Saturday, February 21, 2009

Li4L in-store video: The Fervor with Dave Cronin at Ear X-tacy

Hey all, I am working on some of the recordings I made during the Louisville is for Lovers performances last week. I recorded audio from the Ear X-tacy in-store with Teneia Sanders, Deer Meet and The Fervor. I also used my D90 SLR to record the video from a song by the Fervor (sadly, It can only record HD video in 5 minute increments so there is a slight cut) and I think it turned out well. I thought I'd share while still editing photos and audio from the other shows; I'll be getting those up soon but in the meantime, enjoy!

The Fervor with Dave Cronin @ Ear X-tacy 2009-02-13 from Kory J on Vimeo.

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