Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wax Fang @ The Dame

A little over two weeks ago, Wax Fang stunned the city of Lexington with an incredible show at The Dame. Although it was a late night driving back to Louisville, it was worth getting to see Scott, Jake and Kevin rock the house outside of Louisville in their last show before this months Forecastle Festival starting July 27th.

Below you'll find our meager attempt at taping the show (my 2nd taping experience). I only have a MiniDisc recorder and I think I had a bad MD so there are a couple spots with dead space and I closed the gaps and left them alone. It's only 20 seconds in a couple different spots. The house sound guy couldn't really get the sound right and the vocals suffered, you can hear how much went on in the 5+ min intro time to check the sound. Pictures are also linked below.

All in all, it turned out well, I think. Thanks to Wax Fang for allowing us to tape. This will also be uploaded to soon.

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01 intro
02 Avant Garde Angel Dust
03 WWII part II
04 The Doctor
05 Hearts are Made for Beating
06 The Night is Over Before
07 Toast to America
08 Majestic
09 Sound Observations
10 Murder Bloody Murder
11 Banter [with glitches]
12 Black and Endless Nights Revisited
13 Bible Belt Buckle

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