Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Free ticket give away: 6/25 Grayson Capps

Grayson Capps is playing at Phenix Hill on sat 6/25 in support of his new album 'The Lost Cause Minstrels', which is currently in the top 10 blues chart on itunes.
we have 2 tickets to this show. leave your name (first and last, or at least first and last initial) in a comment and we will pick a winner and post it by thurs the 23rd.


M said...

Oh I have loved Grayson Capps for 15+ years now. He lived in New Orleans when I lived in New Orleans, and I used to go see him there all the time. When I moved to Louisville, post-Katrina, he played the summer of 2006 at the Pour Haus and I was so homesick and he was such a lovely reminder of home. After the show we hung out w him a little and shared NOLA stories. He played again at Phoenix Hill and again I (very shy... had to build up major courage) chatted with him after the show. Amazing musician and an amazing person.

Eric M said...

I would absolutely LOVE to see Grayson Capps live!! I had an old guitar that I never played about a year ago and I heard Get Back Up on wfpk one day. It REALLY inspired me to play. After learning that the chords were not too difficult I must've played that song a thousand times in order to practice playing. AND because I love the song so much! I can confidently say that without Grayson Capps I have a love for playing guitar and it has enriched my life tremendously! His voice and timing are amazing and I think he is so underappreciated! I am dying to see him live as I never have! Please give me the tickets!!! Thank you! Big fan - Eric M