Monday, June 27, 2011

Review: JEFF The Brotherhood Mag Bar 6/19

Jeff The Brotherhood came to town last Sunday night at Mag Bar, the show started off with Louisville LoFi rockers K TRANZA and personally being new to the local scene I am more familiar with bands that play in California than someone from my own beautiful state, strange I know. Given this they reminded me of the youthfulness of Wavves and the smooth pop feel of Girls, I loved it.
Next up was the first Nashville act Cy Barkley, this dude rocks! Bringing back the soul of punk music, something strangely missing from the LoFi scene today. It is a feeling I miss, and one I hope is coming back (I never believed that punk was dead, it just needed some recovery time) good job Cy on representing all the bands I grew up with in a respectful way, you would make Minor Threat proud I’m sure.
JEFF The Brotherhood was the last to play, these guys have a great stage presence. I loved the theatrics they employ, such as back lighting and fog machines it made my night. When a band shows that they love performing by including different visuals on stage it makes me feel like they care that the audience enjoys every part of the show and I appreciate that. The new album We Are The Champions is phenomenal and certainly on my list of best albums this year. From the first song “Hey Friend” the guitar is right on; spacey and grandiose like all great guitar albums, these guys are here to impress the listener, and why not they come from a musical family their father is songwriter/producer Robert Ellis Orrall who also helped them start their record label Infinity Cats. Kudos to Mag Bar for the venue it was a great night.

JEFF The Brotherhood

Cy Barkley

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