Thursday, August 2, 2007

Quick Notes: QOTSA, Cabin, Forecastle 07 Vid, Wilco

Be sure to get there early. I am sure it will be packed inside Ear-X-Tacy.


Cabin will be playing the Jazz Factory late Saturday night. Tix are 6 bux and the doors open at 10:30.


A very cool video/photo viewer has been posted to the Forecastle website.

Also, it looks like The Forecastle will be extending to 3 days in 2008.


Wilco will be playing Louisville's Slugger Field on September 21st. According to Ticketmaster the $43 Dollar Field tickets have all sold out. They are selling on broker sites for much more ($50-$200).

You can still pick up a grandstand ticket for $33 bux plus $6.35 for convenience charge. Oh, and get this Ticketmaster will even let you print out your ticket to save money on shipping. Except they charge you for it! Thats right it will cost you $1.75 to print out your own ticket on your own paper using your own ink. Thanks TICKETMASTER!!!! Maybe while your ticket is printing you can watch some Wilco Volkswagen commercials on YouTube.

Queens Of The Stone Age - Sick Sick Sick
Cabin - Musical Seats (Live)
Cabin - Cover Your Eyes (Live)
Wilco - Thanks I get

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