. Cannibal Summer
04. Can You See The Light
05. The Doctor
06. WWII part II
07. Oh Recklessness
08. Wake Up Sleepyhead
09. Over The Night is Before
10. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [Dylan]

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