Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Evergreen gets a shout-out from across the pond

The english language blog from Milan Italy, Premesso di Soggiorno, has recently posted an article about the mighty 1990's Louisville Band EVERGREEN.
The article focuses on the band's party rock phase and demise, looking closely at their highly regarded Hi-Ball 7" release "pant's off" and their self titled LP, recently re-issued on Temporary Residence.
It's nice when the talent in our town gets noticed else where around the globe, even if it's a band that is no longer with us. The article is well worth reading, and for that matter, Evergreen is well worth searching out.
Evergreen was one of my favorites as a youngun and "pant's off" was the first (and only) ringtone I purchased from Itunes.

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